Hidden Peril (Code of Honor #2) by Irene Hannon

Hidden Peril (Code of Honor #2)

As teenagers, Kristin Dane and her two best friends took a vow to make the world a better place. Twenty years later, she's fulfilling that pledge through her fair trade shop that features products from around the world. All is well until, one by one, people connected to the shop begin dying.Detective Luke Carter, new to the St. Louis PD, wants to know why. Before he can answer that question, however, the FBI weighs in and Kristin suddenly finds h...

Details Hidden Peril (Code of Honor #2)

TitleHidden Peril (Code of Honor #2)
Release DateOct 2nd, 2018
PublisherFleming H. Revell Company
GenreSuspense, Christian Fiction, Fiction, Christian, Romance, Mystery

Reviews Hidden Peril (Code of Honor #2)

  • Sarah Grace
    3.5 StarsSo, I totally read that in 8 hours after getting the approval email from Netgalley . . . While not as suspenseful as some of Hannon's previous works, this one kept me reading all day long!Luke Carter and Kristin Dane are both interesting characters, and I enjoyed getting to know them and their backstories throughout the book. The storyline with Kristin and her family, in particular, I loved. While I can't say I'm a huge fan of Hannon's r...
  • Maureen Timerman
    This is the second book in this series, and can be read alone, but we pick up at a wedding, and go forward from there with a chance meeting and then a sad professional meeting a few days later.This is a read that I felt I could be hearing on the news, it hits all too close to reality, and unfortunately it could all be true.While my mind did lock onto who the main culprit was you will have to read to see if you catch on too. With a lot of action h...
  • Emily Yager
    An amazing romantic suspense. More suspense than romantic, but still highly entertaining. A Terrorist plot involving homemade candles from Syria? Very interesting and unique. I had the villain figured out early on in the story and that took some of the tension out of it for me. But over all a great read. I recommend it to anyone who loves Romantic Suspense.
  • Claudia
    Hidden Peril is the second book in Irene Hannon's Code of Honor series. Her meticulous research ferreted out from law enforcement officers gives her stories a ring of truth. This book confronts the realities of terror cells among us in this day and time. Kristin Dane is helping the world in her small corner of it. Following a stint in the Peace Corp, and some time to learn how to successfully run a business, she opened WorldCraft, a store that se...
  • Susan Snodgrass
    I never miss an Irene Hannon book. She is a very good suspense author with spiritual themes. This latest book is number two in her Code of Honor series and delves into terrorist activity and how they fund their missions. Her writing, as always, is impeccable, and her plots spot on in today's world. Her characters are always very well developed. I especially enjoy how she layers her suspense right up until the end, guaranteeing her readers excitem...
  • Lisa Johnson
    Title: Hidden Peril (Code of Honor #2)Author: Irene HannonPages: 416Year: October 2018Publisher: RevellMy rating: 5 out of 5 starsKristen Dane is a good friend of the other two members of the Treehouse Gang. Each member is in a different career, but their bond is strong. When Kristen learns that a monk she knew in a different country has died, she is broken hearted. She then attends the wedding of a good friend. However, after a couple days off, ...
  • Madison
    Irene Hannon has created another thriller with Hidden Peril. Captivating characters, intense romance and a race against the clock to stop a terrorist plot, Hidden Peril has everything to keep you glued to the pages. Finding her shop assistant dead behind the counter of her fair trade shop was a terrible shock to owner Kristin Dane. She opened the shop to make a positive impact on the world and is heartbroken by the loss and eager to help the poli...
  • Gloria
    Hidden Peril is the second book in the Code of Honor series and is Kristin Dane's story. She is part of the Treehouse Gang that we met in Dangerous Illusions. Kristin, Colin and Rick have been best friends since they met when they were twelve years old. Colin and Rick sat with Kristin at lunch after noticing that she always sat alone. They have been friends since and each needed the friendship for different reasons. Kristin's parents have careers...
  • Loraine
