No Traveller Returns by Louis L'Amour

No Traveller Returns

Louis L'Amour's long-lost first novel, faithfully completed by his son, takes readers on a voyage into danger and violence on the high seas. Fate is a ship.As the shadows of World War II gather, the SS Lichenfield is westbound across the Pacific carrying eighty thousand barrels of highly explosive naphtha. The cargo alone makes the journey perilous, with the entire crew aware that one careless moment could lead to disaster.But yet another sort of...

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TitleNo Traveller Returns
Release DateNov 20th, 2018
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Action, War

Reviews No Traveller Returns

  • Fran
    "No Traveller Returns" is Louis L'Amour's first novel. It was written between 1938 and 1942. It was a "rough" manuscript lovingly reconstructed and polished by son Beau L'Amour and is now in print for the first time. Louis served as a merchant seaman for a few years and considered himself to be "a self-educated yet blue collar adventurer and world traveler...the sea and the places it took him became his university".In this novel, the SS Lichenfie...
  • Schuyler Wallace
    Louis L’Amour, perhaps the most prolific writer in history, left us some ninety novels, a book of poetry, a couple of hundred short stories, and countless research papers, memoirs, unfinished manuscripts, notes, and drafts reflecting the meticulous background he relied on to create his marvelous works. In “No Traveller Returns,” his son, Beau, completes an unpublished manuscript of his father’s about the sea.Born in North Dakota in 1908, ...
  • Justin Brendel
    Advance copy from Netgalley. No Traveller Returns is written in a very unique way. Each chapter is from one of the workers/sailors on the S.S. Lichenfield, a tanker ship containing naphtha, which is explosive and unstable. The characters were quite vivid, at times too lengthy in descriptions. These guys had fights, bloody faces, adventures at dry dock and before the Lichenfield, and we got to have a front row seat to that. Good story of life on t...
  • Carol
    I was so impressed with the beautiful writing. I'd never read L'Amour before and this book made me hungry for more. Ships at sea are a big draw for me too. So where did Louis stop and his son begin? It was a seamless change, not noticed by me until I realized something was missing, a heartbeat in the story. All in all a very good book.Thank you to Goodreads for a copy of the book for my review.
  • Tonya
    No Traveller Returns in part of a collection of books started by Louis L'Amour and finished by his son Beau. It is a collection of stories of different sailors on a ship. I love that Beau provides a glossary in the front of the book of the different jobs available on the ship so that it is easier to understand the work that these men do. I was delightfully suprised to discover that instead of reading like a novel, each chapter was like a separate...
  • David
    Having read most of Louis L'Amour's work, I am a fan and could not wait to wade into this advance copy. But, this book was different from any of his other work. The characters were more complex than his other work, and had motivations well beyond those found in his western stories. I really enjoyed the depth of the characters portrayed and the action. As a retired Navy guy, I found a sense of realism that connected with my experiences aboard ship...
  • Diane
    No Traveller Returns (Lost Treasures) by Louis L'Amour and Beau L'Amour is a previously unpublished first work of Louis L'Amour. The book had been written in segments over a period of time and set aside. The book is about a fateful voyage of the S.S. Lichenfield in 1939. The story gives some background information on the jobs and personal characters of the major crew members. Before the ship leaves dock some critical repairs are left incomplete. ...
    I absolutely loved this book. It was different than other writings of his as the plot was presented in an unique way of each chapter being about a central character. The centering of the journal of the 2nd mate made it all work. I developed and rooted for my favorites as always. The title threw me until I realized the spelling was British and also that my first thought was true that they would never return the same person due to their experiences...
  • Roxanne
    This type of book is not normally in my "wheel house", however, I really enjoyed reading about the day-to-day existence of the merchant sailors of the SS Lichenfield. A part of history that should not be forgotten.The war took many men on their first journey from home to the unforgiving sea. What a culture shock. I did further reading by visiting the authors dedicated website won an Advance Uncorrected proof of the ...
  • Julie Witte
    I received an advance copy of this through GoodReads First Reads for my honest review. I was pulled into this from page one. Thank you Beau L'amour, for getting this important work out there for us to enjoy! I was so sure that Louis L'amour was the "Cowboy Author" but this book smashed that theory! The depth of each of the crew in this was amazing. I am passing this on to my son who has read nearly every western by this author. I enjoyed the Afte...
  • Exapno Mapcase
    This is a Goodreads First Reads review.This is the first of a series of lost manuscripts from legendary author Louis L’Amour, but it is different than what you might expect. Although famed for his work in the western genre, this book takes place in a much different environment on the open ocean during the eve of World War II. L’Amour delivered a taut tale with authentic characters and realistic settings, and there’s a handy glossary if some...
  • Phillip Tinkham
    I received this book as an advanced reader copy - it's not due to be available for purchase until fall of 2018. In full disclosure, I was already a fan. "Last of the Breed" was the first book I read for fun after college, (three years after). That being said, I really enjoyed this book! I love a good story with well developed characters and this book is both.Thank you Beau for giving us this Lost Treasure!
  • Maranda
    Sailors on the S.S. Lichenfield filled with Naphtha. Story chapters told by different crewmen left the book dis-joined and so lacked flow. This did not really hold my interest but for fans of the sea and the time period 1939 will like it. "A copy of this book was provided by Random House via Netgalley with no requirements for a review. Comments here are my honest opinion."
  • Audra
    Recieved an advanced copy. Unfortunately it did not hold my interest as I thought it may. It seems to go a bit slowly for me as opposed to some of lamour's other writings. It appears true to it's time period and interests though.
  • Ione
    This is certainly a departure from the typical Louis L'Amour novel but is worth a read if you are a fan of seafaring stories. It is a bit choppy at times but Beau has done a decent job of patching together the fragments of his father's lost writings.
  • Barbara White
    A very good read. I enjoyed learning about the sailors and their lives on the dangerous ship. Thanks to Goodreads First Reads for a copy of No Traveller Returns.
  • Lucy Meeker
    A good, fast, entertaining and well written novel. I won an ARC from a Goodreads giveaway. Thank you!
    Not what I expected. Will end up reading again.
  • Mike
    It's one of those books that you just don't want to put down.
  • Amy
    No Traveller Returns is a fabulous read. It is a different from what I’m used to by this author but still enjoyed it. I give it 5 stars.
  • Rose
    This is a story that was written by Louis L'amour but never published. It was brought together by his son. In this story each chapter is spoken by a crewman on the S.S. Lichenfield, a ship carrying a material that is explosive. We are told their stories and there is a lot of action. I would recommend this book to all Loius L'Amour fans. I would like to thank Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a review copy in exchange for my honest...
  • Jill Elizabeth
    I am not typically a fan of sea-faring tales, and frankly have never read L'Amour before (I had always associated him purely with Westerns, which are also not my typical fare), but was offered the ARC and intrigued at the prospect of a long-lost manuscript finished with the aid of the author's son. I was pleasantly surprised to find the story engaging and the characters and action jumping off the page. I shouldn't have been surprised - L'Amour is...
  • Sherrie Saint
    It is hard to explain how much I loved this book and how much it meant to me. When I was a little girl, when other kids were having Dr. Seuss read to them, my dad was reading me The Sacketts. Later, when I could read myself, dad and I still read all the L’Amour books and discussed them. It is one of my fondest memories. When Mr. L’Amour died, it was like losing a family member. I am so thankful that Beau is continuing his dad’s work and is ...