Burden of Proof (FBI: Rapid Response, #1) by DiAnn Mills

Burden of Proof (FBI: Rapid Response, #1)

Reeling from a negotiation gone wrong, FBI Special Agent April Ramos is caught off guard when a frazzled young woman shoves a crying baby into her arms, then disappears. Worry for the child's safety quickly turns to fear when a man claiming to be the girl's father abducts them at gunpoint. April puts her hostage negotiation skills to use to learn more about who she's dealing with: Jason Snyder, a fugitive accused of murder.As Jason spins a tall t...

Details Burden of Proof (FBI: Rapid Response, #1)

TitleBurden of Proof (FBI: Rapid Response, #1)
Release DateOct 9th, 2018
PublisherTyndale House Publishers
GenreChristian Fiction, Contemporary, Fiction, Suspense, Christian, Mystery

Reviews Burden of Proof (FBI: Rapid Response, #1)

  • Sarah Grace Grzy
    I haven't been a huge fan of Mills' books, but this one was very interesting. April and Jason were very interesting characters and I loved following along in their unique story. I found it somewhat hard to connect with them, which is why I docked a star. Isabella was also a very adorable addition. The plot is quite twisty and keeps you on your toes. Pretty early on you know who the villain is, but that didn't take away from the suspense. Car chas...
  • Brooklyne
    3.5 stars...As much as I enjoyed this book, It was not my favorite DiAnn Mills book. I liked the main characters, and also Jason's parents were so sweet! I really liked April! The suspense aspect to this book was not as exciting as I thought it would be, but it did keep you guessing and second guessing who the "bad guy" was. There was multiple plot twists which kept me pretty interested, but in the end I think I set my expectation to high...I lov...
  • Holly
    DiAnn Mills once again delivers a fantastic story!She gave us a tough FBI agent, a handsome and loving father, and evil personified. To say the least I enjoyed the action and the characters in this story. April Ramos cares for the people she's trying to help. When she isn't able to save one it is devastating for her. But she's also tough and believes in justice, she is a great character.I ended up loving Jason when it was over, but honestly, ther...
  • IJ
    FBI Special Agent April Ramos finds herself in the middle of a very crazy and bizarre situation in the little town of Sweet Briar, Texas. April is from Houston, so small town Texas is kind of not in her wheelhouse.What starts out as April being kidnapped by Jason Snyder, she ends up being enraptured with Jason's daughter, trying to get Jason exonerated from murder charges.... Oh yea, I forgot to tell you about God stepping in and helping out when...
  • Staci
    It's the start of a new series by DiAnn Mills. The first pages were spectacular. Shortly after that my "is this believable" radar perked up. The actions of FBI Agent April Ramos didn't quite ring true for me. Once I shoved down that doubt though, it was a story filled with suspense and heart. I especially loved how April was shown the love of Christ in the pages. Overall, a good suspense novel.
  • Rebecca
    "The darkest moments of our lives are intended for God to use in a mighty way." "What were the odds of a negotiator being held hostage?" F. B. I. Special Agent April Ramos is trained to talk desperate people out of life altering situations, but her day began with tragic results. Now April finds herself caught in between a gun wielding father, his infant daughter, and a crazy story. Thankfully, her training takes over as she hears herself speak mo...
  • Paula Shreckhise
    Burden of Proof by DiAnn Mills is an exciting, suspenseful book that I did not want to put down!After a unexpected outcome from her last case, FBI special agent April Ramos is thrust into an impossible situation. She is given a kidnapped baby as she stops for a snack in a coffee shop on the way home from work. Is the man who then confronts her really the child’s father? What can she do as an agent to help without jeopardizing her career? DiAnn ...
  • Linda Klager
    I like DiAnn Mills' books. I met her online at a book club. DiAnn is a good friend of a former member of the book club. Unfortunately, we had to disband the book club due to lack of interest.DiAnn writes books that deal with the human spirit and how they relate to a relationship with Jesus Christ. Much was happening in this book. It began with a suicide victim jumping to his death. The FBI negotiator by the name of April Ramos tried her best to "...
  • Joleen
    Burden of Proof by DiAnn MillsGenre: Contemporary Christian Romance/SuspenseFormat: KindleTimeframe: Current dayLocation: Sweet Briar, TXCharacters: Special Agent April Ramos: FBI hostage negotiator Jason Snyder: Murder suspectIsabella: Jason’s baby daughterTed and Hope Snyder: Jason’s parentsWillis Lennox: County Sheriff, evilBrenda Krew: Real estate agent seemingly assisting Willis Joey Frederickson: Brenda’s addict daughter, kidnapped I...
