The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe by Steven Novella

The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe

An all-encompassing guide to skeptical thinking in the popular "The Skeptics Guide to the Universe" podcast's dryly humorous, accessible style.It's intimidating to realize that we live in a world overflowing with misinformation, bias, myths, deception, and flawed knowledge. There really are no ultimate authority figures-no one has the secret and there is no place to look up the definitive answers to our questions (not even Google). But, by thinki...

Details The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe

TitleThe Skeptics' Guide to the Universe
Release DateOct 2nd, 2018
PublisherGrand Central Publishing
GenreScience, Nonfiction, Philosophy, Skepticism

Reviews The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe

  • Diana Eckert
    Long-time listener here! I have been anticipating this book for a while, and it did not disappoint. I enjoyed the audiobook - Steves narration is easy to listen to while also being engaging. However, the encyclopedia-like layout make the printed version a practical compendium for later reference. It is excellent for understanding how the mind works/doesn't work, and how we all deceive ourselves into thinking that we actually understand probabilit...
  • Isil Arican
    This was one of the books I waited with utmost anticipation and so glad to get a chance to read it finally. I have been a long time SGU listener (almost 10 years), and they have been a major inspiration for me to teach myself critical thinking (I still do) and initiate a grassroots skeptical movement in Turkey along with a website as well as a top podcast of our own. So naturally, when I heard the team was coming up with an actual book, I was ver...
  • Ryan Boissonneault
    This is one of the best books on critical thinking and skepticism since Carl Sagan’s The Demon-Haunted World. Although you would hope, in the 21st century, that it shouldn’t have to be explained why treating eczema with turmeric infusions is a bad idea, gullibility for pseudoscience is a recurring feature of human psychology and in need of constant debunking. The first part of the book covers the unreliability of our senses, cognitive biases,...
  • Peter Mcloughlin
    This is one of the better skeptic books. The author doesn't merely debunk the usual suspects of pseudoscience although there is plenty of debunking of UFOs, Ghosts, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Astrology et al. The author goes into our cognitive biases and blind spots and illogical thought processes and provides tools for fighting ever new pseudoscience, fake news, hoaxes, and assorted nonsense which springs eternal in many forms. This book is a gem ...
  • Mateusz
    I would describe this book as excellent tool for structuring your knowledge about science thinking. I like that most of chapters are quite short, because it was easy to read it on the go. At some paragraphs I had to really focus to uderstand the full meaning of it, but I put it on a blame of me not being perfect english speaker and, what is more important, who said that it must be an easy lecture ;)
  • Tomas Sedovic
    A huge caveat to this review: the authors of this book are hosting a weekly podcast (of the same name) I've been keenly listening to for 7 years. They feel like friends I've never met and this has certainly coloured my views of the book.That said, it's fantastic. I love it.The Skeptic's Guide is not about automatic doubt and dismissal of everything as the title might suggest. It is about the exploration of scientific scepticism -- how to approach...
  • Noreen
    I've been listening to the SGU podcast for about five years, and this summer I have been catching up on all the episodes since the beginning. One of my favorite things about the podcast is having some of my own long-held beliefs debunked. I've been looking forward to this book for a long time. I'm always telling friends that the podcast is the best primer on critical thinking I've found, and it's so nice to have a format that I can easily share.O...
  • Kyle Bunkers
    I have followed Steven Novella's blog for quite a while and have found his analyses to be nicely balanced and reasoned. So I thought I may as well give his book a shot. I was expecting more of an overarching story about skepticism, but it was more like a bunch of entries in an encyclopedia (this is not meant to be a bad thing; I am just saying each chapter is more-or-less self-contained). This is not to say that this is a bad book, just that it w...
  • Bruce
    To be fair, I'm a big fan of the podcast, but I do believe this book is well worth anyone's time. I learned a lot, and must also confess to having believed many of the Monsanto fake news stories that were covered. I listened to the audiobook version, and although I have no regrets, I intend to also read the Kindle version. There's really that much good stuff in there, that I also want the read through it myself. I'm highly "visual", and I'll end ...
  • Liz De Coster
    An okay introduction to skepticism, but I'm wondering if the language will appeal to real "newbies". Certainly it's important to be specific and precise when possible, but if the basic terminology includes phrases like "neuropsychological humility" it might be difficult for some readers to engage with the material.
  • Pasquale Galati
    This book was highly anticipated and did not disappoint. If you're just starting out or well versed in skeptic thinking, this book makes sense. It's easy to read and easy to follow. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves science, wants to think more critically, or aid in knowledgeable discussion
  • Serdar
    Bilimsel skeptisizm ekolünün amiral cep yayını, "The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe" 2005'ten bu yana istikrarlı bir çizgide yayın yapıyor. Sonunda SGU ekibi Steven Novella'nın önderliğinde yılların birikimini bu kaynak kitapta toplamış, çok da güzel bir iş başarmışlar.Bugün Yalansavar sitesinde devam eden kritik düşünce ve bilimsel skeptisizm maceram çocuk yaşlarda okuduğum "Karanlık Bir Dünyada Bilimin Mum Işığ...
  • Alien
    I have been a skeptic for several years and am also a listener to the SGU-podcast. I recognize most of the topics discussed in the book, some have been discussed many times on the show.Still I enjoyed the book very much and read it rather quickly. Of course you don't have to be a seasoned skeptic to enjoy the book. I even envy readers wo read about this stuff for the first time. You should be aware that this is not just one of those self-help boo...
  • Dave Butler
    Although Novella sometimes wades too far into the weeds and can't resist getting into overly complex scientific details, this remains an indispensable guide to skepticism and critical thinking. The world would be a much better place if everyone read it and truly made an effort to question why they believe what they do. It is full of excellent and compelling stories of the harm magical belief and pseudoscience cause and models the skills a skeptic...
  • Matthew Jones
    The Skeptics Guide to the Universe is a great podcast and I've listened to them religiously (heh) for years. Their book just takes concepts they've seen and discussed for years and broke them down into clear clean explanations. It's a good book for anyone who wants to learn to become more scientifically rigorous and skeptical.
  • Blair Hodgkinson
    This was a great book to help sharpen up skeptical and critical thinking skills. I enjoyed it and found a number of the chapters to be educational. The material is well-organized and well-presented. Chapters on conspiracies and controversies dispel a lot of myths and faulty thinking. I'd definitely recommend it.
  • Cody Wolf
    Recommend to any one interested in understanding our own biases and how to communicate science in an effective manner. Absolutely a necessity for science and critical thinker fanatics who enjoy reading Neal deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, and Carl Sagan.
  • Cole
    Good reference for when you get into an argument with your relatives who absolutely insist that vaccines cause autism, the fishmato is going to kill us all and that climate change is a hoax cooked up by shills for big solar.
  • Tai Tai
    please teach critical / skeptical thinking skills in grade school
  • Tim Dugan
    Good info although lots of it at the start old news