Ambush (Michael Bennett, #11) by James Patterson

Ambush (Michael Bennett, #11)

FROM THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF THE UPCOMING NOVEL THE PRESIDENT IS MISSINGOnly Detective Michael Bennett stands in the way of two cartels fighting for New York City's multimillion-dollar opioid trade. And they know where Bennett--and his family--lives. An anonymous tip about a crime in Upper Manhattan proves to be a setup. An officer is taken down--and, despite the attackers' efforts, it's not Michael Bennett. New York's top cop is not the on...

Details Ambush (Michael Bennett, #11)

TitleAmbush (Michael Bennett, #11)
Release DateOct 8th, 2018
PublisherLittle, Brown and Company
GenreMystery, Thriller, Fiction

Reviews Ambush (Michael Bennett, #11)

  • Melody
    Mike Bennett stories are always filled with action, family, a little laughter, and getting the “bad guy”. This book really has two stories in it. A full book and a mini book, which is just as good.
  • Mary Donegan
    Why oh why do I keep buying his books ! I was cranky right at the start of the book because I always check where the book ends; 68% & IT'S OVER ! If you pay $14.99 for a book, do you want it to end at 68% ? I keep telling myself STOP buying his books but this was his Michael Bennett character who I've been following for years. I need to stop buying his books because during the whole reading I was angry and feeling cheated. I did enjoy the story b...
  • Sherry Wessman
    Love Michael BennettI still enjoy Michael Bennett works! So many other James Patterson series have been a let down! They are not nearly as well written. His last few works haven't been worth reading! I don't think he cares anymore. But Michael Bennett is holding it's own. Maybe that says more about this "co-author" than Patterson!
  • Sherrie Howey
    Like the last book in the Michael Bennett series, there are 2 books here. The main book is Ambush which is 303 pages and the second book is Manhunt which is 114 pages. Manhunt is a follow up to the short book featuring Michael Bennett called "Haunted."In Ambush, Michael is being hunted by a female assassin and there are plenty of harrowing scenes in this book. There is a feud going on between the Mexican and the Canadian drug cartels which result...
  • Rose
    Alexandra Martinez, the Beautiful Death, is a paid assassin. She has been hired by a drug cartel to kill Michael Bennett, as retribution because his son, Brian was involved with a drug syndicate, and Bennett had killed one of its people. Michael needs to track a trail of murders before he can figure out that it is Alex who is chasing him. His family is put in danger, and it comes to a frightening conclusion.This is the latest installment in the M...
  • Michele A.
    This book was just okay for me. It had some of the usual high paced action, but it got flat for me. Alex's character, while intriguing, was not really someone I could relate to. Michael Bennett was all over the place and some of the drama was never really resolved, especially with Brian's injuries. I ended the book feeling like it was incomplete. Hoping the next one shines like the first ones in the series did.
  • Marco Morissette
    The plot is great and the books keep you on the edge with a lot of suspenses and the way the authors plays with the main characters and his family is great but honestly I would have like to have this book a little longer and not have the Manhunt freebie since already read! I really like Michael Bennett and his family!
  • Michelle Strommen
    Such a great book. I can never get enough of Michael Bennett. I liked the twists and turns this story took. Good suspense. I even somewhat liked the villain and wished she could go good. Can’t wait for the wedding and what happens to Brian.
  • Fernando Fernández
    Buen michael bennettNo sorprende, pero menos decepciona. Siempre lo hacen muy bien patterson y equipo, con novela La divertidas y que cumplen.
  • Sheri Summit Pullen
  • Janet
    The Bennett series is always freaking hilarious in its prose ... this did not disappoint.
  • Kay
    One of the best in the series. Good character development and action.
  • Mary
    Another good read, I do enjoy Michael Bennett books! The little read at the end was a nice surprise, and very good, as well. Thanks! Waiting for the next one!