Tell Me You're Mine by Elisabeth Norebäck

Tell Me You're Mine

In this riveting domestic suspense debut, a woman's life shatters when she meets a girl she believes is the daughter she lost years ago--and she finds that reclaiming the life she lost might cost her the life she has. Tell Me You're Mine is a story of guilt, grief, and the delicate balance between love and obsession. Where is the line between hope and madness?Three women: one who believes she has found her long lost daughter, one te...

Details Tell Me You're Mine

TitleTell Me You're Mine
Release DateSep 4th, 2018
PublisherG.P. Putnam's Sons
GenreThriller, Fiction, Suspense, Mystery

Reviews Tell Me You're Mine

  • Katie B
    2.5 starsLoved the first half of the book even if the writing was overly dramatic at times. Unfortunately, the rest of the book is a mess. Stella Widstrand, a psychotherapist, starts seeing a new patient named Isabelle. Stella is convinced Isabelle is her daughter who went missing twenty years ago and was never found. As Stella attempts to get answers, her world turns upside down. So it was very easy to get caught up in the story of whether this ...
  • Kendall
    Tell Me You're Mine was an interesting thriller to say the least. Stella Widstrand is a psychotherapist who starts seeing a new patient named Isabelle. Stella believes that Isabelle is her daughter who went missing twenty years ago and was never found. As Stella becomes obsessive with finding out the truth.. her world turns upside down. I was very curious of finding out if Isabelle was really Stella's missing child or if there is something else s...
  • Linda Strong
    The lives of 3 women collide with a deadly force. Three women: one who believes she has found her long lost daughter, one terrified she's about to lose her child, and one determined to understand who she truly is.Stella is a psychotherapist with a tragic past. More than 20 years ago her infant daughter disappeared. Authorities determined that she had somehow got out of her stroller and fell into the swirling waters and drowned. Even though there ...
  • Selena
    I received a free e-copy of Tell Me You're Mine by Elisabeth Noreback from NetGalley for my honest review. This book is told through the eyes of three different characters (Stella, Isabelle and Kerstin). Stella was on a family vacation by the sea twenty years ago. On that vacation, Stella's daughter disappeared and it was presumed that she drowned. All that remained was her red stroller which was turned over in the sand. Her body was never found....
  • Natàlia
    3,5 ⭐ 3,5 ⭐️
  • Moni
    Me ha gustado bastante, quizás en alguna parte se me hizo un pelin lento, pero luego no he podido parar de leer, trepidante!!! Lo que sí, es que me pareció que esta historia merecía un capítulo más o al menos un epílogo, yo que sé..
  • Darinda
    Twenty years ago, Stella's baby went missing while on a family vacation. Stella believed someone took her child, but the authorities in the case determined that the baby likely got too close to the ocean and drowned. Despite no body being found, the baby, Alice, was declared dead. However, Stella has continued to believe her child to be out there somewhere. Stella is now a therapist, and her new patient, Isabelle, bears a striking resemblance to ...
  • Mai Laakso
    Tukholmalaisen Elisabeth Norebäckin esikoistrilleri Sano että olet minun kiihtyi kirjan lopussa sellaiseen vauhtiin, että kirja oli luettava loppuun asti yön pimeinä tunteina, sillä tapahtumien vauhti oli sen verran kiihkeää ja koukuttavaa. Kirjan loppu kuvasi sitä, mitä kaikkea kauhutekoihin pystyvä ihminen tekee ajatellessaan vain itseään.Kirjassa on kolme kertojaa: Stella, Isabelle ja Kerstin. Kirjan kuvioissa muistellaan kahdenky...
  • Nikki (Saturday Nite Reader)
    When I read the synopsis for Tell Me You’re Mine I was sold. I am a fan of suspense/thriller books and the “is this my long lost daughter” narrative seemed very intriguing. Stella is almost 40, a successful psychotherapist, in a loving marriage with Henrik, and they share a young son, Milo. She may seem to have it all together, but Stella was part of another family: one broken leaving her permanently fractured.In her late teenage years, lov...
  • Alba Amor por los libros
    2,5/5*Aunque se lee súper rápido y en cierta manera ha sido adictivo, lo cierto es que en las primeras 350 paginas o así no pasa absolutamente nada, solo conocemos a las mujeres sobre las que gira la trama. Lo ha salvado que la narración de La autora es muy ligera y directa y muy agradable de leer, sino creo que hubiera sido un libro muy pesado y aburrido. Las últimas páginas si que están más llenas de acción y es donde ocurre todo. Tamp...
  • PinkAmy loves 💕 books📖, cats😻 and naps🛏