  • Linda Walters
    There was two things that grabbed my attention about this book. First it was the author and second it was the plot outline. When I spotted this book the reason I was quick to grab it was because I have read other books by DiAnn Mills and was never disappointed. And I wasn't this time either. This story starts out with a bang. Not just one but two dramatic events happen to April right out the gate. She is definitely not having a good morning. And ...
  • Madison
    Suspense at its best - Burden of Proof provides a thrilling read. When the lives of innocent children and families are at stake, stopping a killer becomes vitally important. On a day when a negotiation ends badly, the last thing hostage negotiator April Ramos wants to have happen is a baby thrust into her arms. The day only worsens when a man claiming to be the baby’s father takes April hostage at gunpoint. Jason Snyder is determined to prove h...
  • Maureen Timerman
    Once you turn the first page this book is going to pull you in and keep you right to the end, there is non-stop action, and we don’t know who will survive to the end.Blew my mind how this all turned out and I never saw it coming, the book is full of surprises, and not all good ones.A don’t miss mystery with some clean romance, and hope for the future.I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Tyndale House, and was not required...
  • Anna
    This book has a lot of 5-star reviews, but I am going to have to be a dissenter on this one. I forced myself to finish it because I was reading it for a group, but otherwise I would have put it down. It had an interesting premise, but there were too many characters - I had trouble keeping them all straight. And too many parts of the plot weren't really believable. I didn't find myself drawn to any of the characters; they seemed sort of one-dimens...
  • Patricia Bradley
    Burden of Proof is one of those books where you’ll want to make sure your seatbelt is fastened! It absolutely kept me turning pages and losing sleep over. I very quickly came to care about both April Ramos and Jason Synder, and of course, little Isabella. Jason had been through a lot. First, his wife had died giving birth to one-year-old Isabella, then he was wrongly accused of killing his best friend. And then it gets worse when he kidnaps Apr...
  • Kelly Bridgewater
    DiAnn Mills is hit or miss if I enjoy her romantic suspense. Some of her books take place with terrorists plots, and I don't like those type of stories. But for romantic suspense to work, I need a good bit of suspense as the main idea with a little bit of romance sprinkled across the top. I don't want the romance to be the main storyline. Some romantic suspense authors do make the romance the main storyline. It's fine for them, just not my type o...
  • Julie Graves
    Jason Snyder is being framed for the murder of his best friend. Jason sets out to clear his name, but his family is in danger. When his daughter is kidnapped Jason is beside himself. Following the kidnapper, Jason catches up just as his daughter is handed off to a stranger.Agent April Ramos is a negotiator who has just lost someone she tried to help. Trying to get over the guilt she is caught off guard when someone thrusts a baby into her arms an...
  • Lisa Johnson
    Title: Burden of ProofAuthor: DiAnn MillsPages: 416Year: 2018Publisher: Tyndale House PublishersMy rating: 5 out of 5 stars.Here is another out of the park homerun story by author DiAnn Mills. If you have never read any of her books, this one will get you hooked. In the story, FBI Special Agent April Ramos experiences a tough night as a negotiator trying to talk a man off a high ledge. Now, just getting coffee is about to change her life in ways ...
  • Leslie M.
    3.5 starsSurprisingly, this is the first book I have read by Mills. I have heard many good things about her, so I’m glad to have had the opportunity to read one of her books. It did not disappoint.April Ramos is a skilled negotiator for the FBI. However, she never expected to find herself on the other end of the equation.Jason Snyder is caring for his baby girl after losing his wife. His world is turned upside down when his best friend is kille...
  • Anthony Jackson
    I absolutely loved this book. The characters were developed excellent. Like every good book there will be a characters you love and some you love to hate. The story has it all action, comedy, drama, romance, faith and much more. Jason and his family were strong in strength and in there faith in God. I thought the story was going to be cut and dry and right when I thought I had the story figured out the author threw me a twist.The Mary Reader rece...
  • Dawn
