I Might Regret This by Abbi Jacobson

I Might Regret This

New York Times BestsellerFrom the co-creator and co-star of the hit series Broad City, a "poignant, funny, and beautifully unabashed" (Cheryl Strayed) bestselling essay collection about love, loss, work, comedy, and figuring out who you really are when you thought you already knew. When Abbi Jacobson announced to friends and acquaintances that she planned to drive across the country alone, she was met with lots of questions and opinions: Why wasn...

Details I Might Regret This

TitleI Might Regret This
Release DateOct 30th, 2018
PublisherGrand Central Publishing
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Writing, Essays, Humor, Audiobook

Reviews I Might Regret This

  • Janday
    I want to give this book to all of my friends. I want to encourage us to write the shit out because we all need therapists and none of us can afford them. In a world where everything is so damn performative, Abby's voice isn't clear, nor is it fresh: it's one of a rambling, borderline obsessive overthinker. That selfsame voice screaming at us about that one time we mispronounced a word in front of our crush in eighth grade when we're now 35 and i...
  • Nat
    Rant Review From An Avid Broad City Viewer: I Might Regret This by Abbi JacobsonI was over the moon excited when I found this was out in the world and also (low-key) mad that I wasn't informed earlier of this release. Broad City was one of my highlights of September 2017, when I first discovered and watched the series with the release of season four, and featured my commentary and all the details on the show in my wrap up of the month. In hinds...
  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    Find all of my reviews at: http://52bookminimum.blogspot.com/I needed this in my life simply because . . . . . Despite not being hip enough to have ever watched any “webisode” of anything . . . ever, as a middle-aged woman I most certainly responded to the siren song of “from Executive Producer Amy Poehler,” became a Broad City instafan and discovered . . . . . I mean really, these gals are my tribe . . . . . There was zero chance I was...
  • Jenna
    I Might Regret This: Essays, Drawings, Vulnerabilities, and Other Stuff is a fun, light read. I hadn't heard of Abbi Jacobson prior to reading this book so I'm not familiar with her comedy routine. I enjoyed the book, her wit and reflections and drawings. Following a break-up with the first person she fell in love with, Abbi decided to go on a cross-country road trip. The book is about the things Abbi thought about whilst on this trip. It's writt...
  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    If I had to describe I Might Regret This: Essays, Drawings, Vulnerabilities, and Other Stuff in one word it would be stressful. If you enjoy reading page after page (or listening to hour after hour) of late night neurotic ramblings, then this book might be perfect for you. I, on the other hand, am already a high-strung Jew who is tortured by what ifs and worst case scenarios late at night, so this book just made me sweat and think of what I am po...
  • BiblioBrandie
    I sent the publisher a fangirl email (always with the "I'm a librarian" mention) and begged for an advanced copy of this book. To my surprise, it worked! I quickly read through this collection of essays by one of my favorite funny ladies and her writing does not disappoint. Which really was not a surprise. There is so much to love within these pages...she's hilarious (I couldn't help but hear her voice as I was reading), there are some very touch...
  • Laura Noggle
    I Might Regret Reading This One ... 😕You know how they say to never meet your idols because they'll never live up to your idea of them? This book was kind of like that.This hurts me to write. I wanted to love this book, I eagerly awaited it on hold from the library and was *thrilled* to read it. Obviously, my expectations were too high. Perhaps if you aim low you won't be as disappointed.HUGE fan of Broad City, LOVE Abbi and Ilana ... together...
  • CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian
    I really enjoyed a lot of this book, especially as read by Abbi Jacobson in the audiobook. Her vulnerability in essays about her breakup and her musings on random topics were alternately moving and funny. However I can't help but feel like this memoir needed more editing, to push some of the essays further to get to the meat of the topic, to cut some of the tangents, and to give the book as a whole a structure or focus that made sense.
  • Ryan
    Broad City is one of my all time favorite shows. it’s smart, funny, and unique. it shows us what our twenties are supposed to be like. so it was only obvious that I would read one of the co-creators memoir. I cannot believe I'm giving this book a two-star rating. I wanted to bring it up to a three, but then I'd be lying to myself and to you. so much of the book felt fruitless. It was just over anxious rambling and underdeveloped life stories an...
  • Scott S.
    Abby Jacobson - best known as one-half of TV's Broad City duo - is just all over the place here . . . Literally - Ms. Jacobson (a southeast Pennsylvania native - woot woot!) details her solo drive across the U.S. starting in New York City, with stops in Memphis, Tennessee; Austin, Texas; and Santa Fe, New Mexico, along with various smaller locales and some scenic locations out west. This is done in the aftermath of a relationship - her first with...
