The Golden Tresses of the Dead (Flavia de Luce #10) by Alan Bradley

The Golden Tresses of the Dead (Flavia de Luce #10)

Flavia de Luce, the twelve-year-old chemist and amateur detective "with better than an average brain," is eager to turn professional. She and her father's valet, Dogger, have founded a detective agency, Arthur Dogger & Associates, and unexpectedly cut into their first case during the revelry at her sister Ophelia's wedding reception. After an eventful ceremony with a missing best man and spontaneous ventriloquist act, spirits are high as Feely an...

Details The Golden Tresses of the Dead (Flavia de Luce #10)

TitleThe Golden Tresses of the Dead (Flavia de Luce #10)
Release DateJan 1st, 1970
GenreMystery, Historical, Historical Fiction, Fiction

Reviews The Golden Tresses of the Dead (Flavia de Luce #10)

  • Holly
    Its so nice to catch up with Flavia:) After the death of her father and her oldest sister getting married, she and Dogger set up their own investigative agency. Something is up in Bishop's Lacey and Flavia sets out to find out what. Two missionaries from Africa are staying at Buckshaw but Flavia thinks there's something not right about the two ladies. Leave it to Flavia to be curious and want to "snoop". Her and Dogger are quite the team! It's no...
  • Judy Lesley
    Our little girl is growing up and, frankly, I'm glad to see it. Flavia is still only 12 years old but life hasn't been kind to her so this is the book where she is allowed to grieve for all the heartaches in her young life. Add to that the marriage of her sister Ophelia and Flavia needed this investigation to get her through some tough times. Arthur W. Dogger & Associates, Discreet Investigations tells us all we need to know about where this book...
  • Alisha
    I always enjoy an excursion into the world of Flavia de Luce, the chemistry whiz-kid and mystery-solver extraordinaire of rural 1950's England. The mystery in this installment took a back seat to the characters--and there were really only two to focus on, Flavia, and her father-figure/crime-solving-partner Dogger. These two interact beautifully, and Flavia continues to mature emotionally in small ways as she's growing up.The book did suffer a bit...
  • Beth Cato
    I received this galley via NetGalley. To be clear about my excitement about this 10th book in the Flavia series, let it be known that I stalked NetGalley for the past several weeks, checking every few days to see if this book had shown up yet. When it did appear, I immediately put in my request. When it was approved a few hours later, I squealed with glee.So yeah, you might say my expectations were high.The Golden Tresses of the Dead revives all ...
  • Megan
    In this 10th installment life for Flavia is full of changes. The most noticeable is her sister Feely's marriage. The more subtle is changes in Flavia herself as she is on the verge of becoming a teenager. Never fear though, Flavia is still a girl that loves chemistry and solving crimes. Imagine her excitement when a human finger is found in her sister's wedding cake! She views it as the perfect first case for her and Dogger to investigate, which ...
  • Fran
    Flavia is back and better than ever. It is an adjustment, having the formerly reticent Dogger as such a vocal main character, but the relationship between them is delightful as always. The mystery was sound and I enjoy the recent story arcs much more than the previous outlandish spy tangent.
  • Kristen Beverly
    After finding a finger in Ophelia’s wedding cake, Dogger and Flavia team up to investigate. As they investigate more foul events are afoot. Can Dogger and Flavia figure out who-dun-it before anything else bad happens? Dogger comes to life in this latest installment of the Flavia de luce series and that is really fun to see. It is a very mystery-driven plot and not so much on the character development side for Flavia, which I had been enjoying i...
  • Angie Boyter
    Flavia goes pro!When I burst out laughing just reading the description of a book, I have high hopes for an enjoyable read. Of course, since I have read the nine previous Flavia de Luce novels, I would have high hopes already…. And I will leave you in suspense no longer: The Golden Tresses of the Dead is a fine continuation of the adventures of twelve-year-old Flavia de Luce, amateur chemist and no-longer-amateur detective. The book, narrated by...
  • Sarah Booth
    This was an advance reader's copy that happened to purloin with limitless glee as this is my favorite series and I had searched for it for quite a while and had co-workers keep an eye out for it for me. I love our heroine Flavia and the way she views the world. Tween (or is she 13 yet?) Chemist extraordinaire with wonderful deductive reasoning and a vast array of knowledge she's gleaned from reading and her sisters, she is the complete package.On...
