Wait for Me (Montana Rescue, #6) by Susan May Warren

Wait for Me (Montana Rescue, #6)

Pete Brooks can't believe he's waited an entire year for Jess Tagg to return to Montana, only to have her break his heart by getting engaged to her ex-fiancé. Worse, a series of mistakes on the job have cost lives, and Pete isn't sure he wants to continue to work in Search and Rescue. Maybe if he can just get over Jess, he can figure out how to move forward. EMT Jess Tagg has returned to Montana to finally give her heart to Pete, but it seems he...

Details Wait for Me (Montana Rescue, #6)

TitleWait for Me (Montana Rescue, #6)
Release DateNov 6th, 2018
GenreRomance, Christian, Christian Fiction, Christian Romance

Reviews Wait for Me (Montana Rescue, #6)

  • Lisa Johnson
    Title: Wait for Me (Montana Series #6)Author: Susan May WarrenPages: 336Year: 2018Publisher: Revell My rating: 5+ stars out of 5What an exciting finish to an extraordinary series! Susan May Warren has shared with readers a story that is engaging, suspenseful, romantic, and very exciting! We meet the cast of characters in the first novel titled, Wild Montana Skies. Each novel continues with the same characters though the plot line focuses mainly o...
  • Kay Defreese
    Wait for Me is the sixth and the final book in the Montana Rescue series. I think I liked this one best of all in the series. It has more suspense in it then the other books. This book got my attention from the get go and didn't let go until the end. This book focuses on on Pete and Jess who also goes by the name Selene and on Ned and Shae who formerly went by the name Esme Shaw. After an argument with Pete Jess accepts a ride with Ned and Shae b...
  • Mara
    I had the privilege to be able to read an ARC of Wait for Me and although I loved this series I LOVED this story and Pete in particular. Thank you Susan May Warren for the blessing of this book. True love is one that never fades but grows stronger as we go in life~ even when we have to let it go in the hopes that it returns to us.Jess and Pete fell in love while working together for PEAK Rescue in Montana. But when Jess's old life came back to ha...
  • Amy
    Totally & utterly outrageous. This series (of which this is the 6th & final book) is sometimes quite frankly everything but reality. Every one of each major character goes through multiple near death, high intensity, level of stress out of this world experiences. Considering Pete & Jess have been featured throughout the entire series as a will they/won't they couple - it's amazing they are even still alive. But get this. The outrageous is what tu...
  • Susan Snodgrass
    'I might be less apt to blame myself if I actually believed that God was on my side, that I wasn't a screw-up that had it coming.'Susan May Warren finally gives her loyal readers Pete Brooks and Jess Taggert's story. And what a story it is! We have suffered with, trusted for and longed for this couple for several books now. Warren delivered magnificently with their own book, too. Pete Brooks has always felt like a screw-up, always jumping in, put...
  • Victoria
    This is the last book in the Montana Rescue Series. This book is centered around Jess and Pete. They are also in other books in the series but as in the other books, the story revolves around 2 main characters, Jess and Pete. The characters are fairly well developed and interesting.I have not read all the books in the series but I have read a few of them. They are interesting and full of drama. They tell different things about rescuers and first ...
  • Linda Wilson
    Pete Brooks can't believe he's waited an entire year for Jess Tagg to return to Montana, only to have her break his heart by getting engaged to her ex-fiancé. Worse, a series of mistakes on the job have cost lives, and Pete isn't sure he wants to continue to work in Search and Rescue. Maybe if he can just get over Jess, he can figure out how to move forward.EMT Jess Tagg has returned to Montana to finally give her heart to Pete, but it seems he'...
  • Bethel Burton
    I enjoyed revisiting all the characters in this series and finally learning the rest of Jess and Pete's story. With lots of danger, romance, and life lessons this book kept me hooked.
  • JoAnn
    What a fantastic ending to a great series. Wait for Me has such a good plot, great characters, that I found myself cheering on or crying for. I really hate to see this series end and I hope some of these characters appear in future books. Fans of suspense do not want to miss this one. My thanks to the author for my early copy of Wait for Me. Opinions stated are my own.
  • Kim
