Once a Midwife (Hope River #3) by Patricia Harman

Once a Midwife (Hope River #3)

Welcome back to Hope River in New York Times bestselling author Patricia Harman’s newest novel as midwife Patience Hester, along with her family and friends, face the challenges of the home front during World War II.The women of Hope River trust midwife Patience Hester, whose skill in delivering babies is known for miles around. But though the Great Depression is behind them, troubles are not, for Europe is at war…and it can only be a matter ...

Details Once a Midwife (Hope River #3)

TitleOnce a Midwife (Hope River #3)
Release DateNov 6th, 2018
PublisherWilliam Morrow Paperbacks
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, War, World War II, Adult Fiction

Reviews Once a Midwife (Hope River #3)

  • Anna
    I was excited to get reacquainted with Patience Hester after reading the first two books in the Hope River series. Set during WWII, the family faces challenges in their marriage and in their community. Patience's husband, Daniel, having fought in WWI is unwilling to register for the draft. After the fighting and brutality he experienced he vowed to never take up arms again. Patience wants to support Daniel but sees the need to fight against the t...
  • Carole
    3.5 rounded up. I won this in a Goodreads giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity to read an early copy. This is the 3rd book in the Hope River series that I have read. Midwife Patience is married and has 4 children. The story begins at the beginning of WW2 and the bombing of Pearl Harbor. This book is more about the war and it’s effects on Patience and her family than the previous books about midwifery. It is a bit longer too at nearly 500 pag...
  • Asheley
    The Hope River Series continues to be one of my favorites and I have waited impatiently for this third installment for what feels like ages. When I received a review copy from the publisher, I was THRILLED because I wanted to see how Patience and Daniel, Becky and Isaac were doing in Union County, West Virginia. Once A Midwife picks up in November 1941, which is about 5-6 years after The Reluctant Midwife. What will eventually be known as World W...
  • Lori
    I got this book through the goodreads giveaway. It is the Third of a series of the "Hope River" This one takes place as the war in Europe is starting. Patience is a mid wife and continues to deliver babies in her area. Her husband is the local Veterenerian. He has already fought in World War one and has vowed to never fight in combat again. When he is told to sign up for the draft he refuses more pressure to join comes and he will not go to war c...
  • Lynne Spreen
    I loved the first two books in this series, so much so that I preordered this one and leapt on it as soon as it came out. The premise is so great: a midwife in a very small southern town in the 1940s, dealing with difficult births, racism, politics, and human drama.But I'm sorry to say this book has lost a little steam. It's not as in-depth; for example, the baby births are more like, "I helped Mrs. Smith deliver a set of twins today," rather tha...
  • Teri Pre
    I listened to this and almost gave up a dozen times. The narrator has a pleasant enough voice...except when she sings, and I swear that half of the book was made up of songs. Putting that aside, Ms. Harman was trying WAY too hard to make a political statement by tying things from WW2 to the news of today. It didn't work. And the conflict between Patience and Daniel was done in a heavy-handed way in some parts and barely skimmed over in others. I ...
  • Rlk Kapitan
    I really enjoyed the first book in this series and found this to be lacking. The flashbacks to the previous book used whole passages verbatim and I'm not sure why an editor allowed that to happen. The main character, Patience, lacked the charm she'd possessed in the first book. I still enjoyed the historical qualities, but it feels much more forced than the first book in the series. There was also less midwifery and the book was less enjoyable wi...
  • Sharon Huether
    During the war years 1940-1945 Patience Hester shares her experiences of midwifery, mother, wife and homemaker in the Hope river area.Her husband Daniel, takes a stand for his beliefs.I won this Free book though Goodreads First-Reads.Thankyou Goodreads for sending me this heartwarming book.
  • Carol
    I wept so many times in this book; for joy and for heartache. People's lives are hard and become much harder after our country's entry into World War II. There's rationing and a lack of strong young men to do manual labor and to help raise their families. Daniel is a pacifist; he's been through the Great War and seen the horrors and declines to register for the draft. His wife Patience is a midwife with a past as an activist. Their beliefs are bo...
  • Lynne
    Midwife adventuresThe author gives a new perspective to the beginning of WWII and the US entering the war. I always love reading about midwives and their exciting adventures. Characters were interesting and narrative easy to follow. I will read more of Ms Harman writings!
  • Megan
    Once a Midwife is the third book in the Hope River series and perhaps I would have enjoyed it more if I had read the first two books. While I enjoy historical fiction, I couldn't get past Harman's writing style and her barely veiled attempts to make political statements about recent world events by drawing comparisons to the events of WW2. When I started reading it, I thought the premise was interesting but after fifty pages or so, I found myself...
  • CLM
    An appealing glimpse of small town life in West Virginia just prior to WWII, told from the perspective of local midwife Patience Hester, her conscientious objector husband, and their busy family. Here is a link to my review:https://perfectretort.blogspot.com/20...
  • CHM
    Update* Changed from a weak 3 down to 2 stars. I almost gave up on this several times and very rarely do I not finish once I've started a book. This 3rd in the series was less than enjoyable overall, the birthing scenes, which is what carried book 1, were lacking dimension and were almost an afterthought. The author should advertise her next book as a political statement, not try to springboard off another subject.
  • Thelma Fountain
    I received this book in a goodreads giveaway. I really enjoyed this story. The wartime drama and the beautiful stories of life and birth. This is the first book I have read by this author but I will probably read more of her work.
  • Joyce
