Someone to Trust (Westcott, #5) by Mary Balogh

Someone to Trust (Westcott, #5)

During a rare white Christmas at Brambledean Court, the widow Elizabeth, Lady Overfield, defies convention by falling in love with a younger man in the latest novel in the Westcott series.After her husband's passing, Elizabeth Overfield decides that she must enter into another suitable marriage. That, however, is the last thing on her mind when she meets Colin Handrich, Lord Hodges, at the Westcott Christmas house party. She simply enjoys his com...

Details Someone to Trust (Westcott, #5)

TitleSomeone to Trust (Westcott, #5)
Release DateNov 27th, 2018
GenreRomance, Historical Romance, Historical, Historical Fiction, Regency, Fiction, Holiday, Christmas

Reviews Someone to Trust (Westcott, #5)

  • Julie
    Someone to Trust by Mary Balogh is a 2018 Berkley publication. A winter romance that will warm your heart!While attending a Christmas Party at the Wescott’s which also doubled as a wedding, the widow Elizabeth Overton and Colin Handrich, Lord Hodges, spend some easy going and friendly time together. However, they are both aware of a little something extra simmering just below the surface. Although they are both convinced it is time for them to ...
  • Jan
    Well, another one in this series I liked but didn't love. It started out so promisingly (as have all of them). But, I forgot that Colin, the H, is Wren's brother (from Someone To Wed). And that means that Colin's mother is the horrible and horrifying Lady Hodges. *shudders* I HATE the character of Lady Hodges, and she pretty much spoiled this book for me. I hated her in Someone To Wed, and I hated the revisit in this book. Sadly, she had quite an...
  • ♥Rachel♥
    It’s not often that I read a historical romance where the woman is older than the man, I guess I don’t read that many in contemporary romances either. That’s telling, right? I think there’s still a bit of a stigma with that combination even in the present, and I have to say I’m guilty of being just a little hesitant to pick up a book when I know the man is younger than the woman. However, whenever Elizabeth and Colin were together on th...
  • Jacob Proffitt
    This is fifth in the series and the characters from them all are intertwined remorselessly. Indeed, Elizabeth featured prominently in the first. That said, at this point, the whole Westcott brood is so large that I don't remember half of these people, anymore, so you're about even whether you've read the others or start here. Probably. At least, if you have a memory like mine.Yeah, I'm a bit tired of dragging the entire family all over the place....
  • sue
    Yes I know, it’s not my usual genre right.Years ago though before I become an avid reader, blogger, reviewer I did paddle my feet in water of this genre, historical fiction and it was lovely to return to it.I received this in the post. I hadn’t asked for it, I hadn’t requested it. It was unsolicited mail, I still love that kind of post however on the odd occasion I get a book I wouldn’t read.But I thought I’d take a go at this. It’s b...
  • Mei
    Well, this gif speaks for me…I loved the Someone to Love and Someone to Wed, but this is the worst book in this series!Here both the hero, Colin, and the heroine, Elizabeth, are such a boooriiinnngggg characters that it was a miracle that I managed to finish the book!Colin is very young. No, that’s not right, he’s not young physically, but he’s immature! He’s basically a useless person who doesn’t know how to assert himself as an inde...
  • Chris C - A Midlife Wife
    Lovely story. Fun. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I’m pretty sure this is the first book I’ve read by this author. The synopsis sounded intriguing and I knew it was the type of story I usually enjoy when I dive into a historical romance.One thing about this story is it is a part of a series. There are a lot of characters in the story and the author had to do a lot of backtracking to keep us up-to-date on what was happening in the book.It did take me a fe...
  • Dianne
    Step back in time where one wrong step will cause tongues of the Ton to wag! Mary Balogh’s SOMEONE TO TRUST is the story of finding love and taking a chance on following your heart. The widow Elizabeth Oldfield finds herself flattered by the attentions of a younger man, Lord Hodges, but she never expected him to steal her heart. Dare they take a chance on personal happiness, turning their backs on society’s small minds?This one started out ra...
  • Critterbee❇
