With This Pledge (Carnton, #1) by Tamera Alexander

With This Pledge (Carnton, #1)

History takes on vivid life in the stunning first full-length installment of Tamera Alexander's new series, The Carnton Novels.On the night of November 30, 1864, a brutal battle in Franklin, Tennessee, all but decimates the Confederacy and nearly kills Captain Roland Ward Jones. A decorated Mississippi sharpshooter, Jones has a vision on the battlefield and, despite the severity of his wounds, believes his life will be spared. But a life without ...

Details With This Pledge (Carnton, #1)

TitleWith This Pledge (Carnton, #1)
Release DateJan 8th, 2019
PublisherThomas Nelson
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, Fiction, Romance

Reviews With This Pledge (Carnton, #1)

  • Nicole
    Oh, to try to put into words how good this book is.I am sitting here three days after I finished it, still not able to pick up my next book because I want to keep this story in my mind!If you noticed the five star rating, it is because this is what I love in a book, and it touches on all the important markers for me that make great Christian fiction.Set during the Civil War, you are thrust into the horrible aftermath of the battle. While the auth...
  • Susan Snodgrass
    'Sometimes life on this side of the veil is far more difficult than I think it should be. But then, God promises to not eliminate suffering.' Every so often you read a book, that when you finish, you can't even bear to pick up another to read. I stayed up late to finish this powerful story and then the characters populated my dreams and held my mind captive for a long time. This is such a book.November 30, 1864. Franklin, Tennessee. The Civil War...
  • Susan
    This lyrical tale set amidst the harsh realities of war will resonate with its readers long after the last page has been read. While Tamera Alexander has been at the top of my favorite author list for years, I believe this is her best book to date. Alexander's impeccable research is evident as she masterfully tells the story of the residents of Carnton and their care of the injured and dying soldiers in the battle of Franklin, Tennessee towards t...
  • C
    Tamera Alexander has done a stellar job of weaving a tale which is a tribute to the lives and actions of real Carnton Plantation inhabitants during the later days of the Civil War. As one who appreciates history and genealogy, having done much research nearby, I was very pleased by the depth of her research, as presented in the unfolding story. I could feel the rumble of artillery and gunfire in the Battle of Franklin, and I also later felt I was...
  • Catherine Dacosta
    I have loved Tamera's books from the very first one I read about 10 years ago. I literally couldn't put them down. Life has changed since, married and kids, so my reading time is much more valuable. Yet, I never turn down one of Tamera's books.The last two series that Tamera has written are based off of real locations in Nashville, with true historical people as secondary characters. Carnton is a little different. Yes, it is still a real location...
  • Debbie
    "With This Pledge" is a romance set in 1864 in Franklin, Tennessee. Apparently, the story is based off of the real-life letters between Captain Roland Ward Jones and Elizabeth Clouston as well as other personal accounts of the battle of Franklin. Note that the descriptions of the aftermath of the battle and the details about the amputations were somewhat gory and graphic, though not as graphic as they could have been. The characters were interest...
  • Tracy
    With This Pledge is set during the Civil War, during and after the extremely bloody Battle of Franklin. It tells the love story between Elizabeth Clouston and Captain Roland Ward Jones. Tamera Alexander researched extensively in writing this book, both to ensure the accuracy of the depictions of the battle and its aftermath, and to properly tell the story of these 2 people who really lived and met and fell in love in the midst of the chaos and tr...
  • Jeanne Alfveby crea
    I just finished With This Pledge, and as I sit here thinking about this amazing story, I'm trying to figure out how to put the experience into words. I've been to Franklin several times, and toured Carnton Plantation twice, and visited several of the other sites mentioned in the book. Tamera Alexander has once again proven her impeccable research and talented storytelling ability. The Battle of Franklin brought all the horrors of the civil war to...
  • Dana Michael
    Wow! I will do my best to convey how much I enjoyed this book. I have loved all of Mrs. Alexander's books. She is an amazing author and her books are so easy to read. I am always left feeling an "aaah" when I finish one. They are gritty at times, romantic and uplifting. This book, however, was more heart-wrenching. This book deals with war. In fact, one of the bloodiest battles in the civil war. She has taken well researched historical facts and ...
