The Allies by Winston Groom

The Allies

Best-selling author Winston Groom tells the complex story of how Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin--the three iconic and vastly different Allied leaders--aligned to win World War II and created a new world order.By the end of World War II, 59 nations were arrayed against the axis powers, but three great Allied leaders--Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin--had emerged to control the war in Europe and the...

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TitleThe Allies
Release DateNov 13th, 2018
PublisherNational Geographic
GenreHistory, Nonfiction, War, Military Fiction, Literature, 20th Century

Reviews The Allies

  • Stephanie Crowe
    The Allies by Winston GroomA superb history of the three leaders who guided the world during WWII: Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin. Not only did these three political giants direct the strategy of the war, they contributed to the future direction of the world by decisions made at the war’s conclusion. Although I have read books and viewed movies that detailed specific battles and places, Groom did a lovely job weaving a ...
  • Louis
    HUGE mistake on the very first page of the very first chapter: Edward VII is stated as Edward VIII! How can one possibly give a favorable rating to such a book?!?! What kind of sloppy author and editor let such an obvious error pass ON THE VERY FIRST PAGE?!?! I threw away the book, and as the librarian in charge of buying History for our collection, I have deleted this book from our order. Badly done, Winston Groom and National Geographic.