  • Jenny (Reading Envy)
    Abbi Jacobson chronicles a three week road trip as she ponders what she wants out of life and love. It is an enjoyable read and I particularly liked her illustrations of podcasts and albums she listened to, her hack for 'cado toast, and numerous "sleep studies" when she couldn't sleep.I enjoyed the read, but don't feel it has a lot of sticking power. Also I've never gotten into Broad City so those sections didn't mean a lot to me. (I swear I've t...
  • chantel nouseforaname
    Weird..but endearing.Abbi has a lot going on in her life. I mean, I guess that could be said about any young woman fighting her way towards her career goals and trying to deal with love, heartbreak, anxiety, depression, etc. But you really get the sense of how overwhelmed she feels in these "essays"/"journals" where she's just driving around trying to seek peace in a variety of places. Abbi seems a lot like her character in Broad City though she ...
  • Jaclyn Crupi
    Abbi needs Ilana. This was not great.
  • Lexa
  • Alex Simms
    I’m a bit biased because I love Broad City and therefore Abbi Jacobson, although I hadn’t realized how much I didn’t know about her before reading this.These essays are certainly passionate, yet also impulsive. I think when people choose to write about their lives they accidentally fall into the trap to think that anything about oneself equals potential/endearing content. While the trick is to make one’s experiences readable—which I thi...
  • Robin Bonne
    I love Broad City and Abbi is a great comedian. I listened to her read the audiobook and enjoyed it. From what I gathered, the overarching story is that Abbi goes on a road trip after her first big breakup. She goes on long tangents for most of the book, but keeps returning to the road trip throughout the memoir. It was a very, very loose thread holding this together. After listening to the whole audiobook and then sleeping on it, I’ve already ...
  • Lauren
    Get the audio book. You won't regret it. Abbi tells her stories and short rants effortlessly. I felt that she was so relatable while discussing her inner conflicts and going through heartbreak. Going on a cross country road trip solo is bad ass in its own but I like that she took the time to do it her way, without taking everyone's advice on must do's (something I'd like to try on my next trip). I really enjoyed the parts where she spoke about he...
  • Katie Boyer
    I love Broad City and Abbi to start with and this was just an easy, fun read - essays written while on a solo road trip trying to figure out some personal stuff. Some chapters were REALLY good (finding comedy, meeting Ilana, filming Broad City) and some felt like filler. Overall, I'd only recommend this if you're already a fan or are just looking for an easy read.
  • Kelly
    I love Abbi Jacobson and her work, but this book was a bit uneven. It shines where she is most specific in her stories (I.e. visiting an aura reader in Sedona) where I am often laughing and crying in the same breath. When she is speaking in generalities about life on the road or after a breakup or whatever it may be, I found myself drifting a bit. Sure, it’s relatable—but not in a way that is novel or makes you see those experiences in a new ...
  • Delaney
    I regret it, I really do.
  • Tessy Consentino
    Abbi is me and I am Abbi.
  • Erica Solomon
    Some books increase in goodness because they come into your life right when you need them most. I needed this book right now.
  • Isa
    The best part of this whole book was the part where Jacobson talks about tucking in her shirt and like...all of womanhood and lesbian love clicking into place around her. I agree. Also, like, not to be that girl, but...this book is about Carrie Brownstein, right? We're all thinking it? Just wondering.
  • Katherine D. Morgan
    I never really watched Broad City, but I know of the show and did like what I watched. There are some parts of this book that I really loved. Reading about Abbi’s heartbreak was comforting, because I’m going through my own at this moment. Reading about the creation of Broad City and meeting Ilana and discovering their mutual love of comedy was empowering. Abbi is a boss ass bitch, but I don’t think that she truly knows it. She’s funny and...
  • Nate Hawthorne
    I didn't know anything about the author before I started this book. The book is about a road trip to help get over a broken relationship. I found her observations on losing love were applicable to all sorts of loss and grief. I took quite a bit away from this book.
  • Inge
    Best book I've read in a year.
  • Amy Polyreader
    Exactly the revitalizing read I needed! Humorous, engaging and self-reflective. I was lucky enough to be sent a copy from the publisher pre-release date, and I just devoured this in a few short sittings. Full review to come on the blog!
  • Rich
    A total delight! Equal parts poignant and funny, Abbi has a really cool perspective.
  • Shannon Smith
    A lovely, well-paced read. Such a special experience hearing some of Abbi’s vulnerabilities. Incredibly relatable, funny, and kind.