No Traveller Returns by Louis L'Amour

No Traveller Returns

Louis L'Amour's long-lost first novel, faithfully completed by his son, takes readers on a voyage into danger and violence on the high seas. Fate is a ship.As the shadows of World War II gather, the SS Lichenfield is westbound across the Pacific carrying eighty thousand barrels of highly explosive naphtha. The cargo alone makes the journey perilous, with the entire crew aware that one careless moment could lead to disaster.But yet another sort of...

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TitleNo Traveller Returns
Release DateNov 20th, 2018
GenreFiction, Historical, Historical Fiction, Adventure

Reviews No Traveller Returns

  • Fran
    "No Traveller Returns" is Louis L'Amour's first novel. It was written between 1938 and 1942. It was a "rough" manuscript lovingly reconstructed and polished by son Beau L'Amour and is now in print for the first time. Louis served as a merchant seaman for a few years and considered himself to be "a self-educated yet blue collar adventurer and world traveler...the sea and the places it took him became his university".In this novel, the SS Lichenfie...
  • Schuyler Wallace
    Louis L’Amour, perhaps the most prolific writer in history, left us some ninety novels, a book of poetry, a couple of hundred short stories, and countless research papers, memoirs, unfinished manuscripts, notes, and drafts reflecting the meticulous background he relied on to create his marvelous works. In “No Traveller Returns,” his son, Beau, completes an unpublished manuscript of his father’s about the sea.Born in North Dakota in 1908, ...
  • Molly
    NO TRAVELLER RETURNS This was really good. I love books about the sea and those who travel it. Initially written by Louis L'Amour in the 1930s but never published, his son Beau L'Amour has extensively researched and completed the novel, creating something thoroughly enjoyable.It is the story of the SS Lichenfield, a transport tanker carrying 80,000 barrels of highly flammable naphtha from SanPedro to Manila. And its crew. The crew. Of course this...
  • Mark Stevens
    “What was it made a man go to sea? What made a man leave everything behind and drift away across the world, bound for nowhere to anywhere?”At times full of human longing and literary romanticism, at other times bruising and tragic, No Traveller Returns is an interesting read on many levels. We are on board the Pacific crossing of the SS Lichenfield, carrying eighty thousand barrels of highly explosive naphtha.The book, as son Beau L’Amour r...
  • Tami
    I’m probably not the target audience for a L’Amour novel, but when I saw that this book was one of his earliest novels and completed by his son, I knew it was one I wanted to read.I’ll be honest, the day to day of a ship’s crew is not really that interesting to me. In the beginning, as I began reading about the crew, I wasn’t very invested in the story. But like so many other novels, once the characters are introduced and their personal...
  • Justin Brendel
    Advance copy from Netgalley. No Traveller Returns is written in a very unique way. Each chapter is from one of the workers/sailors on the S.S. Lichenfield, a tanker ship containing naphtha, which is explosive and unstable. The characters were quite vivid, at times too lengthy in descriptions. These guys had fights, bloody faces, adventures at dry dock and before the Lichenfield, and we got to have a front row seat to that. Good story of life on t...
  • Sophia
    Each time I think I can't become more enamored with Louis L'amour's writing, I get proved wrong. No Traveller Returns was a sensational gift to fans and newcomers as it now has the distinction of being the first novel the author wrote and a change of pace from his usual writing style. Beau L'Amour did an excellent job of cleaning and refining this unpublished work for reader consumption. It is indeed a Lost Treasure and I am heartily glad Beau re...
  • Out of the Bex
    4.5/5An American adventure novel, reminiscent of John Steinbeck and Dennis Johnson, that describes both the loneliness and the enchantment of the high seas in perfect clarity.You can never be sure what to expect when a work is published posthumously. Will it live up to its namesake? Will it capture the integrity of its original author?Beau L’Amour, the son of Louis L’Amour, has worked faithfully to resurrect this lost treasure of a novel with...
  • Carol
    I was so impressed with the beautiful writing. I'd never read L'Amour before and this book made me hungry for more. Ships at sea are a big draw for me too. So where did Louis stop and his son begin? It was a seamless change, not noticed by me until I realized something was missing, a heartbeat in the story. All in all a very good book.Thank you to Goodreads for a copy of the book for my review.
