Until You're Mine by Jenika Snow

Until You're Mine

CoraHe left eight years ago for the military. That was the hardest time of my life. Xavier was the boy who’d sneak into my bed at night and hold me as my parents fought in the next room.My protector.My best friend.The man I was in love with.The man I’d saved my virginity for.And now he was back home for good. Too much time had passed. I was done keeping us in the friend zone. I wanted him in my life in every way that counted.So if he wasn’t...

Details Until You're Mine

TitleUntil You're Mine
Release DateJan 1st, 1970
GenreRomance, War, Military Fiction

Reviews Until You're Mine

  • ♡Tonya♡
    It's live! ate this short little read up. Packed full or sugary sweet goodness with a side of steam. This was perfect treat for me today! 100% safe! -no cheating -zero ow/om drama - dual virgins - they both waited years to be together-short story -good epilogue 1 year later, then 1 more year later.
  • Gi's Spot Reviews
    Oh my... Talk about OTT sugary sweetness!!!Yep, this has to be one of the sweetest novellas I have ever read. From the setting to the characters, if you, like me, are a fan of HEA Epilogues, you need to read this. Until You're Mine felt like a big, endearing and HOT Epilogue. Perfect no angst, soulmate's coming together tale.My soul knew when its other half was near. I’d been in love with her since the moment I saw her. It was that BOOM! It was...
  • Bookloverme
    5+ StarsThis one is really sweet! A feel-good story that will have you smiling from start to the end. This is my fourth book in the Happily Ever Alpha stories and all four books are really amazing.The story is about Xavier and Cora.Best friends since they were kids, they knew they love each other more than anything in this world but were afraid to ruin what they had so they kept quiet.He's been gone for eight years to serve in the military and to...
  • Kayla Brunson
    Just like the blurb says, this was sugary sweet! I have been loving Jenika Snow’s novellas lately and this one is no exception. I loved our characters Cora and Xavier. I loved seeing Xavier lose control with his caveman tendencies when it came to Cora. The chemistry between these two were like crackling wires, and their steamy scenes were hot! This made a great addition to the world ARR created!
  • Jenny
    Very short and sweet friends to lovers story. It was also steamy with a cute epilogue with heroine giving birth. Adorable!
  • Philomena Callan Cheekypee
    BOOM!! This is another Kindle World novella that I inhaled in one sitting. I just had to read it. Ok this is a real sweet read. The kinda sweet read that makes ya go all gooey inside:)Xavier and Cora have been best friends since they were young. They love each other but haven’t spoke about their feelings. When Xavier comes back to town will one of them make that big move.A really good well written story.
  • CC
    Super duper sweet. It was good, but not enough to gush over. I loved that they waited for each other though. Made it a very sweet and easy read.
  • S. Horne
    Until You're Mine is a short, sexy, hot read that will leaving you wanting more. Jenika bring a story of a love that stands the test of time... 8 years to be exact! It is a perfect addition to the HEAKW. I have always enjoyed Ms. Snows books but add in the BOOM from ARR... this is now my favorite story by Ms. Snow. This is defiantly a story you don't want to miss!
  • Jelena Bosh
    Just 1 moment and I consumed this entire story. If delivers exactly what it promises and then some! There isn’t a story of Jenika Snow, the short ones, where I wish like hell it could become an entire series. That is exactly what happened with Until You’re Mine. I got sucked into the story, and it was too addictive that I had to finish it in one sitting!!Xavier and Cora are a stunning couple. Individually they are so strong. But together? Jes...
  • Astraycat
    Short but sweet.
  • Neringa Neringiukas
    It's sugary sweet, light and quick read with no dramas.
  • Emily
    Xavier left eight years ago to serve in the military, now he is back and has one thing on his mind, Cora. Cora has saved herself never finding anyone who felt like the right one, the only man who has held her heart is Xavier. Can Xavier make his play to win Cora and will she agree that he is the man for her?Short and sweet. I liked that this story took us to a couple who never explored what was between them. Second chance book that readers of Jen...
  • Claypot_Reads - Michelle
    I enjoyed this addition to the ARR Family of books. Xavier and Cora - childhood best friends who get to finally be so much more. The Until series BOOM strikes again. Easy sweet Novella.
  • The BookChick
    Sweet story in the Until WorldJenika Snow did well incorporating new characters into ARR's world. Although the story was short (I wanted more), it was super sweet and I loved it.
  • M M
    Such a sweet love story. They were separated by distance for 8 years, but they loved each other and stayed in contact. I love stories like this where there is no others. No drama, just them. Great read.
  • Melissa
