Che by Jon Lee Anderson


The graphic adaptation of the groundbreaking and definitive biography of Che Guevara Che Guevara's legend is unmatched in the modern world. Since his assassination in 1967 at the age of thirty-nine, the Argentine revolutionary has become an internationally recognized icon, as revered as he is controversial. As a Marxist ideologue who sought to end global inequality by bringing down the American capitalist empire through armed guerrilla warfare, C...

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Release DateNov 13th, 2018
PublisherPenguin Press
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Biography, History, Nonfiction, Comics, Politics, Biography Memoir

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  • Melki
    I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I mostly knew this man from seeing his face on t-shirts.His life's work is not generally taught in American schools . . . at least not the ones I attended. So, when the publisher asked if I'd like a review copy, I figured it would be a great way to learn about the revolutionary who was killed at the age of thirty-nine. And, it was.Young Ernesto Guevara dreamed of becoming a doctor, but ultimately decided...
  • David Schaafsma
    “Shoot, coward, you are only going to kill a man”—reportedly, Guevara’s last wordsThe iconic image of Che Guevara is known the world over:, I had and wore one out, at one time. And I know this image is the main thing most people now “know” about the guy. A symbol of resistance that nobody really knows anymore. But most lefties I knew in my life admired the passionate commitment to social and...
  • Bill Kerwin
    I enjoyed this recent graphic version of Jon Lee Anderson’s biography Che: a Revolutionary Life (1997). As I did not read the original biography, I cannot comment on its faithfulness, but since Anderson himself created it (in collaboration with Jose Hernandez, political cartoonist for Mexico City’s La Jornada) I assume it is an accurate reflection of its source. In addition, since I knew little of Guevera’s life before reading this graphic,...
  • Jon Nakapalau
    This GN was amazing - I thought Spain Rodriguez had written the definitive GN on Che - but Jon Lee Anderson takes us into the field as Che tries to light the fire of revolutionary zeal around the world. The balance between cause and family is presented in the most unbiased way I have encountered. Art by José Hernández is amazing - highest recommendation.
  • Stewart Tame
    Full disclosure: I won a free ARC of this book in a Goodreads giveaway. Don't be jealous. Yes, I got to read it early, but I read it in black and white. So, if you're anything like me, you're more familiar with Che as an icon than a person. I’d seen the stickers and T-shirts and so on. I knew he was linked to Castro, but wasn't himself Cuban. I knew that he was dead, but little about the circumstances. And I had a vague sense of what being a re...
  • Kevin Shepherd
    In many ways graphic novel adaptations are like film adaptations. They incorporate an existing story into a new medium with varying levels of success. The best ones are those that recognize the differences and play to their strengths, while still staying somewhat true to the source material. Artist José Hernández has done just that."I will only take to my grave the nightmare of an unfinished song"Whether you consider Che Guevara a zealot, a her...
  • Brent
    This is an amazing biography in comics, comparable to John Lewis' memoir March. In this adaptation of his earlier biography, journalist Anderson provides dramatic focus and artist Hernandez delineates. The visual-verbal blend of comics is disjointed, sprawling, relaxed here, with some dependence upon excerpts of Che's correspondence as an overlay to the visuals. A modern digital technique Hernandez uses changes the focus and depth of field in dra...
  • Beth
    This was the first graphic novel I have read, so I it was hard for me to rate. Previously, particularly following the movie The Motorcycle Diaries, I had a much more romanticized view of Che. This portrayal brings some balance, although in many ways it is still a thumbnail sketch of his actions and relationships. I did, however, find the illustrations and the story engaging.
  • Erik Graff
    This book is not to be confused with Jon Lee Anderson's excellant biography of Ernesto 'Che' Guevara, although Anderson did do the text, such as it is, and this graphic 'novel' does give a fair chronological overview of the Argentine revolutionary's life--an overview which, sadly, might confuse or frustrate a young reader not already familiar with the man and his times.What is outstanding are the illustrations by José Hernández, hundreds and hu...
  • Philip
    Remember that the revolution is the most important thing, and that each one of us, alone, is worth nothing. Above all, try to be able to always feel deeply any injustice committed against any person in any part of the world. It is the most beautiful quality of a revolutionary."A number of years ago... well 10, 20... those are numbers, right? I read Jon Lee Anderson's authoritative biography on Che. I remember liking it. I remember the guy who I s...
  • Emma
    see my short review: see my short review:
  • Andrea
    Picked up an ARC copy from the bookstore I work at. This was a fantastic graphic biography! Particularly for someone like me with little background knowledge of Guevara but interested in the political history of socialist revolutions
  • Dakota Morgan
    If you have any sort of revolutionary fervor, Che will be deeply appealing. The book quotes endlessly from Che and Castro's revolutionary missives and letters, bombarding the reader with the same radical concepts until, personally, my vision blurred and I started skipping text boxes. If you like that kind of thing, you'll dig Che. If you're looking for an effective biography that sketches out Che's actions and why he became a revolutionary, you m...
  • Joshua