  • Mal Kelly
    Thank you Ingrid for this gracious gift! I thoroughly enjoyed reading a 'new' book from Louis L'Amour. Having read many of his Western novels this was a welcomed change of pace. Though the manuscript was incomplete when discovered by his son, Beau, the final product was true to form. Beau did a fantastic job of researching his father's notes, the history of the time period, and getting the lay of the land in order to deliver a gem.
  • Tonya
    No Traveller Returns in part of a collection of books started by Louis L'Amour and finished by his son Beau. It is a collection of stories of different sailors on a ship. I love that Beau provides a glossary in the front of the book of the different jobs available on the ship so that it is easier to understand the work that these men do. I was delightfully suprised to discover that instead of reading like a novel, each chapter was like a separate...
  • Jill Elizabeth
    I am not typically a fan of sea-faring tales, and frankly have never read L'Amour before (I had always associated him purely with Westerns, which are also not my typical fare), but was offered the ARC and intrigued at the prospect of a long-lost manuscript finished with the aid of the author's son. I was pleasantly surprised to find the story engaging and the characters and action jumping off the page. I shouldn't have been surprised - L'Amour is...
  • Julie Witte
    I received an advance copy of this through GoodReads First Reads for my honest review. I was pulled into this from page one. Thank you Beau L'amour, for getting this important work out there for us to enjoy! I was so sure that Louis L'amour was the "Cowboy Author" but this book smashed that theory! The depth of each of the crew in this was amazing. I am passing this on to my son who has read nearly every western by this author. I enjoyed the Afte...
  • Barry Martin Vass
    4.5 stars. This is an interesting piece of historical fiction. Most people think of Louis L'Amour as a distinctive voice of the American West. But there's another side to Author L'Amour: in the late 1920's and early thirties, he shipped out as a merchant seaman on a number of tankers and freighters. At a time when most Americans never visited either Canada or Mexico, he visited such exotic ports of call as Japan, China, Borneo, Indonesia, Malaysi...
  • Elissa
    A Sea Shanty One cannot look at a collaboration with a legend in quite the same manner as a co-written book. In the first place, the original author's contribution is now static, limited to what was already written plus any notes; and in the second the voice must of necessity change, no matter how slightly, to one informed by current events, slang, politics, political correctness and any number of nuances simply not present at the time the origin...
  • Carla (happiestwhenreading)
    **Thank you, @tlcbooktours, for the free finished copy to review. All opinions are my own.**What an unexpected surprise this book turned out to be! Set on a merchant marine, L’Amour weaves a beautiful tale of the ship’s crew. Between each chapter, a piece of one of the shipmate’s journal is read and it acts as a very effective narrator to move the story along. Each chapter is a quick, yet deep, character study of a different member of the s...
  • Casey Wheeler
    This book by the author is not one of his westerns for which he is famous. The book details the crew of a doomed ship due to it's cargo. The book chapters alternate between the diary of the second mate which is used to set up a more detailed following chapter about one of the ship's crew. I will warn any readers that it is a somewhat depressing book.This may not be your cup of tea if you are a fan of Louis L'Amour's westerns, but I found it to be...
  • Suzanne
    While Louis L'Amour is known for Westerns, this book is about the crew of a tanker ship. It was published after L'Amour died. His son pulled together a manuscript and notes to edit the book. It begins with events involving different crew members while the ship is in dry dock. This foreshadows an imminent danger which keeps the book suspenseful. The book is written from the point of view of the second mate. Every other chapter, the second mate int...
  • dennis barron
    No Traveller Returns Louis L'AmourThis is the authors first novel. It centers around the late 20's and 1930 time period. The life's and adventures of merchant seamen. A lot of the book centers in and around San Pedro, the port of Los Angeles, where I grew up. I'm familiar with quite a few of the locations mentioned. I have also heard stories of the other locations. The characters portrayed are sailors he crewed with in his tenure at sea. One of t...
