The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll

The Bullet Journal Method

The long-awaited first book by the founder of the enormously popular Bullet Journal® organizational system.For years Ryder Carroll tried countless organizing systems, online and off, but none of them fit the way his mind worked. Out of sheer necessity, he developed a method called the Bullet Journal that helped him become consistently focused and effective. When he started sharing his system with friends who faced similar challenges, it went vir...

Details The Bullet Journal Method

TitleThe Bullet Journal Method
Release DateOct 23rd, 2018
GenreNonfiction, Productivity, Self Help, Diary, Journal

Reviews The Bullet Journal Method

  • Dannii Elle
    I first heard of this book from an insanely talented Youtuber, called Boho Berry. If you have an interest in bullet journaling then you are probably already familiar with her beautiful daily spreads, extensive collections, and the gorgeous artwork and lettering that she creates with seeming ease. Each of her videos exudes productivity and I watched her videos longing to emulate her success.I started my own bullet journal and promptly neglected it...
  • Emma Sea
    I really liked this, and I am not a Boho Berry or Llamas Love Lettering fan. Ryder states outright not to keep Collections or Trackers unless you are learning and growing from the information. FYI there's a good subreddit - /r/basicbulletjournals - if you are into the practicality of planning & journaling and not the brush pen lettering and folk art floral motifs. I particularly liked his description of planning project sprints, which was the who...
  • Marion Honey
    4.5 Highly recommend to anyone. A self-aware self-help book that miraculously contains concrete useful examples for you to implement into your own life TODAY. I received a proof copy and will definitely be adding the final finished version to my home library to return to again and again.
  • AnnaG
    As a list-maker of many decades standing, I thought this book would be utterly useless and wouldn't add anything to my organisational methods. Actually, it's excellent. I've realised that I don't do nearly enough pruning of my tasks, I let distractions get in the way of overall plans and with a few simple tweaks and improvements suggested here, I could make my journal much more useful and productive. Thank you Ryder.
  • Jonny
    For me, needed more David Allen and less Oprah. Skimmed the Oprah, really enjoyed the David Allen. Worth a read.
  • Thomas
    Really cool life philosophy + practical guide. I have started a bullet journal as a result of this book, and there is plenty of food for thought. Good for fans of Jordan Peterson, Mark Manson and so on. Get your life in order!
  • Kamryn (GreyZone)
    The day has finally come! Ryder Carroll, the creator of the bullet journal system, has a brand-new book available for purchase as of October 23rd.I had the opportunity to read and review this beautiful book before it hit the shelves. Whether you’ve been faithfully bullet journaling for years or you’re eyeing the system from afar, keep reading to walk through the book’s content.I thought this book would be an expanded version of the instruct...
  • Lauren
    Read my full review (with pictures and quotes) on my blog.Disclaimer: This book was given to me for review. In no way does this affect my opinion of the books or the content of my review.This is not just a book about the bullet journal method. It’s about personal growth and intentionality, themes that are very closely connected to the system that Ryder Carroll designed.You could argue that the bullet journal method is just a simple to-do list w...
  • Isabelle
    I started keeping a diary around 2nd grade, a catchall Writer’s Notebook in 3rd, a (preprinted) planner in 5th, and a BuJo in 11th. I don’t remember how I came across the system — probably studyblr, the Tumblr community dedicated to tips & aesthetics related to studying — but I’m now on my third BuJo and still loving this system. It’s my daily planner and brain dump space and creative outlet. The big names in the BuJo community (some ...
  • Lindsey
    The Bullet Journal method is a pen and paper organization system that changed by life when I discovered it four years ago. This genius system invented by Ryder Carroll invites you to combine all your tiny scraps of paper and calendars and notes into one location to stay organized, productive, and insightful about how you spend your time and energy.Whether you are a new to bullet journaling or have been doing it for years, Ryder’s book is a fant...
  • Noel
    It's a good analysis of the Bullet Journal system. (Well, one would hope so, being authored by the inventor).Thing is, the Bullet Journal system itself is incredibly simple and doesn't need a book's worth of explanation. Carroll explores a lot of different ways the system can be used, and how one can use it to live a more deliberate life.He consistently emphasizes that while the art Bullet Journal is something you see online a lot, the basic syst...
  • Virginia
    For anyone who uses a Bullet Journal or those who have heard about it, but don't know where to start, check this book out. Brilliantly structured, this book is made for those who need a starting off point as well as those looking for new ideas/approaches to their bullet journal practices. As someone who uses a bullet journal, I found some really helpful tips in this book as well as more efficient approaches to problems. If there's one thing I can...
  • Emma
    *I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review.* I am a novice but dedicated bullet journaler at work, so I was thrilled to receive a copy of The Bullet Journal by Ryder Carroll - the creator of the bullet journal himself. .In this book, Ryder discusses the origins of the bullet journal method, shares success stories, and most importantly, teaches you HOW to bullet journal, step-by-step. As someone who would like to transition my h...
  • Phoebe
    Through reading this I have started my bullet journal. I already feel so much more organised and calm.I have just started a new job and it's helping me remember processes of different things and what to do. I also have a goal of becoming a teaching assistant and it really helps to have the incentive and inspiration of the journal practically moving me towards success. I recommend this to anyone! But especially my partner as I think it could reall...
  • William Anderson
    Who should read this book: Those new to bullet journals and those whom haven't read much on productivityWho should avoid this book: experienced bullet journalists whom have read many books on productivityWhile well presented, cutely illuminated, and a well curated intro to BuJo, this official book also delves deep into practices for living intentionally and decluttering. Overall it feel like a way to market and monetize on the many free introduct...
  • Natalie
    I read this as an avid BuJo fan of 5 years already. Still, I haven’t particularly followed Ryder Carroll, so I was pleasantly surprised how much his own line of thinking and approach to life mirrors my own conclusions. Even old hands at Bullet Journal will love this. If you are new, it could be life changing for you. Or maybe it won’t be. Who knows? You find what you need at the right times in your life and I’m going to remember every bit i...
  • Steve
    Not what I expectedThis book seems to be more about the author’s philosophy than the deeper dive into methods that I expected. The book actually convinced me to go back to pure digital. Still, congrats on the entrepreneurial effort. A lot of people really enjoy their BuJo. It’s good to see the creator getting a commercial benefit.
  • Alicia Ma
    Bullet Journaling Changed My Life
  • Hannah
    I did not expect to enjoy this book this much. This is a primer on mindfulness, intentionality, and goal-setting, combined with a note-taking and journaling method. Highly recommended.
  • Kit
    Even, one might say especially, for an experienced bullet journalist, this was a helpful read.
  • Sean
    Excellent book for those just starting out with bullet journalling and surprising, to me at least, filled with great advice throughout. Really enjoyed this one.
  • Tristan Stewart
    Bloody brilliant. Finished it in a day. Way more than just a guide on how to use a bullet journal. Really useful life hacks and lots on how the human brain works.