    After the disappointment of Dangerous Illusions, Book 1 in the Code of Honor series, I am happy to say that Hannon's sky high suspense was back at the forefront (instead of the romance) in this book. The intensity grows from the beginning to the explosive ending. Hannon's plot is focused on terrorism and fits into today's current world situation perfectly. Her background research on this subject is obvious throughout the plot. The characters were...
  • Karina
    #irenehannon DELIVERS AGAIN. This christian romance suspense novel is full of the fast pace thrilling action coupled with those moments of tender drama that we love. #hiddenperil has it all. Second in a new series #codeofhonor , this one follows the story of the second member of the treehouse gang - and I already can't wait for the third next year! Its gonna be a long wait though cuz this one is only being released in October! Advance order / Res...
  • Victoria Lynn
    Did not finish
  • Toni Shiloh
    Another great book from Irene Hannon.
  • Jennifer Robb
    Romantic suspense--at first I thought we were going to be burdened with the "the person I'm interested in is involved with someone else" when they really aren't for a good portion of the book, but thankfully Hannon dispenses with the explanations to each other rather quickly, leaving us with a slowly building romance set amidst an unlikely scenario.I guessed who the lead was long before the author revealed it. That's not my norm, so either the au...
  • Trixi
    A remote monastery in the Middle East.Murders of innocent people.Mysterious candles.A dead terrorist.How did they all connect?Hannon neatly ties these elements together while writing an engaging and thrilling pulse-pounding suspense. For me, she's one of those authors who I'll follow anywhere she leads! Her books are on my automatic “must-read-now” category. That being said, this second book in her Code of Honor series was a much anticipated ...
  • Debi Lantzer
    I was invited to join the Blog Tour Team for Revell Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group for today's post about Hidden Peril by Irene Hannon.  While I hadn't heard of this author previously, she's clearly been producing amazing books for some time now so I need to catch up on this author!Hidden Peril is the second book in Irene Hannon's Code of Honor series, the first book being Dangerous Illusions. I had not read the first book, obvious...
  • Becca-Rae Weidel
    Islamic terrorism is a very scary thing in the world right now. The threat of ISIS is constantly present. In Hidden Peril, Kristin Dane thinks she's aiding refugees with her business, but instead discovers the charity has been infiltrated by terrorists. It's a long road for the detectives as they attempt to take down the terrorists before they can further their plans.For me this book focused too much on the romance and not enough on the action. I...
  • Rachael
    I love the relationship Kristin has with her two best friends; the boys are wonderfully protective and brother-like. It's refreshing to see that friend relationship portrayed without sexual tension between her and the boys--just mutual love and respect.Though he's not a major character, I liked Yusef Bishara and the choice he makes--it's much better than watching him give in to blackmail and travel down a road of self-destruction, which is what I...
  • Becky
    Often, romantic suspense novels are heavy on either the romance or the suspense to the detriment of the other. Not so here: the romance and the suspense are both on point.The short timeline of many suspense novels often makes any romance seem rushed. In Hidden Peril, though, the action is spread out over several months, making the progress in the romance feel natural. Also, there's a bit more romance than I expected, and I'm always good with more...
  • Kelly Bridgewater
    Irene Hannon is one of the go-to author for me when it comes to writing suspense. I know she will have a solid story with plenty of research and high tension enough to grab and keep my attention. With her newest novel, Hidden Peril, the suspense seemed, to me, pretty watered down. It was another novel having to with a terrorist threat on American soil. For me, this type of suspense really doesn't capture my attention. I know the threat is real. I...
  • Suzie
    The Treehouse Gang returns in Irene Hannon’s Hidden Peril (Book Two in the Code of Honor series). This time, fair trade shop owner and youth play director Kristen Dane is in the middle of an investigation which gets more complicated as it goes along. And the victims all seem to be tied to her shop. Luke Carter is on the case—and very interested in Kristen as more than a witness.Hannon weaves a tale of intrigue hemmed with possible terrorists ...