    Hold on to your armchair, it's a bumpy ride! Susan May Warren designs a spectacular ending to the Montana Rescue series. Not only is the saga of Jess and Pete wrapped, but we learn more about Ned and Shae and previous characters. With one danger after another, the series concludes with a shocking and satisfying end. More importantly, our favorite characters find peace and begin healing.I received a complimentary copy of the book without obligatio...
  • Raechel
    And so we have reached the conclusion to the Montana Rescue series. I think we have waited a long time to see the conclusion of Pete and Jess’s story, wondering with each book if they would ever truly reach their happily ever after, but finally it has come! Though not without many scrapes and bruises and trials.WFM was full of action, excitement, and suspense. And not to mention drama, of course. How can there not be with Jess and Pete involved...
  • Madison
    With Wait For Me, Susan May Warren brings her stunning romantic suspense series Montana Rescue to a close. Wait For Me is the sixth and final book in a series that has given readers so many tense life-and-death situations, challenges, and stories of resilience, survival, faith, second chances and, of course, love. Bringing the series full circle, Wait For Me finally gives readers the long-awaited story of Pete and Jess - characters whose complica...
  • Trixi
    True love—unconditional love—declares you worthy just because it chooses you. (pg 150) We finally get the conclusion of the Montana Rescue series with Jess & Pete's story! As bittersweet as that is, I feel it was the perfect ending to such an amazing series!! This one had plenty of action and heart-in-your-throat moments, tempered with a romance that's been brewing for a long time. Both Pete and Jess struggle to overcome circumstances that ha...
  • Marylin
    Have you ever found yourself lost, struggling, physically or mentally? So many characters in this story have these feelings. They don’t know what the day will hold or if they can handle it. They also don’t feel worthy of love from others, and constantly feel the need to measure up to a level of excellence which many don’t even achieve. The what-ifs are always speaking loud in their heads, and they have a strong desire to please others, even...
  • S Deatrick
    Wait for Me is a strong conclusion to Susan May Warren’s Montana Rescue series. And it is a series that I don’t want to end. In this last book, reckless rescuer Pete gives all of himself to show Jess how deep is his love for her. It was wonderful seeing how much Pete has grown and matured since the first book in this series. Pete models a Christ-like love that doesn’t give up on us though we repeatedly turn away. What resonated most to me w...
  • Terrill
    This was a good book. I enjoyed all the rescue parts of the book. I haven't read the first 5 in the series and had no trouble following and enjoying the story. I found myself cheering Pete on. There was enough action and adventure to keep this from being a pure romance. One of the things that made this book interesting was there was a wide variety of locales it was set in or referred to, with Paris, New York and Montana all as part of the story. ...
  • Sandra
    Wait For Me is the sixth and final book to the Montana Rescue Series. If you are a follower of Susan's books, you know that this series started out with Wild Montana Skies. In the first book we are introduced to the search and rescue, PEAK team members. Throughout the following books, one team member is featured in the story with the rest being a supporting cast. This was a much awaited ending to a great series. Pete Brooks and Jess Tagg, I belie...
  • Cassie Chidester
    Wait For Me has been a book we have all been waiting for since we first met Jess and Pete.  Will they get their happily ever after or will they both be too stubborn to see what is right in front of them?  Only time and reading this book will answer those questions.  Of course this book takes you on a thrill ride that won't turn you loose until the very end.  When you hit the last page you're sitting there like wait, it's over?  Does it have ...
  • Pascale
    -‘Jess ran her hands up her arms, needing more fortification than the beans in the cupboard. Because once again, no matter what she chose, someone was going to get hurt. She closed her eyes. And maybe it was silly, but she was raw and desperate and frankly too tired to do anything but unleash the cry of her heart.’-I have read several, although not all, of the books in this series. They definitely must be read in order. This was the first tim...
  • Rachel Russell
