It's Not Supposed to Be This Way by Lysa TerKeurst

It's Not Supposed to Be This Way

New York Times  bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst unveils her heart amid shattering circumstances and shows readers how to live assured when life doesn't turn out like they expected. What do you do when God’s timing seems questionable, His lack of intervention hurtful, and His promises doubtful? Life often looks so very different than we hoped or expected. Some events may simply catch us off guard for a moment, but others shatter us complete...

Details It's Not Supposed to Be This Way

TitleIt's Not Supposed to Be This Way
Release DateNov 13th, 2018
PublisherThomas Nelson
GenreNonfiction, Christian, Religion, Faith

Reviews It's Not Supposed to Be This Way

  • Cara Putman
    This book came exactly when I needed it, and I haven't stopped recommending it since. In It's Not Supposed to be This Way Lysa addresses the things and hurts that happen in our lives that leave us questioning where God has gone. The disappointment that comes from loving and following Him, obeying Him, and watching your world fall apart. And she challenges us to lean into Him in this space between two gardens and trust His heart. In the pages, she...
  • Heidi
    For anybody who has wondered why God has allowed a certain situation, for anybody who has faced disappointment, or has wondered how their life turned out this way.Lysa writes from a place of knowledge as she is in the trenches fighting a battle she would never have chosen and, yet, encourages the reader to keep fighting the good fight.
  • Just Commonly
    Review to come.
  • Brittany
    "Well, I pray my book, the one you're holding in your hand is one of those ['God's presence is here for me personally'] things. God made sure this message got to you in the middle of whatever you are facing right now."*insert praise hands*Miss Lysa, you don't know how right you are. I received this book as a giveaway on Goodreads - this act of generosity did not in any way effect my views of the book, nor did I do anything special to win a copy. ...
  • Amy Langmaack
    There are some times when you receive a book and know that it was meant for such a time as this. Reading this book was one of those moments for me. Through sharing her story, Lysa TerKeurst reminds us that life is not a fairy tale just waiting to happen. Life is hard and full of disappoints. And yet - God still is good. I've been wrestling with that truth for a long while, and the pages of It's Not Supposed to Be This Way reminded me that I'm not...
  • Taylor Mason
    This book has a lot of good concepts and relatability when it comes to walking through things that “weren’t supposed to be that way”. I did not expect, however, for so much of TerKeurst’s story with her husband and health to be at the center of the book. I think in a way it can stunt the spread of the message if someone’s “thing” isn’t a marriage or health issue. Overall, a good Christian-based book for struggles. I received an ad...