Becoming by Michelle Obama


An intimate, powerful, and inspiring memoir by the former First Lady of the United States.In a life filled with meaning and accomplishment, Michelle Obama has emerged as one of the most iconic and compelling women of our era. As First Lady of the United States of America—the first African-American to serve in that role—she helped create the most welcoming and inclusive White House in history, while also establishing herself as a powerful advo...

Details Becoming

Release DateNov 13th, 2018
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Biography, Politics

Reviews Becoming

  • Emily May
    I’d been lucky to have parents, teachers, and mentors who’d fed me with a consistent, simple message: You matter. As an adult, I wanted to pass those words to a new generation. Look, I'm not a happy crier. I might cry at songs about leaving and missing someone; I might cry at books where things don't work out; I might cry at movies where someone dies. I've just never really understood why people get all choked up over happy, inspirational thi...
  • Elyse Walters
    Audiobook read by Michelle ObamaFor the past three days - all I wanted to do was listen to Michelle Obama..... I cried - or was teary-eyed so many times - I lost count. THIS BOOK must be ‘especially’ special to her immediate family and closest friends ....but it’s also a great gift to the rest of us. Nobody else but Michelle could have written this book - it’s so MICHELLE’S STORY! She is gifted in her ability to express her own emotions...
  • Chrissie
    The audiobook is wonderful. Hearing Michelle tell her own story is better than reading her words in a book. She speaks clearly, with emotional feeling and at a perfect speed. I have given the narration performance five stars.The writing is heartfelt, clear and well formulated. We start at Michelle’s youth and learn about her family. The telling moves forward chronologically, concluding in 2017 when Michelle and Barack left the White House. Each...
  • Eric Anderson
    Like many people, I eagerly read Michelle Obama’s memoir “Becoming” as soon as it was published this week. It’s important that this book has come out now and there’s many reasons to be excited about it. I’m not only excited about it because she’s a former first lady as well as being an icon in her own right or her historic importance as the first African American First Lady who is the great great granddaughter of a slave. And not ju...
  • Larry H
    "I was humbled and excited to be First Lady, but not for one second did I think I'd be sliding into some glamorous, easy role. Nobody who has the words 'first' and 'black' attached to them ever would. I stood at the foot of the mountain, knowing I'd need to climb my way into favor."God, do I miss the Obamas.Since I've had the right to vote, two presidents have energized and excited me—Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. That's not to say that I agre...
  • Jessica
    If you like Michelle Obama, you are going to like this book. Her delightful personality shines through. It's thoughtful, well-written, and willing to go everywhere. If you don't like Michelle Obama, you're going to write a snarky one-star review complaining that she criticizes Donald Trump, conveniently forgetting that he was among the primary architects of the false, racist claim that her husband was lying about his citizenship. She's got every ...
  • Holli
    This book is poorly written. Only fans of M.O. could possibly like this book as it doesn't stick to facts. They are the only ones allowed to give reviews of it. I wonder what is being said about Trump books? My review has been deleted twice. Hopefully I am allowed to say this little bit.
  • Dee's Books
    A must read-- Michelle Obama's memoir, "Becoming" will hold you while you breathe in her moving story and literally become stuck in her words as they resonate a vivid profile of a strong African-American woman who has a heart of gold with very strong values and character. This book is more than her being an iconic FLOTUS, it's about her entire life: her hopes, dreams, life lessons, etc. ! I will not give spoilers but know this-- this memoir will ...
  • Jerrika
    Chiiiiiilld the reviews from those who haven't read the book but already don't like it!? LOL, one even said "How unbecoming of a former first lady" or something along those lines completely ignoring the fact that MOST former first ladies write memoirs starting with Eleanor Roosevelt. Lawd the ignorance runs deep in some people. Anyway, I've always been a Michelle stan so she's finna get these 5 stars. The book is a classic memoir, written in the ...
  • Allyson Stallman
    Could. Not. Put. Down. You really are pulled into the writing, to the point that you really feel as if you’re sitting in front of her listening to her tell you about her remarkable life. The give-and-take of her marriage to Barack, the trials of IVF, the joy (and pain) of parenthood to their life in politics in Chicago and onward to the White House (a place Michelle never thought Barack would end up!). Finally to the epilogue where we find Mich...
  • Jerry
    Michelle Obama comes from a unique position that only 45 women have ever known. But even more unique, of course, is that she is the first First Lady of color, and in that respect she is in a class of her own. This was an enlightening book and very well written by a brilliant lawyer and mother and wife. The book is inspirational and uplifting. I definitely recommend.
  • Katy
    What an insightful, honest, and graceful memoir from an amazing woman.
  • Ariel
    After eight years with confident, witty, unfailingly graceful Michelle Obama - First Lady of the United States, it was a great experience getting to know Michelle Obama - The Person. As a black woman, I've been in some of the places she found herself and I hope that when I reflect on my own life at 54, I can say I did it with as much courage as she has.
  • Amie Jackson
    THIS is what I've been waiting for. 😊
  • Sage
    This gorgeous memoir is absolutely stunning. I didn’t think it was possible to love Michelle Obama any more than I do already and then I read this book and This made me cry/tear up an embarrassing amount, and also made me laugh out loud a lot too. The way she weaved her narrative together and peppered in anecdotes was masterful, and I loved hearing her talk about her family and daughters, and her relationship with Barack in and out...
  • Brenda Nelson
    Great Read!!I read a lot of negative reviews, but I don’t understand why. I enjoyed reading her story from her perspective. Some parts made me sad; however, I’ll always view Michelle Obama as a role model.
  • Book Addict Shaun
    What a truly remarkable woman and what an amazing book. I highly recommend everybody to read this. I’m not going to pretend to know about politics in the US (I don’t even keep up with them much in the UK) but this book is about so much more than that and is a no holds barred account of the life of a girl from the South Side of Chicago to the First Lady of the United States. I have to say I had no idea about her life or her roots before pickin...
  • Jenifer
    By the time I got to the end of the first page of Michelle Obama's captivating memoir, I knew I was going to spend the whole rest of the day (and night) binge-reading it. Obama steers clear of gossip, scandal, controversy and, for the most part, politics...and still tells a fascinating, inspiring story about her incredible life from her earliest memories to the present. Michelle's writing often reflects her down-to-earth demeanor and sharp sense ...
  • Lois
    This was more relatable than I thought it would be. Michelle is a decade older than me and grew up in Chicago. I grew up in Detroit. Honestly her story at least at the beginning, made her feel like a cousin. Read by the author in her soft and cultured voice. Just beautifully done!
  • Liz
    This book felt like a warm hug. I listened to the audiobook, and I loved hearing all about Michelle Obama's life, and the experiences that have molded and shaped her. I expected to love hearing about her life as First Lady (and I did), but my very favorite part was when she talked about being a young married woman and mother, and how she balanced her ambition, her husband's ambition, kids, and life generally. I remember people pressuring her to r...