  • Lady Jayme,
    Utterly charming and gleefully ghoulish, The Golden Tresses of the Dead is another knockout Flavia de Luce! I've seen this described as being the final book in this series, which is a bit sad but I'll deal with it by restarting the series and reading it all over again. The Golden Tresses of the Dead starts off with a momentous occasion: Feely is getting married! Huzzah! However, when the wedding cake is cut, a severed human finger is found inside...
  • Laura Hill
    Thanks to NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group for an advance reader copy in exchange for my honest opinion. Book to be released on Jan. 22, 2019. Writing: 4/5 Plot: 3.5/5 Characters: 3.5/5New word (to me): deliquescence — the process by which a substance absorbs moisture from the atmosphere until it dissolves in the absorbed water and forms a solution. Shakespeare’s sonnet on grave robbers starts “Before the golden tresses of the de...
  • Shari
    With both parents now dead, things are finally moving on in the de Luce house as Flavia's sister, Ophelia, is finally having the wedding of her dreams. But the wedding doesn't even end before Flavia and her new partner, Dogger, get their first case for the newly established, Arthur W, Dogger & Associates, Discreet Investigations, in the form of a human finger found in the wedding cake! Though only 12, Flavia has already solved her fair share of m...
  • Erika
    My most sincere thanks to Netgalley and Penguin Random House for the chance to read Flavia's newest adventure early and review it.I adore Flavia - her curiosity, her calculating mind, and her thirst for adventure. I also loved Dogger in this one and how he had a main role. Like Flavia says, he has said more words to other people during this investigation than he's said in all the others combined. Another great case for Flavia - these just keep ge...
  • Cori
    It doesn't seem that long ago when I read the first newly released Flavia de Luce novel, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, and now we are on number 10! Flavia is growing up but still solving crimes. Now she's working alongside Dogger as an associate of Arthur W. Dogger & Associates (Discreet Investigations), and I'm loving this fabulous duo. While the mystery part of the book was just OK, visiting with all my favorite characters more than m...
  • Kidlitter
    A DRC was provided by Edelweiss for a fair and honest review."Somewhere, a corner of the universe clicked into place, and the day brightened. I knew that things hereafter were never going to be the same."The 10th entry in the Flavia de Luce series couldn't arrive soon enough for her ardent fans, which says something about the comforting fun these books continue to provide. This latest frolic doesn't disappoint, provided the reader is fully satisf...
  • Kaijsa
    As much as I've enjoyed the Flavia de Luce series, I'm happy to see Flavia finally starting to grow up. It seemed like she would be eleven and it would be 1950 forever, and while her precociousness was charming at first, I started to feel a bit weary once we got several books deep. The previous book, The Grave's a Fine and Private Place, dealt with the aftermath of Colonel de Luce's death and the odious cousin Undine settling into Buckshaw for go...
  • Chris
    Review based on a digital ARC provided via NetgalleyIn his latest Flavia de Luce novel, Bradley deftly conjures a Flavia that is at once a young, carefree girl (scampering about on her trusty bicycle, Gladys) and a more mature young woman coming of age. The story begins with Feely’s wedding, which ends rather abruptly, throwing Flavia and her crew into one mystery after another, each seemingly separate, but perhaps tied together in some way. Th...
  • Cuppa
    Flavia de Luce rides again! Flavia is going pro with her mentor Dogger. They have formed the Arthur W. Dogger & Associates detective's agency to make "discreet investigations." Their first case is closer to home than they expected when an embalmed human finger is found in Flavia's sister's wedding cake. The finger points them (if you will excuse the pun) to a grim venture taking place under the noses of the respectable people in Bishop's Lacey. F...
  • Katra
    Thanks to NetGalley and Delcourte for making an advance copy available for an honest review.Rumors say that I must, but this is a series that I really hate to let go. The final offering in Alan Bradley's Flavia de Luce mysteries was a satisfying conclusion. I did miss the interaction with despicable sisters but the loathsome cousin Undine did her best to fill in. I am enjoying new antagonisms and perhaps companionship that will evolve between the...
  • Alice Teets