    “Wait for Me” is the sixth and final installment of the Montana Rescue series and readers have been craving to hear the final story of Pete and Jess. For fans of the series, we’ve waited with them and for them. But as we walk on the page with the characters, their journey is far from over. If you’ve followed the series, you know this is a much-anticipated romance that has been building over the entire series. As with real life, some of us...
  • Laura
    Wait for Me by Susan May Warren is the final novel in the Montana Rescue series. Each book of the romance adventure series focused on a couple facing seemingly insurmountable odds, both personal and situational, In book 6, Pete Brooks is forced to exam his history to understand its impact on himself and on his relationship with Jess Tagg, who he has not seen in over a year. While Pete is struggling with self-examination, Jess Tagg is struggling w...
  • Patti
    Oh, the feels!!! Usually, when a book is as anticipated as Pete & Jess’ story, it has a bit of a difficult time measuring up to all of that anticipation. Not so with Wait For Me! It was every bit as awesome as I was hoping it would be. Pete fell for Jess a while back and he thought the feeling was mutual. Then Jess left with her ex-fiance to try to right some old wrongs. But when communication stops, what is a guy supposed to think? When Jess i...
  • Pam
    Every time I finish a book by Susan May Warren I am convinced that it is the best one she has ever written and somehow or another, she surpasses it with the next one. Surely it was not humanly possible to write a novel better than Storm Front or Troubled Waters… but she did it again! Wait For Me took the suspense and action up more than one notch as far as I was concerned. If I was not sympathizing with Jess and Pete or feeling their pain, I wa...
  • Maria
    - Received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for a fair review -“Wait for Me”, by Susan May Warren, is another exciting story in the Montana Rescue series, featuring a gorgeous tortured hero, Pete, whose character shows an incredible growth since we’ve met him in the beginning of these high-risk outdoor adventures. Always “the charmer and the protector”, brave, heroic Pete carries a darkness inside that makes him a broken man we want t...
  • Sonya
    Wait for Me is part of the Montana Rescue Series.This is only the second book that I have read of the series. Susan refers back to other books with enough of a reminder that the reader isn't lost in who did what. Yet without reading the other book, I would wonder why is this important? Maybe as background, and review?This book did a better job at keeping to the key characters and using the others as secondary characters, although there were many ...
  • Ashley
    Wait for Me is the conclusion to Susan May Warren's exciting Montana Rescue series. I'm sad that this is the end. It's become one of my favorite series and I'm gonna miss these characters who've come to feel like friends to me. But, wow, what a way to end! This is finally Jess and Pete's story. They've had an off and on relationship since the first book and I've been so anxious for them to settle things once and for all. And my goodness, this boo...
  • Susan F
    I have thoroughly enjoyed this series! This last book is filled with intense moments from dangerous rescues to favorite characters be in dire situations that seem impossible to survive. Pete and Jess are finally face to face after her trip back to her 'other's world, an existence Pete couldn't possibly be part of. Susan May Warren gives us a wild story to complete the series that many readers have become invested in for a few years now.They autho...
  • Annmarie AOBookYogini
    I really enjoyed Pete and Jess story. It was a great way to wrap the series up. What I do wish happened was that she told Ned and Shae's story separately. I totally understand why it was intertwined but I truly wish there was more of Shae and Ned. I think that Ned and Shae's story honestly was more interesting that Jess and Pete. Jess and Pete's relationship and chemistry has been deniable since they were first introduced in the series. They were...
  • Tracey
    Wait for Me is an amazing conclusion to the Montana Rescue series! Jess and Pete's story has been simmering in the background the longest and it was so great to see them finally...finally, figure things out and get together. We also got a bonus second love story with Shae and Ned, Ned really won me over!I love quotes and Warren's books are always full of the best and most insightful ones. This one on love really spoke to me, "..she too knew real ...