Tales from a Not-So-Best Friend Forever (Dork Diaries #14) by Rachel Renée Russell

Tales from a Not-So-Best Friend Forever (Dork Diaries #14)

Nikki Maxwell’s summer is packed with drama in this fourteenth installment of the #1 New York Times bestselling Dork Diaries series!Nikki and her bandmates are looking forward to an AWESOME summer on tour as the opening act for the world famous Bad Boyz! Nikki is a little worried when her frenemy, MacKenzie Hollister, weasels her way into a social media intern position with the tour. But she has a total MELTDOWN when she learns that MacKenzie i...

Details Tales from a Not-So-Best Friend Forever (Dork Diaries #14)

TitleTales from a Not-So-Best Friend Forever (Dork Diaries #14)
Release DateOct 22nd, 2019
GenreHumor, Childrens, Middle Grade, Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Juvenile

Reviews Tales from a Not-So-Best Friend Forever (Dork Diaries #14)

  • Trinity Prather
    I love dork diaries i hope the series never end .or people should make a movie about these I love dork diaries i hope the series never end .or people should make a movie about these 📚
  • cerys mitchell
    I Dork diaries I 💖💖 Dork diaries
  • Schizanthus Nerd
    I need to just CHILLAX and stop WHINING about how AWFUL my life is (when in reality I’m actually very lucky)! Exactly. Nikki has a loving family, two incredibly supportive best friends, a crush (who’s a sweetheart) who likes her back, and her band is going on tour as the opening act for a boy band. Life’s pretty sweet, right? Okay, so maybe not …Nikki is essentially the queen of catastrophic thinking at this point. Everything is the en...
  • ruby.
    Ehhhhhhhh.I feel like this book series just keeps on going and there isn't much of a storyline anymore.Just about a totally dorky girl with 2 dorkier friends and a dorky crush. With an evil mean girl crushing on the same guy and doing anything she can to ruin dorky girl's life. Pretty boring. Oh, and the dorky girl's family are complete idiots.Yeah. Not really enjoying the series anymore but I guess I'll have to keep buying them as it's sort of a...
  • K Whatsherface
    Still a cute addictive series. I still think it's for a younger audience than middle schoolers
  • Amber Kestner
    Another great book from Rachel, I am actually wanting to know if their will be a Book 15 and she has been writing this series for 10 years that means she wrote that a year before I had my daughter in 2010 that is so amazing. As always this book fills you with Nikki's life and let's just say Mackenzie is annoying, I am not going to spoil much more than that you have to read it yourself. It is a great book for your collection just like the rest of ...
  • Pashmina
    Finished in around an hour. Decent, but the plot wasn't as detailed nor dramatic as I expected, and after the climax, it just explained what happened afterward and bam, that was the end of the book... Definitely not the best Dork Diaries I've read...
  • Emily Costa
    I really like reading this book
  • Cherie Blossom Okechukwu
    Dork Diaries books are so cool and good for middle school girls
  • Diane Lynch
    Nikki and her friends get an opportunity to be the opening band for a popular rock group. Nothing goes as it should. Filled with drama and adventure. This is written as a girls diary. Pictures and doodles included. My fourth grade niece requested it.
  • Anna Lato
    Actual rating: 2.5Unfortunately this book just didn't live up to my expectations. I feel that the plot was not that entertaining (as it was in the previous books) and all the quizzes just felt like fillers.
  • Yasmeena Elmahdy
    I will forever question that cover but HELL YEAH
  • Deep_Abyss
    No. Nope. This feud being solved like this,it takes 13 books for this to be solved. What? There’s gonna be a book 20?
  • Nikoleta Kallipoliti
    Great for young girls that have fun reading and looking at cute illustrations!
  • 🖤JORY🖤
    The best book in the world The best book in the world 🤩
  • Tonja Drecker
    Full of drama and humor pure, this is a fun dive into a chaotic teen girl's life as she stumbles around, trying to make things work in the wrong and yet so right way.Nikki's about to have the summer of a lifetime. Her and her best friends' band has been chosen to open for the hugely popular Bad Boyz...that's if her little sister wouldn't run off with the phone and make it impossible for the agent to get a hold of her. After a few mishaps, the ban...
  • Kenji
