I Will Never Leave You by S.M. Thayer

I Will Never Leave You

All they want is a baby—and they’ll do anything to have one. Banking heiress Trish and her husband, James, seem to have it all, from a lavish lifestyle to a historic mansion in the nation’s capital. All that’s missing from their privileged life is a baby.So when Trish sees Anne Elise for the first time, it’s no surprise that she falls deeply in love. There’s just one problem: Trish isn’t the mother. The baby belongs to Laurel, Jame...

Details I Will Never Leave You

TitleI Will Never Leave You
Release DateSep 1st, 2018
PublisherThomas & Mercer
GenreThriller, Fiction

Reviews I Will Never Leave You

  • Katie B
    Truly a dysfunctional cast of characters to put it mildly. Trish wants nothing more than to have a baby with her husband James. But even her wealth and privilege can't get her pregnant. James meanwhile has been naughty and got his mistress, Laurel, knocked up. When he tells Trish she should divorce him so he can be with Laurel and his newborn daughter, that doesn't go over well. Trish becomes obsessed with the baby and thinks her dream of having ...
  • Joey R.
    1.5 Stars—I just finished S.M.Thayer’s first book, “I Will Never Leave You” and I cannot recommend it. This is a book I felt I should like as the writing style and ability of the author is good and the premise is intriguing: infertile wife of adulterous husband becomes obsessed with her husband’s lover’s newborn baby and comes up with a plan to make the baby her own. But, even though the premise is interesting, the story itself is rid...
  • Ninoska Goris
    English – EspañolIt starts perfect and intriguing. Trish carrying the newly born Anne Elise and thinking that her eyes are very similar to hers, and then we find out that she isn’t her daughter but her husband’s lover.Unfortunately it goes from madness to madness, falling into boredom. Once I fell asleep and my brain continued with the book and when I woke up I had imagined pieces to the story. It never happened to me!Trish Riggs is the da...
  • RedRedtheycallmeRed
    It got off to a strong start, but really went downhill from there. The story is told from three POV: Trish, James and Laurel. All three suck, but James is the worst. I kept wondering why two grown women are fighting for this knob? The only likable character was the baby, and I was worried the poor thing wouldn’t survive those three idiots. Trish was initially a sympathetic character (12 years of trying to conceive), but then the author couldn...
  • Darcia Helle
    This book starts with an intriguing premise, but the execution is a disaster. Right at the beginning, we witness James introducing his wife to his mistress and new daughter. The way it's done is ridiculous, and the characters' reactions are laughable. This whole scene is more parody than realistic fiction, but I persevered, hoping it would all make sense as the story goes on. It doesn't. James, Trish, and Laurel all have narrating parts, and all ...
  • Geralyn
    As I read this book I couldn't help but wonder if it had been written by aliens from Mars or by AI. The characters, dialog, and plot were written as if by someone who didn't quite understand human nature or human conversations. I almost stopped reading it 25% of the way through, but I felt the need to keep going to see if the author ever got it right. He didn't. It was as if he were trying to combine the styles of Fitzgerald and Chandler with a c...
  • Deborah
    How does something this poorly-written even get published?
  • PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps
    I’ve had horrible luck choosing Kindle First books lately, or perhaps the quality of the choices has deteriorated. The best thing about this book was that it was free. I’m not in the mood to write a negative review, so I’ll stop here.
  • Pamela Beckford
    What a stupid book. If it was s movie, it would have been a parody. I should have quit reading this at the beginning and not wasted my time. The premise was laughably far fetched.
  • Anna Maria
    Worst load of ridiculous tosh I have read in a long time. It may suit other readers it did nothing for myself. If that is a debut novel, I best write one myself.
  • Darinda
    Trish and James seem like a couple who has everything, but nothing is as perfect as it seems. Trish desperately wants a baby, but she and James have been unable to conceive. However, James's mistress Laurel just had a baby. Laurel wants Trish out of the picture, so she and James can be a family. Trish wants the baby.Told with alternating points of view - Trish, Laurel, and James. Trish is a wealthy woman and has everything she wants, except for a...
  • Sara
    First, I'll be totally honest. I don't really like thrillers. I don't read them as a rule. I am not crazy about books that make me anxious. I get enough of that in the real world. But I had read short stories by this author. His work is distinctive and often rather haunting, even disturbing. I was interested in seeing what he did with this novel. I'm glad I did. SM Thayer's writing is strong, more literary than the few page-turner, plot-driven no...
  • Natasha Routhier
    This book is painful to read from start to finish. The characters are unrelatable and unlikeable. The plot is unbelievable. The book is poorly written and the dialogue is just a joke. This was an incredible waste of my time. Everyone is trying to write the next Gone Girl, but this doesn’t even come close.
  • Kevin
    Has SM Thayer ever encountered an infant?So many things in this novel are off about how an infant behaves and reacts.I also couldn’t find any empathy with any of the characters.
