Unchained (Blood Bond Saga #1-3) by Helen Hardt

Unchained (Blood Bond Saga #1-3)

Dante Gabriel is starving. What he craves is red gold—human blood. After being held captive as a blood slave to a female vampire for years, he has finally escaped. Unchained at last, he follows his nose to the nearest blood bank to sate his hunger.ER nurse Erin Hamilton expects just another busy night shift…until she finds a gorgeous stranger vandalizing the hospital blood bank. Though her logic tells her to turn him in, she’s pulled by str...

Details Unchained (Blood Bond Saga #1-3)

TitleUnchained (Blood Bond Saga #1-3)
Release DateOct 2nd, 2018
PublisherWaterhouse Press
GenreRomance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Vampires, Paranormal Romance

Reviews Unchained (Blood Bond Saga #1-3)

  • Angel Payne
    I didn't think Helen Hardt could captivate me as she did with those amazing Steel Brothers, but this pivot to a new city, a new genre, and a brand-new idea has been, to say the least, an epic feat. The storytelling is fast-paced and easy to keep flipping, which makes the emotional wallop an even more stunning one. Before I knew it, my mind was wandering back to the story even at the post office and the grocery store--and that was when I knew Dant...
  • Martha
    I have said this over and over, but Helen Hardt will always be a MUST read for me.. Everything she writes is always AMAZING and Unchained is no exception! I am so happy she got out of her comfort zone and tried something new.. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat.. There are so many twists and turns you do not know what is coming next.. Also, who does not love New Orleans and better yet vampires?From the moment Erin (ER Nurse) was int...
  • Bellereader
    Part 1This is my first ever vampire romance (twilight aside) ever and boy boy am I glad I made Helen Hardt the first. She has drawn me in to this world without it being tacky or cliche. Buffy meets Gabriel’s Inferno and I couldn’t put this down and now I am dying for the next one**Dante and Erin will just surpass all expectations, defy all possibilities, and convert all hearts, minds, and souls from the very first. A third of Dante’s has be...
  • Sherry
    This series is amazing! A must read!Blood Bond part 1 - The Blood Bond Saga is off to an excellent start! Dante and Erin's story grabbed me at page one. Vampires, New Orleans, danger, mystery, and romance.....what more could you ask for! Helen's books always grab you and don't let go! And the ending.......I cannot wait to read part 2!Blood Bond part 2 - Blood Bond part 2 picks up right where part 1 left off and this series is riveting! So many un...
  • Chelsea Jennings
    Holy vampires! My first time reading a paranormal romance and I couldn't have picked a better one to start with! Seriously the most well written, descriptive journey Helen Hardt could have possibly taken on with this incredible couple. A strong woman holding her own, yet bending her will when it came to her Dante. Erin and Dante kept me wanting to hurry and get to the next page their relationship was so scorching hot and intense, and then hating ...
  • Belle
    I grew up being a huge fan of vampires so when Helen came out with Unchained, I couldn't wait to read it. At first, I was a little worried because I know many have their own versions of what a vampire is. Helen's take is extremely different yet works perfectly. She gives Dante and the other vampires a more realistic existence in the real world and defies what I have known vampires to be, but is such a refreshing take. Dante's a broken vampire who...
  • Amanda McCalip
    Helen Hardt has done it again! Another start to another amazing saga! She has completely come out of her comfort zone to write us a paranormal story that we all will love, and love it I do! Dante a vampire who has been held captive for the better part of his life escapes and is drawn to the one thing he needs to sustain life, blood. Little does he know he is about to meet a woman who he will want in all ways possible. Erin who is an ER Nurse is a...
  • Wendy
    Helen Hardt does it again. She has created characters that I am so in love with and so invested in finding out their future I can't put the book down. Dante is a vampire who was kidnapped and held in captivity for 10 years. He was tortured, fed from and abused until he escaped. Erin is a night nurse in a New Orleans hospital ER. When she goes to the hospital blood bank in search of blood for a patient and discovers a blood covered Dante she doesn...
  • Linda Dunn
    Addictive SeriesFrom the moment I started reading this series, I knew I was going to fall in love with the characters Dante and Erin. I have always had a fascination for Vampires and the combination of Vampires and romance was a dream come true.Dante Gabriel is a traumatized vampire. He has suffered agony, torture and pain at the hands of a female vampire for years. Dante manages to break free from the clutches of his capturer only to realize he ...