    Oh my babies, there are too many children in this romance book! Not merely restricted to the epilogue, they have invaded the entire story! Sticky fists grabbing hair, precocious children imparting accidental wisdom, cooing and drooling and ENOUGH ALREADY!This is a regency era older heroine / younger hero gentle romance, that tries but does not really explore the dynamics of that sort of relationship, other than to remark on how odd it is, and how...
  • Tracy DeNeal
    Colin and Elizabeth I wondered just what kind of drama Mary Balogh could produce for two of the most amiable characters she has ever created. Colin Handrich, Lord Hodges, with his cherubic good looks and loving personality paired with Alexander’s older and benevolent sister, Elizabeth? Why they were a match made in heaven if only she could forget about those nine years that lay between them. I settled down last night to what I knew intuitively ...
  • Vintage
    Very slow start to this low energy Regency romance. It’s Mary Balogh so even if you don’t like the plotline at least you have a well-written book. The hero is a fairly young beta hero, brother to poor Wren from Someone to Wed who was shuffled from the family for not being perfect. Her little brother was the only one who mourned her as he was told she was dead, and apparently there was a confrontation in the last book between Wren and her vile...
  • Caz
    I've given this an A for narration and a B- for content at AudioGals.Someone to Trust is the fifth of Mary Balogh’s novels about the Westcott family, and it’s probably not the place to jump into the series. The author does undertake a “previously on The Westcotts” recap in the opening chapter (which is a bit clumsy and info-dumpy), but I’m not going to attempt it here and will assume that if you’re interested in listening to Someone t...
  • Mel
    From the beginning of the Wescott Family series I adored Lady Elizabeth, but her story is a major disappointment. Insipid is what comes to mind and tedious. Frankly I was bored out of my mind. This is the first book where I found the children and the attentions of the family overbearing and irksome. Almost every scene takes place in public or with the family gathered around the couple. I had problems with just about everything in this story espec...
  • Els
    Not a favorite of mine. I think she has written better books.
  • Jen Davis
    This book was not my favorite from Mary Balogh. It got off to a very slow start for me, though it did improve once it finally got around to the romance. This is book five in the Westcott series, and I have read the previous four books. Even with the backstory I know, however, there are just too many characters for anyone to keep straight. For the first 10 chapters, I found myself tempted to keep flipping back to the birth chart at the beginning, ...
  • Lizzy (Bent Bookworm)
    ~*Review first appeared on The Bent Bookworm!*~Someone to Trust is the perfect holiday book for the Austen-inclined reader! I thoroughly enjoyed this historical romance, with its unique characters and large, warm, overarching family story. This was particularly refreshing because it was DIFFERENT. Instead of your typical young-couple-meets-and-falls-in-love (naturally with a few obstacles thrown in their way, but nothing they can’t overcome), t...
  • eyes.2c
    Unusually heartwarming!Decidedly a romance with a difference! Widowed Elizabeth, Lady Overfield's story is a breath of fresh air in the regency romance genre. Elizabeth is nine years older than the man she becomes involved with in a plot that engenders several twists and where love blooms unexpectedly. This is a romance that could / should never be. (Yet, if the sexes were reversed and the age differences even greater, no one would even raise an ...
  • Dorine
    Rated 3.5 - SOMEONE TO TRUST by Mary Balogh is a good addition to the WESTCOTT series, reuniting fans with beloved characters of past and present during the holidays.Elizabeth, Lady Overfield, is considering marriage for the second time. A widow, she wants someone serious and steadfast. A reliable, quiet man to possibly start a family with. But she also enjoys some harmless flirting with Colin Handrich, who inherited the Lord Hodges title after t...
  • Angie Elle
    ARC from the publisherSomeone to Trust is the fifth installment of Mary Balogh’s Wescott series, and what a charming story this was! I fell in love with this from the very beginning – the camaraderie between Elizabeth and Colin was sweet and genuine, and their instant chemistry was swoonworthy. But beneath the sweetness of this story, Elizabeth and Colin are both battling demons, even if Elizabeth’s are more prominent. After a disastrous ma...
  • OhWell