  • Michelle
    Jimmy Wainsborough is caught between a rock and a hard place. His mistress Laurel has just given birth to their daughter and is pressuring him to divorce his wife. The book opens with him introducing his wife Trish to his newborn child. Talk about rubbing salt in the wound. For years Jimmy and Trish have struggled with infertility issues trying everything short of surrogacy to have a child of their own. By all accounts he is a kept man; without T...
  • The Drowsy Bookworm
    3.5 Wow!! This book totally came back after a slow first half and sucked me in. The characters are all insane but there’s an innocent baby at the center of everything. It made my stomach twist with anxiety!! And that ending gave me chills. Sheesh...————Previous: 1.99 Kindle first book....excited to get to this after my current read. Blurb sounds delightfully twisted.
  • Tracey
    Worst book I've read in yearsI thought first reads books were supposed to be good...But this one which is billed a Thriller is so very bad. It's written like a kid wrote it it, and there was never a mystery or thrilling but ever!! I kept going hoping it'd improve. But sadly it got sillier.
  • Emily
    I'm setting this aside. I've read 50 pages, and nothing has happened to catch my interest. There's just a whole lot of talking in circles. I was really looking forward to this one because it sounded like it would be right up my alley, but it just didn't work out.
  • Dee
    Most surprising to me is that I did finish this. I read to the end, just hoping somehow, someway, the story could be redeemed.The characters were shallow and unrealistic and the plot, just silly. The story made no sense and then the end, well, that was weird.I see that there is a second book, one that I definitely will not be purchasing or getting for free from Kindle First Reads, which is the way I got this one.
  • Jess Penhallow
    Okay so this was objectively pretty bad but almost in a so-bad-it's-good way. The plot and characters were absolutely ridiculous. No one would ever act in the way these characters act or think the way they think. The author did a good job of making me hate all of the three POV characters and wishing this baby was taken far away from them all! The action also escalated at a ridiculous rate with the first 2/3rds of the book being sniping and schemi...
  • Roma Sharma
    I’m conflicted on the rating I want to give this book. But I was highly engaged with the story and hence I’ve rated it a 4. All the characters are highly dislikable; flawed, selfish and creepy. The characters make your skin crawl at times. The book shows you that nastiness exists across different social strata. There are a few twists and turns throughout the book that keep you engaged. The story is interesting and you want to see how it plays...
  • Becky
    Whose Baby?Each of the characters in this book is annoying. Rich and poor alike they were weak and so selfish. Saying that, I did not want to put the book down until the story was complete. Newborn babies do not respond like described in this story. There were several explanations that were repeated, almost like cut and pasted. I felt the plot was good; but, needed more developing and less repetition. This was not a thriller and the twists were p...
  • Caitlyn
    Absolutely awful. The premise wasn't bad but the writing was atrocious. The characters were inconsistent and bizarre and many of the events in the story, including the ending, were completely ridiculous.
  • Pat Haan
    This is the first book I have ever read where I didn’t like any of the characters.
  • Lindsey
    2 Stars for the first 50% and 3 Stars for the second half. I just could not connect to any of these characters. At first I was intrigued by the fact that I could not tell who "the bad guy" was and then I didn't care because they all sucked. (Except Laurel) It just never clicked for me.
  • Pamela Scott
    https://thebookloversboudoir.wordpres...This is my first time reading the author. It will likely be my last. Someone who writes such a piece of crap does not deserve a second chance. I Will Never Leave You is an awful book, just awful. I’ve read the odd stinker but this is a whole new level of awful. First up, the book is not a thriller. There is nothing thrilling about it. The novel opens is a compelling way. I was intrigued. This didn’t las...
  • Jenny
    Thayer lost me at a wife having a super creepy obsession with her husband's mistress' baby....yikes. not for me.
  • Cynthia
    This book was awful and I honestly do not understand why I bothered to finish it. The dialogue was ridiculous and the whole plot was convoluted and unbelievable. The author seems to be obsessed with farts because he mentioned them three or four times in the book. During a serious scene between the husband and wife she mentions that he gives her a look as if he just smelled her fart ( or something along those lines I just have no interest in going...
  • Tom
    This book was flip flop the whole time. The concept of the story was really good and the writing style I very much liked. Reason I gave this book a 3 stars was because of the fact that it was flip flop and the characters I didn't like that much. But as I said the writing was good and when another book comes out from this author I will give him another chance.
  • Danielle Duran
    Poor character development. Lazy plot.I wasted my prime pick of the month on this Don't do the same. Wish there was some lead into this story rather a cold intro into the ensuing nonsense.