Tell Her No Lies by Kelly Irvin

Tell Her No Lies

In Tell Her No Lies, a new romantic suspense novel, talented author Kelly Irvin explores the question of what makes a family—nature or nurture?—in a fast-paced race to the truth.As children, Nina Fischer and her sister were plucked from foster care in Florida and brought to Texas by a wealthy uncle they’d never met after their mother went to prison for selling drugs. Now, as an adult, Nina loves her adopted father and wants to please him, ...

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TitleTell Her No Lies
Release DateNov 13th, 2018
PublisherThomas Nelson
GenreSuspense, Christian Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Mystery, Christian, Fiction, Romantic Suspense, Family, Audiobook

Reviews Tell Her No Lies

  • Lindsey (Books for Christian Girls)
    About this book:“As children, Nina Fischer and her sister were plucked from foster care in Florida and brought to Texas by a wealthy uncle they’d never met after their mother went to prison for selling drugs. Now, as an adult, Nina loves her adopted father and wants to please him, but she’s chosen her own career path as a photographer and poet—choices state district court judge Geoffrey Fischer can’t appreciate. When she finds him murde...
  • Staci
    This suspense novel offers a lot of action and plenty of plot twists. Nina is a strong lead with a rough early childhood and the need to protect others. Tell Her No Lies is set in San Antonio and I love that the two main characters are alumni from the same college that I attended.My gratitude to publisher Thomas Nelson for a complimentary copy of the novel. I was not required to post a review and the opinions expressed are my own.
  • Sarah Grace Grzy
    This book was quite an anomaly for me. The story kept my interest most of the time and there were several unexpected twists and turns--as any good suspense book should include. The characters were interesting and multi-faceted, although they drove me crazy half the time.I was honestly rather surprised and put off by some of the crudeness and foul language and didn't expect to find that kind of content from a Christian publisher. But the romance i...
  • Rissa
    When she finds her father dead she is the prime suspect being the only one in the house at the time of his death. With everyone questioning what happened and what her reasoning might be she is forced to dace a difficult decision about her faith, family and friends. I liked the characters and the story was very entertaining and kept me wanting more. **********Spoilers********+**The one thing i really didnt like was the ending. Like the last freaki...
  • Karen R
    Wow, this one starts out with a bang and keeps up the tension until the end! One of the best romantic suspense stories I've read. Plenty of action, mystery, and a complex plot kept the pages turning. It also hits on some serious issues relevant to today--addiction, child abandonment, homelessness--and their lingering damaging affects on families. Faith and prayer are touched on, and the need to trust God and forgive others. “God is a good Fathe...
  • Caitlyn Santi
    This is my first time reading a book by this author, and I enjoyed it. Romantic suspense is one of my favorite genres and this one had some great edge of your seat moments, but the pace felt a bit slow for my taste. I loved Aaron instantly! I'm personally not crazy about love triangles, but I did end up liking how that aspect of the story was handled. I liked Nina, but I didn't feel like I ever fully connected with her, which kept me from feeling...
  • Patricia Bradley
    Tell Her No Lies by Kelly Irvin is a book you don’t want to miss!All I can say is, WOW! I started this book during my five-hour layover when I flew home from the Writer’s Police Academy’s Murder Con, and I almost didn’t want to get off the plane because I only had a few pages left to read. Even though I didn’t get home until one a.m., I took the time to finish the book because I had to know how it ended. Every time I thought I had it fi...
  • Melanie
    3.5 starsTell Her No Lies was a story that got better as I continued to read. The story started without much backstory and I felt like I had to try to figure out what was all going on, which was a little frustrating. Once I got further into the story, I started to really enjoy it and I liked suspense aspect as well.Even though there was romance in Tell Her No Lies, I didn't feel like it was a main focus and maybe that is why I didn't care about t...
  • Shalini
    This was a perfect read between my thrillers which had me forgetting realities of life. I didn't even analyse the book. I just went with the flow.Nina moved back home to pursue photography and one day working late, discovered her adopted father's dead body which led to her racing against time to get to the murderer.There was romance as she was liked by Rick her childhood friend and a lawyer with political aspirations, and colleague and competitor...
  • Erin Laramore
    Wow - what a great ride! This was my first book by Kelly Irvin and will not be my last. While the title and cover had drawn me, it was other advanced reviews that lead me to seek out this book for myself So glad I did!Nina Fischer is a night owl, up late listening to music while she does work in her dark-room. And is the only other person at home when her father is murdered in his study. When she finds him, she calls the police and starts CPR, bu...
  • Molly Jaber (Cover To Cover Cafe)
    So, how do I put this? Well, I pride myself in providing honest, and quality, reviews, so, I'll say this. I didn't care for this one. It took me three times to get through just the first four chapters. As someone who has read and loved Kelly Irvin's Amish romances, I was very disappointed in the outcome of reading this one. I didn't finish it past chapter 4. The dialogue was not easy to follow, as it felt stiff. I just could not enjoy a book lik...
  • Kav
    Wow. Just. Wow. Gripping suspense, complicated plot twists and an intricate labyrinth of emotions thanks to some major family dysfunction makes this a riveting read! My heart got a workout between the pulse-pounding suspense and the gut-wrenching emotional turmoil. Oy. Still catching my breath!A stellar start had me settling into my favourite sleuthing armchair for a marathon read. The murder happens right at the beginning and then Nina's life st...
  • Kate Ellis
    Tell Her No Lies is the first book I have read by Kelly Irvin and I firstly want to say how pleased I am that she has attained her dream, as she mentions in her note at the end of, of publishing suspense. I have read lots of psychological thrillers, suspense, crime, and mystery books. This kept my interest throughout and it was so refreshing to read a book which did not contain swearing to distract and stunt my reading. I look forward to...
