The Walking Dead, Vol. 30 by Robert Kirkman

The Walking Dead, Vol. 30

New friends. New enemies. New threats. It's a whole new world. Collects THE WALKING DEAD #175-180.

Details The Walking Dead, Vol. 30

TitleThe Walking Dead, Vol. 30
Release DateSep 11th, 2018
PublisherImage Comics
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Horror, Zombies, Fiction

Reviews The Walking Dead, Vol. 30

  • Sam Quixote
    Rick and his jolly band come across a new group: the Commonwealth! And so begins the same old story – can they trust them or is they nutballs?What a boring book! The Commonwealth aren’t that bad a bunch despite having Stormtroopers and a Joffrey-esque shithead second-in-line to power, so the characters spend the entire volume looking about this large (by Walking Dead standards) town and bugger-all else! Princess is still hanging around, up in...
  • Matthew
    Let the allegory of Capitalism vs. Socialism begin!Not a whole lot of zombie action in this volume. Mostly just a lot of introductions that have a strong resemblance to the many other times we have met new people in this series. Getting a bit repetitive, perhaps?At this point, I cannot tell if there are truly bad guys, or if the next step in the series will just be political debates and arguments over whose post zombie apocalypse ideas are the be...
  • Sarah
    I enjoyed this volume. There wasn’t a lot of zombie action but quite a bit happened for a few different characters. Kirkman also introduced a few new characters and I’m glad he’s actually fleshing new characters out because in the past, new characters were coming and going and none of them were standing out to me. I’m really interested to see what happens next with the new story that was introduced. It’s something quite different and I...
  • Chad
    Well, we meet the new group in Ohio called the Commonwealth. Kirkman seems to be going out of his way to make everyone we meet a huge a-hole. This whole class system thing they've set up is set up really poorly, where they just set you up with what you were in the past. It almost feels like they are talking to people from another planet where they can't even understand how people live without a ladder to climb. Yes, class systems would probably n...
  • Ben Brown
    The Walking Dead, Vol. 30: 180 issues in, and “The Walking Dead,” somehow, is still trucking along as strong as ever. With this latest arc, Robert Kirkman introduces an entirely new element into the series - the return, more or less, of a fully functioning, “modern” civilization – and then proceeds to set our favorite characters loose into this all new playground let them react to it. The result is, for my money, one of the series’ be...
  • Michael Finocchiaro
    Great story. Love the Michonne subplot and the new intrigue. Can’t wait for 31!
  • Ryan Buckby
    A whole new world is opening up and this issue we see a group travel to Ohio which is the biggest distance anyone has traveled to in this world this far. Plot: Robert Kirkman has once again expanded on this world and i'm happy that we are now moving into another part of the country and with a whole new group thats the biggest one to ever be introduced in the walking dead world. The Commonwealth is the new massive community that we are finally i...
  • Teresa
    The first thing my husband says when he sees this: "Why are there Stormtroopers?" Hah! That was great. But why ARE there Stormtroopers? This volume picks up right where the previous one left off: an encounter with a new community that Eugene had been communicating with. The majority of this novel focuses on the Commonwealth, a community of over fifty thousand people. They basically have their own army, hence the armored outfits, and people live l...
  • Rod Brown
    On a page by page basis, this is a strong volume in a long-running series. My only reservation is that Walking Dead story cycles are sort of turning into Star Trek episodes with our core group constantly seeking out new life and new civilizations, and when first contact is made we discover new problems or flawed leaders that cause conflict with our heroes. This time the flaw seems to be a creepy/timely class system with privileged elites. I'm sur...
  • Anthony
    Yes, I'm still reading this. I have given up on the show, though I'm carrying on with the comic for a bit longer. Though it does feel a bit repetitive now...
  • Nancy
    Eugene and Michonne's group finally arrives in Ohio to meet the woman Stephanie that Eugene has been communicating by ham radio with. Instead they are met by a large group of soldiers, decked out in Stormtrooper type of gear, and taken to meet Lance who wishes to interrogate the group. Turns out they are on the outskirts of The Commonwealth, a group of survivors 50K strong. We then meet Pamela, the governor, and find out this large group has base...
  • Cale
    As many people have noted, Walking Dead is very cyclical. But it's an additive cycle - each time the survivors run into another group, it seems the newcomers are another step up the ladder of civilization. That's very true with this volume, as Michonne and Eugene lead a group to meet Stephanie. The initial interactions feel very realistic, as neither group is willing to trust the other, but eventually the interactions reach friendlier terms. It s...
  • Shadowdenizen
    Well, this series continues to be a conondrum for me. There are elements of this arc I really loved (Michonnes reunion, Maggie beginning to move on and the fallout from that), and some moments that seem like we've seen before (ANOTHER outpost of survivors met, only to be potentially alienated by Rick.)While this series still has no visible end-point in sight, at least I finally have the feeling they are finally beginning to show progress in the b...
