The Sign by Raymond Khoury

The Sign

Another cutting-edge thriller set at the intersection of science, religion, and history from the bestselling author of The Last TemplarNew York Times bestselling author Raymond Khoury, whose debut novel, The Last Templar, has sold more than a million copies in the United States, and whose second, The Sanctuary, was also a major national bestseller, returns with The Sign. Like the first two, this new thriller combines gripping contemporary suspens...

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TitleThe Sign
Release DateMay 19th, 2009
PublisherDutton Adult
GenreThriller, Fiction, Mystery, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews The Sign

  • Richard Gazala
    Some reviewers here and elsewhere of Raymond Khoury's engaging new thriller, The Sign, focus attention on Khoury's alleged attacks on certain political and/or religious beliefs they assume he belittles. I see the novel as something other and more abstract than mere vilification of George W. Bush, religion, or global warming skeptics.The Sign examines the power of iconography and symbology in a conflicted world teeming with deeply held and seeming...
  • Patrick Gibson
    I didn’t like ‘The Last Templar’ so why read another pulp novel by a hack? Well . . .made curious by the cover blurb and 50 cents at a yard sale, I found it hard to resist. Thank God I didn’t pay 75 cents or you would still be hearing my screams.I don’t mind bad writing. I sometimes reread things I write—and I tolerate myself (on even days). What gets my goat is having a really good idea totally fucked by someone with the literary sty...
  • Mark
    As you might expect from the plot summary, The Sign is a fast-paced tale of life-changing prophecy and global events. Therefore with such a premise, the plot is not exactly un-ambitious, but it is competently written to satisfy most thriller readers. So we have here many of the aspects expected from such a novel: a fast pace from the start, broad global range, a large range of typical characters (hot female reporter, concerned innocents unwitting...
  • Lawrence
    Okay, so now I know Khoury is an author I will regularly be frustrated with. Premises that pique my interest, uneven execution of the story. The Sign started very slowly. By the time he'd established his characters and direction, I saw where the story was heading. I know there was a study published very recently that indicated a spoiler of the ending did not ruin the story for most people, but by around halfway through The Sign, I had a very good...
  • Greer Andjanetta
    The 3rd of Raymond Khoury's books I have read - after the 1st one, I made a point to find the others. My ideal rating for this was 4.5 but since only 4 or 5 were available, I decided to boost the rating as this was an exceptionally enjoyable book. Khoury's stories are all imaginative, well written and have different themes than the usual run-of-the-mill mysteries. An interesting mix of fantasy/religion, fanatics and heroes in this one. I look for...
  • Ian
    Sheesh. This book exemplifies why I despise reading "The latest heart-stopping thriller from the best-selling author of [fill-in-the-blank:]!!!" types of books.I imagine somewhere next to or under Mr. Khoury's writing desk sits a cardboard box full of cardboard people. There's the cardboard hot chick who's got some smarts to go with her other, umm, assets. There's the cardboard ex-con turned legit businessman and part-time hero who can't possibly...
  • Rachel
    Having enjoyed "The Last Templar" and "The Sanctuary" I had high expectations for "The Sign." Unfortunately The Sign didn't live up to those expectations. The text was written in a similar style and voice as the previous books, making it an easy and quick read. However, this book featured too many characters, following too many story lines to truly keep up with the actual plot. I kept waiting to get past the set-up to the actual story. When the b...
  • Angie Rhodes
    Gracie Logan, a TV.News Reporter, chases a big story, from The South Pole to the Egyptian Dessert. Why? because of a shimmering ball of light, that shape shifts into a mysterious symbol. then just vanishes.Is this a prophecy or as Matt Sherwood, reformed car thief, thinks, not all that it seems. The symbol, begins to show up, in other places, should we believe, it's a sign God? or is it something else? Once again, Raymond Khoury, like his interna...
  • Julie
    I enjoyed this book from start to finish. A couple parts were extremely far fetched such as the Texas sized ice shelf breaking off and you watched it a couple hundred yards away???? Something as big as TEXAS??? and no waves are mentioned??? but I did get over it. It does provoke some thoughts on religion and politics and God in general.
  • Greg Dill
    The premise of this novel intrigued me so I bought the book with the understanding it was going to be a great adventure and a scientific thriller complete with intrigue and plenty of twists and turns. As I began to read the book I noticed a distinct negative bias towards religious faith, namely that of Christianity. As a Christian, I am deeply aware of the many misgivings people have towards Christians and the Christian faith particularly in Amer...
  • Joachim
    What starts out as an exciting techno-thriller tinged with conspiracy turns out to be a disappointing personal allegory and crusade against religion and spirituality - in favour of barely camouflaged humanistic principles evidently stemming from the Judeo-Christian tradition, no less.While the action is good and the book is hard to put down - I'll give him that - the author seems to be obsessed with a very naive, black-and-white dichotomy between...
  • S.D.
