Finding Forever (Found in Oblivion #7) by Cari Quinn

Finding Forever (Found in Oblivion #7)

You’re invited to the comeback arena tour of the century…and just maybe a wedding too. Who: Malachi Shawcross and Richelle Crandall (you can call her Ricki or Elle, she answers to both) When: After they make it through the three biggest shows of their career. Where: Happy Acres Orchard, Turnbull, NY - or possibly a judge’s chamber in the next city they roll into, if they can’t pull this off. Who’s attending: Well, everyone - at least ev...

Details Finding Forever (Found in Oblivion #7)

TitleFinding Forever (Found in Oblivion #7)
Release DateSep 14th, 2018
PublisherRainbow Rage Publishing
GenreRomance, Music

Reviews Finding Forever (Found in Oblivion #7)

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    The mark of an amazing writer or writers is when they can make you believe you are right there in the book with the characters and the writing duo of Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott has done that with Finding Forever. I felt my pulse ratcheting up as they took the stage for the first time after tragedy struck the last time they performed, I felt tears roll down my face as the confronted the past and let the light into their lives again, and I felt t...
  • Naughty Mom Story Time
    I just love getting lost in the world of Oblivion. Whether it be the Oblivion band members or Warning Sign, I adore everything about the characters. Full review to follow
  • Janice Somers
    Grab your tissues, because this is one story that had me crying, from beginning to end. I loved their story. I'm sorry that this is the last of the FIO series. I loved each character as they grew, found their partners and become families. The comeback show was rocky. The memories of what happened with the last concert they performed and the loss of, Randy, a part of their family hung heavy on everyone. Jules appears on stage with them at almost n...
  • Staphysagria
    It's the kind of book you never want to end. It'll make you laugh and cry, you'll feel relieved that the Ripper Records universe is still a place where things end well. After reading all previous books you feel like you're part of the family, and it is a good feeling to know they are ending this book on a positive note despite all the dramatic events before.The author duo is known for their ability to write about rock music on stage in a way you ...
  • Diane
    I will preface my review with this disclaimer, I am a huge fan of Taryn & Cari's and got an ARC in exchange for an honest review.This book? This one is by far the best written story about the subject matter involved that I think I've ever read by anyone. The emotions and the grief, the love and the happiness, everything that is involved in this story was done masterfully and beautifully. I absolutely adored it and will reread it again. As an end ...
  • Heather andrews
    Mal just says the nicest things, “your **ts are works of art. The day I don’t notice them barely held in by a pair of flimsy lace cups is the day you can check my pulse and call for the morgue.” I liked this book, I loved seeing what the band was up too, and how their lives were progressing.
  • Valeen Robertson (Live Thru Books Blog)
    Ever since the accident that turned their lives upside down, the members of Warning Sign have been trying to find their way. Their way back to their band. Their way back to themselves. Their way back to their loves. Jules and Tris are struggling. They miss Sparks, their other half. They've each got huge doses of survivor's guilt. But at least Jules is carrying the only piece of Randy they have left. She is starting to realize how disconnected and...
  • Sandy S
    4.5 stars--ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date September 14, 2018 You’re invited to the comeback arena tour of the century…and just maybe a wedding too. Who: Malachi Shawcross and Richelle Crandall (you can call her Ricki or Elle, she answers to both) When: After they make it through the three biggest shows of their career. Where: Happy Acres Orchard, Turnbull, NY - or possibly a judge’s chamber in the next city they roll into, if they can’t pul...
  • Karen
    I will NEVER get tired of the Oblivion-verse stories. In Finding Forever, a few loose ends are tied up, while the set-up is prepared for a new set of stories. The feels started early for me since one of the storylines dealt with a recent tragedy in the characters' past. This part of the book easily could've been a huge downer, but it was subverted and turned into an incredibly uplifting and life-affirming arc. He didn’t deserve more tears ou...
  • Jill
