Mark of the Raven (The Ravenwood Saga, #1) by Morgan L. Busse

Mark of the Raven (The Ravenwood Saga, #1)

Lady Selene is the heir to the Great House of Ravenwood—and to a powerful ability. But it comes with a dark secret. Tasked with assassinating the man who can destroy her family—and the only one who can bring peace to the nations—she must choose between justice and honor or legacy and power. Is she willing to pay the price for the path she chooses?

Details Mark of the Raven (The Ravenwood Saga, #1)

TitleMark of the Raven (The Ravenwood Saga, #1)
Release DateNov 6th, 2018
PublisherBethany House Publishers
GenreFantasy, Christian Fiction, Christian, Fiction, Christian Fantasy

Reviews Mark of the Raven (The Ravenwood Saga, #1)

  • Serethiel ☽ ✨
    5 stars// m a r k . o f . t h e . r a v e nAAAAAAH. DUDE. Okay. I'm cool, I'm cool.THIS. WAS. FANTASTIC. Mark of the Raven is such a pure, heartfilled, action-oriented story. AND I LOVED IT.This falls into the same vein as Anne Elisabeth Stengl's Heartless and Sarah J. Maas's Throne of Glass (the latter of which I've never read, but girl assassins, tho). It's a story of hurt, sin, regret... and it's perhaps one of the most powerful redemption tal...
  • Shantelle
    Fantasy readers, be of good cheer! Another phenomenal fantasy novel has hit the Christian fiction market! Mark of the Raven by Morgan L. Busse was an engrossing read that kept me turning pages. I've been captured by this world and these characters, and am dying to see how this intriguing story continues! Book Two in THE RAVENWOOD SAGA can't come soon enough.Morgan L. Busse does an exceptional job with world-building in this new series of hers. I ...
  • Elizabeth Dragina
    What is this?? The last page?! I'm am not okay. For the record Mark of the Raven redeemed itself in my eyes. It became everything I was hoping. The beginning was slow, and I was kinda thinking we would jump right into the action, so when we didn't I was highly disappointed. But let me tell ya folks, Mark of the Raven has everything a good Fantasy needs. And that ending . . . .It was pure imagination and I wasn't expecting it. All the hearts for B...
  • Addy S.
    I am struggling for words right now. I'm serious. This book was F I R E. In all of its burning brilliance. Content:-Language: n/a-Romance: a male and female seemed to be 'drawn' to each other and couldn't stop thinking about each other, but this was not in a romantic way. You'll see when you read it. ;)-Violence: please use caution if you are a sensitive reader. This book features something called 'dreamkilling'. A dreamwalker enters someone's dr...
  • E.F.B.
    I had seen Morgan L. Busse’s books around for several years but had not yet gotten around to trying to read one, partially because it sounded like her style might lean toward being a little darker than what I normally gravitate towards. I decided I might give “Mark of the Raven” a chance when I entered a giveaway for it last year while following a “Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt” that happens across several author’s blogs every year...
  • Nicki Chapelway
    *4.5 stars*A little slow for the first half, but the description was beautiful and the world immersive.And that ending...Well...Oh my.
  • Emily
    So, when is the next book going to be published? This one wasn’t exactly a cliffhanger, but it definitely left me longing to read #2!
  • Bryn
    Some books are amazing, others spellbinding and just a rare few are perfect. Mark of the Raven is all those things and more. In a fast paced plot, Busse tells a story of gifted nobles houses, treacherous plots, family secrets and murders at midnight. I love dual POVs and Selene and Damien became instant favorites (I mean, it takes talent to make me cheer and ship a twosome who might become a onesome if one party follows through with their mission...
  • R.F. Gammon
    As I mentioned in my updates: This felt very, very much like Strange the Dreamer! However, I felt that Strange was better executed. As a result of that, and the fact that I had a few quibbles and inconveniences, I'm docking a star from this one. However! the plot was twisty and turny, the story did things I was NOT expecting, and the characters, while nothing particularly unique, still grew in very enjoyable ways to watch. The ending knocked my s...
  • Deborah O'Carroll
    Aaah, that was so cool! Now where’s the next book?I love a good epic fantasy and this one was awesome! The world was so rich and the characters were fantastic. The plot was a slow-burn kind of one, full of mystery and politics but enough spice of danger and adventure to keep you on the edge of your seat—the rest of it did that actually as well!I love anything involving dreams in fiction so I was really excited to try this one. Like Inception ...
  • Emileigh Latham
    After just finishing this incredible book, here are the reasons why you must read Mark of the Raven: 1. AssassinsWho doesn't like a good assassins story? Darkly clad individuals quietly moving through the shadows to do stabby things. YES!Well get this.Selene has inherited the family ability to enter people's dreams and kill them, making people believe they die in their sleep. 😱 WHAT?! Such a dark and twisted way to kill someone. Dreams are su...
  • Laura A. Grace
    3.5/4 starsWow! What a compelling ending! I have to admit that I thought the beginning was rather slow and just couldn’t seem to get hooked. *hides* I’m not sure if it’s because I was fairly sick when I started or not, but I also found some repetitive places that I began to found irksome.However, regardless of how I felt in the beginning and my unsureness if I would come to really like Selene, the dream walking was a unique reading experien...
  • H.S.J. Williams
    Loved it as much as I hoped I would! The plot was great, the characters compelling, and the worldbuilding pretty easy to follow. I can't wait for the next book!Okay, so don't read the next bit if you haven't read the book.(view spoiler)[ Okay, so I loved Selene and Damien, but the character who REALLY took my interest was Selene's dad. I mean, WHAT. The quiet, unloved, unappreciated consort hus Loved it as much as I hoped I would! The plot was ...