    ***Thanks to First to Read for providing me a complimentary copy of TELL ME YOU’RE MINE by Elisabeth Norebäck in exchange for my honest review.***Teenage mom Stella’s baby Alice disappears and is presumed dead. Twenty years later, now a therapist, Stella believes new client Isabelle is actually Alice. Her husband thinks her psychiatric problems have returned. Stella thinks someone, possibly Alice’s kidnapper, is gaslighting her.TELL ME YOU...
  • Inés
    3'5 ⭐
  • Entre mis libros y yo
    3,5⭐ 3,5⭐️
  • Mis Lecturas
    3'5 / 5 ⭐
  • Amanda (Kindled)
    This book is one of many that have been written lately using the unreliable narrator trope. Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train, and The Woman in the Window come to mind.I spent the majority of the novel not knowing whether or not Stella's beliefs and suspicions were justified and whether everyone in Stella's life wants her to move on from the loss of her child because it would be easier for them, not necessarily easier for her. I vacillated between...
  • dracos99
    Aunque ultimámente he leído varios de los thrillers tildados de psicológicos, con algunas decepciones; con este no ha sido el caso. Me ha gustado como la autora nos va desarrollando la trama, del antes y del ahora, alternando capítulos narrados por las principales protagonistas; además, con esto, consigue "ocultarnos" cosas que sería muy forzado de ser un único narrador. El ritmo de narración es rápido, los acontecimientos presentes se v...
  • Princess
    I received a copy of this as a download from Edelweiss! I didn’t even have to request it. This book started out slow for me, but the ending was great. There were many twists and turns and my heart aches for Stella and Alice. Worth the read
  • Bandit
    With a title like that you just know it’s going to have something to do with a very specific, obsessive kind of love. The kind a mother might, though really shouldn’t, have for her child. And there it is. Love. Obsession. Motherhood. The pillars of estrogen based modern psychological suspense thriller. Split narrative model of storytelling, but the main protagonist gets the most page time, because, of course, it’s pretty fun to watch a psyc...
  • Liliana Luna
    3.5 en realidad.Es un thriller que te mantiene entretenida y enganchada porque quieres saber que pasa en la historia y descubrir los secretos que rodean a las protagonistas, me ha gustado y la manera en que esta escrita es muy fluida.
  • Villivonkansbooks
    Om din ettåring försvann, skulle du känna igen henne 20 år senare? I sitt jobb som psykoterapeut möter Stella plötsligt Isabelle som kommer dit för samtal. Är det hennes dotter?Jag förstår varför Säg att du är min redan är såld till över 20 länder. Vilken fantastisk debut!! Den är fängslande redan från första sidan. I kapitlen får vi omväxlande följa Stella som förlorat sin dotter för drygt 20 år sen, Isabelle som flytt...
  • Jen
    Tell Me You're Mine is a domestic suspense with an interesting concept. Told from multiple perspectives, we meet Stella and Isabelle. Stella is a psychotherapist who meets with her new client, Isabelle. She is astonished and adamant that Isabelle is her daughter that disappeared more than twenty years ago. This meeting begins a ride towards a stunning conclusion. I enjoyed the fast paced nature of the story and the various twists. While I figured...
  • Montse Martín Domínguez
    En realidad un 4,5. Únicamente tiene un fallo, que le resta media estrella. Un trhiller psicológico en toda regla. Más que recomendable.Mi opinión aquí:
  • Renee
    I read Tell Me You're Mine on a hot summer day and it was an enjoyable beach read. The story is told by Stella, Isabelle, and Kerstin. Stella is a psychotherapist with a tragic past. Many years ago, Stella, her partner, and their 1-year-old daughter Alice went on a vacation. Alice goes missing and even though the infant's body is never found, the investigation deems it an accidental drowning and the case is closed. Stella has always believed some...
  • Saskia Vogelaar
    Man man, wat een goed boek was dit. Hef is een heel goed geschreven boek met een verhaal dat goed in elkaar steekt. Ook al was het plot niet heel verrassend. Het is een van de beste boeken die ik dit jaar gelezen heb.
  • Felicia
    Du kmr inte att ångra dig, läs denna!! Elisabeth är gåtfull genom hela romanen och bygger upp en spänning som gör att man bara vill fortsätta läsa!!! ❤
  • Dini Van heumen-hoekman
    Een heerlijk debuut. Boeiend vanaf het begin tot het einde, ook al had ik de plot al ingevuld.
  • Вени
  • Kirja Vieköön!
    Minusta tämä oli hyytävä ja huippujännittävä psykologinen trilleri. Hienosti kehitelty juoni ja uskottavat henkilökuvat.
  • Laura