  • Ellen
    Last year I read Tamera Alexander’s book Christmas at Carnton and absolutely loved it. I have been looking forward to the next in the series and was very excited when I was recently approved for a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson through Netgalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.Set during and after the battle of Franklin near the end of the Civil War, With This Pledge tells the story of Lizzie Clousto...
  • Julie Childs
    I grew up in Franklin, right down the street from Canton Plantation. So I grew up hearing, and reading, stories from the Battle of Franklin. This book has such a different view point of the battle and the days following it. You follow Lizzie, while she meets different injured soldiers and how she cares for them. I found myself laughing out loud and crying all within the same chapter. I couldn’t put this book down! This is a little heavier than ...
  • Christie
    With This Pledge was a riveting, gritty historical read. Ms. Alexander handles historical fiction so well - that you can't help but be sucked into the story and characters. There is more historical depth here than I feel has been in her previous books. (Most taking place post-Civil War rather than during.) Lizzie Clouston is a governess at Carnton (which we were introduced to in Christmas at Carnton). The house becomes a war hospital and Lizzie a...
  • Rachael
    I love it when stories are based on history, and this one is even more tied to it than most, being based almost entirely on historic and personal accounts--including love letters--of people at Carnton Plantation during the battle of Franklin and its aftermath, even the primary love story, which feels like a tale of fiction it's so beautiful and well-written. I was impressed by the strength and faith of Lizzie and the McGavocks, their generosity t...
  • April Schlee
    I have long been a fan of Tamera Alexander. Her books transport me to the time period and location of the story within the first couple of chapters, and I easily remain there as I read the story. Her latest book, set to be released January 8, 2019, did not disappoint. Elizabeth Clouston is a governess for Colonel and Mrs. McGavock at Carnton when the Battle of Franklin brings the Civil War to their doorstep. Miss Clouston is against slavery, but ...
  • Loryn Mccaughan
    Tamera Alexander was my first true introduction to historical Christian fiction and has captivated me with her rich stories for many years now. With This Pledge met and exceeded all of my expectations for what I've come to love about her books. I was blessed to be a part of her Fabulous 50 Launch Team and read this story early- below is my synopsis and review.Set near Franklin, TN at Carnton Plantation during the Civil war we follow the life of E...
  • DR
    This is a book I did not want to finish, indeed I several times delayed continuing for dread of what may be going to happen.... The realities of war are brought home in a vivid way, surely making any reader into a confirmed pacifist! The human costs are so great – no matter which side one is on. (And so many soldiers would not have received the care & attention that those in this story did.) When war is no longer viewed from a distance, intrudi...
  • Mary
    With This Pledge by Tamera Alexander is a very well written book. Some of the details are true and some are fictional. Briefly, it is about the Battle of Franklin and how many lives were lost and changed due to the war between the Confederates and the Federals. The story follows Captain Roland Ward Jones and Elizabeth Clouston as their romance develops amidst the struggles and hardship of war.Tamera Alexander made me feel like I was actually pres...
  • Mandy
    With This Pledge is based on a true story and Tamera Alexander portrays that in a wonderful way. From the first word to the last I felt as though I were with the soldiers, family, and staff at Carnton. This story is action packed from the beginning. There are descriptions in this book that you will not soon forget. The emotions I felt were real, hard at times, and lovely at others. They took hold of and seized my heart. I felt as though I was abl...
  • Hulah
    I have long been a fan of the Tamara Alexander having read all her works. I have to say, With This Pledge is her finest yet! The history of the battle at Carnton in Franklin Tennessee pours off the pages in this beautifully told love story that transpired between a governess (turned nurse) and her patient during this brutal time in history. It brought me to tears more than once. Tamera Alexandra does her homework! Excellent book! I received a com...