    Gracie Logan is a reporter in Antarctica following a story on glacial melts when a strange glowing sphere appears. Is this an anomaly? An aurora borealis of sorts? Or a sign? Soon after another sphere appears over the Arctic. Gracie learns of a monk in Egypt who had drawn the identical symbol on a cave months ago. She and her crew take off for Egypt to try to interview Father Jerome. Matt Sherwood is an ex-con who receives a frantic message from ...
  • Wayne Wilson
    I almost stopped listening to this book it was so bad. Unfortunately I did not put it down. This book is the classic left wing propaganda tripe that turns my stomach. Long diatribes against fill the book as every character in it condemns religion and anyone who associates with a Church or believes in God. The stereotyping is without thought. The bad guys are conservative Christians and the good guys are liberal atheists. The really bad guys are a...
  • Sara
    I was torn between whether to make this a three or four star. I chose four stars because the last 1/3 of the book was really good. The first 2/3 were ok and interesting but something kept me from being 100% into it. It wasn't until near the end that I really started to push myself to read. Bottom line is that I agree with Khoury's message. What he writes at the end is the epitome of everything I believe about religion and science. It was a well t...
  • Antonia
    very nearly put it aside during reading. goes from one cliché to the next, one predictable move to the next, one cardboard character with implausible actions to the next. bleh.i picked it up because i remembered liking another one of his i read. either i was temporarily deranged or the author got worse. mh. not sure which really. overall my impression is that mr khoury wanted far too much with this. always bad with an adventure novel.what a wast...
  • Beth
    Yet another book that I have read previously - it was an engaging read the second time around also.A sign is seen in the sky, a reclusive priest is found to be connected. A new religious attitude is being formed and then we find that it is an international conspiracy to promote the USA.The story is about how a bunch of unrelated people figure out and stop the conspiracy. A large bit not real but good story anyway.
  • Biserka
    I rarely read a book that I would just be so frustrated with as I was with this one. It started out ok, but then more end more the plot progresses, worse explanations we get for what happens. The more I was nearing the end, the more I got frustrated. I really thought this book had a lot of potential at the begining, but in the end I was just angry. Angry for buying this book and angry for reading it through. I'll give it 2 stars because I really ...
  • Wendy
    Not a whole lot to redeem this one. I was hoping this would be more in the vein of Khoury's other book The Last Templar, something quick and easy to read with an interesting premise involving religion. It turned out to be a heavy handed and boring way for Khoury to express his ideas about religion and global warming and how stupid, fat and gullible Americans are. Characters were strictly cardboard, plot was ridiculous, time was wasted.
  • Matthew Brown
    When the CNN crew stationed in Antartica was reporting about the ice shelf breaking up. The crew looked up with the camaras to see a shimmering disk hovering in the sky. When the whole world saw what they saw noone knew what to think but to stare in awe. Religion, mystery, and action drive this book on to the very end....
  • Jools
    Another talking book "read" for me - excellent book, fast paced and well written, I stayed up way beyond my usual "flop time" because I just didn't want to stop the story. Thought provoking in the way it dealt with the extremism, the treatment of ex-military, religious fervour etc. The plot drags you in and doesn't let you surface til the last words of the book.....!
  • Judy
    Wow!! What a good book! Couldn't put it down. Exciting, thought-provoking and a really enjoyable read. A mix of possible present day, religious history and science fiction (maybe?).Would recommend it to anyone who enjoys thrillers of any type. Something completely different!
  • Roger
    I liked The Last Templar so I had high hopes for this book. But a confusing plot degenerated into left wing propaganda quickly. The screed that the "villian" spews was just too much. And the anti-Bush diatribe was unbecoming a novelist. Do yourself a favor and don't even start this one.
  • HG
    Well said. Perhaps a bit painful for many with strong religious views - but totally "on the mark" regarding parts of the Christian Evangelical movement. Especially grateful for the opinion offered by the author on the Religious Right Political Propaganda.
  • Janelle
    I got this book at a used book exchange at work and really wasn't expecting much. However, after the first couple of pages I was hooked. This book has twists and turns and it is one of those books that makes you think "what if this could actually happen?" I highly recommend it!!!
  • Robin Lynskey
    This was the first book I read from him and I am definitely hooked. The ending is definitely not what you expect!! I have read this more than once even though I know how it ends. Really well written and keeps you guessing the entire time.
  • P J
    Has an incredible understanding of today's society. This is one of those book that is totally believeable; I could see it happening just as he's written it, although I don't think the ending would be quite as nice.A WOW read.
  • Judy Benvin
    Great story! Like being on an action packed roller coaster ride.Wish I could have been able to read faster. : )
  • Calvin Hold
    it was good enjoyed it
  • Catherine Miller
    If possible, this novel surpassed even the first two. Exciting, mysterious, fast paced, and full of opportunities to stretch your mind. Love it!
  • K
    Excellent- he is really becomming a favorite author.