Forever and a Day by Anthony Horowitz

Forever and a Day

The sea keeps its secrets. But not this time. One body. Three bullets. 007 floats in the waters of Marseille, killed by an unknown hand. It’s time for a new agent to step up. Time for a new weapon in the war against organised crime. It’s time for James Bond to earn his licence to kill. This is the story of the birth of a legend, in the brutal underworld of the French Riviera.

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TitleForever and a Day
Release DateNov 6th, 2018
GenreFiction, Thriller, Mystery, Spy Thriller, Espionage

Reviews Forever and a Day

  • Karl
    U.K. publication date and publisher Jonathan Cape 31 May 2018 this cover.U.S. publication date and publisher Harper November 6, 2018 (With a different cover).This book: 007 is dead. ‘M’ only has, at his disposal, two other agents sanctioned to kill, and one of them is decommissioned due to injuries. Thus ‘M’ decides it is time to promote James Bond into that elite role of sanctioned killer. After a trial test run in Stockholm for Mr. Bond...
  • Kemper
    It’s the early ‘50s and British intelligence is worried about unusual activity in Marseille’s underworld so they send one of their elite agents to check it out, but 007 is murdered. His replacement? A young man named Bond. James Bond.Anthony Horowitz already wrote one retro Bond novel based on some unused Ian Fleming material with Trigger Mortis. Here, he takes us even further back to give us the story of Bond’s first mission after earnin...
  • PattyMacDotComma
    4“Death was part of the job. And like it or not, there would be times when the service would have to strike first, when a state-sponsored assassination would be the only answer to a particular threat. M could not have his hands tied.”Post-war England – the end of WWII and the beginning of the Cold War. If you like action, mysteries and spies, and you’ve never heard of Ian Fleming’s world-famous spy, James Bond, you’ve got some catchin...
  • Tim
    Alcohol. Nicotine. Tortured. Sex. Revenge. Bond. James Bond.
  • Marialyce
    Are you ready for Agent 007 to begin? I know I was and having Anthony Horowitz pick up the reins from Ian Fleming made me wonder and look forward to how this author would handle the task. Needless to say having read Mr Horowitz before, I knew it was going to be a great story and I am happy to report I wasn't wrong!We are presented with the beginnings of James Bond, 007, a prequel, and his license to kill. After the first Agent 007 is brutally mur...
  • Stephen Robert Collins
    'So.007 is dead' The opening line of this book with original material by late great Ian Fleming.Well for me as long as it is Daniel Craig I am happy as he is not my Bond mine is forever Rodger Moore.This set before Casino Royal so Has to be Sean. AH Knows what he is doing much like his Holmes. This set in the early 50s when spy stories were good not like today.This almost a classic style if love the Bond books this great but If your movie fan the...
  • Bill Lynas
    When it comes to 007 novels, excluding Ian Fleming of course, I am a fairly harsh critic. So I am very pleased that I enjoyed this novel so much.If you have the hardback version of the book left up the dustwrapper & you will see part of the cover has been embossed on the boards.....just like the original Fleming stories. Well done to publishers Jonathan Cape for adding this lovely touch. Anyway, onto the book itself....While Anthony Horowitz may ...
  • Roy
    I wasnt overly fond of the previous Bond novel by Horowitz but I love Bond so thought I'd give this a go. It was one of those pretty decent reads. The typical Bond stuff, with good Villains and plotting but not something overly original. The plot at times plodded which didnt help that the novel was short. It really did feel like a novella of sorts. Solid short read with a pretty average plot. Would have helped if it was fleshed out more.
  • Monnie
    The late Ian Fleming's James Bond novels are among my all-time favorite books - and have the distinction of being the only books I've read more than once (for the record, the same is true for the Bond motion pictures). So when the first of the "new" Bond books by Anthony Horowitz, Trigger Mortis, was released in 2015, I was more than a little apprehensive. But that one came through with flying British colors, earning a 5-star rating from me. Appa...
  • Sylvie
    Forever and a Dayby Anthony Horowitz3.75/5 Stars!One of the main reasons I started reading James Bond novels besides the films was because of my brother, which I'm greatful for. Since I'm more into Young Adult and he's more into mature novels I somehow always found pleasure in reading James Bond novels despite them being more vague, mature and much complicated than the books I ususally prefer to read."There is one more thing." M reached for his p...
  • Lyn Elliott
    Horowitz makes no bones about it - Bond is a cold-blooded murderer and a psychopath.The glamour that skimmed over this nasty, central fact in the films especially, appears tacky here, adopted as part of the packaging for the central characters - Bond himself and Sixtine, the ruthless female lead, inevitably seduced (some might say raped) by Bond.The plot was interesting enough to hold me without skipping, but I think this is the last time I will ...
  • 📖Sam📚
    Just briljant, go and read. Thats all I can say.Its really really good!
  • Skip
    The book predates James Bond being given his double-O (permission to kill) status. Strong beginning with the death of previous 007 turning up dead in the French Riviera (but we don't know that right away), shot three times and left floating in the water. M wants retribution, promoting then Commander Bond, and sending him off to find the guilty party or parties. He immediately tangles with the local CIA man, gets involved with Madame Sixtine (a fr...
  • Scott
    ** I am doing a re-read of the James Bond books, including the classic Ian Fleming, followed by John Gardner, Raymond Benson, and the other estate approved editions. My goal is to read and review each one in chronological order (as much as possible) with as much honesty and reflection that I can give. ** Background / Notes – This is the second James Bond novel authorized by the Ian Fleming estate and written by Anthony Horowitz. Horowitz was gi...
