Wait for Me (Montana Rescue, #6) by Susan May Warren

Wait for Me (Montana Rescue, #6)

Pete Brooks can't believe he's waited an entire year for Jess Tagg to return to Montana, only to have her break his heart by getting engaged to her ex-fiancé. Worse, a series of mistakes on the job have cost lives, and Pete isn't sure he wants to continue to work in Search and Rescue. Maybe if he can just get over Jess, he can figure out how to move forward. EMT Jess Tagg has returned to Montana to finally give her heart to Pete, but it seems he...

Details Wait for Me (Montana Rescue, #6)

TitleWait for Me (Montana Rescue, #6)
Release DateNov 6th, 2018
GenreChristian Fiction, Romance, Suspense, Contemporary, Christian, Christian Romance, Fiction

Reviews Wait for Me (Montana Rescue, #6)

  • Heidi Robbins (Heidi Reads...)
    I have a horrible habit of putting off reading the last book in a series I've loved because then that would mean there are no more books to look forward to. Completely irrational, since I know the author has another exciting series coming. All the books have been full of adventure, action, and angst, and this one is no different. Pete and Jess have provided some of the relationship drama in the previous books, and it was satisfying for them to fi...
  • Amy
    Totally & utterly outrageous. This series (of which this is the 6th & final book) is sometimes quite frankly everything but reality. Every one of each major character goes through multiple near death, high intensity, level of stress out of this world experiences. Considering Pete & Jess have been featured throughout the entire series as a will they/won't they couple - it's amazing they are even still alive. But get this. The outrageous is what tu...
  • Melanie
    Wait for Me is the sixth and, sadly, last book in the Montana Rescue series. After being slightly disappointed with the last book, Storm Front, I am happy that this one lived up to my expectations and I found it to be a great read.I loved finally reading Jess and Pete's love story. Even though their story has been building throughout the previous books, this one was definitely their story. I also enjoyed the secondary romance between Esme and Ned...
  • Hannah
    3.5 starsIn many ways, this was one of the best in the series, since it had to move beyond dragging out the drama to another few books and get the issues all taken care of by the end of the book/series. I wasn't sure at first if I was going to read this book because Pete and Jess annoyed me so much the last few books with their refusal to just come out and talk through their problems, and it was good to watch them start to talk through it.I was d...
  • Taylor
    Full disclosure: This was my first foray into the Montana Rescue series, and to be blunt, I was not adequately prepared for the thrill ride that awaited me. Now I know what you’re thinking: “Taylor, the synopsis mentions: broken hearts, terrible fights, characters taken captive AND murderous intent how could you NOT be prepared?” And, honestly, all I can say to that is that I severely underestimated this book’s ability to make me care abo...
  • Kav
    "He wasn't looking for trouble, but if Pete didn't act right now, at least one person was going to die." And so it begins -- the much anticipated/dreaded conclusion to Susan May Warren's Montana Rescue series. I'm in an addlepated stupor of bookish proportions but will try to rally long enough to write this review.So Jess....gah! And Pete...whimper. And Jess and Pete...I can't even...I mean, honestly -- I adore Pete. I'm madly in love with Pete. ...
  • Aimee (Getting Your Read On)
    Susan May Warren is one of those author that I am always following- watching and waiting for a new book to snag up. She has such a way of writing characters and situations that keep me invested and interested from beginning to end. I love the added elements of suspense and adventure that fill up my mind and keep me on the edge of my seat. Every book, every series by this author is so good!I have been waiting for this book with anticipation and bi...
  • Kay Defreese
    Wait for Me is the sixth and the final book in the Montana Rescue series. I think I liked this one best of all in the series. It has more suspense in it then the other books. This book got my attention from the get go and didn't let go until the end. This book focuses on on Pete and Jess who also goes by the name Selene and on Ned and Shae who formerly went by the name Esme Shaw. After an argument with Pete Jess accepts a ride with Ned and Shae b...
  • Maddy
    Wait for Me follows the story of Pete and Jess. It the the 6th and final book in the series. I haven’t read any of the books in the series, so I will admit that I was a bit confused at times. That’s totally just from not reading the first five books though. ; )Overall, this was a really enjoyable book! The storyline was interesting and I loved the suspense side of things. I never quite knew how everything was going to turn out. I also have to...
  • Renee
    An action-packed, adventure story infused with grace and truth. Loved it! Recommended. Grab a copy from KU or buy one today :)Quotes . . . “Maybe it feels easier to blame yourself than to simply admit that stuff happens and you have no control over it.”“But love says it doesn’t matter. True love—unconditional love—declares you worthy just because it chooses you. And there’s nothing you can do about it.” The words settled in Pete...
  • Staci
    Nice conclusion to the Montana Rescue Series! Finally Pete and Jess as the main focus. The side story of Ned and Esme was enjoyable and wrapped up loose ends from the series.
  • Lisa Johnson
    Title: Wait for Me (Montana Series #6)Author: Susan May WarrenPages: 336Year: 2018Publisher: Revell My rating: 5+ stars out of 5What an exciting finish to an extraordinary series! Susan May Warren has shared with readers a story that is engaging, suspenseful, romantic, and very exciting! We meet the cast of characters in the first novel titled, Wild Montana Skies. Each novel continues with the same characters though the plot line focuses mainly ...
  • Rebecca
    "I'm talking about God's love, Pete. You gotta starting trusting in God's love for you. For Jess. Lean into it. Let it change you. Let it set you free." Pete Brooks is a risk taker, a rescuer, a real life hero, . . . . . . but he may have blown it when he walked away from the woman who asked him to wait. Now with her life on the line, he is expected to work alongside her once real, now fake fiance? Or is it once fake, now real fiance? Just what k...
  • Susan Snodgrass
