Vita Nostra by Marina Dyachenko

Vita Nostra

The definitive English language translation of the internationally bestselling Ukrainian novel—a brilliant dark fantasy with "the potential to be a modern classic" (Lev Grossman), combining psychological suspense, enchantment, and terror that makes us consider human existence in a fresh and provocative way.Our life is brief . . .While vacationing at the beach with her mother, Sasha Samokhina meets the mysterious Farit Kozhennikov under the most...

Details Vita Nostra

TitleVita Nostra
Release DateNov 1st, 2018
PublisherHarper Voyager
GenreFantasy, Fiction, Cultural, Russia, Science Fiction, Contemporary

Reviews Vita Nostra

  • David
    This is a most unusual novel, especially for Western readers. It's strange and thoughtful and dark, full of psychological twists and turns, metaphysical tangents, and the desperately humorous shenanigans of young adults carrying on at a grim Russian boarding school that is turning them all into... what, they do not exactly know.I described Marina and Sergey Dyachenko's novel The Scar as "swords & sorcery if written by Fyodor Dostoevsky." I don't ...
  • Tatyana Naumova
    Я бы хотела сказать, что я закончила эту книгу, но я ее совсем не закончила. Но формально дочитала, да.Я бы хотела снять на нее обзор, но я начинаю плакать после первых слов - и уже 4 дубля могу только реветь.В общем, главная загадка книги решилась для ...
  • Lukasz
    In the beginning was the Word Science, or more specifically - the school of magic - is a trope that's used a lot in fantasy literature. Not surprising. If done well it’s a joy to read. Have Diachenko’s succeeded?Short answer - yes.Vita Nostra twists the trope in most unexpected ways. It’s strange, thoughtful and dark tale about metamorphosis (both physical and metaphysical) that contains coming of age elements.Sasha is a regular, high-schoo...
  • Lou
    Vita Nostra, first published in 2007 in Ukraine, tells the story of Alexandra (Sasha) Samokhina, who whilst vacationing with her mother meets Farit Kozhennikov, a strange and sinister-looking man who forces her to attend a remote and mysterious university. This novel follows her adventures and exploits. One word that cannot be used to describe this novel is boring. It is certainly far from that and combines many different genres to create a truly...
  • Kilian Metcalf
    Just finished a reread of this book, and it was just as good the second time around. Maybe better because I was aware of small details I had overlooked in my rush of a first reading to find out what was going to happen next. Love you, Sasha, you rock.
  • Cheshirka
    Фух, что я могу сказать? Это великолепно, это крышеносно, это... Это как Дом, в котором для меня-с каждым разом нахожу что-то новое.По единогласному мнению колдующего народа, читать это надо в обязательном порядке, если ты маг. Писали это точно не люд...
  • Aliette
    (cross posted from my blog review) Sasha is a normal, straight-A high-school student; until, on a holiday with her mother, a strange man with dark glasses approaches her, and asks her to get up at 4am every morning and swim to a buoy on the beach. She tries to ignore him, but when she does so, time stops passing: the same day loops over and over, trapping her in a morass of impending dread. When she finally takes the man’s advice and swims, she...
  • Spigana
    Pēc grāmatas pabeigšanas ir vēlme vienlaikus gan klusēt, gan nebeidzamā straumē izspļaut visus neatbildētos jautājumus un spēcīgās emocijas. Neparasta grāmata un ļoti atšķirīga no visa, ko lasām rietumu kultūrā. Melna, iespaidīga un lieliska grāmata, kas ievelk sevī un pilnībā nostāda galvenās varones vietā. Izcili uzbūvēta un pārliecinoša maģija, kura ir tikpat brīnišķīga cik bīstama. Te nav nekā vienkār...
  • unknown
    A novel that will make your head hurt if you think too much about what it seems to be about. Better to concentrate on what it is actually about, which is that liminal period in your early 20s when you begin to transition into an adult, and realize how utterly terrifying and final that transformation is.
  • Simone
    WTF?! Co jsem to právě dočetla? Na počátku si říkáte, co to probůh čtete a ptáte se sami sebe, zda má vůbec smysl pokračovat, poněvadž právě ten smysl tomu dost chybí. Asi jako Saše, když se pídí nad významem svého nového vyučování.Stejně jako ona chcete ale vědět víc. A i přes šílené motivy postupujete dál a dál. Opět to začíná být dosti WTF, ale už úplně jiným způsobem. Vysvětlit to moc nejde. J...
  • Janka
    Uf, toto bolo velmi zvlastne. Sice mi neprinalezi hodnotit fantasy knižky, ked ich nemam tolko precitanych, ale aj tak si dovolim tvrdit, ze toto je zcela unikát a bude dost vynikat v tomto žánri. Zaujímavé, zaujimave, velmi zaujímavé.
  • Юля Білоус
    10 балів за оригінальність))) про дивних дітей, дітей з особливими талантами, з паранормальними можливостями чи з просто дивною зовнішністю книжок є досить, та й я останнім часом присіла на фентезі саме з темою "надлюдей". Сюжети в таких книжках, як ...
  • Katerina
    Таня! Это очень хорошая книжка, а три звезды я поставила потому, что читать ее жутко и страшно.Написанная удивительно хорошим русским языком повесть о девочке Сашке, которую против воли заставляют вставать в четыре утра и учиться-учиться-учиться,...