    Finding ForeverWarning Sign’s Swan SongWhat a great book to wrap up the series. If you fell in love with the guys and girls of Warning Sign, you are in for a treat with this final book of the series. This book focuses mostly on the lives of Mal & Elle and Jules & Tristan. These characters had the most loose ends to tie up and were the path for having the band, as a whole, move forward. I think the series would have been incomplete without this ...
  • Sandy Kelly
    This is book 7 in the Found in Oblivion series and you absolutely need to read the books previous in order to understand what they are talking about at times and to understand where the characters are not only in their lives but mentally and emotionally. This one is more of a continuation of Mal and Elle's story from the Raw Rhythm but it also has Jules and Tristan's point of views in there as well. It shows how the band is doing now and follows ...
  • Mary
    Finding Forever is the last in the Found in Oblivion series. It’s an awesome book. I’m going to try not to spoil things too much here. Taryn Elliott and Cari Quinn are amazing at bringing this whole crew together and creating an ending that was just breathtakingly beautiful. I have loved how they bring past series into new ones and create this world of characters that fee very realistic. They are all flawed and deal with realities that could ...
  • Donna Smith
    In this conclusion of the series, two couple get their happily ever after. This is not a stand alone. It is about two couples who have had previous books. To appreciate all that happens in this, you must read at least those two but to be honest, why wouldnt you want to read the whole series? Mal and Ricki(or Elle she goes by both) are engaged. Surprisingly Mal is the one pushing to get the deed done. Mal who is the broody, one who doesn't mince w...
  • Anna
    4.5 Stars. Warning Sign is back! Finding Forever is the 7th book in the rockstar series “Found in Oblivion”. We get to see all of our favorite rockstars from this series and their significant others in this book as well as Nikki and Lila. Finding Forever builds on the previous books and cannot be read as a standalone. Told from Mal and Elle’s POV (from Raw Rhythm) and Jules and Tristan’s POV (from Triple Trouble), the book picks up months...
  • Trader (RedHotBlueReads)
    In this *gasp* last story for the members of Warning Sign, loose ends are taken care of for two of the couples -- Mal and Ricki and Jules and Tristan. Everything seems to be going great for engaged couple Mal and Ricki, until the night of their comeback show when lots of old demons taunt Ricki and leave Mal wondering if he's ever going to really be with the women he loves. The beginning of this book is just awesome with everyone in the band exper...
  • Jennifer Miller
    *** I received an advanced copy and chose to review it ***** 100% spoiler-free review *** 5 stars *Finding Forever is the last book in the Found in Oblivion series and Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott give readers everything we've been clamoring for. This series has been an emotional one and this book ties everything together while also leading the way for a new series to be born. There's so much happening in this story and Quinn and Elliott use mult...
  • Michelle Quintana
    This book was sent to me by the authors for an honest review. Even though I'm not ready for this series to end, the authors did a good job of wrapping it up. Told from four povs, Mal and Elle, and Tristan and Jules. The storyline with Mal and Elle is about how Mal would do anything for Elle and in return just wants her to become his wife. Elle is trying to let go of the demons from her past but is having a hard time. Mal convinces her that he is ...
  • Gab Mce
    Forever in LOVE with Warning Sign!So first of all I thought this story was going to focus solely on Malachi and Elle....boy was I surprised it the best way possible. Taryn and Cari bring this series full circle by giving us more of everyone. We come to understand how everyone is coming back to life after the tragic events of last November. The words in this book are poetic and bring together the hurt and give us the ability to heal along with the...
  • Robin
    This book was by far the best book to wrap up the series I hate to see them all go but this is final book and everyone gets there happily ever after. Everyone in the band deserves nothing bit the best biu since the accident nothing had been the same since they have been offf the road for a while. But during the off time got to work on themselves and as couples. Ricki had a bad up brining and she wants to live the past in the past but she thinks i...
  • Jess
    I’m absolutely addicted to this series. The characters feel so real, the writing is so full of depth and emotion, it’s impossible not to get pulled in. I read the entire book on a flight home last night and had to discreetly wipe some tears away more than once.This story was everything. Things I wanted to happen, happened. Things I didn’t know I wanted to happen, happened! It was the perfect way to close out this series. I love everything t...
  • Doris
    A Rock Family In Every SenseThis story wasn’t just about Mal and Elle it brought Tristan and Jules to the forefront as well, along with the rest of their amazing bandmates and families. This is the first time back since the accident that changed their lives especially for Elle and Jules. Elle had struggled to overcome her injury just to take the stage again and Jules had to overcome the tragedy that affected her life in so many ways. Finding Fo...
  • Cathy
    A great surprise to see this book isn't only about Mal and Elle, it has some of everyone and really is the perfect book if you are a fan of this series. We left off when tragedy struck and now we get to step on stage with this band again after what happened. You will hold your breath and yet know that this band is amazing and that these characters have each others backs, even if one feels "off" for a night or is more concerned with someone else a...
  • Kathleen
    This is the conclusion of the Foundation in Oblivion series and I must say it went out on the same high it stared.As Warning Signs is trying to pull itself together after the tragedy this book shows us how all involved are surviving.Mal and Elle must deal with survivors guilt, as well as the guilt they feel for Jules.Jules and Tristan must figure out how to continue as a duo.This book, like the others, puts the reader right into the heart of the ...
  • Carole
    What an amazing and satisfying ending to this series. It was at turns heartbreaking and heartwarming, and I had to keep a box of tissues handy as there were so many feels about love, loss, parenthood and belonging. Of course, there was also the odd dash of steam heat and laughter as we have come to expect from these exceptional authors. It felt like we were celebrating not only Elle and Mal’s wedding, but also the resilience of everyone after s...
  • Kimkbries
    So much sadness has surrounded Warning Sign since that one night on stage changed everything. I was so thankful for this story because it glued all the broken pieces of their lives back together. Mal and Elle so in love yet struggling. In this story we see them deal with their struggles and find their way. Juliet and Tristan, fighting threw the loss of a Randy. Their story was so emotional. With the addition of a baby, they both found their way b...
  • Helena
    Absolutely wonderful book. A really great follow up to see where the characters are after the terrible tragedy. A great glimpse into Jules and Tristan's daily life as they figure out their new normal. Also waiting the arrival of their baby.A wedding!! Also we see the more marshmellow inside of Mal. You can't help but love him. Despite the gruff exterior.Many favourite characters from previous books make appearances. This book helped flesh out mor...
  • Suz
    Finding Forever, the final book in the Found in Oblivion series was so worth the wait! The book explores in depth the character’s journeys through tragedy, loss, redemption, guilt, recovery and finding joy in life and music again. What struck me the most was the genuineness of the dialogue, these characters have become so real to me over the course of the series, they’re like good friends and every word they speak rings true. If you’ve been...
  • Christine Frieseke-Miller
    Warning Sign has really gone through so much throughout this series. This book wraps up everything and we get a glimpse at what the future holds for them. The book wrapped up all of the storylines, but really focused on Elle and Mal and Jules and Tristan. I loved the in depth feelings and the heart of this book. My only disappointment was I wanted more focus on Jules and Tristan. I really felt like there was so much more to tell as they became a ...
  • Jennifer
    Finding Forever is the perfect ending to Taryn and Cari's "Warning Sign" family saga. There is laughter, there are tears, there are smexy times, there is hope, and there is a nice, clean wrap to all the dangling threads.After the pain and grief from the tragedy that shook the band to its core, Warning Sign makes a triumphant return, and is marching with strong strides toward a bright future. There are weddings and babies and Mal and Elle get thei...
  • Iowagirl1
    This final book in the Found in Oblivion series by Taryn Elliott and Cari Quinn is jam packed with storylines from the series. The band members from Warning Sign have been adrift since a devastating earlier event and we get to see them heal and grow in this book. The central figures are bandmates Elle and Mal who have become a couple. The really fun parts are getting glimpses of many of the other couples, babies, family and friends from the Obliv...