The Allies by Winston Groom

The Allies

Best-selling author Winston Groom tells the complex story of how Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin--the three iconic and vastly different Allied leaders--aligned to win World War II and created a new world order.By the end of World War II, 59 nations were arrayed against the axis powers, but three great Allied leaders--Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin--had emerged to control the war in Europe and the...

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TitleThe Allies
Release DateNov 13th, 2018
PublisherNational Geographic
GenreHistory, Nonfiction, War, World War II, Biography

Reviews The Allies

  • Jill Mackin
    Groom brings Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin to life! The book is well written and so interesting to read. One of the biggest stories of the 20th century: the winning of the 2nd WW.
  • Stephanie Crowe
    The Allies by Winston GroomA superb history of the three leaders who guided the world during WWII: Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin. Not only did these three political giants direct the strategy of the war, they contributed to the future direction of the world by decisions made at the war’s conclusion. Although I have read books and viewed movies that detailed specific battles and places, Groom did a lovely job weaving a ...
  • Anna
    This is an ambitious book; a triple biography, and a history of WWII, as such it of necessity skims the surface, and yet Groom manages to give a very good picture of each man's life and character as well as an often devastating portrait of the times they lived through and to a large extent influenced. This took me longer to read than I had anticipated because I kept stalling on the parts on Stalin. He was such a horrible man and the depredations ...
  • Steve
    An excellent book, This to me is like a triple biography of the Big Three Allies that came together during World War II to defeat Germany and Japan. Each came from different backgrounds, and had some differences but put them aside to defeat Germany and Japan. Stalin was the only one who ruled the Soviet Union with an iron fist and had his opposition put to death or sent to gulags-labor camps and made an error to sign a treaty with Germany not to ...
  • Rick
    While I like Winston Groom and find him to be a very good historian this is a very weak book. It has basically an old documentary which has been told a million and one times. He offers a history of the 3 that tells us nothing. In fact there is very little discussion of the Second World War and the relationship between them. I would say that only the last third deals with their leadership during the war. If you know nothing about the war than read...
  • David
    Okay, let's be fair: for me, this is a 2.49-star book, but for someone who doesn't really know much about Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin and WW II, this might be a 4-star book. It's mostly well-written and certainly is easy to read, if you don't mind a bit of skipping around in chronology when Brother Groom (we're members of the same fraternity) juggles goings-on in the Pacific war with Japan and then bounces back to the African/European war wi...
  • Sara (Sjthroughthelookingglass)
    BOOK REVIEW 📚The Allies, Winston Groom.Groom's book, The Allies, is about the Alliance of Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin, the three iconic political leaders in WW2..Part of this book reads as a biography of Churchill focusing on his upbringing, education time in the British army, as a writer and war corresponder, his imprisonment and escape, etc. I found his life story quite interesting..The next section of this book reads like a biography o...
  • Zohar -
    For more reviews and bookish posts please visit: http://www.ManOfLaBook.comThe Allies: Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin, and the Unlikely Alliance That Won World War II by Winston Groom is a non-fiction book which recounts how Russia became and unlikely ally with the United States and England during World War II. Mr. Groom is a historian and novelist.History, to me, is fascinating not only because of the big picture, but also of the little stories wh...
  • Erik
    I was provided this copy for review.The book is wonderful at lending depth and motivations to the vastly different biographies of Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin. The intentions, talents, and faults accompanying each man's rise to power are given background that contextualizes the approach each takes in the challenges of WWII. It's an enjoyable insight as the reader can recognize the insecurities and ambitions from their own lives playing out in...
  • Joelle
    Joelle Reads Her Bookcase #24I felt like Groom spent way too long on the biographies of the Big Three leading up too WWII, and then spent much of the rest of the book on Churchill. There was also a lot of naval and battle history, which to me didn't really speak to the alliance. The battles that came about in North Africa after the US entered the war were relative, but Guadalcanal - a strictly US Navy/Marine battle against the Japanese in the Pac...
  • Crystal Zavala
    I really appreciated the way this book was laid out. The book starts out describing each of the men's upbringings and childhoods. Then it goes on to describe how they came to power. Lastly, it describes how they came to become Allies.This book is perfect for someone who wants to get an in-depth knowledge of these three men, but don't want to read separate books. I love reading historical fiction about WWII and this book really added to my knowled...
  • William H. Wardlaw
    Well doneIf you enjoy studying history this is one of his many good books. He brings historical characters to life. Even if you thought you knew almost everything about these three WWII leaders you will be finding facts new to you throughout your read.
  • Christine
    The main narrative of this book is 445 pages. So it's not short, but not terribly long, either. And what does it cover? It's essentially a triple biography of the three men in the title and the whole of World War II. That's a lot of ground to cover in 445 pages. Considering that whole books have been written about specific battles alone, how does it hold up?Pretty well, actually. That's why it gains that extra fourth star. Covering the staggering...
  • Slowjammer
    Well-written...But lets now list all the problems with this book:- shockingly biased- loses itself in incredibly useless military minutiae that are irrelevant to the big picture- structure of the book confusing and infuriating with an ever shifting timeline which leads to cacophony of repetitions- some oversights are mind-boggling - no discussion of any input in the war effort from any non-us, non-uk or non-soviet player, no discussion of churchi...
  • Braylea King
