Ice Cream Man, Vol. 2 by W. Maxwell Prince

Ice Cream Man, Vol. 2

This critically acclaimed series of not-so-sweet singular stories continues with four more tales of woe, redemption, and unlimited toppings.Collects ICE CREAM MAN #5-8

Details Ice Cream Man, Vol. 2

TitleIce Cream Man, Vol. 2
Release DateDec 18th, 2018
PublisherImage Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Horror, Fiction, Graphic Novels Comics

Reviews Ice Cream Man, Vol. 2

  • Sam Quixote
    Vultures feast on corporate executives’ innards, knife-wielding psychos in bird masks torture random strangers, a cowboy battles a demon, paramedics get high and drive around ignoring injured peeps, a clown commits suicide, and everything’s on fire - it’s the 2018 state of mind Ice Cream Man is back with a second volume: Strange Neapolitan! Annnnnd the series is still just ok. Like most anthologies, the quality varies. The opening story of ...
  • David Schaafsma
    The Ice Cream Man, Volume 2, is better than the first volume! I think both the writing and the art seem better, more coherent, like it is finding its true center. This is horror, featuring an evil Ice Cream man and a dark cowboy, Caleb, that suggests an over-arching narrative. Each of the four stories attempts something different, differently scary/creepy and creatively entertaining.The first is the story of a man falling off a 100-story building...
  • James DeSantis
    HOLY SHIT! Talk about a upgrade. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed some of volume 1 of Ice Cream Man but some of the stories didn't do much for me. This one? Goddamn, every story hit me hard. So what is Ice Cream Man? It's basically a bunch of stories broken up, and sometimes slightly connecting, but all centered around this evil entity known as Ice Cream Man. He's always in the background, or the main threat in each story. In this title we ha...
  • Sierra
    As good as the first, maybe even better!So far the Ice cream man has done a nice job of keeping a creepy pace. Its still an anthology and you dont even really need to read the first to know whats going on. Multiple lives, real imaginary friends and creepy clowns are just a few things we take on this round. The art continues to amaze and daze. Really, my only complaint is that we havnt found out a little more about the Ice creams origins or what t...
  • Anna Heidick
    This volume felt like a step up in story quality from the first volume. It's very well done. This Ice Cream Twilight zone is starting to get interesting. The fifth issue (first in this volume) was meh, but the rest was pretty good.
  • Susan
    While Volume 1 was clever, edgy and creepy this one just didn't do it for me. The stories were not very interesting and the ridiculous plot holes and overly convenient rescues were annoying. There's also a lot of animal death for no reason other than to be awful which I realize is one of the aims of this comic but it felt gratuitous and pointless. I give it two stars for the art and colouring but the stories get little love from me.
  • Candis 🦇 Crocket
    This was such an amazing experience! I normally don’t like short stories but this was truly a wild ride. I would recommend to anyone into creepy or horror graphic novels.
  • Goldilocks Reads (Jenna Vahue)
    I thought the first volume of Ice Cream Man was great, but Strange Neapolitan blew me away. I was absolutely struck by the creativity, art style, and underlying horror. This volume features four separate issues, but the main issue called Strange Neapolitan is a masterpiece. I don't believe there is any dialogue, but there may be in the strawberry panel. The comic is split into three sections like a classic Neapolitan ice cream: strawberry, vanill...
  • Juan
    I love this series because it is in a one-shot story format but still play a role, even if minute, to the big picture. I felt the need to reread the first volume before jumping into this one. Its not necessary but fun never the less.My gosh! I have so many questions. Coming off the end of Vol. 1, its finding out what is the origin of both the Ice Cream Man and Caleb. By issue 8 I am left wondering WHERE THE HELL ARE WE??? Is it possible the entir...
  • Norman
    This volume feels a little more grounded than the first volume - like there’s some underlying story brewing. Of course, that isn’t to say it’s not a whacky presentation. Still short stories, vignettes about people becoming something they might otherwise not be - or maybe they’ve always been that way - and this Ice Cream Man guy is the “devil” apparently? Or does he represent the inner darkness within us all? I read all these issues mu...
  • Simon
    Although I still feel like this is a pretty effective horror series, this volume definitely leans pretty heavy on the art, which keeps knocking it out of the park. The plot, though, starts to introduce serialized elements and mythology, which isn't going all that smoothly as that part of the book feels both too sparse (a page or two per issue) and way too rushed at the same time (the confrontation in issue 7 and the "twist" in issue 8 feel like p...
  • Ushnav Shroff
    After the erratic but eccentric stories of the first volume, I was hopeful about the second volume taking shape along the same lines. And that was how I began Ice Cream Man .However, while the first story within the second volume excited me to no end with its premise, it somehow felt incomplete by the time it got over. Up next, thankfully, The Little Poltergeist had a promising start and sweetly lived up to my expectations.The last story, Eme...
  • Kelsey
    Vol 1 was interesting and creepy at times, but I feel like the creators really hit their stride in this one. Highly recommend for people enjoy witty black comedy. It's really quite dark, but some of the punchlines are just fantastic, and the storytelling really drives home some interesting points about human nature. Looks like the ghoulish antagonist will return for more stories in the future...
  • Drucilla
    There are a couple of standout stories here, but because all of the stories (both in this volume and the previous one) take place in the same town, it's probably best to read them back to back. It's just cool to actually recognize the cameos and connections.
  • Sam
    Definitely not as good as Volume One. I sped through this in about a half hour and was slightly disappointed. I hope these stories are important for the next volume and this was just filler. If not I may not continue with this series.
  • Alvarito
    This is a weird horror comic book, it’s starting to get form, and I’m just tempted to see what’s going to happen. By next issue it’s in a point we’re it can become and amazing Story, or just another shitty thing
  • Derek Lim
    For a guy who loves weird shit, this latest volume seems to be pushing all the correct little nodes and buttons for me. Issue 5 through 8 were just nuts, each with their own ballads of violence, twisted body horror shit and also, poignancy. You'll know which one I'm talking about.
  • Molly
    The specific issue/storyline "Strange Neapolitan" is so goddamn good I want to yell things about it loudly for all time. It is just an absolute triumph of writing and design and an excellent use of comics as a storytelling medium. READ IT.
  • John Funderburg
    The stories and art style are superb, but everything in this book is horrendously bleak. I know that's the point, but man, not a single solitary beam of narrow sunlight in these pages. Engaging ideas, but I don't know if I could recommend this one.
  • Shannon
    Individual issue reviews: #5 | #6 | #7 | #8Current review score: 1
  • John
    Four beautifully horrific scoops.
  • Olivia Simpson
    Twisted, so good.
  • Camina
    This volume was crazier then the first, wow...
  • Kellen Blair
    This series is SO weird, but I love it. Feels like vintage horror with a contemporary edge. Lots of twisted fun.
  • Caleb
    The best thing to happen every month.
  • Zachariah
    That rushed a little faster than expected. Enjoyed a lot of these stories. Mainly Neapolitan with the three possible stories based on when the man finishes his Neapolitan ice cream.
  • Jake Harris
    I liked this better than the first collection, especially No. 8. Each anthology builds to a bigger point, and a larger commentary on peoples suffering and our communal grief.
  • Dave
    Volume 2 is just as fantastic and perhaps even better than volume 1. If you love horror or mystery comics you need to read check this series out.
  • Kelly K
    This was oddly deep but WHAT IS HAPPENING