  • David
    Having read most of Louis L'Amour's work, I am a fan and could not wait to wade into this advance copy. But, this book was different from any of his other work. The characters were more complex than his other work, and had motivations well beyond those found in his western stories. I really enjoyed the depth of the characters portrayed and the action. As a retired Navy guy, I found a sense of realism that connected with my experiences aboard ship...
    I absolutely loved this book. It was different than other writings of his as the plot was presented in an unique way of each chapter being about a central character. The centering of the journal of the 2nd mate made it all work. I developed and rooted for my favorites as always. The title threw me until I realized the spelling was British and also that my first thought was true that they would never return the same person due to their experiences...
  • Edward Silverman
    This was an engaging read and reminded me why I enjoyed my first run at his catalog 20 years ago. I’ve got to go back. This isn’t a western setting but the characterization and POV depict rugged men, their backstories and help define why the reader should care about their fate. The lack of female POV dates this work though I understand it was written in the thirties and there were not female Merchant marines. A modern version of this would ab...
  • Diane
    No Traveller Returns (Lost Treasures) by Louis L'Amour and Beau L'Amour is a previously unpublished first work of Louis L'Amour. The book had been written in segments over a period of time and set aside. The book is about a fateful voyage of the S.S. Lichenfield in 1939. The story gives some background information on the jobs and personal characters of the major crew members. Before the ship leaves dock some critical repairs are left incomplete. ...
  • Lyndon
    "No Traveller Returns" is on the long side, but interesting from a historical perspective - this is L'Amour writing in the late 30s and early 40s, his first novel rediscovered, completed, and published by his son Beau. It's a literary sea adventure and follows a number of different men and their stories through alternating vignettes as they share life aboard the SS Lichenfield as WW2 looms. Very unlike his westerns, it has some autobiographical e...
  • Art
    4.5 StarsTo be honest I wasn’t expecting very much from this, L’Amour’s unpublished first novel. Usually unpublished works by famous writers are unpublished for a good reason, but after being cleaned up by his son, it’s a pretty good little sea tail. The forward and afterward by his son describing what was done and connections and quotes that made it into L’Amour’s other works was a added bonus.
  • Nancy
    Don’t expect your typical Louis L’Amour book.Don’t expect your typical Louis L’Amour book. While I recognized Louis’s poetical turn of phrase in his descriptions and his philosophical thoughts from his other books - this one had a different format. The story was told from the point of view of many characters with related infill from one main officer. So many characters that I became confused. To me- it had an unsatisfactory ending.
  • Bob Fagioli
    An early manuscript completed by L'Amour's son Beau. Being more familiar with his westerns this story, about merchant marine shipping and sailors, is quite different. I think Beau did a very nice job pulling this story together and getting it published. Also I enjoyed is afterwards which described the characters and how Beau thinks his father crafted them from past experiences and personal traits.
  • Roxanne
    This type of book is not normally in my "wheel house", however, I really enjoyed reading about the day-to-day existence of the merchant sailors of the SS Lichenfield. A part of history that should not be forgotten.The war took many men on their first journey from home to the unforgiving sea. What a culture shock. I did further reading by visiting the authors dedicated website won an Advance Uncorrected proof of the ...
  • Phillip Tinkham
    I received this book as an advanced reader copy - it's not due to be available for purchase until fall of 2018. In full disclosure, I was already a fan. "Last of the Breed" was the first book I read for fun after college, (three years after). That being said, I really enjoyed this book! I love a good story with well developed characters and this book is both.Thank you Beau for giving us this Lost Treasure!