    GoodThis was a very quick, sweet and steamy read. This is the story of best friends Xavier and Cora finally admitting their feelings to one another after being in love with each other most of their lives.
  • Raine
    Friends to lovers storyThis is a short friends to lovers story within ARR's Until Kindle Worlds. Cora and Xavier have been best friends forever, but loved each other secretly because neither of them wanted to jeopardize their friendship. After Xavier's father passed he decides to join the military to make something of himself and heal his grief. Eight years have passed since Xavier left and both Cora and Xavier have kept in touch, but never expre...
  • Kim Brewing
    yes yes yes YES a thousand times Yes....I loved this.I've enjoyed both Jenika and Aurora reads in the past and am a lover of Kindle worlds. This story is a wonderful story of friends both determined to take things from the friend zone....and the best part is we get two epilogues!!!This is a quick read, but a satisfying story. The characters have history and even though we don't get the back story we get enough to know they are meant to be togethe...
  • Macaela Conder
    I loved this book! Glad to get a little of the Mayson's. And the double v is just the cherry on top
  • M.K.
    Cora and Xavier are so sweet and steamy. Double virgins. This story made me so happy to read! An absolute must read!
  • Jennifer Finn
    3 1/2 STARS ⭐⭐⭐This novella is part of the Kindle Worlds/ (Until Series) by Aurora Rose Reynolds. There was cameo appearances by Asher, Cash, and Trevor Mayson. Xavier and Cora have been best friends for years, he would sneak into her bedroom window and hold her at night while her parents would be screaming at each other. Eight years ago his father died and Xavier joined the Marines in hopes of getting his aggression out. They were both hop...
  • Kimberly / Love Notes Book Blog
    3.5 stars. This was an entertaining, sexy read. Until You're Mine is part of Aurora Rose Reynold's Kindle world. This was Cora and Zavier's story. Cora and Zavier were best friends throughout their lives. Both were in love with each other, but never told each other. Zavier went off to join the military after high school in order to make something of himself and Cora stayed in their hometown opening her own bakery. Over the years, they remained be...
  • Jenny Wood
    Hmmm, I'm kind of on the fence about it. First of all... hot cover! I really didn't feel this one though. It was super short, made shorter by the fact that I skimmed a lot. It was mostly Xavier talking about how he saved himself for Cora, and then Cora talking about how she saved herself for Xavier. They repeated that until it I was like, OKKKKAAAAAAY, WE GET IT!!!But, I just didn't find it believable. I mean, I dunno how old these two were... it...
  • Renee Entress from Renee Entress's Blog
    5 starI was pulled right into this super short story. The story has naughty fun, passion, friends to lovers, and sweet love. If you have not read the below I would recommend reading them first if you want the full stories of the Until series by Aurora Rose Reynolds as these novellas take place in the same series:Until November (Until, #1)Until Trevor (Until, #2)Until Lilly (Until, #3)Until Nico (Until, #4)Until July (Until Her #1)Until Jax (Until...
  • April Symes
    This is a story in the Kindle Worlds: Happily Ever After Alpha series. Until You're Mine is a super sweet, super short novella read in the Happily Ever Alpha series in the Until world. Xavier and Cora have been best friends since they were young. They are in love with each other but haven’t spoken their feelings out loud – neither of them know of their true feelings. Then Xavier goes overseas to serve his country, Cora tries to go on with her...
  • Tina Morgan
    4 Stars This book is so good. Xavier and Cora are so perfect for each other. And growing up as best friends and then being apart for so long had to be rough. And being in love with each other without telling anyone had to be hard. But when Xavier finally comes home for good will he finally get his BOOM!! Read and find out, it’s a short novella that won’t take any time to read at all and it’s well worth it.
  • Rhonda
    Very short and very sweet story of a hero and his heroine who save themselves for each other. It may be on the sweet side but it's still hot and sexy. They've known each other forever but when Xavier goes overseas to serve his country, Cora tries to go on with her life. They still keep in touch but when he finally comes back home, watch out. He is set on making her his!! I loved the whole storyline and the epilogues just tied it all up very nicel...
  • Rogetwhi
    Loved this one!!! I loved this book! I wish we got to see more of them together but it was still really good. It was short, sweet and very steamy!! I enjoyed both the Hero and heroine and loved the small cameos of the Mayson boys!😍
  • Greyland Reviews
    3 starsARC given for honest review by the authorMarch 2018Will post review closer to release date!
  • Sharon Dunn
    This book is filled with hot goodness!!