    In high school, I always viewed WWII as sort of a cliche topic. One of my professors referred to it as "the sexy war" because you had all these things like spies, Nazis, bombs, and other forms of international intrigue. Unfortunately, very few aspects of the war have really sparked my interest unless it had a sort of personal significance to me.Then, this book caught my eye in Wal Mart. I wanted to learn more about WWII in order to teach it bette...
  • Rick
    This book gave great insight into the goals of each of The Allies who formed the strategies to win WW II. Roosevelt and Churchill were mostly concerned with their own nations and forging a peace that would live on. Stalin, on the other hand, was wanting to dominate the world in his own right. The book had insights into each individual background, which were vastly varied, and how that impacted their perspective of the war and what the world would...
  • Kenneth Barber
    This book is a good overview of the three big allies that won World War II. Roosevelt,Churchill and Stalin led the countries that bore the brunt of the effort to defeat Hitler and Nazi Germany, Japan and Mussolini ‘s Italy. The author gives a brief biography of each leader and how they came to lead their respective countries. After the war began, at different times for each country, the author details their relationships in the effort to win th...
  • Read Ng
    A captivating and well written presentation of events shaping three of the most important historic figures of World War II. Some many facts I did not know prior to picking up this book. I really did not know anything regarding Stalin. And details regarding both Churchill and Roosevelt fleshed out my limited knowledge and misunderstandings of all of these leaders.Many interesting details regarding events are spelled out. And I can more clearly see...
  • Jim Stennett
    Really more like a 3 1/4 to 3 1/2 stars. First half to 2/3rds was 4 stars, but last few chapters really let me down - Maybe 2 stars. Really skims over the war years for some reason. I even have a few questions about some of his statements that I might try to verify later. I think he ran out of time because the first half was very detailed, but the last bit really needed another read through. Good summary biographies of title protagonists, but not...
  • Monical
    Terrific but ambitious history of Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt, pretty much cradle to grave. I was especially intrigued by the description of Roosevelt's responses to the Great Depression and integration of the interactions between the three as World War II raged. Stalin certainly was an unlikely (and totally untrustworthy) bedfellow, but the author makes it clear without the active Russian front there was no path to victory for the Allies. Th...
  • Jeff Waltersdorf
    Biographies of Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, and Joseph Stalin. It includes their early lives, ascension into national politics, and their involvement in World War I, then covering World War II, concentrating on the leader's relations and decisions throughout the war.A solid overview of all of those subjects. Obviously, there are more detailed biographies of each men, and exhaustive World War II books covering the European, North African...
  • Betsy
    My reading of the WWII saga by Herman Wouk led me to this book, when I realized I knew very little about Stalin. This book has helped fill in the blanks and has given me a broader perspective on both FDR and Churchill, as well. It is a readable, accessible study of the three leaders, with some biography, and the story of their actions - and meetings - in WWII. Although I need to learn much more, this book filled in some of the holes for me on who...
  • Lawrence
    Very well written and covers some new ground in the relationships between these unlikely comrades. No one escapes critical analysis but Stalin clearly sinks to the bottom. Roosevelt comes across as gifted and politically savvy but naive about Stalin’s intentions. Churchill is presented as highly flawed but possessing the greatest insight geopolitically and psychologically into the character of his allies.It is essentially three biographies wrap...
  • This Guy
    Fitting the lives of three fascinating, complex and world changing men into less than 450 pages is not a simple task. Groom does a commendable job hitting all most of the highlights and providing a general sense of who these men were. It's a breezy and entertaining read for such a heavy subject. There are plenty of exhaustive biographies available for all three men as well as endless volumes written about the war. I appreciate Groom's attempt at ...
  • Thelma Fountain
    I received this book in a Goodreads giveaway. This was an excellent read. I was concerned that I might get bored reading a book that was just history but those concerns were unfounded. The writer kept my interest with wonderful bits of information that I had never known before. This book is definitely a learning experience. I found the book enjoyable and informative. Anyone with an interest for WWll history should read this book. Highly recommend...
  • Laura
    I liked the way Groom organized the account of the lives of these three world leaders. The author tells of the early life of each man in turn and then proceeds to the next stage of their lives as leaders against Hitler's Nazis, again taking each man in turn through the war years and the years following the war. Groom's thorough research brings these figures to life revealing their different personalities and the obstacles they faced leading their...
  • Brittney Farley
    The Allies is a great read for young adults who have an interest in history. Winston Groom does a great job telling the story of Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, and Joseph Stalin, the Allied powers who come together to win World War II. This story accurately depicts the history behind this war and how the Allies won and defeated the Axis powers.
  • 7$MartyQ
    An unlikely alliance and an unlikely resultIf one were totally ignorant of the reason for which World War II began, or the reasons it was fought, this book will lead you to the heart of the matter.Concise and driven by facts, it is an honest look at the very unlikely alliance that was forged and the way the world was politically shaped in the decades after the war was over.
  • Brian
    Nice mini biographies of each leader. Would have given it four stars except for a glaring error. The author states FDR was laid to rest in the rose garden at Hyde Park with his parent. His parents are buried in the churchyard at St Jerome’s. Only FDR and Eleanor are buried in the garden at Hyde Park.
  • Will Howell
    The Allies was a great book that captured the heart and soul of these three leaders. Each leader's life is chronicled from beginning to end in a great way in this book. I was amazed at the details that the author put into not only the people but in the events that surrounded the war. Though it is a large book, it is an easy read. This book is certainly geared towards the history enthusiast.