    'I might be less apt to blame myself if I actually believed that God was on my side, that I wasn't a screw-up that had it coming.'Susan May Warren finally gives her loyal readers Pete Brooks and Jess Taggert's story. And what a story it is! We have suffered with, trusted for and longed for this couple for several books now. Warren delivered magnificently with their own book, too. Pete Brooks has always felt like a screw-up, always jumping in, put...
  • Brittany
    What a wonderful feeling to finish this series, have the answers, and see all of the happily-ever-afters that have built throughout each and every book. But it was also hard to know that I was reading the final book in the Montana Rescue series, as I have enjoyed these novels so much. I guess I will just need to go back and enjoy re-reading them in the future! And this is definitely a series that readers should read in its entirety. The individua...
  • Sarita
    So this final book in the series gave me a lot of action, suspense, adventure and some twists wrt who the "hunter" was. Susan May Warren kept be guessing and turning pages to see what will happen and there was a few heart-stopping moments.She also did a great job of introducing the characters of her next series very subtly in the story line and peaked my interest to definitely read their stories.The Biblical/life lessons was also great. However, ...
  • Fiction Aficionado
    What a roller-coaster ride! The emotions, the tension, the action—it was up, down, around, and loop-the-loop all the way through this story. And Pete and Jess—ahhh! Heart in a tangle!I’ve been anticipating this story so much that there was a very real possibility I had built it up beyond all realistic expectations. Given the author is Susan May Warren, I should have known better than to doubt. This was absolutely riveting from the first pag...
  • Mara
    I had the privilege to be able to read an ARC of Wait for Me and although I loved this series I LOVED this story and Pete in particular. Thank you Susan May Warren for the blessing of this book. True love is one that never fades but grows stronger as we go in life~ even when we have to let it go in the hopes that it returns to us.Jess and Pete fell in love while working together for PEAK Rescue in Montana. But when Jess's old life came back to ha...
  • Denise Hershberger
    This was kind of a bittersweet ending to a wonderful series. I'm sad to say goodbye to these characters.I was happy to get closure on many things from this series. Both in love and also in some of the suspense. But to be honest, this wasn't my favorite in the series. The action wasn't as heart stopping for me this time. But I did love the love story. Pete has always been wonderful and I'm glad he found closure in this book.I received a copy of th...
  • Sarah
    I usually love Susan May Warren’s writing, but this book didn’t really hit the same mark for me. Wait for Me is the final Montana Rescue installment, and it’s the tale of Pete Brooks and Jess Tagg at long last. Much of the story focuses on Jess’s personal history, a twisty romance, and the current drama of a sudden group abduction followed by a desperate search-and-rescue effort in the wilds of Montana.Like Ian and Sierra’s romance, Pet...
  • Beth Erin
    Full review on FaithfullyBookish.comI picked this book up and quite literally could not put it down until I finished reading it. Wait for Me is worth every hour of sleep sacrificed and then some! There isn’t anything boring or predictable about this highly anticipated romance.Pete is irresistibly charming and courageous to boot. His surprising vulnerability makes me love him even more. When those tough (and a little bit wild) rescuer types are ...
  • Bethel Burton
    I enjoyed revisiting all the characters in this series and finally learning the rest of Jess and Pete's story. With lots of danger, romance, and life lessons this book kept me hooked.
  • Laura
    WAIT FOR ME is the sixth and final book in Ms Warren's Montana Rescue series, and fans will want to read the previous books as Pete is in most of them and Jess a few. I've been waiting on pins and needles for this book, and am so excited to get my hands on it. The book starts with a bang, slows down with Jess's point of view, then gets exciting again when she ditches Felipe and goes to Montana for a wedding reception. Then things get exciting, sc...
  • Maida
    Unputdownable, heart-pounding, action-packed romantic suspense novel revolving around not just one, but two fantastic love stories. On top of it all, it’s a Christian romance as well with the characters who were in mortal danger trusting God’s will at the same time that they try their hardest to rescue themselves.Although I am coming into this series late (this is the first book I read and it’s the series ender), I didn’t feel lost in spi...
  • Marylin
    Have you ever found yourself lost, struggling, physically or mentally? So many characters in this story have these feelings. They don’t know what the day will hold or if they can handle it. They also don’t feel worthy of love from others, and constantly feel the need to measure up to a level of excellence which many don’t even achieve. The what-ifs are always speaking loud in their heads, and they have a strong desire to please others, even...
  • Carrie Daws
    What an excellent series! I tend to prefer historical fiction over contemporary, but Susan May Warren hooked me from the novella that kicked off this series and kept my interest throughout. I was looking for opportunities to spend time with these characters. If you like romance, some intrigue, and a lot of action, then these books are definitely worth trying.
  • Linda Wilson
    Pete Brooks can't believe he's waited an entire year for Jess Tagg to return to Montana, only to have her break his heart by getting engaged to her ex-fiancé. Worse, a series of mistakes on the job have cost lives, and Pete isn't sure he wants to continue to work in Search and Rescue. Maybe if he can just get over Jess, he can figure out how to move forward.EMT Jess Tagg has returned to Montana to finally give her heart to Pete, but it seems he'...
  • Victoria
    This is the last book in the Montana Rescue Series. This book is centered around Jess and Pete. They are also in other books in the series but as in the other books, the story revolves around 2 main characters, Jess and Pete. The characters are fairly well developed and interesting.I have not read all the books in the series but I have read a few of them. They are interesting and full of drama. They tell different things about rescuers and first ...
  • JoAnn
    What a fantastic ending to a great series. Wait for Me has such a good plot, great characters, that I found myself cheering on or crying for. I really hate to see this series end and I hope some of these characters appear in future books. Fans of suspense do not want to miss this one. My thanks to the author for my early copy of Wait for Me. Opinions stated are my own.