  • Joan
    I enjoyed this romantic suspense. Hannon gives readers a good balance of character development mixed with episodes of action. I really appreciate the international aspect of the plot. Kristen operates a fair trade shop, helping support people in third world countries. Little does she know that some of her products contain hidden items used by a domestic terrorist cell to fund their operations.The emphasis of the novel, however, seems to be romanc...
  • Melissa
    Oh my! It will take a day or two for my heart to stop pounding so fast! Such a great combination of action and romance. The identity of the villain wasn't too difficult to figure out, but the tense, thrilling situations are what make this book shine. Terrorists and a coordinated law enforcement effort come together for such an action packed thriller that I actually found myself holding my breath at times hoping that the various characters would b...
  • Sarah
    Whew! This is one intense suspense novel. Kristen is instantly endearing, as is widowed detective Luke. And let's just say he is VERY swoon-worthy. Liked this Code of Honor book better than the first, maybe because of the background shared about the Treehouse Gang (Colin, Kristen, Rick) in book 1. Interested to read Rick's story, whenever it releases. Learned a few more tidbits about him in Hidden Peril that will likely make him a rather compelli...
  • Amy
    Hidden Peril is book two from Irene Hannon's Code of Honor series. I liked this book. It was suspense filled, leaving me guessing "who done it". That kept me going and not wanting to put it down. I am giving Hidden Peril four and a half stars. I can not wait to find out what will happen next in the Code of Honor series. This is a great read and I recommend it for those who love a clean suspense.
  • Dave
    I was pleasantly surprised. The romance side of the book will appeal to others more than it did to me, but wasn't overly annoying. The story kept me engaged and wondering just exactly what would happen until the end. The author did a good job of gradually revealing elements of the plot to allow the reader to make their own guesses about what was going on.
  • Deb Haggerty
    Deb’s Dozen: Candles, Murder, Cops, Menace. Good Deeds, Terrorists, Danger, Romance, and Hidden Peril.Irene Hannon has been one of my favorite authors for years, even more so after I had the opportunity to meet her in person and discovered we had much in common in our past. I’m sure I’ve read almost every book she’s written and was delighted to be given Hidden Peril, the latest book in her Code of Honor Series.When a book starts off with ...
  • Jessica Higgins
    Another edge of your seat read from Irene Hannon! Hidden Peril keeps true to Hannon’s great writing and will keep the reader turning the page.It’s been twenty years since Kristin Dane took a vow with her friends to do what she could to make the world a better place and she is now making that happen with her fair trade shop. She has products from around the world and is able to bring attention to these areas and their needs by the products she...
  • Mark
    Irene Hannon has had me hooked ever since I read her first suspense novel several years back. She never disappoints, and she is definitely one of my favorite authors. She has written several different suspense series, and each one seems to top the last. In my opinion, she has become synonymous with quality Christian suspense. The first book in this series, Dangerous Illusions, was an awesome read that was different from her other books. I loved i...
  • Tracey
    Hidden Peril is romantic suspense writer Irene Hannon at her very best! 5 thrilling stars!ByTracey~book corner fanon October 2, 2018Format: Kindle EditionIrene Hannon has done it again! She is my favorite author when it comes to romantic suspense. I love how she lets the reader have an inside view as the story unfolds. I had no problem figuring out who the enemy was and felt like Hannon had allowed me into her inner circle of mystery and intrigue...
  • Meagan Myhren-bennett
    Hidden PerilCode of Honor #2By Irene HannonKristin Dane might not have had the family she wanted growing up but she does have her two best friends Colin and Rick and she knows they will have her back should the need arise. And she is about to enlist them once again in the children's show she's putting together. When a murder occurs in her small gift shop Kristin is drawn into a world that could easily put her life on the line.When a second murder...