    Wonderful, wonderful read. The writer places the reader into the story in a way that the reader feels as though she is right there with the characters. Very enlightening presentation of that time in our history.
  • Cathy Daniel
    "The drums of war still roar, but even in these dark times, the hope is still there" I loved this book so much!! wonderful! "The drums of war still roar, but even in these dark times, the hope is still there" I loved this book so much!! 😭😭😭😭😭 wonderful!
  • Regina Spiker
    Hope River series#1 The Midwife of Hope River#2 The Reluctant Midwife#3 Once a Midwife
  • Shannan
    While I absolutely adore this midwife series of books from Patricia Harmon, I have to admit that I didn’t love this one as much. I love the historical fiction aspect of the previous books - really putting in to context the hardships of the Great Depression/Prohibition era. This book didn’t transport me into WWII era as much as I had hoped. In anticipation of this book coming out, I reread the first Hope River book but as it turns out I didnt...
  • Melissa
    My ears “read” this book, via an audiobook and to be quite honest, this was a horrible story to listen to. I have never experienced a book like this, one which the author feels the need to add so many songs into their story. Not just mention of a song that the characters may be singing or listening to, but actually verse upon verse of dozens of songs. Perhaps reading this book, it would not have been as irritTing, but listening to the narrato...
  • Vivian
    I received a digital copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.Author Patricia Harman returns to Hope River, West Virginia and the Hester family in the early 1940s with her latest addition to the Hope River Series Once A Midwife. Adolph Hitler and the Nazis are overtaking most of Europe, the United States is initially practicing isolationism from the European conflict until the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and the country is still re...
  • Brenda
    Once A Midwife (Hope River #3) by Patricia Harman – 5 strong pointsWhat a great book. So very interesting. It’s about Patience Hester a midwife who has a practice during the beginning of World War II. Her husband is a conscientious objector but won’t register for the draft as one. He served during World War I and he absolutely doesn’t want to kill anyone. He puts his family in a very uncomfortable position as he an be jailed for this. Bit...
  • Jessica
    I was very excited when I found out about this book. I loved The Midwife of Hope River. I enjoyed the second book about Becky but I was looking forward to Patience being the main focus in the third book. To say I was disappointed in this book is an understatement. It definitely didn’t have the charm I liked so much in the first book. There were whole sections recapping what had already happened in the previous books. Also characters spoke facts...
  • Sue
    This novel is about a midwife in Hope River, West Virginia during WWII. It is book 3 in the Hope River series and can be read as a stand alone with minimal confusion. However, there were a few places in the book that I wished I had read the series in order so I plan to read the first two books to answer my questions.Patience is a midwife in a small town. She lives there with her husband Daniel, a veterinarian, and their 4 children. She is well kn...
  • Carolyn Lind
    Rating this 3.6; rounded up to 4. Since it has been awhile since reading the other two books in this series, the frequent duplication is more tolerable than it would have been if those stories were still fresh. But in any case, the book is long and attempts to keep readers informed of the past happenings, make it even longer. Instead, I would recommend that readers first read the first two books rather than starting with this one, as the snatches...
  • Kathleen Gray
    I admit to being a Harman fan and that I was very much looking forward to this latest installment (but it's fine as a standalone) with Patience, the midwife in Hope River, a tough town in West Virginia. Patience copes with more than babies over the course of the 1941-1942. Her husband Daniel, the town veterinarian, is a pacifist who served in WWI and now refuses to register for the draft. If there's a weak spot in this novel its that a lighter ha...
  • Mary
    I will give this book a solid 4.6 stars. This is my first introduction to Patricia Harman's books about Hope River and the series about midwives. Now I need to go back and get the first book then read her followup book. You can read the general review to find about details of the main plot, but I want to say what a skillful job the author did in tackling such things as prejudice, difficulties in marriage relationships, and standing up for what yo...
  • Sheila
    Patience Hester and her husband are parents of four young children in Hope River. Patience is the local midwife and Daniel is the local veterinarian. WWII breaks out and many young men are signing up for the war. Daniel served in WWI, joining when he was just 18 and vowed he would never join a war effort again. He was in charge of a number of horses during that first war and grieved for their death. Patience does not agree with his beliefs but sh...
  • Denise
    I think if it had a different title it might sell more books, although there were babies being delivered there was much more. There were family dynamics, where a teen age son didn't want to listen to his mother. There were race relations with a white man crossing the state line so he could marry a black woman; but then he claimed he went back into his family and found he was 10 % black.The husband, during WWII going to jail because he refused to ...
  • Briana
    I won Once A Midwife in a Goodreads contest. Thank you for the chance to read and review. This book takes place at the beginning of World War II. Daniel, Patience's husband, decides he is a pacifist and eventually ends up in prison. Patience struggles with her husband's decision and with keeping up with the farm and her practice. This book doesn't focus as much on midwifery. It is more about the troubles the war is causing for her and her family ...
  • Penelope
    What a shame. This book started as a 4 Star, became a 3, and in the last few pages went down to a 2. I loved the other midwife books but this one has hardly anything to do with midwifery. The good parts were about how this small rural community in the early 1940’s was dealing with the war. The conflict concerning Daniel’s pacifism was interesting. However, the book went on for at least 150 pages too many. What’s with all the songs? I feel s...