  • pax
    I'm so looking forward to the official English translation (please, please, please be a good translation) and to being able to recommend it to everyone. A proof that a book can be different - I will not even talk what the book is about, but just say that here is a fantasy book (or perhaps a speculative fiction book; or a postmodern book) that kept me reading non-stop for four days. A book that does not have an antagonist. A book that is not about...
  • Leonid
    Я полностью перекроен и уничтожен.Книжка рушит сознание, захватывает, увлекает в свою реальность и не отпускает до конца.До сих пор хожу по квартире как герои романа: тыкаясь во все стены.))Очень интересно написано про мотивацию, про любовь и стра...
  • Marina
    Одна из самых удивительных книг, которые я читала!Про авторов следует упомянуть то, что Марина, до писательства, была актрисой, а Сергей - психологом. Представляете, что они пишут!)))"Vita Nostra" является первой книгой в цикле "Метаморфозы". Молодая девуш...
  • Sadie Forsythe
    Oh, this was a wonderful read—slow and meticulous, with a tendency to make my brain quiver, but wonderful all the same. There is just so much atmosphere to it. It's easy to follow why Sasha does what she does, even though it should defy all logic. She's also a really relatable character, even in such an alien environment. There were some interesting side characters, who all played important roles and the story kept me on the edge of my seat. I ...
  • Tbfrank
    The "world" as hypertext...a product of human languageCreation myths take various forms, one of which states the world does not exist until the the objects within it are given names. A corollary states that knowing and uttering a True name conveys control over that object or being. Persons capable of wielding this power have been called shamans, magicians, gods, and writers. This particular theme makes a frequent appearance in fantastic literatur...
  • Mike
    3.0 out of 5 starsVita Nostra follows the plight of Sasha Samokhina, a Russian teenager who is enrolled at a mysterious college where she undergoes major transformations as she navigates social politics, her unique nature, and a bizarre cadre of peculiar professors.When I read Harry Potter for the first time, I dreamt about how wondrous and wonderful it would be if a place like Hogwarts existed. The school featured in Vita Nostra elicited the opp...
  • Anna
    I surprised myself by finishing it, and doing it so quickly. I am of the generation that grew up in Poland under communist rule and had Russian at school. Unlike many other kids, I loved Russian language, I thought it was so like music, and enjoyed the learning. But many years passed and apart from odd Russian website or a song I never had much contact with it since. The reviews of this book intrigued me. Just my kind of a book, I thought. I've t...
  • Fellini
    Закачала на планшет чуть ли не первое, что попалось под руку: просто потестить читалку. Открыла - и не смогла остановиться. Прочла почти на одном дыхании, в перерывах между преодолением бродов и грязей, пока прорубали тропы, пока ехали по лесным до...
  • Aleksandra
    Amazing book. So interesting, great characters. Somehow this book change me and my views. I like the way how the authors show us the change and feelings of main character. What can I say more? I'm still shocked after reading "Vita Nostra" :)
  • Loring Wirbel
    The Ukrainian couple Marina and Sergey Dyachenko, now living in California, are beloved in both Ukraine and Russia for their series of fantasy novels, most of them following princess-and-dragon templates. Vita Nostra, the first in the Metamorphosis trilogy, is another creature entirely. The Russian language edition has won over millions of fans since its publication 11 years ago, and the new English translation is only the second Dyachenko work t...
  • Valeria Storozenko
    Слушала аудиокнигу в озвучке Игоря Князева. Это даже не аудиокнига, а целый спектакль, с музыкой, персонажей можно безошибочно узнавать по интонациям. Игорь великолепен! Книга захватывает с первых строк, очень здорово описаны все переживания и м...
  • Shax
    Tak tohle byl zajímavý čtenářský zážitek...
  • Ints
    Sašas Samohinas dzīve ir pārvēršas murgā. Viņai ir izteikts piedāvājums, no kura nav iespējams atteikties. Pabeigusi skolu, Saša iestājas dīvainā institūtā. Speciālo Tehnoloģiju institūtā studenti ir līdzīgi briesmoņiem, bet pasniedzēji dēmoniem. Te viņu māca, tikai nevar saprast ko un kādēļ.Šī nu nepavisam nav Harijam Poteram līdzīgā grāmatas par to, kā jaunie burvji sasniedz savu pilnbiedru un dodas pasaulē...
  • Anatoly Belilovsky
    You have to wonder why a book this awesome is selling this poorly.First of all, it's hard to classify. I personally think it's YA, but the Russian YA experience around which this book revolves is much different from what we are used to; while it is basically a college-age narrative, there are parts of it that feel like junior high while others refer to what we think of as almost middle age experiences - often in the same scene with the same peopl...