Paper Girls, Vol. 5 by Brian K. Vaughan

Paper Girls, Vol. 5

Can anyone escape fate? That’s what Mac and her fellow newspaper delivery girls must discover as they escape the year 2000 and travel to the distant future. Plus, the truth behind the mysterious “old-timers” is finally revealed.Collects PAPER GIRLS #21-25

Details Paper Girls, Vol. 5

TitlePaper Girls, Vol. 5
Release DateDec 11th, 2018
PublisherImage Comics
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Fiction

Reviews Paper Girls, Vol. 5

  • David Schaafsma
    “This day and age we’re living ingives cause for apprehensionWith speed and apprehensionAnd things like the Fourth Dimension.”(As Time Goes by, verse unused in Casablanca, lyrics Herman Hupfield)In this, the fifth volume, the girls are still in the future, there’s a war on, there’s old-timers. . . and the ultimate question here is about fate, and our potential to change the future. A mix of silliness and invention and devastating seriou...
  • Jenny Baker
    I wasn't expecting that ending at all! This series just keeps getting better and I can't wait to see how this story continues.
  • Donovan
    More time travel chaos and hilarious teenage badasses. Plus some answers and brief romance. To be utter temporal chaos!
  • Jerrie (redwritinghood)
    More time travel weirdness with the paper girls. This continues to be a great series. In this, the fifth volume, some things are starting to become clearer, but by no means clear.
  • E.
    Finally some fucking answers , babes!!Also, that was one hell of an ending. Boy, those girls do not get a break...
  • Devann
    I feel like this is one of those series where it's going to be very good in hindsight once it's finished, but as you are reading it the first time it's just like ...what??? Also I still think it's just the height of laziness that they are 'changing the time stream around them' or whatever and that's why future them don't remember any of this happening. It was nice to get a few more answers though and KJ and whatsherface are getting to be pretty a...
  • Drewthereader19
    1) Paper girls Vol. 1 4/5 stars2) Paper girls vol. 2 3/5 stars3) Paper girls vol. 3 5/5 stars4) Paper girls vol. 4 4/5 stars5) Paper girls vol. 5 4/5 stars6) Paper girls vol. 6 ? StarsOmg! That ending was so funny! Can't wait for the next one. Hopefully soon!(:
  • Josh
    I think I still like this. I mean, I can't say I understand it any more than I have in the past, but it feels like it's still good. Things are certainly still interesting. The art is cool. And I get the sense that the story is on its way to wrapping up at this point, so I'm curious to see where that goes.
  • Stuart
    Paper Girls (Vol 5): Story gaining momentum and richnessThis is the fifth volume of Brian K. Vaughan’s PAPER GIRLS, and the larger story is really starting to take shape. The early volumes were quite elliptical and disorienting, so it’s great to be able to understand the various storylines and the larger world-building that is revealed, and get to know and like the four main protagonists even more as they are thrown into a series of tense adv...
  • lit.erary.britt
    As our girls keep getting slung through time, some questions are answered, yet more are posed. I’m still pretty confused, to be honest, but this is such an enjoyable series. The art and coloring are just so gorgeous! I can’t wait to see where volume 6 takes us.
  • Melissa
    Another mind-bendy time-twisty ride with the Paper Girls!
  • Robert
    It feels like a penultimate volume. If there is more than one more, they're stretching it.
  • MKK
    Fabulous ! I can’t believe this series is apparently ending with Volume 6. There are so many loose ends. I’ll try not to spoil this but the romance was a pleasant surprise and the demise of a character was heroic. Love and death and the bountiful heart and soul of this great team of girls. I’m saving my 5 star rating for the finale ! Don’t let me down Vaughan.
  • Fox
    Oh man.This volume takes everything a step further. More answers, and more questions generated. More death and devastation. Can fates be changed? Can you truly live and and remain all right if you know when, how, and where you die? Or even see yourself die? How much can life be changed? Moreover, should it?Pieces of previous volumes are being filled in, and consequences are numerous. We learn that 'evil clone' is horrifically bigoted slang that w...
  • Ashley
    Before I started this, I was thinking "gee, I don't remember what happened in past issues." Normally when that happens, I'll back up and reread the most recent. But because I never know what's happening in this series, I just jumped right in. And remembering what happened wouldn't have helped with this volume. WHAT IS GOING ON?The most confusing part was this:HOW CAN CAN ANYONE OUTGROW THE BABY-SITTERS CLUB?!?!?!
  • Izza
    5 stars | That ending o.o
  • Lu
    Things are finally starting to make sense
  • Leslie
    This series has gotten so good. I was meh about the first volume but now it’s 💯 However, how in the heck does Mac go from expressing her internalized homophobia to being like ok cool let’s kiss. I just. Feel like I must have blinked and missed something.
  • Drown Hollum
    It's always pretty exhausting starting a new Paper Girls trade. The story is pretty convoluted at this point, and it's difficult to remember all the important beats. That hump doesn't last long though, because Vaughan and Chiang are silky smooth dudes, and it is incredibly easy to get back into their world of clean art and effortless dialogue. Plus you know there's going to be a wild cliffhanger at the end which will keep you hype for the next ar...
  • Zedsdead
    Visual spectacle, witty banter, time travelly twists, and a remarkable color scheme.Just when it looks like Vaughan is winding down, he shakes things up and we're off to the races again.
  • Jeff
    Since i felt this was one of the better volumes in the series, it occurred to me that (a) i must generally detract a star for "too many" fights or chase scenes, which i generally find to be boring, and (b) i don't remember any such scenes in vol 5. I like the girls and i'm interested in following their stories but i'll be happy when Vaughan and Chiang wrap it up later this year.
  • Sara
    Paper Girls, you were scarily prescient about the election. Those two panels in trade #2 made me wonder if Mr. Vaughan was test driving some of the time travel tech in the book. This one has some filler and some heartbreak and levels up the stakes and the confusion--and one of the greatest first kisses of the 22nd century.
  • Lara
    I still am so confused about who these people are and what the heck is going on, but I also still really like the characters and the art and am looking forward to the next volume!
  • Jenny Clark
    Paper Girls continues to be a whirlwind of a story. Everything is starting to come together, though there are still a few questions. The revelation about Mac was rather interesting as well.The art is pretty good, though a bit different from most other comics. A quick fun read for sure.Other than language and violence, this is also a pretty clean book over all.
  • Hâf
    A bit of a slow start, but by mid way through everything was happening at once. The details that were revealed in this volume were really interesting, and that cliffhanger ending was brilliant. I'm excited for volume 6!
  • rebeccca elane (pistachiobooks)
    3.5 starsNot sure what to say about this issue that I haven't said in my other reviews for this series. This wasn't as engaging as the other volumes but it was a super quick read and honestly, I'm too invested in this series to give up now. Still, firmly a member of the KJ support group, love my bby girl
  • Eli Claire
    These graphic novels just keep getting better and better - the story is still all over the place (I guess time travel does that), but events and people are making sense, and the crazy ending of this one just makes me even more eager to read the next!
  • Garrett
    Far more folding in on itself is beginning to happen in the story, and this might be the biggest cliffhanger yet, but I'm still wedded to this book. Super good stuff, fascinating layers to the various timelines and good payoffs around every corner. I'm in for the duration on this one.
  • Stephen Richter
    And now I am caught up with this fabulous series. Oh, and FU Bill Maher Lame Ass MOFO. Our favorite team of Paper Girls/Time Traveler go from 2000 and the y2k bug that destroyed that time to the far future and , crap still in Cleveland. Just another great series from BKV and friends.