  • Lena
    What I loved Fat gay bad guy!Sixteen - the strong, intelligent, violent female spy.The most vicious, effective, and soul-sucking potential Bond death I've heard. Any man, hell any person, would have gladly jumped in a shark tank.What I appreciated Anthony Horowitz did a good job balancing classic 50s Bond with modern readers taste. What I disliked The crazy evil genius... was crazy. Yes, hate to spoil that for you. The grand plan made no sense...
  • Bart
    Actual rating: 4.00A vintage Bond novel. Just as the great Ian Fleming wrote them.
  • Lexxi Kitty
    Her dark hair had tumbled across her eyes, which glinted with anger but also amusement. ‘Well, well, well,’ she exclaimed. ‘The British spy can’t get what he wants by consent so he has to try force.’ She touched her hand to her lip. ‘Is this how you treat your women? Given a choice, I think I prefer Irwin Wolfe.’ This is Bond's first mission as 007. Which would explain why he was so green, naive, kept doing so many stupid things (wh...
  • Kathy
    The book is successful in achieving its goal but I am taking the ride no further. Stepping out at the intersection of cheesy seduction methods and my own demand and preference for reality.I actually never read any of the original Bond books and never got through one of the old movies. Hated them. However...the newer movie versions with Daniel Craig had great action that I did enjoy.So...this starts off well as a prequel to the Bond saga and his f...
  • Peter Swanson
    These Horowitz Bond books are so impressive. They are so much like Fleming's original novels. This one is terrific, with a particularly chilling finish.
  • Tristan
    BOND PAYS BUSINESS VISIT TO COTERIE OF CORSICANS“He didn’t need to make any movement. Bond had already seen what he needed in the man’s eyes; the acknowledgement of guilt. So be it. Without a second thought, he drove the knife forward, into the neck muscle, slanting it towards ____ brain.[…]Suddenly there was only one person breathing in the room.” Reporting back to London after coldly executing his latest target, James Bond is appointe...
  • Mark
    007 has been killed in Marseille.Long live 007, Bond, James Bond.This is the prequel to Casino Royale, at least that is one of the selling points. But mostly it means that is is set before the Ian Fleming novel called "Casino Royale".We meet Bond earning his 00-status and then being send into the similar situation the original 007 has been send to solve his death and deliver death to the responsible. We get Bond in his beloved south of France whe...
  • The Real Book Spy
    007 is dead. His body was found in the waters of Marseille, three 9mm bullets fired into his chest and stomach at close range. It’s a devastating blow to Her Majesty’s secret service, but it also paves the way for a younger agent to replace him. Thus, it’s time for James Bond to officially earn his license to kill. Before M is willing to officially elevate Commander Bond to Double-O status and give him a spot on the fifth floor overlooking ...
  • Nick Brett
    So many “big name” authors tried to crack the Bond magic, and sadly failed. The first Anthony Horowitz Bond book was excellent, and his follow up? Even better.Set in 1950/we have a young Bond, new to the 00 section. He is tasked with continuing the mission of his predecessor in Marseille. This is a Bond still finding himself, the post war setting is perfect as is the Bond learning his skills and what it means to be a 00 agent.Bond is investig...
  • Carol
    I've enjoyed seeing readers from GR's post reviews on books they have already read about James Bond. I've wanted to read one of those so much and yea, I finally found one. And it was really a good read. "Forever and a Day" by Anthony Horowitz was a delightful read. Examples of Ian Fleming’s Bond books is the fact that he doesn’t bore us with too much of his hero’s background. There is no tiresome origin novel featuring a teenage Bond experi...
  • JD
    I am a big James Bond fan and have watched all the movies, but this is the first Bond book I have read. It appealed to me as it is a prequel to Casino Royale and I thought it would bring something new to the 007 world, but alas, it did not. The plot is predictable and the villains is a bit boring. The ending was also disappointing and I sincerely hope that other Bond novels are better than this one. Will definitely read Casino Royale in the futur...
  • Maine Colonial
    I like the James Bond stories and movies, but I’m not a fanatic about them. What drew me most to this book was Anthony Horowitz. I have read several of his books and he’s a writer who can draw the reader in and submerse him or her into a world of Horowitz’s creation.This story is set in the Monte Carlo and the south of France, with the usual beautiful woman, grotesque villain and evil henchmen, loads of explosive action and a layer of cynic...
  • Cheryl
    James Bond prequel to Casino Royale, set in the early 1950s. A slow build in the first half, with lots of action in the second half.
  • Scott Hitchcock
    2.5*'s. I'm not a huge Bond fan but through I would give it a shot. It's not bad but I was bored most of the time.
  • The Professor
    “Death was now his business.” Literary Bond Begins with Anthony Horowitz back playing in the James Bond dressing up box and – in the same month that “Solo: A Star Wars Story” underwhelmed at the box office – killing any lingering sense of Bondian mystique by explaining the provenance of every one of Fleming’s suggestive lines and taste preferences, vastly diminishing Bond imaginatively as a result. Want to know why Bond orders his M...
  • Nik Morton
    Anthony Horowitz’s prequel to Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale, Forever and a Day (2018) starts with M making the observation, ‘So, 007 is dead.’ Of course it isn’t James Bond who is deceased but the unnamed previous incumbent with that Double-O number. A neat touch, that.This is Horowitz’s second foray into the James Bond universe, having earlier treated us to Trigger Mortis (2015) – reviewed here: