The Only Thing Worth Dying For by Eric Blehm

The Only Thing Worth Dying For

Eric Blehm, author of the award-winning The Last Season, is back with another true adventure story, The Only Thing Worth Dying For. Set in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, The Only Thing Worth Dying For chronicles the untold story of the team of Green Berets led by Captain Jason Amerine that conquered the Taliban and helped bring Hamid Karzai to power in Afghanistan. In the tradition of Black Hawk Down, The Only Thing Worth Dying For is, in the w...

Details The Only Thing Worth Dying For

TitleThe Only Thing Worth Dying For
Release DateJan 8th, 2010
PublisherHarperCollins e-books
GenreWar, Military Fiction, Nonfiction, History, Military, Military History

Reviews The Only Thing Worth Dying For

  • S.
    Falling between the war memoir and the special forces history, THE ONLY THING WORTH DYING FOR covers the infiltration of Hamid Karzai and eleven US Army Special Forces operatives into Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the work suffers from the same handicap as the mission: as everything is political, the soldiers can't engage without an OK from Washington, and much time is spent drinking tea with Kazakhs rather than fighting. And while escorting Karza...
  • Troy
    Some striking parallels between this and "Lone Survivor", which I also just finished. Interestingly, this one takes place at the very beginnings of the Afghan war, with really interesting focus on Hamid Karzai before he took the international stage - and is full of optimism. "Lone Survivor" took place later, after the pace and the mission had taken on more form - and was full of pessimism.Both carry the theme of very capable, diverse and dynamic ...
  • Paul Ruiz
    I haven't had much time to read so I try to be really selective before investing the time. This book will primarily appeal to men, but I suspect many women will also find it an engaging read. Story involves a particular A team that was charged with safeguarding Hamid Karzai enroute to Kandahar during the months after 9/11 when it appeared he would be the moderate voice of a new Afghanistan, who could also unite the many factions in that country. ...
  • Jacqueline Patricks
    Being former Army (Intel) and an ex-fiancee of a Green Beret, I've always been fascinated by Special Forces. This book is well-written and represents Green Berets very much as I remember them (short of being one myself). It also represents the military and all its red tape and esprit de corp accurately. Quite the read that I sped through in two days. It's written as third-person omniscient, not my favorite POV, but it works perfectly for this sto...
  • David Zimmerman
    Eric Blehm deserves every recognition he has received for the writing of "The Only Thing Worth Dying For." This is history retold at its best, drawing you into the action, connecting you to the men whose story it tells, and touching your soul with their heroism, their commitment to duty, and their sacrifice. It has so much to say about the men who risked - and gave - their lives for a cause they believed was much bigger than themselves. And it ha...
  • Patrick
    Not having read T.E. Lawrence myself, I don't know whether the editor of "Valor" magazine was right to call this book "The greatest story of a small unit's battle through an untamed land since 'Lawrence of Arabia.'"What I am sure of is that Eric Blehm won the trust of the Special Forces A-Team whose mission he chronicles here. Those Green Berets are, among other things, fine judges of character. Blehm tells their story straight, touching on every...
  • Diane Samdahl
    I picked this book up because Blehm's first book (The Last Season) was so well written. Based on interviews with the men involved, Blehm recounts the story of a Special Forces troop (green berets) who were the first military to infiltrate southern Afghanistan in 2001, protecting then-unknown Hamid Karzai as he rallied the Pashtun to overthrow the Taliban. In spite of my aversion to books and movies about war, I was quickly pulled into this one an...
  • Tracy
    This book will break your heart for many reasons. One reason is that good men died in a foreign land, wearing the uniforms of the United States. The second reason is that even after all the sacrifices of our soldiers, airmen, sailors, and marines, Afghanistan is still battling the Taliban. The third reason is that this book exposes pettiness and in-service fighting on several levels that had disastrous consequences.However, the book is not all do...
  • Jeff Siegel
    I come away from this book with admiration for some the heroic individuals who conducted themselves with honor and integrity under difficult circumstances; with anger for some of the idiotic decisions made by power hungry senior military commanders (and their efforts to blame others for their mistakes); and with sadness -for those who needlessly lost their lives due to those mistakes-and the individual whose targeting error resulted in a calamito...
  • Daniel Talley
    Once again it never surprises me to hear of such bravery, valor, courage and humbleness as I read these amazing stories of Americas soldiers and airmen! Just something they do day in and out that we civilians never know about. God bless these men and their families! An outstanding book highly recommend!
  • Anthony O'Brian
    I know this is saying a lot, but it is true. This book is a MUST-READ for anyone interested in military history. Especially if you have any interest in modern-warfare history, but this extends to any interest in my humble opinion.Realizing this could be confused with hyperbole let me say this:What "Caine Mutiny", "With the Old Breed" & "Unbroken" is to WW2, "We Were Soldiers Once and Young" is to the Vietnam War, "Blackhawk Down" is to modern war...
  • Susie Dokos
    TURE TO LIFE. BECAUSE IT'S TOLD BY THOSE WHO WERE THERE.Great story of what it was like it the opening stages of the war on terror. With all the problems that you would expect. Plus some you wouldn't. Outdated maps, no military personnel with sufficient language skills. Overbearing glory seeking Headquarters units. However it is an exciting read. That points out that the armed services have to support each other. To get the immediate mission acco...
  • Xin
    Great book. Great writing. Great story. It helps me understand the recent history in Central Asia & Middle East. I grew up reading Newsweek stories about how children of Afghanistan not only didn't have school to go to, they spent their days haunting cemeteries to find bones of dead people to sell to Pakistan for the making of bone china. So my perspective might be slightly biased here--I was in total support of the Afghanistan war. I totally app...
  • Chris Miller
    Wow! This is a great story of how Green Berets influenced a change in government in Afghanistan. This book relates the story of a group of Green Berets who quickly built trust amongst a group of foreign strangers and fought along side them against the Taliban. It also shows how important and dangerous American military superiority can be. I think all Americans like to read about American heroes, but the authors also show poor behaviors from Ameri...
  • Emil
    This is a light if not easy read that does a good job of reflecting the realities on the ground in Afghanistan. The story of one of the most infamous fratricide incidents involving a JTAC is given a context that can't be found elsewhere. Also of particular interest is the contrast the author creates between tactical patience and risk adverse higher leaderships refusal to take full responsibility while deligating authority. This struggle is at the...
  • Ryan Lackey
    This is largely the story of roughly the same time period as Gary Schroen's excellent "First In", which was the CIA ("Jawbreaker" team) perspective (this book is the US Army SF perspective). ODA 574 (this book) worked with Karzai; ODA 555 with Jawbreaker/CIA, and several other SF ODAs throughout the country.Several excellent books were written about this period -- the best way to learn about our lost opportunity to quickly win a limited victory i...
  • Carrie Daws
    I'm not sure it's right to say I enjoyed this book, although I did like the storytelling writing style of the author. The subject matter was difficult to get through at times, particularly the end, but that doesn't mean it's not important for us to better understand what these heroes did--for us and for Afghanistan. One caveat: this book is about Green Berets at war, and Mr. Blehm allowed the to act and speak as Green Berets within his story. Whi...
  • Lisa
    Very good story about ODA 574 in the days right after September 11, 2001. These men are amazing and did a great job in Afghanistan. This book helps me understand, just a little bit, about what was happening and how it came about to send in ODA 574. Very proud of the men of ODA 574 and the Afghan rebels.The author is a very good story teller. This is the first book of his I have read. He is definitely is one I would consider reading another one of...
  • Jonathan Price
    BrilliantReads like a novel, I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in Special Forces or the Afghan war.
    This narrative is on point !O my where to start. I learned so much about this mission . In fact, as I read , I reminded myself how superficial the news is . I am glad I read it.
  • Andrew
    DNF. Very dry and makes it hard to keep attention to bother learning what is going on.
  • Christopher Pokorny
    The story of ODA 574 & Hamid Karzai. A story of operational exploration, tragedy & healing, with many lessons learned at the high cost of the lives of special operators.
  • Ian e Webster
    WowVery gripping story. It really drives home the point that freedom isn't free. I hope those soldiers did not die in vain.
  • Dan Williams
    Eric Blehm is a great story teller and this story holds no punches. Reads like a novel.
  • Todd Haines
    Good accountThis was not really what I was expecting given the title but is is an interesting account of this unit.
  • Scott Andrews
    AMAZING read, such a thrilling and harrowing tale of combat. masterfully written, i would recommend this to all.
  • Jimmy
    This is the story of a US Special Forces team called ODA 574 and their mission in sourthern Afghanistan in the early days of the US invasion after September 11th. The author interviewed the survivors of the team, other military servicemembers who interacted with the team and also poured over official government documents. Most amazing of all is the fact that the author got to interview Hamid Karzai himself, the president of Afghanistan whom at th...
  • Jerome
    This book was pretty good.Very detailed account of an operation I had always wanted to learn more about.However,Blehm has no military experience, which hampers his storytelling. If you are a deeply read student of the war and Afghan history in general, then Blehm insults your intelligence and forgets that the average reader has probably read similar books and does not need footnotes to explain basic military jargon.Blehm claims that US soldiers a...
  • Fred
    A good book about the first Special Forces teams in Afghanistan after 9/11 that was pieced together from After Action Reports and interviews with the people in and around the events to include Hamid Karzai himself. This covers the team of Green Berets that were used to actually insert and escort Karzai from Pakistan back into Afghanistan and how they went about stirring up the Guerrilla War in the South. To be honest, the whole thing probably wou...