  • Dave
    This story arc allows the survivors to meet a new civilization, a large scale civilization run on the idea that whatever class system existed before should be reconstituted with exams allowing people to move up. Instead of another desperate cannibalistic society, this is one advanced beyond where Rick and company are and so large that if it comes to a battle -and it usually does - Rick simply can't compete in the numbers game.
  • Craig
    Not quite up to the same level as some of the previous, recent volumes, but still this promises a nice, new direction for the series. I really appreciate that we've gotten to the point where the focus is more on the rebuilding of civilization than it is on fighting/killing zombies and there's more of that in this collection, as Eugene and his group meet the Commonwealth. At first, things look a bit menacing--the soldiers are all dressed in Stormt...
  • Brendan
    3.5So the new villains have arrived and it has a very meh moment. I am starting to debate if I should continue this series, if the arc fails to deliver it might be bye bye. The long running series is looping storylines and I must admit the ambigious reason for the plague should be engaged soon. The arcs are just war after war and it would be nice to have the characters finding purpose other than living. Robert Kirkman delivers a new setting and a...
  • Melissa
    New groups, new possibilities, and new potentials for trouble.... to be continued
  • Dan
    Not much takes place in this volume in terms of action. It mostly acts as a pivot and beginning into a new arc that’s looking to be interesting.One thing I think the comics do better than the show (which has lost the plot for the third year in a row) is that they are constantly evolving the story of rebuilding society. That’s the interesting part in this type of ongoing concept. Here we see the seeds planted of opposing ideologies over how so...
  • Quentin Wallace
    It's amazing to me how a zombie comic with very little action can still be so compelling. This volume is short on the fighting but very deep on the human interaction. Rick's group has found a group that truly seems to be recreating society, but as is always the case there are still problems. In this case it's nothing as sinister as cannibalism, but more a case of civilization going back to the haves and have-nots. Also there's a pretty huge revel...
  • Tobin Elliott
    I don't know, man. This one was just a breath of fresh air for me. Does it contain some of the familiar tropes that Kirkman has used in the past? Hell yes. But at the same time, Princess stole the damn show, and it'll be interesting to see how our merry band faces this newest threat.
  • Fiction State Of Mind
    Really interesting story arc! I shocker with michonne
  • Barry Bridges
    Still one of the best ongoing stories on the market.
  • Robert
    An entire book to meet new folks, get odd feelings about them, and kill nobody. Spinning its wheels. Plus a highly improbably occurrence which even the characters call highly improbable.
  • Peacegal
    3.5 stars -- Looking at the cover, I thought for a moment this was the first Walking Dead/Star Wars crossover. But seriously. This installment was decent, but if you're looking for lots of zombie action, look elsewhere. The zombies were essentially an afterthought in issue 30. There was more personal drama, but for the most part it was handled in a more professional and mature way, rather than the soppy soap-opera stuff this series has a tendency...
  • Emily
    3.5 starsI don’t know. I’m not sure how much longer this can go on. I liked Michonne’s surprise and how the panels were done for her story. Princess is amusing. The new group is making me nervous, like new groups always do, and I wonder if the inevitable conflict is going to be any different than past conflicts. I’m still interested enough to stick with it, but I’m just not as excited by this series as I used to be.
  • H. P.
    Volume 30 picks up where Volume 29 left off. An expedition from Alexandria et al. discovers a new community—the largest one The Walking Dead has ever seen. It looks to be fascinating, allows for one big reunion(!), and sets up potentially a lot of story. The slow moments and the emotional beats here are also very, very good. The volume is only hurt by some characters making some decisions that frankly don’t make a lot of sense and by some woo...
  • Cassie-la
    ORIGINALLY POSTED: ready for tearful reunions and a brand-new community with questionable motives. Yes, another one. The latest collection in the Walking Dead series is not terrible, but it’s not terribly exciting either as things are slowly set in motion for the next arc. Is this merely a filler trade setting us up for the next big bad? Probably. But at least everyone’s new fan favorite the Princes...
  • XO
    This is the only on going comic I keep following I just wish Rick would die, it’s about time...Enjoy
  • Joshua Williams
    Kirkman, if you let Rick grimes start another f***ing war I will burn my walking dead collection and never look back.
  • Dakota Morgan
    You know what I really liked about New World Order? It's kinda boring. Except for one huge (and happy) surprise, it's pretty much entirely a discussion of the preferred economic system between Rick's camp and the newfound metropolis, the Commonwealth. Seriously! The main conflict here socialism versus capitalism. It's dull, sure, but it's a fascinating next step in the Walking Dead. We've moved from ceaseless zombie action > warfare among the liv...