The Wondering Years by Knox McCoy

The Wondering Years

When you hear the phrase pop culture, you likely think reality television, boy bands or Real Housewives of various cities. While these are elements of popular culture, they aren’t all it has to offer. Pop culture may not cure diseases, topple political regimes, or make scientific breakthroughs, but it does play a vital role in the story of humanity.In fact, it’s pretty hard to define the human experience without it. And it’s impossible to c...

Details The Wondering Years

TitleThe Wondering Years
Release DateNov 13th, 2018
PublisherThomas Nelson
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Contemporary, Culture, Pop Culture, Biography

Reviews The Wondering Years

  • Laura
    Knox McCoy must be about the same age as I am, because we have almost all the same pop-culture touchstones (minus, for me, most of the sports references) although I have not kept up with his pace of pop-culture consumption. He grew up in the South so his early faith framework is familiar but certainly more rigid than what I grew up with. Nonetheless, I related strongly to his childhood perspectives. This book definitely made me laugh out loud (Th...
  • Emily Gardner
    Thanks to W Publishing and NetGalley for an early look at a book I've pre-ordered!In an effort to explain to my inquisitive four-year-old why saying "God is light" doesn't mean God is, in fact, the moon, I put my English degree to good use describing how metaphors use ideas we already understand to illuminate more complicated concepts. That's exactly what Knox McCoy does in The Wondering Years. In a voice that is humorous, heartwarming, and perce...
  • Tyler Mills
    After finishing this book, I had to step back and assess whether Knox McCoy and I are actually the same person. Was my life the plot of Mr. Robot, just with (slightly) less existential dread and more teen TV dramas? While I may never know if I've actually been a popular podcaster and talented writer my entire life, I do know that this book is simultaneously the most entertaining and thought provoking piece of literature I've read in a long time. ...
  • Laura Tremaine
    Really enjoyed these essays from my friend and fellow podcaster Knox McCoy. I laughed out loud throughout.
  • Kate Mcpherson
    Uh, 10,000 points to Gryffindor because this book is amazing. It's like if Lorelai Gilmore wandering into your living room and started waxing theologic. I have never met Knox, but I'm pretty sure we would be best friends based on the sheer pop culture references that made me laugh. And the section where he talks about converting dogs to Christianity after seeing All Dogs Go To Heaven? Literally on the floor laughing (and yes, I know what literall...
  • Britanioverman
    "Yes, you can binge Netflix and love God!"The Wondering Years is a conversation with your best friend you didn't know you were desperately longing to have! Knox McCoy perfectly illustrates how pop culture and Christianity can coexist and it's okay to enjoy both. This book will say everything you're thinking but won't say out loud because you'll probably be dammed to hell by those listening. He perfectly sums up issues with organized religion by s...
  • Tracie Collier
    If you enjoy laughing out loud while reading in public, pop culture references that stretch out for miles, and wondering about all of the wacky, sacred, denominationally challenging things that make up a Christian life, this book is for you! I can't remember the last time I laughed so much reading a book. Just delightful! If you listen to The Popcast with Knox and Jamie, you'll likely hear Knox's voice in your head as you read. You might even hea...
  • Ruth Anne
    I laughed hard and it got me thinking about God in some new ways. I can't recommend it enough, if you enjoy pop culture at all, you'll love this book.
  • Nicole Burrell
    I laughed. I cried. I did all the things, then I came back for more.Knox McCoy’s “The Wondering Years” is a candid look at his life and faith, told by way of a series of entertaining anecdotes and cultural references galore. It is -a rare thing- a book that will make you think about your own relationship with God while not boring you at all. A book that sounds and feels personal, like a friend talking to you in a coffee shop...talking to yo...
  • Sarah
    Thanks to W Publishing and NetGalley for an ARC of this book!Every so often, a book comes along that, when you finish the last page, you look back and realize, “I needed this book in my life at this moment.” For me, The Wondering Years was one of those books.The Wondering Years is a heart-felt account of the author’s faith journey and love of pop-culture. Knox McCoy does a fantastic job of being vulnerable with questions of faith he has bee...
  • Kwl
    Thank you W Publishing for an early look at a book I’ve been looking forward to for months! The number of times I found myself nodding along to Knox’s childhood pop culture memories were too many to count! I’ve lived all of these years not realizing there were other people in the world who associate Wheelof Fortune so strongly with bedtime! East cost 8:00 p.m. bedtime struggles. From Beverly Hills 90210 to those evangelical t-shirts Knox na...
  • Erin
    When I heard that Knox McCoy from my favorite podcast was going to write a book about pop culture, I was really excited. I guess I figured it was going to be an extension of the podcast, just minus Jamie. I had heard the advertising and the build up and the moment there was a publication date, I checked to see if the book could be pre-ordered. I read the blurb and decided to pre-order. THEN I found out that I could be part of the launch team and ...
  • Melissa
    This book combined some of my favorite things - faith, pop culture, childhood nostalgia, sarcasm and storytelling. The author does a great job weaving in personal stories while sprinkling in references about some old favorites like Pee Wee Herman, He-Man, the Simpsons, Family Matters and more! How he manages to make me smile, laugh, and cry all in one chapter is mind boggling, but it happened time and time again. He weaves together metaphors that...