  • Cristina Pacilio
    This book takes on a whole new twist on the vampire world. Forget everything else you've read and fall in love with Dante and his vampire world. There is no denying the connection between Erin and Dante. A vampire meets an ER nurse, start the jokes now! You experience a lot of different feelings and emtions in this book. From laugh out loud moments to heart breaking ones. It almost seems too fast paced until you start getting more into this moder...
  • Trina Castillo
    Helen Hardt books are always a must read! With the Blood Bond Saga we are thrown into the supernatural word of New Orleans. Dante Gabriel a young vampire, was taken against his will and held captive for 10 years. When he finally escapes he has a lot to learn about his heritage and his own species. He’s angry, volatile, vulnerable and sex on a stick. Erin an ER nurse, stumbles upon Dante in the most daunting of scenarios. There’s the underlyin...
  • Sissy's Romance Book Review
    Unchained by Helen Hardt is Vol 1 (1-3 books) in the Blood Bond Saga. Starts the story of Dante Gabriel and Erin Hamilton. This starts a 6 part story line for this Blood Bond Saga. They are quick reads but ones you just want to grab the next one so fast. This book starts with Dante being free from being held for several years and him needing blood. It leads him to meeting Erin who they have a instant connection...where he only wants to protect Er...
  • Ivana
    I was lucky enough to receive an ARC Kindle copyI've always loved vampires, so I was expecting to like this series just based on that. However, my feelings about this storyline went so much further than merely liking it. I was hooked from the first sentence and, as dreamy as Dante is, I really loved Erin. She's a strong, smart and confident female. The chemistry between the two is off the charts. I also loved the way the author builds the story b...
  • Jamie
    Erin and Dante come from different worlds. Erin is an emergency room nurse working the night shift. In the cover of the dark, Erin is able to help those in need and recover from a broken heart. Dante is reunited with the city of New Orleans after being held captive for ten years. As Dante emerges from a world of darkness, he finds himself searching for blood and the family he hopes is still living in New Orleans. On his first night of freedom, Da...
  • Kelly Kemmerly
    Vampires could never be so damn appealing as they are in this mysterious, modern-day drama in New Orleans, with a ER nurse, Erin, and her troubled, but beautiful boyfriend, Dante. Erin and Dante meet in a hospital blood bank and the unspoken sizzle between the couple multiplies ten fold. It is like they need each other to survive...or do they?When Dante begins unveiling the secrets to his family blood line he discovers more about Erin than either...
  • Konny
    Wow, what a ride. Unchained by Helen Hardt is volume ine in her Blood Bond Saga.Unchained tells Dante and Erin's story.Dante Gabriel is a vampire, turned against his will, captivated by his maker, starved and abused. Then he manages to break free, but now his trouble starts. He needs what he doesnt want, blood.And there's Erin. She's a nurse, a good woman and when she meets Dante she can't put him in a category. But they have this crazy insta-che...
  • Wanda Fay
    First time I have ever read about vampires, and let me tell you Helen Hardt gave me the very best intro into just how hot and sexy this Dante is. His struggle to find out what has happened to him and why it has effected so many people in his life kept me glued to each page turning. And the character of Erin is so tortured too but so relatable. I too work in a hospital and see how easily the chaos there is described on many occasions in these book...
  • Stacy
    Can I bond with Dante?!This volume introduces the reader to hero the Dante, who is a vampire, & the heroine Erin, who is a human. Dante escapes from being held prisoner by a female vampire, follows his nose to a blood bank & meets Erin who is a nurse in an ER who is getting blood from the blood bank. I loved the instant chemistry between them & Erin’s impulse to not turn in Dante. The story unfolds from there with Erin & Dante’s love, the the...
  • Melanie Marnell
    Helen Hardt takes on a journey into the New Orleans paranormal world with the Blood Bond Saga. These first three volumes are driven by the emotions of Dante, a young vampire who was kidnapped and held in captivity by another vampire for 10 years. Dante is angry, volatile, and suspicious yet his overwhelming need for Erin seems to be consuming him. Erin, too, feels this compulsion for Dante. How she is so drawn to a man she hardly knows should be ...