  • Tricia Mingerink
    This book is amazing! Of course, I knew it would be since I've adored every single novel this author has ever written! This one started off slow. But the sort of slow where the plot and worldbuilding are unfolding like a flower, one petal at a time. Just at the moment when I wasn't sure where this was going, stuff started happening, deceptions upon deceptions and betrayals and plots and planned assassinations, and everything just got tense and cr...
  • m a r y l i z
    (First of all - YES I AM ALIVE. Second of all - YES THIS IS ONLY THE SECOND BOOK IN TWO MONTHS THAT I HAVE READ. *cries softly*)I was hoping to enjoy this book, but however gorgeous the cover, the story inside it failed to deliver.I am but a weary college student with lots of homework calling my name, so here goes a rapid-fire review:L I K E S:- Okay, let's talk about the cOVER again because it's a work of art.- The Seven Houses! Such epic fantas...
  • Jenna
    OH MY WORD. This book is so gripping and chilling and unique. I like Busse’s writing style and the way she’s crafted these main characters. Definitely cannot wait to read book two!
  • Alysha (For The Love of Christian Fiction)
    Fun fact, I actually got to meet Morgan at the Christy Awards. She is the sweetest soul, and she's a blast to talk to!Anywho. On to what you're actually here for...the review. 😉The first book in a fantasy series is normally really focused on WORLD BUILDING. This book was no exception. From the first page until about the last hundred pages was a lot of world building. The author works to draw you into this world of dream assassins and evil plot...
  • Ralene Burke
    In Morgan Busse's latest fantasy novel, she explores the life of a woman, a dreamwalker, as she learns about her new gifts and it's purpose in a world that is on the brink of war, both internally and from the outside. Filled with political intrigue, subterfuge, and betrayal, this tale drags the reader along for a unique experience. Although there were some spots throughout the book that were a little slow for my tastes, the story continued to pic...
  • Jaime Jo Wright
    Ridiculously delicious! I’m not a regular reader of this particular genre but am eagerly anticipating the sequel. Highly HIGHLY recommend!
  • R.J. Rodda
    I liked this so much I immediately bought the second book. This had an intriguing premise, a vivid internal struggle, a unique world, a great twist at the end and was ultimately elevating. And I’m smiling right now because I enjoyed it so much.
  • Phillip Cole
    Selene is heir to her family's gift of dreamwalking, and is being trained by her mother to learn all the skills, including killing. But there is something that tugs at Selene, and she wonders if the glory her mother seeks is really her destiny. After walking in Lord Damien's dreams, she finds out that there may be something better.Mark of the Raven is a great story in several ways. First, the characters are well developed and relatable. Morgan L....
  • Lauren
    AHHHH!!!! All I'm going to say is, I am sooo glad I only have to wait 13 days until book 2 comes out.
  • Ariel Masters
    Awesome!I absolutely adored this book! It held my attention, and I loved the characters. I also enjoyed the Christian aspects. And honestly, it's 1a.m., and my brain is hardly functioning enough to write a decent review😂 But it shows how much fun I had reading😍😊
  • Celestria
    Ahhhh, this book was amazing! I can't wait to read the next one!
  • Rebecca
    4.5 stars"There were no choices . . . . . . . her future was dark and bleak." As heir apparent to the House of Ravenwood, Selene has just been gifted; she's now a dreamwalker, and according to her mother, a surprisingly powerful one. Curious about an ability that the other six regions of her kingdom thought was destroyed, she listens as Grand Lady Ragna describes the seriousness of honing her skills, for she is to be the savior of her people by ....
  • Kav
    Whoa! I'm not quite sure how to write a review for this one! A bit of a departure from my usual reading material because, though I love fantasy, I'm rather picky about which books I choose. A speculative fiction story either grabs me or it doesn't and I'm not sure I can even tell you what the yay or nay factors are but I can tell you that Mark of the Raven not only grabbed me, it swallowed me whole and refused to regurgitate me until the very end...
  • Jessica Baker (A Baker's Perspective)
    Boy am I glad I got the opportunity to read this book! I do enjoy fantasy novels every now and then - I really have to be in the mood for them. And while I may not have totally been in the mood when I started this one, it did not take long for that to change. If this is how Busse writes all of her stories, then I need to read them. All of them! The beginning of the book may have been a tad slow for me, but it's necessary to understand all the cha...
  • Hannah
    I wish the second book was out. I finished it before I went to bed, and let's just say my mind was all abuzz when I was trying to fall asleep. I had a lot of weird dreams which I'm pretty sure was all the book's fault. ;) A few themes really stood out to me. Selene often asked why and sought to find the reasons behind what was expected of her. She didn't spimply accept her destiny, but examined the motivations behind it. I loved the light battlin...
  • Katelyn Bolds
    Morgan Busse weaves a dark story about the heir to the House of Ravenwood who has just learned her family's secret; her mother and the Ravenwood women before her use their gift of dreamwalking to gather information and assassinate their enemies. Now Lady Selene is stuck in a web of political intrigue, lies and betrayal while the Seven Houses ready for war with the Domina Empire. Another reviewer mentioned that it reminded her of Game of Thrones a...