  • Rachel Vander Ley
    Honestly, I rarely give books 5 stars. I feel like that’s for the Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium type of books. I wish Goodreads would let you rate books to the 10th degree, because then I would give this book a 4.8 and be happy instead of sitting here running my finger between 4 and 5.But, my finger hovered over the 5 and committed, mostly because I can’t remember the last book I read that I highlighted as much or screenshot as much or sent...
  • Allison
    Knox is a part of a Podcast called the Popcast. Their motto is: we educate you on the things that do not matter. In this book, Knox did the exact opposite. He educated us on the things that do matter - with a little bit on the things that don't. As a enneagram 4wing5, and married to an enneagram 5 - reading this book felt very much at home, and a creepily clear glimpse into conversations I have with my husband. There were many times I would poke ...
  • Michelle Kidwell
    The Wondering YearsHow Pop Culture Helped Me Answer Life’s Biggest Questionsby Knox McCoyThomas Nelson--W PublishingThomas NelsonChristianPub Date 13 Nov 2018I am reviewing a copy of The Wondering Years through Thomas Nelson -W Publishing and Netgalley:In this book we are reminded that though Pop Culture won't cure diseases, topple political regimes or make scientific breakthroughs but it does play a vital role in the story of humanity.It is in...
  • Reannon
    Despite the fact that I read 75-85 books a year, I have actually never written a book review. But I loved this book so much! I was already a fan of Knox’s from his podcast, The Popcast, but being a great talker doesn’t mean you’re going to be a great writer. Well, Knox is both. This book is funny and moving and gives such grace to those of us who go through life trying to figure things out and also knowing we never will. Knox writes of fait...
  • Robin
    I wasn't sure what to expect when reading this book. I knew I liked the author's sensibilities from listening to his podcasts: the Popcast with Knox and Jamie and The Bible Binge. I also knew I liked his writing style from reading his newsletter Sectional Healing, so I was very hopeful. The book did not disappoint! His point of view came through clearly and in his distinct "voice", and while there were moments of great humor (as in: legit laugh-o...
  • Natasha Stone
    Knox and I are a few decades apart in age but growing up in Southern church culture myself, I could relate to so many of his musings about God, faith and religious questions! That the man knows pop culture has been evident since the dawn of his wonderful podcast! I enjoyed seeing how he cleverly wove together aspects of pop culture and how those aspects helped him wrestle with growing up and finding his own faith journey! The book is thoughtful a...
  • Amy Guth
    This is a great read! Knox tackles some big questions and subject matter in a way that is lighthearted but still thought provoking. I didn't fully realize, until I read this book, how much pop culture influenced my own childhood and even now as a middle age-ish adult. Knox talks about his faith and Christianity in this book, but he does so in a way that is palatable; not preachy. This book will make you "LOL!", it will make you exclaim to yoursel...
  • Holli Davila
    Have you ever wanted Steve Urkel or one of the Golden Girls to have a chat with you about your worldview? Well, Knox McCoy enters into a conversation about musings, curiosities, and complexities in life that have left us wondering for years. It is playful, respectful, vulnerable, funny, and sincere. I have a long list of people I will recommend this to. The best part: he leads you through some of life's hardee questions, but he doesn't preach at ...
  • Bethany Boynton
    Thanks to W Publishing and NetGalley for an ARC of this book!I've been listening to Knox McCoy on both of his podcasts for years so I had high expectations for this book and I was not disappointed. Knox and I were raised very similarly in deep-south-faith so I understood and related to everything he said. His ability to relate the nuances of Christianity with "Godless" pop culture made me smile over and over again.Whether you're a Christian or no...
  • Donna McPherson
    SIBA 2018 pre-release copy Good book overall. Not my style. If you like stories narrated like "A Christmas Story" and "The Wonder Years" then this is a book for you. It is interesting and entertaining with good observations about life, but not engaging enough that I could finish it in one sitting. The footnotes made it for me. I prefer more of an ending and more of a plot than the seemingly random narration that is the author's life. The author p...
  • Elyse Kinard
    I feel so lucky to get the opportunity to read The Wondering Years before so many others! Knox is so funny and as soon as he said his book was ready for presale I jumped at the chance to buy it! Knox is hilariously funny and hits the nail on the head on so many pop culture topics from his and my childhood.Good job Knox Mccoy! Excited to continue to follow you on all the socials :)
  • Beth
    As a child of the 80s and a fan of pop culture now, I loved this one. It had just enough humor and just enough serious Jesus talk to make it a delightful, quick read.
  • Jennifer
    Loved Knox’s take on faith and culture. A great read for anyone who has asked questions about God and Netflix.
  • Amy Noe
    I was greatly privileged to have been given the opportunity to be part of this book's launch team and had a chance to read it two months before it's release date. I was interested in reading it from the day it was announced because I'm OBSESSED with Knox's podcast, The Popcast. I jumped at the chance to pre-order the book and was thrilled to be accepted on the launch team. Anyway - the book was fantastic! I think I might have laughed out loud at ...