  • Ann
    Thanks to the publisher for an advance reader's copy.I had to quit reading this from boredom. Nothing happened in the first 60+ pages of the book! The murder happened in the first chapter before I had the chance to learn enough about the character to care, and the next 50+ pages are all repetitive establishing conversations.
  • Fiction Aficionado
    If you like a good dose of family drama with your romantic suspense, then look no further. It’s all happening in this story! When the only father Nina has ever known is murdered, all the skeletons begin falling out of the closet. Add in (a) Detective No-Filter, who’s itching to arrest Nina, and (b) the two men vying for her affection, both of whom have a conflict of interest, and you’ve got a whole lot of tension, quite aside from the risin...
  • Mark
    Kelly Irvin is a new author to me. It looks like she has only written Amish fiction prior to this book, so that is one reason I haven't read anything by her. I am always eager to try out new authors, especially in the Christian suspense genre', so I was happy to get Tell Me No Lies to review. I like books that jump immediately into the suspense, and this one started out with a murder in the first chapter, and the suspense kept building from that ...
  • Denise Hershberger
    This was a new to me author and I'm so glad I read this one! I felt like this was a nice new voice for romantic suspense. It was also a good opportunity to remind readers that addictions come in many forms and with many consequences. I always appreciate when a book has a message that goes a little deeper.I did feel like there were a lot of characters to keep track of in this story. It wasn't terrible, but I think if Irvin had added even one more ...
  • Hallie Szott
    A high-stakes race for truth, Tell Her No Lies by Kelly Irvin is a story full of drama, suspense, and romance. When Nina Fischer discovers her adopted father dead, she embarks on a search for the truth behind the unexpected secrets and mystery. More bodies then begin to accumulate, and discovering that truth becomes all the more important. Despite the mystery, Tell Her No Lies does progress slowly. Between major plot points, the story drags witho...
  • Gloria
    Tell Her No Lies is a great Christian suspense that is complicated and multi-layered. Nina Fischer lives at her family home where she has her own apartment on the third floor. She has a photojournalist background and carries her camera everywhere. She has a trust issue and the camera helps. Nina and her friend Aaron are putting together a photo/video exhibit and the deadline is coming up. Working on the project late one night in her darkroom, she...
  • Calista Andrechek
    Thank you NetGalley, Kelly Irvin and Thomas Nelson for the free e-book in exchange for an honest review.Nina and her sister were plucked from their absentee mother at a very early age and were placed with their well off aunt and uncle, who were like parents to them. Nina loves her adopted father, even if he doesn’t support her career choices. One night, while getting ready for a show, Nina hears something downstairs and investigates only to fin...
  • Kathy
    3.5 stars.Tell Her No Lies by Kelly Irvin is an intriguing mystery with slight Christian and romantic elements.Twenty-seven year old Nina Fischer has recently moved back in with her parents in order to pursue her photography and poetry career. After working late in her darkroom, she goes downstairs and discovers her adopted father and biological uncle, Geoffrey, has been murdered. As the only person at home with Geoffrey, Detective Matt King is q...
  • Rebecca
    "It seems your father had another life he forgot to tell me - us - about." When the only father that Nina Fischer has ever known is brutally murdered in his own home, the police cannot help but direct their suspicions towards the one person who was in the house at the time of his death; Nina. Devastated after finding Geoffrey's dead body, Nina tries to make sense of the facts that litter the trail back to her; no forced entry, single gun shot wou...
  • Vera Godley
    The reader jumps in with both feet and hits the ground running as the pages turn at the beginning of "Tell Her No Lies." The author doesn't, though, keep up the rapid fire pace as the story progresses. A bit of a lag. That doesn't, however, deter the reader from pursing this who-dunnit.This book doesn't just tell the tale of who killed the judge. There are multiple murders and a slew of suspects.Underlying the multi-layered suspense is the heroin...
  • Lori
    Oh my what a bang bang and bang!!The author has hit home in some of my feelings and yes I was even homeless for a while but God has seen me through.I can relate to Nina in so many ways and I felt the same shock she did!!Even tho she had a real mom to me, the person who raised you is ur real parents. I adopted and I lived my mom for it.I stayed up late into the night to finish this book because I wanted to se what happens next!!I think that this i...
  • Yvette
    Nina Fischer has trust issues stemming from a rough childhood, and with the murder of the uncle who took her and her sister in and the reappearance of her mother, the secrets that begin to come out will make her question everything she thought she knew.  And while the reader may think they know who she should trust, and want to shout at her not to trust others, this well plotted but more sedately paced story of suspense throws twists and more th...
  • Jen. (JenGalaxy4 Christian Book Reviews)
    .Kelly Irvin, popular author of Amish fiction, has published a romantic suspense novel!Nina Fischer is guarded. Rightfully so, considering her background as well as her current situation. She has a hard time trusting people, even those closest to her. As the story progresses, we get to see her move past her previous hurts and confront her present issues beautifully.The romantic thread in the story is really well done. It’s very realistic and no...
  • Joy
    I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.Tell Her No Lies was overall an enjoyable book but at times a little slow. Nina Fischer is a photographer with a lot of baggage. Struggling to trust her friends, family, and even God, she tries to find the truth of her father's murder while trying to forgive the people in her past.Aaron McClure is one of Nina...
  • Victoria
    A Christian whodunit. Not great but satisfying.
  • Sylvia
    I loved this book!! Great story!! Love this author's books!!