    Series has gone completely downhill, instead of creating new events and trials for the characters it just builds and takes from previous ones which made it rediculously tedious and repetitive.I loved the development of the lead's confidence over time, I like that she's gotten a lot more comfortable standing up for herself but this one defeats her back to where she was at book one. I simply don't think our lead is that stupid to let a mean girl bl...
  • ~BooksAreTheEpitomeOfLife~
    Yeah this is pretty much dido my review of the last book... I love the series and honestly I liked this book a lot more than the last one but it still just didn't quite meet the standards of the original 7ish books. I said it last time and i feel I need to say it again these stories are way too dramatic. Like, in the original 7ish books, albeit not all of it, but most of the drama seemed reasonable and her freak outs were reasonably plausible but...
  • ReaderQueen123
    Insert groan. When I first read this, it was about a sweet dork who was bullied by the popular kids and had a crush on a sweet boy. Cute! As it went on, I noticed that her life got better and she started being more whiny. It was like Nikki was replaced WITH Mackenzie! Nikki wore more stylish and expensive looking clothes, was significantly better look, and was NOT a model for good behavior. And her life got BETTER. She was kissed by her ultimate ...
  • Kalayla Seehafer
    OMG!! This was a really good book! Not my favorite of the Dork Diaries, but I finished it in just a few hours!Nikki finally gets to go on her tour with Bad Boys-and MEET THEM!! SQUEEE!! But when McKenzie becomes the girl who posts about the trip AND Nikki's roomate will she survive? I love that she gets to meet this (extremely cute) boy band too. Also how they have quizzes throughout the book too!SPOILERI just don't like how Nikki barely even tal...
  • Jackie
    Nikki, Chloe, and Zoey and their band, Actually, I Don’t Really Know Yet are about to tour with the mega-star band, Bad Boyz...their dream come true. But, in true Dork Diaries fashion, problems arise (a missed phone call because of bratty little sister, Brianna), arch-enemies weasel their way into their lives ( MacKenzie Hollister), and Nikki gives some good, yet bad advice to the boy band. Tales From a Not-So-Best-Friend Forever is the latest...
  • Amelie
    I have just started reading these books again! I go through them in a matter of hours and they all have a great story and the drama and characters spice up every single books. This one was good but I just felt like they skipped through it and missed some main events like how the drama with MacKenzie just ended like that and I felt like MacKenzie giving Nikki the demerits was unnecessary. These books are always good to read and I enjoyed it I ha...
  • Rember Mancilla
    I thing the book was very funny and interesting. Niki is going to the bad boys tour and she makes a deal with her worst enemy, which I think she shouldn't have done and now her enemy was on the trip, but there were many things she shouldnt have done, like not calling for help when she was stuck in the ocean and telling her sister to use her phone to call their parents to tell them they were lost.
  • Ava
    !! spoilers !!These books are very easy reads and are still so interesting! This book was amazing and I loved how Nikki was able to mend the Bad Boyz problems and in the end be able to mend her own. She didn’t let manipulative MacKenzie ruin her last moments of the tour and turn Fuzzy Friends into nothing! Definitely recommend if you need a quick and light read!! !! spoilers !!These books are very easy reads and are still so interesting! This...
  • Colleen Kirby
    Awesome! I have been lovin’ it! I have been board out my mind, and now I have more reading material! I think you should make a book that has Brandon’s point of view or other characters in Dork Diaries! Many even start a new series like that!- Charlotte Nell Kolpak Awesome! 👍🏻I have been lovin’ it! I have been board out my mind, and now I have more reading material! I think 🤔 you should make a book that has Brandon’s point of v...
    I enjoyed this book. I recommend you to read this book, but I suggest that you should read the first 13 books. One aspect of the book that I liked was how the character never gave up. They kept their heads high and always found a way to reuse the situation or make it better.
  • I❤️Cats
    It was a great book although nothing really happens. It’s basically mostly a quiz’s not really a book. So if you want to learn about who you would be mostly like or what kind of birthday party you would want. Read if you want it’s a great book!