    Having read Anderson's biography before this book, I suppose I went in expecting too much. As Anderson explains in his introduction this book is meant far more to appeal to younger audiences, thus making it a Young adult work rather than a transfer of the original biography. This isn't a criticism because as Che Guevara has become more and more of a public icon, it's vital that young people understand the fact that they'll at some point see on a ...
  • Six
    beautifully done. my father's family were revolutionaries in the war, so i'm familiar with this life and death struggle.
  • Fernando
    This graphic novel definitely shined a light on the story of Ernesto "Che" Guevara's life with such stunning illustrations. As a teenager I only knew about the myth of Che, but once I reached my 20s I've seen documentaries and film adaptations of this revolutionary man with such radical yet unwavering beliefs. He was a man of flesh and blood with such love for his family and a vision of a liberated Latin America. Whether his actions were right or...
  • TK421
    An outstanding biographical graphic novel.
  • Maria
    Excellent artwork and design, but vague on detail, this is a graphic memoir of Ché Guevara, the Argentinian revolutionary.
  • Rachel
    Absolutely stunning, beautiful artwork. I felt like I got less of a sense of how Che became Che than I would have liked, but otherwise a great overview beautifully rendered.
  • Jamey Yadon
    A fantastic book. The illustrations are moving, and the portrayal of The himself simply jumps off the page. They capture the passion, the conviction, and the brutality with which Che lived his life.
  • Sam Veltre
    *note I received an advanced copy for review purposes*great educational read about Che. I had not been exposed to much real information about the man and his struggles / rise to power aside from anecdotal pieces or fictionalized accounts, so to read and see it brought me fresh perspective. Dense with details at times but these lend a true authentic feel to the work, fleshing out the man. the art is gorgeous! Written in such a way, especially in g...
  • Corvus
    I won this via goodreads giveaways and it is labeled as an "advance uncorrected proof."Let me begin by stating that the art in this book is fantastic and 5-stars across the board. José Hernández produced some of the best art I've seen in comics/graphic novels. This is what carried the book for the most part. Hernandez's name should be the first author.I also want to start by saying my beliefs are anti-authoritarian and extremely left wing. So, ...
  • Deja
    'Remember that Revolution is the most important thing, that each one of us, alone, is worth nothing' -Che Books take us to unknown cities, streets and corners , they give us shoes and sticks to climb peaks of our favorite mountains and wings to go to past and even future, they show colors, shades and fallacies of our own self and though it might be a fictional character or a real hero. We can see him/her in our own personal projecting room called...
  • Jarrah
    In the preface to this graphic novel adaptation of his biography of Che, author Jon Lee Anderson talks about wanting to portray Che's complicated legacy and the challenge making his motivations resonate with young people of today. I can't speak to the original biography but I'm not sure this adaptation really addresses those challenges. That said, this book is a clear, chronological portrayal of the major events of Che's revolutionary life, and t...
  • Jason P
    I usually don't read graphic novels as I'm more of a traditional book guy, but this one was quite entertaining. I've read most of Che's writings and I've read two biographies of him, including the one by Jon Lee Anderson. Having done that reading made this a wonderful and fun refresher. It reminded me of how when I first started studying Che it was like he was a character bigger than life itself and really belonged in a movie, not in the real wor...
  • Jennifer
    Something to admit: I did not know who Che was before reading this book. As a millennial, I never once took a history class in high school that ever got passed World War II (except to talk about Civil Rights). So I had no idea who he was. That being said, while this graphic novel is beautiful and engaging, it is really difficult for a reader who knows nothing about Che / The Cuban Revolution to follow along without looking information up. And the...
  • Wayne McCoy
    'Che: A Revolutionary Life' by Jon Lee Anderson with art by Jose Hernandez is a graphic novel biography of the famous revolutionary.Che Guevara's image has achieve iconic stature in the world, but I didn't know much about him. Che came from a wealthy Argentinian family and earned a medical degree. He traveled in South America and got politicized to help the oppressed. This led him to a meeting with Fidel Castro and helped Fidel to take over Cuba....
  • Leslie Ann
    4 stars for the art; 2 stars for the story. I did not know much about Che Guevera, and sadly, this graphic novel does little to improve it. Although Anderson wrote the definitive biography on Guevera, his graphic adaptation seems to be written for a reader who is already familiar with Guevera's life and contemporary world events. There is such a lack of explanatory information that I still don't know how Guevera got his nickname. One thing I did ...
  • Carol
    This is a graphic adaptation of Jon Lee Anderson's in-depth biography that was published in 1997. It presents a chronological portrayal of Che Guevara's life but obviously not in the depth of the original biography. The graphics by Jose Hernandez are exceptional. This would be a good introduction to the life of Che for those who only know his iconic image on t-shirts, mugs, etc. It also might appeal to students who are unfamiliar with the man beh...
  • Hugh Meyer
    First off: Beautifully illustrated.I think I understand the mystique and appeal of Che to some folks, though I found more tragedy in that his zealotry came at the expense of his personal relationships, particularly those with his children who he never seemed to stop and slow down for (at least in this edit of his biography).I'd recommend it to anyone interested in Guevara's life story and is a fan of illustration, but not as a "must read".