    I was given a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. In the latest entry in the Flavia de Luce series, Flavia and her mentor (and father figure), Dogger, have started a private investigation business. This was a much less dark book than the last few books. Flavia had some cause to celebrate with her oldest sister getting married, but of course there is a mystery to solve, and she and Dogger are on the c...
  • Laura M
    I had a rough time with the last few books in this series, but they have been inching closer to the origins and this one is pretty close to the Flavia I know and love! In this book, Dogger and Flavia open a detective agency. Sadly, their services are required sooner rather than later when a severed finger is found in Feely’s (Flavia’s sister, Ophelia’s) wedding cake. Flavia has a lot to deal with, what with the new agency, a finger without ...
  • Taylor Holt
    I was THE most excited when I saw that NetGalley had the newest Flavia mystery available. I love Flavia, and am always ready to read another of her escapades. This novel is a lovely addition to the canon - as Ophelia is finally getting married. But, of course, trouble is afoot. Immediately upon cutting the cake, Ophelia discovers someone's bloody finger. And everything snowballs from there. Flavia is thrilled to partner up with Dogger (an amazing...
  • Soup
    The Flavia de Luce series comes to an end (reportedly) with The Golden Tresses of the Dead, a bittersweet farewell for fans of the series like myself. The mystery is perhaps somewhat lacking, but this is a minor matter as much of the joy of the Flavia book is the characters themselves. Flavia is a little bit older and slightly more mature, Dogger is ever his faithful self, and the community appears to be accepting Flavia as a talented (if very yo...
  • Don
    I am always anxious to find and receive an advance reader copy of Flavia’s next adventure, more this time with a shift in narrative to include Dogger as a more prominate character. My least favorite characters, the sisters are little seen here. These stories warm my heart, which may seem odd as they are all murder mysteries akin to Agatha Christie, one of my favorite authors. I always seem to find a favorite quote in Bradley’s work, this time...
  • Patricia Ann
    After Flavia’s sister’s wedding, transformations were happening all round With the arrival of two missionaries from Africa, the story becomes more bizzare and mysterious, The newly formed detective agency has to solve the enigma of a human finger found in Ophelia’s wedding cake. I will miss reading this series since this is the final book. I enjoyed Alan Bradley’s similes, his familiarity of historical facts, and his knowledge of human na...
  • Clara
    What’s not to love about the latest Flavia de Luce adventure—begun when Flavia’s sister Ophelia finds a severed finger in her wedding cake. Having launched a detecting agency with her father’s former manservant, Dogger, the perfectly-suited partners deduce their way through another murder conveniently located within cycling distance (for the 12-year-old Flavia’s benefit) of Buckshaw, the ancestral home of the de Luce family. Author Alla...
  • Jo Ann
    I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley.I have enjoyed following Flavia in the Alan Bradley series. In this 10th installment, the reader sees the now teenage Flavia begin to mature and take on a more adult approach to matters. She and Dogger form a detective agency and solve their first case. Although she has successfully solved other mysteries by herself, Flavia is now more comfortable collaborating with others. While this mystery is not d...
  • Cathy
    By now, on this still-so-satisfying 10th outing with Flavia de Luce, one knows that the mysteries in these mystery novels are not the reason one reads Alan Bradley’s books. The mysteries would be standard fare without the magic ingredient of precocious British tween Miss Flavia de Luce, the irresistible and clever chemistry-lover who is drawn to death like flies to a corpse. As always, this book didn’t disappoint and, as always, I’m already...
  • Vanessa
    I love Flavia. This one was really good. In this, Flavia's sister, Feely gets married. Obviously, there is a severed finger in the cake. Then people begin dying and Flavia and Dogger begin one of their investigations, using science to solve the crimes. They are serious and humorous at the same time. I am especially beginning to enjoy the cousin, whose name I am completely blanking on. I think this series is great and young girls, especially, shou...
  • Melanie Coombes
    I always love reading another mystery involving the famous Flavia de Luce. In this installment of the series, their is a lot more focus on the relationship between Flavia and her new partner in crime solving, Dogger. The two of them work so well together and we also see a bit more of how Flavia is maturing. I do miss reading about Flavia's extended family, but her dad has since died and the older sister is now off and married. Still another fun r...