Skulls! by Blair Thornburgh


Debut picture book author Blair Thornburgh and award-winning illustrator Scott Campbell put their heads together to celebrate one of the most important bones in your body: the skull!You probably don’t think much about skulls. So what’s the big deal about them?Well, every head of every person you’ve ever seen has a skull inside.And that includes YOU!This smart, skull-positive story cheerfully dispels any fears kids might have about their ske...

Details Skulls!

Release DateJul 23rd, 2019
PublisherAtheneum Books for Young Readers
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Nonfiction, Science, Storytime

Reviews Skulls!

  • La Coccinelle
    This is a lighthearted look at some of the most important bones in the body: the ones that make up the skull. The playful watercolour illustrations show skulls in all their glory, and the accompanying text explains all about their function.There's a page of cool skull facts at the back, but there's a lot of information in the main text, too. The book mainly focuses on the science, so there's really no mention of skull symbolism (e.g., the Day of ...
  • Abigail
    Author Blair Thornburgh and illustrator Scott Campbell team up in this lighthearted, educational look at skulls. Although sometimes seen as scary, this important part of the body provides a safe home for our brains, and a shape for our faces. The jaunty narrative provides basic facts (as well as reassurance), and is paired with Campbell's humorous watercolor illustrations, while an informative afterword gives more facts about the skull...Although...
  • Raven Black
    Illustrations weak but that's most likely to stop the "scary" of skulls. The text is very simple science. Good facts in the afterwards
  • Margaux
    I mean, of course I love this book and of course I'll be buying it for everyone I know. Please ship 100 copies pronto.
  • Meg
  • Brandy
    A nice intro for young readers to learn about our skull and the importance of them. Includes tidbits at the end. :)
  • Emma
    Having an affinity of my own for osteology, I absolutely adored this book! The illustrations are pitch perfect, too. Wonderfully fun and clever, and informative, too! "Skulls are safe and snug, like a car seat for your brain." "So tell your friends, 'Nice skull. It gives your face a good shape.'" I love my skull!
  • Erin
    An utterly delightful love letter to your skull. A celebration of one small part of the body.
  • Ana Gutierrez
    This was both entertaining and informative. 😊
  • Judy Ripke
    This book is such a fun way to teach about the skull and its importance in the human body. I will use it with my first graders.
  • Stefanie
    Weird. I like it.
  • Michelle
    Skulls are way cooler than I ever gave them credit for. And definitely not scary :)
  • Jennifer Fenn
    "Skulls" passed the "read it again" test for both my six year old and two year old! A fun, not-so-scary pick for Halloween.
  • Edward Sullivan
    All the things that make skulls so amazingly awesome.
  • KC
    An informative and approachable look at our skulls. Although a bit repetitive at times, this book has a unique way of discussing ones anatomy.
  • Matt Chic
    Cute and informative. I especially like the diagram showing where the different holes are.
  • Becky
    This was really a super fun book. Silly AND informative. And I really liked the illustration style.
  • Mompop
    a fun read-aloud for Dia de los Muertos (note to self)
  • Earl
    A fun picture book to teach young readers about skulls. Although it would probably have freaked me out if I read this as a kid. But then I would blame it on how we've been conditioned to think skeletons are scary!
  • Austin Gullett
    Hilarious, informative, positive, life-affirming, scientific, and illustrated in good ol' fashioned water color. There is no shortage of adjectives I could use to describe how cool this book is.