  • Corinne Akers
    OMG!! Dante is the newest, hottest & most confused vampire out there!! That’s because he was held captive for 10 years!! He doesn’t remember very much from that time! He does know one thing for sure, he has an undeniable bond with Erin! Erin is equally attracted to Dante right from the beginning! As their story unfolds, be prepared for many unbelievable revelations! This is book 1, Unchained, of the series and contains sagas 1,2,&3!! I loved ...
  • Diane Wilson
    Read together, parts 1-3 is excellent. Ms. Hardt continues her magic. She continues to make us fall in love with the characters and is above average when it comes to the hot and steamy parts. I only wish it came to sooner in the story. Dante is dreamy and soo swoon worthy.I love the characters and the story. I anxiously look forward to the continuation to see what happens but I am not one to read just one part and wait for another. I prefer to wa...
  • Co
    Book one--- I have read several of Helen's books. The Blood Bond saga is going to be a awesome new series. Oh wow, the chemistry between Emma and Dante.Book two--- Awesome fast paced read. We are learning more and more about Dante and Erin. Cannot wait to see what is next for these two.Book three--- The chemistry between these two are really heating up. Just when we think we have things figured out another twist about these two. You for sure want...
  • Em Dorsey ~ Two Darlin Dolls and a Book Review ~
    “Heaven didn’t exist. But hell sure did. I’d experienced it firsthand.”Dante has finally escaped captivity finds himself drawn to a Erin, beautiful, hard working ER nurse, whose blood he cannot resist. Erin doesn’t quite understand the pull she has towards Dante and why she can’t stay away from him. The anticipation of this book will have to fanning you self and chugging ice water trying to cool down. This is a fast paced and sexy rea...
  • Brooke Beaver
    I received this book from Goodreads giveaways. I didn't really know what I was getting into, but I completely demolished the book in less than a day. I couldn't put it down!!! As soon as I got to the end I went to look if the next book was out and it's not. I might not last until October 30th. I need to know what happens to Erin and Dante! Who is the Ghost? Do they finally complete the blood bond? I have too many questions.
  • Mindy Berkner
    This book was a great book! I really didn't know what to expect as I have never read any book about vampires before. I just know that I have very much enjoyed the other Helen Hardt books I have read. Now that I have gotten in to this book and know Dante & Erin, I feel as if I need to keep reading the series so I can learn who kidnapped Dante, why she let him go, and who in the heck held Dante hostage for 10 years.
  • Foffer
    This series has gripped me from page 1 book 1. It does seem a little familiar but I’m into vampires and have read a lot of vampire books so I can’t pinpoint exactly where though there’s always similarities. Thankfully the books aren’t too long because I’ve read all 3 today . I am still trying to figure out who to trust and who not to trust in these books. Just when I make up my mind not to trust someone, the storyline changes and then i...
  • Ally Snyder
    Helen hardt doesn’t disappoint, she’ll always have amazing books for me to read. Dante and Erin are no exception. A relationship that was thrown together and attracted to each other by unknown forces that they can’t explain. Hopefully they’ll soon find out in the next series. I’m loving the teasing attractive chapters Helen writes... my husband doesn’t mind either ;)
  • Delta
    This book was totally awesome. I really didn't know what to expect when I won it I just knee that I really liked reading Helen's books. I know that I will have to buy Unhinged & the rest because I will have to know what happens to Dante & Erin a long with the rest of the characters in this well written story. Plus I would like to know if Dr. Bonneville is who I think she is.
  • Ashley Hedden
    Unchained (Blood Bond Saga #1-3) by Helen Hardt was a great read. This is a great start to the Blood Bond Series. Dante is a vampire who finds himself finally escaped from the vampire who kept him chained up for ten years. He meets Erin, and ER nurse, after he escapes. They have no idea that they will both change each others lives forever. I can't wait to read more of this series.
  • LaKeisha
    OMG!! Please, may I have more?! I did not want to put this down.Don't know who's more frustrated, Erin or myself. Erin because of Dante or me because, just like Dante with Erin, it left me wanting more & wanting to scream when it came to an abrupt end.At this point, I have more questions than answers and some guesses but I hate guessing! And that is why I need more!