Echoes by Ellen Datlow


The essential collection of beloved ghost stories, compiled by the editor who helped define the genre—including stories from award-winning, bestselling authors such as Joyce Carol Oates, Alice Hoffman, Seanan McGuire, and Paul Tremblay.Everyone loves a good ghost story, especially Ellen Datlow—the most lauded editor in short works of supernatural suspense and dark fantasy. The Saga Anthology of Ghost Stories is her definitive collection of gh...

Details Echoes

Release DateAug 20th, 2019
PublisherSaga Press
GenreHorror, Short Stories, Anthologies, Paranormal, Ghosts, Fantasy, Fiction

Reviews Echoes

  • Julie
    Echoes: The Saga Anthology of Ghost Stories by Ellen Datlow is a 2019 a Gallery / Saga Press publication. Halloween is just around the corner and of course it’s this time of the year when I usually find myself in the mood for a good old- fashioned ghost story. Yet, a good ghost story is hard to find sometimes. So, when I found this anthology in my cloud library, I checked it out on the spot. I was even more excited by the introduction, in which...
  • Fiona
    Ellen Datlow is one of the most reliable anthology editors working today - with a great focus on variety and storytelling, her anthologies have something for every reader. As with every collection of stories, that does mean that not every story will work for every reader, but most will find a good number to enjoy here.For me, this time, there were very few misses and a couple of big hits. With the misses, there weren't any stories I'd say I didn'...
  • Autumn Is Azathoth
    ECHOES is a top-of-the-line Anthology of Ghost Stories (all new except for three classic reprints) as curated by the inimitable anthologist and editor Ellen Datlow. She has superbly accomplished this collection. Every single story frightened me, made me ponder more deeply, inspired me to check out all these authors (30 in total)....and left me with nightmares and disturbed sleep. I love Ghost stories more than any other type, so I'm in hog heaven...
  • Becky Spratford
    Star review in Booklist and on blog: Three Words That Describe This Book: full range of horror, modern ghost stories, coming of age themes
  • Pattyh
    Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to preview ECHOES - this is a collection of short stories - spooky, scary stories by some great writers.I usually don't go for this type of book, but I have changed my mind. Great collection and fun to read.4 stars - some are better than others, but all in all, this is a wonderful collection.
  • Lallen
    Very good collectionI have read several anthologies by Ellen Datlow and this has been my favorite. If one believes in ghosts, these are all believable. If one wants a scary ghost story there are several. If one wants to be on the edge there’s a story for you. I really liked them all.
  • Kendra
    A solid collection of ghost stories, old and new. As with all collections, some of the stories are more effective and better than others, but overall the mix is decent. This could serve as a good introduction to writers like Seanan McGuire, Joyce Carol Oates, Alice Hoffman, and Garth Nix for those not yet familiar with their work.
  • J.D. DeHart
    I’m not often much on horror or ghost stories, but the names in this collection of authors drew me in. Each tale painted its own atmosphere and many were quite clever. I appreciated this diverse anthology of stories.
  • Karin
    There are 30 stories here and I had to make some choices.Of the 13 I picked all but one were good.Ms.Datlow consistently puts together really good anthologies,they have a permanent place on my shelves.
  • Paul
    Ghost stories are not my usual genre (even though I was born on Halloween), but this is a good collection of solid and diverse stories. Recommended for fans of eerie stories.I really appreciate the advanced copy for review!!
  • Maggie May
    3.5 stars Not quite as good as I have come to expect from an anthology edited by Ellen Datlow. There are some awesome stories, a few of them genuinely disturbing, but more than a couple are dead boring.
  • CloudOfThoughts_Books Keirstin
    Echoes is a great novel full of ghost stories that do not disappoint! Such a chill and fun read! Definitely recommend this book. Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.