Me for You by Lolly Winston

Me for You

From the New York Times bestselling author of Good Grief comes a richly poignant and stirring story that asks: How soon is too soon to fall in love again?The last thing Rudy expected was to wake up one Saturday morning, a widow at fifty-four years old. Now, ten months after the untimely death of his beloved wife, he’s still not sure how to move on from the defining tragedy of his life—but his new job is helping. After being downsized from his...

Details Me for You

TitleMe for You
Release DateMar 12th, 2019
PublisherGallery Books
GenreFiction, Romance

Reviews Me for You

  • Kathy McC
    Thanks to Gallery Books for the Advanced Reader Copy of this book.I enjoyed it, but I didn't love it. I didn't find it as engrossing as her first two novels. The patients are not that much different from you or me. They are people who stepped off a curb and got run over by life.""And then it was time to be alone for the first time in weeks. Then he felt his face droop, heard the depression scratching on the windows to get in."
  • Kristen O'Daly
    Oh how I truly wanted to love this book like I did Good Grief, but unfortunately it just fell completely flat - a pale imitation with a similar plot line. The characters did not resonate and the plot did not hold together. There were random chapters focusing on the deceased wife which had no coherence and a barely believable murder theme that came out of left field.
  • Ellen
    Rudy’s wife dies unexpectedly, plunging Rudy into grief and depression. As a part-time piano player in Nordstrom, Rudy befriends Sasha, a salesperson who has also suffered an unimaginable tragedy. As Sasha and Rudy begin a relationship, Rudy falls victim to his deep depression. An interesting story, with different characters and a hopeful story line. I liked it.
  • Tracy
    I am and will continue to be a huge Lolly Winston fan, but I have to say I was a bit disappointed in this one. Good Grief is one of my favorite books of all time, and it felt a little like Winston was trying to go back there and bring up all the same feelings, but not as successfully. It was still a sweet story, and I really liked the depiction of grief as being normal and okay. But for me, this was done so beautifully in Good Grief that such a s...
  • Kim Prine
    I tried really hard to get interested in this book. I got 35% through and finally gave up. The story is a great one there just wasn’t anything there to keep me interested.
  • Sarah
    *Review is of an advanced copyLolly Winston's Good Grief was one of those books that took me by surprise. It was an unexpected pleasure; sad, funny, relatable. Therefore, I squealed in delight upon spying a third novel from the talented author. I didn't even bother to read the back cover, merely plucked it from the ARC shelf and raced home. At first, it seemed as though Me for You might simply be a retelling of Good Grief albeit this time with th...
  • kglibrarian
    A touching story of a man who loses his wife suddenly while in his 50s. Rudy, who began working as a piano player at Nordstrom after being laid off from his financial job, struggles to handle his grief as he attempts to continue living his life. As he becomes close to his coworker, Sasha, who has experienced a tragedy of her own, Rudy begins to unravel and winds up in a place he never could have imagined. Winston’s writing is gentle and her att...
  • erica
    This is a gentle story. Sad and yet hopeful. But it’s quiet with most of the plot taking place in the characters’ thoughts. I really enjoyed the book and found it very authentic. But I can see from other reviews that it isn’t for everyone. Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for the arc.