  • Mary Handley
    I have loved Tamera Alexander’s books since I read Christmas at Carnton in 2017. Since then I have read four of her other Plantation books and loved every one! I was excited to read With This Pledge; based on real events that happened during the battle of Franklin during the Civil War. Alexander told the story of Lizzie and Roland with great care and detail. The characters are relatable and believable. I laughed, I cried, I absolutely loved thi...
  • Sheridan Wells
    Tamera Alexander delivers again! What I wouldn't give to put into words exactly how this book makes you feel. There were times I laughed and I cried. Alexander does a wonderful job immersing you into life during the 1860s. I was there with Lizzie on that battlefield as she viewed the aftermath and I was there with Lizzie and Roland as they fell in love. Can't wait for the next books in the series!
  • Amy
    With This Pledge begins a whole new series by Tamera Alexander called Carnton. I loved this first installment to the series. Lizzie and Roland’s story starts in 1864 at the Carnton Plantation in Franklin, Tennessee. Even though they are from two different worlds, they had undeniable chemistry. I enjoyed the historical and vivid details. The times were hard ones for the characters and I could just feel what they were going through.I give With Th...
  • Brooke
    I seriously love this author, I love how she always brings God into her books. I feel like in her writing you’re always going through their hard journeys with them. I love how I almost start to side with their selfish or sinful feelings because I can reason my way out of the right way. Then she will hit you with truths that make you see how none of your reasons matter, God’s way is always better! I’m trying to read all of her books because ...
  • Virginia Winfield
    I believe that this will be one of my all time favorite books about the Civil War that I have ever read. I loved all the main characters and loved that this was based on real people. Tamera Alexander does a wonderful job of bringing these people to life. Her descriptions are very good and show the horrors of war. I am so looking forward to the next book in this series. I received a copy of this book from the author for a fair and honest opinion t...
  • Jolene
    With This Pledge is the first full-length novel in Tamera Alexander's Carnton series. I was immediately drawn into the story by the tragic imagery of the Battle of Franklin's aftermath. Though the aftermath is extensive and Lizzie is right in the middle of it all, I found the story sobering, but not depressing. The perfectly paced love story between Roland and Lizzie was steady and never angsty. I recommend With This Pledge by Tamera Alexander to...
  • Nancy Pearl
    I could not put it down!"With This Pledge" by, Tamera Alexander stays true to the history of the people and events that surrounded the Carlton home in Franklin, TN. The story is woven around the 1864 Civil War Battle of Franklin and the faith and love that endured through that painful yet pivatol time in our history. A great read.
  • Jennifer K
    Tamera Alexander shares a story that needs to be told. I was drawn in to this realistic Civil War fiction because her characters (who are based on actual people) showed strength and determination during dire circumstances. Alexander’s storyline reminded me that during the darkest days, good can be found, which made this captivating read worthwhile! I was given a copy of this book by the publisher. All opinions are mine.
  • Holly
    Having just finished, I think the one thing that really sticks with me the most about this book is the level of historical accuracy in the details. It even goes so far as to talk about the soldiers being read "A Christmas Carol," by Dickens, which is of course a minor, yet historically-accurate, detail that helps the reader to feel more involved in the story. I appreciate the stance that the author takes, too, in narrating from the Confederate pe...
  • Julie
    This book is wonderful. Not for the faint of heart, the war comes to life in a moving story that is not easy to forget. Tamera Alexander is such an amazing author to be able to take such a dark time in history and wrap a beautiful, faith-filled love story around it.
  • Candice Valdez
    Such a hard read, yet so well written and hard to put down! This is not a light hearted read, because it tells in vivid detail what happened during a battle in Franklin, Tennessee. The details are hard to swallow, but makes you pause to consider what happened during the civil war. Elizabeth and Roland were very well developed and had a strong connection that can be felt throughout the book. There were a few times I thought the story lagged a bit,...