    A fantastic story with loads of adventure and examples of faith and forgiveness and the work of God. Love the characters!I love a book with so much to think about. I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
  • Jenn Belden
    Burden of Proof is another fast-paced FBI thriller from author DiAnn Mills with a smart and sensitive heroine and a story line with plenty of twists and turns.One thing I think Mills does really well is character development. This is especially relevant with a plot line such as the one found in Burden of Proof, as you need to convince the reader that a character kidnapping your central character – and one who happens to be an FBI negotiator –...
  • Mike
    Burden of Proof will keep your knuckles white as you cling to the book and follow this exciting story! It’s no surprise to me that this rollercoaster of a story was written my DiAnn Mills. She is definitely making a name for herself in this genre.This newest addition by Mills has an abundance of switchbacks, pitfalls and betrayals. Despite the story being predominantly set in a small Texas town, the author constructed a literary obstacle course...
  • Carol
    I didn't realize this was Christian fiction when I added it to my TBR list, not that there's anything wrong with Christian fiction ... it's just not my normal genre. Nor did I realize it fell into the Romance category as well which is one of my least favourite genres. That being said, this was a pretty good book. Not too heavy on the faith or the romance angle. Lots of 4 and 5 star reviews for this one so I'm in the minority here but I didn't rea...
  • Ruthie Jones
    Burden of Proof starts off strong when a baby girl is thrust into the arms of FBI agent April Ramos, where she is then subsequently accused of kidnapping. The action occasionally slows down, but the story's overall pace is quick and filled with a slew of misguided people who have placed their loyalty on the wrong side of the law.Jason, the baby's father and a widower, is in a heap of trouble from the beginning, but he never loses his status as a ...
  • Jenn Z at That's What She's Reading
    I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest and thoughtful review."It all started when the negotiator became the hostage."This was such an exciting and intense story that set a thrilling tone from the opening line and delivered until the final sentence.Told from multiple perspectives, each added layers to the growing suspense and built anticipation for the final and unpredictable showdown. The majorit...
  • Lorilei Gonzales
    I was excited to get a copy of DiAnn Mills' latest book because she never fails to capture my undivided attention. I get a little breathless when gripped with suspense or excitement, and this book is filled with so many moments that make your heart skip a beat. Mills is especially skilled when it comes to writing dialogue. Each characters' speech sounds natural and flows just as well as the non-dialogue text. When Mills switches the point of view...
  • Gail Welborn
    *a riveting account of kidnapping, deception and murder wrapped in sinister small-town corruption*If you’re looking for a fast-paced, character driven, romantic suspense super-charged with duplicitous intrigue, corruption and murder, Diann Mills latest release, “Burden of Proof” fits the bill. Not only is it a complex action suspense filled with unforeseen surprises, twists and turns it also includes touches of humor, spirituality and subtl...
  • Jessica Higgins
    DiAnn Mills has been a top suspense writer for years, but this may be her best work yet. April Ramos has been a negotiator with the FBI for years and it is work she is proud to do, but it also takes a toll on her. When she isn’t able to talk a man out of committing suicide, she feels maybe she isn’t doing what she is meant to do. With no time to process what she is been through, a woman shoves a crying baby into her arms and runs off. A man c...
  • Beckie Burnham
    Burden of Proof, DiAnn Mills’ latest romantic suspense novel, begins with action and continues to give the reader a twisting reading ride throughout. A kidnappings lead an unjustly accused businessman and an FBI hostage negotiator to join forces to uncover the truth of corrupt officials in a small eastern Texas town. Likable characters, a puzzling mystery, and fast-paced plotting make this one a recommended read.While I always love the suspense...
  • Christena
    “April hugged Isabella close to her. In her catharsis, she realized Jason trusted her. “Your daddy is a brave man,” she whispered. “I’m ready to help him find the proof of his innocence.”First – flying squirrels do exist in Texas and feral hogs are numero uno bad.Second – this is a livewire authoritative a story.Third – you’ll walk away with more than you realize if you read this book.Burden of Proof is an unpredictable, livew...