    No spark, no chemistry. If not for Lady Hodges’s antics, it would have been a crashing bore, to use the parlance of the times. The presence of all other family members was welcome, especially Avery who remains my favourite. One note regarding all relations, it’s hard to remember and keep them straight even with the included genealogy chart. They’re just too many!
  • Margo Collins
    As usual, Balogh’s writing is absolutely gorgeous, drawing the reader into her characters with style and grace. I was delighted to discover in Elizabeth Overfield a Regency heroine over thirty. And even better, the hero, Colin Handrich, Lord Hodges, is a younger man! At twenty-six, he’s old enough to be on the marriage market, but when he falls for Elizabeth, they have to face some interesting opposition from their society–and their own hea...
  • Debby
    The last in this series from M.B. that started off nicely but turned a little dull for me. I had to push my way through this as it dragged along. As in Someone to Wed, I truly didn't like the H's mother, Lady Hodges who is just down right dispicable. She takes the cake and all the trimmings from this story.A bit of a disappoint on this one but I do love M.B. as an author and the narration was just great.3-Stars
  • Sophia
    The Westcotts and extended family all together for the holidays, a surprise wedding that carries over from the last book, and a new budding romance that is built on friendship and takes everyone including the romance pair unawares. Gently-paced, sweet, and all the holiday feels wrapped up in one engaging story.Someone to Trust is the fifth book in the Westcott series. While it might seem all right to pick it up as a standalone or out of order bec...
  • Alison
    Lady Elizabeth Overton is a 35 year old widow. Colin Handrich, Lord Hodges is nine years her junior. When they meet at the Westcott Christmas party the age gap is very apparent and yet there is an undeniable pull between them. Both of them are looking for a spouse but at widely different ends of the spectrum. Colin is looking amongst the eighteen year old debutantes whereas Elizabeth is looking for a sensible, dependable man, very different from ...
  • Cathy
    3.5 starsTruth be told, I don't think I've ever read a romance novel where the woman is 9 years older than the man. And doesn't that speak for itself, really, to show just how much of a rarity that still is. I don't get why people still turn up their noses when they hear the woman is (whether significantly or not) older than the man. When did we ever decide that was weird or not normal?Anyway, because of this fact I was tentatively excited for th...
  • Laura (Kyahgirl)
    2020 re-read: I’ve been re-reading this series and, for the most part, enjoying it. I wanted to re-visit Elizabeth Overfield finding her HEA because she has been consistently likable, honorable, and loyal. Anyway, I did enjoy it but I have to postpone the rest of my re-read because I seriously can’t stand Balogh’s sex scenes. Its ok if you haven’t read one of her books for a while but I can’t hack one after another. (view spoiler)[ Mayb...
  • Marlene
    Originally published at Reading RealityThis is the latest volume in the marvelous historical romance Westcott series. The series as a whole deals with the consequences of the late Lord Humphrey Westcott’s bastardy. That bastardy was only in the metaphorical sense, but he certainly qualified. When it was discovered, upon his death, that his marriage to his still-living countess was bigamous – on his part – his family was forced to re-think t...
  • steph
    Well this was a delight.I have loved Elizabeth since book 1. She has always been so kind to the various heroines and heroes in the previous books, she is gracious, funny and she has the kind of backstory that should be a Lifetime movie circa the mid 1990's. So I was excited to get a book with her but after my disappointment with Viola's book, I was hesitant to read this one and thus waited.Well I didn't need to worry because this book was all sha...
  • Aly is so frigging bored
    A lovely addition to the Westcott family series. I loved both Colin and Elizabeth and how they managed their love and family. I am waiting for all the others to get stories as well :)
  • Rose Blue
    As reviewed at Roses Are Blue:’s my firm belief that there is no one on the planet who writes better, warmer, more heart touching family and Christmas scenes than Mary Balogh. Though SOMEONE TO TRUST is not specifically a Christmas romance, much of the first part of the book takes place over the holiday, as our hero and heroine, Colin, Baron Hodges, and Lady Elizabeth Overfield, attend a house party at the home of thei...