Milk Street by Christopher Kimball

Milk Street

WINNER OF THE JAMES BEARD AWARD AND IACP AWARD FOR BEST GENERAL COOKBOOK -- One of Epicurious' Greatest Home Cooks of All Time delivers creative, delicious weeknight dinners with this quick and easy cookbook for beginner cooks and foodies alike.At Christopher Kimball's Milk Street, Tuesdays are the new Saturdays. That means every Tuesday Nights recipe delivers big, bold flavors, but the cooking is quick and easy--simple enough for the middle of t...

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TitleMilk Street
Release DateOct 16th, 2018
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Food, Nonfiction

Reviews Milk Street

  • Ron S
    Unlike a slew of cookbooks out there that are more than half filler trying to convince you they hold all the keys to perfect health and flavor, Milk Street Tuesday Nights gets to it quick after a one page intro. Organized by a combination of prep times (Fast, Faster, Fastest) and themes (Pizza Night), this is a practical cookbook with ingredients that you can find in most grocery stores that don't call for fancy gadgets, beyond a food processor. ...
  • Eric Mesa
    Once again Chris Kimball and his cohort of recipe development chefs have put together a great cookbook. I've already cooked a few recipes from this book and they've been huge hits with the wife and our extended families. (Slightly less so with the kids, but the Milk Street philosophy is about bold flavors and the kids aren't quite ready for that yet in most foods)This book is similar in its raison d'etre as Dinner Illustrated (book insertion link...
  • Sherri
    The foreword indicates that this uses ingredients in your cupboard and changes up your routine to bring worldly flavors to your kitchen. I would classify this for more of an experienced or "gourmet" chef. I would not recommend this for novice cooks unless they have all night to make dinner and can plan accordingly. Also you have to want to experiment with cuisine from around the world. If you're just trying to get dinner on the table on a Tuesday...
  • Erin
    I have previously talked a lot of shit about Christopher Kimball as a food personality and presumed that the stodginess of ATK was mostly his doing. But by god the man did some traveling and with the help of his hardworking and too-subtly billed team has published a cookbook full of mildly international dishes with a fuck ton of anchovies, fish sauce, and other umami bombs. This cookbook is super-high utility for a pescatarian with a little bit (...
  • Jessica
    I wasn't familiar with Milk Street, but apparently it's a cooking school, TV show, radio show, and magazine! In this cookbook Kimball focuses on quick, weeknight meal ideas. I like that the cookbook is divided by how you cook, not by meal. So there are chapters on Fast, Faster, Fastest (how quickly the meal is ready), sides, salads, pizza night, etc. The recipes are globally inspired, so there is a lot of variety of dishes. I found a few things I...
  • Susan
    I give this cookbook 4 stars for the interesting dishes and the fact that the recipes were accompanied by photographs which is a big plus for me. Most of these dishes are global recipes with an emphasis on Asian cuisine. I would have been disappointed if I were a mom looking to find quick meals for my kids on a busy weeknight. I’m guessing that many kids aren’t going to be adventurous enough to try a lot of the dishes offered. This is not a f...
  • Alyssa
    I really don’t want to return this cookbook to the library. It’s filled with great recipes and photos.
  • Mary
    Kimball, the long time face of Cooks Illustrated, started Milk Street in 2017, a kind of 21st century approach to cooking that combines all the ethnic food trends in America with an emphasis on flavor. And, in this book, it’s both flavor and simplicity so that you can get a meal on the table quickly on a weeknight.Chapters are organized around speed (fast, faster and fastest) and types of foods like easy additions, pizza night, roast and simmer...
  • Jill
    I received an advanced reader copy, in which the photos are in black & white, and the index is missing, which makes the cookbook less appealing and more difficult to use. The 2-page spread layout with a photography for every recipe makes it easy to browse through a select a recipe. The instructions are precise and easy to read, and sufficient white space is left on the page for cook's notes. A good variety of recipes is offered, requiring varying...
  • Anna
    I turned to the Milk Street publications because like Chris Kimble, I wanted to expand my cooking rotation with flavor profiles other than European North American. Some recipes I plan on preparing include: Glazed Salmon with Chili-Basil Sauce; Kimchi and Bacon[and I plan on substituting Spam] Fried Rice; Spicy Sichuan Tofu and Pork or Mapo Dofu; Coconut-Lemon Grass Shrimp; Chicken Teriyaki Donburi; Miso-Marinated Skirt Steak; Lemon Grass-Coconut ...
  • Dawn
    There were some good looking recipes in here. I'm glad he wrote this book in a fast, faster, fastest manner. When I used to get his magazine the recipes were ridiculous with 20-30 steps. There were enough recipes in here that I'll add the actual book to my bday list. I got this book from the library.
  • Shelby Aranyi
    GREAT cookbook for the hobbyist chef or those expanding their flavor territory. Recipes are simple, straightforward, creative. Instructions are clear. Photos beautiful. You'll need know-how of some basic techniques for these to be "easy weeknight bites." Still a wonderful resource to learn from if you aren't quite there.
  • Beka
    Absolutely gorgeous photography and yummy sounding recipes. Unfortunately, I didn't find any recipes to use, in part because nearly every recipe requires some ingredient that would be hard or expensive for me to source. (I know they've tried to simplify things from the authentic recipes, but it's still a bit much for me.) I do love all the technique though.
  • TLP
    I have always admired Christopher Kimball but I admire him even more since he started Milk Street. The recipes are quick, straightforward while being creative, new and flavorful. Highly recommend this cookbook and Milk Street magazine.
  • Melinda Rubin
    Different but not difficult Great weeknight & dinner party cooking- Recipes are simple, but draw on flavors from different cultures— will invigorate and revitalize weeknight dinners.
  • Gabrielle
    This is probably a nice cookbook but it's almost entirely meat-based meals, and the vegetarian options are mostly pasta without protein (my family does eat meat but very little, for budget reasons). "Pasta is the only vegetarian option" is so '90s.
  • Steve
    Awesome! Love this cookbookThis cookbook is so wonderful. Recipes with ingredients that I have, methods that I know, and are wonderful to make and feed my family with. Another Chris Kimball home run!
  • Janet Clark
    What makes this cookbook special is the international influences carried out with minimal, easy to find ingredients that only add to the brightness of each dish. Well organized recipes, nothing to frustrate anyone new to cooking. Doable, efficient and delicious. Outstanding cookbook.
  • Brad T.
    Food id never cook
  • Rita
    I want this book cooked for me
  • Patrick Dolan
    Love the recipes!Great recipes with clear instructions. The pictures of the finished food were great and provide a visual roadmap. Highly recommend!
  • Mmmm
    Sugar is an ingredient in 90% of the recipes.
  • Tarita Henry
    I want to make everything! Easy and very flavorful.
  • Emily Joyce
    This is an excellent home cookbook. I keep turning to its recipes for their range of flavors and achievable ease for weeknight meals.
  • Sarah
    So boring. So very boring and derivative.
  • Viriam
    Quite a nice collection of relatively easy recipes, covering a wide array of flavors, cooking times, and cultures. Worth reading.
  • Ariste Egan
    Love the way this cookbook is organized - recipes that are "fast". "faster" and "fastest". Despite being quick prep, the recipes result in meals with complex flavors and healthy, balanced meals.
  • Carolyn
    Probably not great for your vegan friends. It has very excellent recipes with interesting ingredients.
  • Terry
    Beautiful book with wonderful pictures of each recipe but not my cup of tea. If you like cilantro you will like these recipes as most contain that ingredient but cilantro tastes like soap to me...