A Spark of Light by Jodi Picoult

A Spark of Light

The warm fall day starts like any other at the Center—a women’s reproductive health services clinic—its staff offering care to anyone who passes through its doors. Then, in late morning, a desperate and distraught gunman bursts in and opens fire, taking all inside hostage.After rushing to the scene, Hugh McElroy, a police hostage negotiator, sets up a perimeter and begins making a plan to communicate with the gunman. As his phone vibrates w...

Details A Spark of Light

TitleA Spark of Light
Release DateOct 2nd, 2018
PublisherBallantine Books
GenreFiction, Contemporary, Adult

Reviews A Spark of Light

  • Paromjit
    Author Jodi Picoult is no stranger to controversy, and it seems somehow fitting that she should tackle the contentious issue of a woman's right to abortion in this, her latest offering. Set in a women's reproductive health services clinic, now becoming a rare commodity, the story kick starts with a bang with a desperate gunman shooting at those within the clinic and holding them hostage. The narrative then proceeds to go back in time to the start...
  • Debra
    "Today, Wren McElroy thought, was not a good day to die."This book begins with a hostage situation at the local Center. The Center is a place for women (and teens) to go and get birth control, have gynecological examinations, and obtain abortions. It is known as a woman's reproductive health services clinic. Naturally there are those who do not want such a clinic in their community and there are those who are thankful that it is there.One day a m...
  • Tammy
    It’s been years since I’ve read Picoult. It’s been so long that I can’t recall which of her books I did read. This one begins at an abortion/women’s health clinic during a hostage crisis. Told in reverse chronological order, the story examines the abortion issue from both sides by presenting characters who wind up in the hostage situation for a multitude of reasons. Some are there to terminate or to prevent a pregnancy. Some are there t...
  • sue
    I should have paid attention more fully, I didn’t realise on Net Galley the publishers were only offering an exclusive first chapter, all this has done is frustrate me until I can get my hands on the entire book.This starts with a hostage situation.It’s told in only the professional way a talented author can tell for her readers to actually feel scared in amongst all the mayhem.I can’t wait to read more. Thank you Hodder & Stoughton but I n...
  • Chris
    Once again, Jodi Picoult has given us a novel that is thought-provoking and poignant and powerful -- with a litany of compelling, deeply affecting characters. What makes this novel especially interesting is the narrative structure: Think "Time's Arrow" by Martin Amis. The story moves backwards, and then flashes forward to a stunning epilogue. And what a story it is: a hostage situation at the last clinic in Mississippi that performs abortions. So...
  • Pauline
    A Spark of Light by Jodi Picolt is a story of people caught up in a hostage situation in a medical centre. I did not realise that I had only been given an ARC of the first chapter of this book.and I would really like to read more to see how the story progresses.
  • Amy
    Full review closer to publication day but it’s freaking fantastic you guys! Does JP ever disappoint?! I don’t think so, she hits some timely, hot button issues and examines them in a profound and insightful way. She’s one of those rare authors who raises the bar with each book and I’m in awe.
  • Judy
    Awesome! There is no controversial issue that Jodi Picoult will not tackle. This book is about abortion and all facets are explored during the course of an attack on an abortion clinic. You are exposed to all sides of the issue - whether you are pro-life or pro-choice this book will make you dig deep inside yourself and think about things like when does life start? When does a cell dividing become a person? At what point does a fetus have rights?...
  • Jamie Rosenblit
    All the feels & the stars for Queen Jodi’s latest. Another timely book that’s not afraid to tackle tough subjects with her traditional flair. Detailed review to come closer to publication in October. Thank you to Random House for an advanced copy. All opinions are my own.
  • Tania
    3.5 stars. This is the 26th book I've read by Jodi Picoult, currently my most read author. I finished A Spark of Light in one day, and found it well-written, thought-provoking and informative. This time JP writes about abortion, pro-choice vs pro-life, and how the intensity of the feelings about these decisions can drive people to extreme actions. The book starts where a distressed father storms into a women’s reproductive health services clini...
  • Lindsey
    All the stars. RTC closer to publication date.
  • Patrice Hoffman
    I always find that writing a novel from end to beginning is a phenomenal feat that is either a hit or miss for me. I commend writers who sign on for the task but books of this nature are not always easy to read or follow. Jodi Piccoult manages to write in reverse as well as confront the hot topic of abortion rights in a way only someone as skilled as she can. As I sit here and consider where to start for my review of A Spark of Light I'm not sure...
  • Brandie
    3.5 stars. Very powerful read. I felt like the ending was a bit abrupt and would’ve liked to know more about how the characters were doing after the fact. Other than that, I enjoyed reading this one despite the difficult subject matter. Definitely a controversial and book club worthy read!
  • Tina Woodbury
    For all of my reviews: www.readingbetweenthepagesblog.wordpr...This book started off really strong! A gunman has shot and killed multiple people in an abortion clinic and has several others held hostage. I was wowed right from the start and couldn’t wait to see where this story would go.Jodi Picoult wrote this story using a reverse timeline. The story unfolds in ten hours with an epilogue at the end. I thought this format was unique and looked ...
  • Marisa
    My heart is still beating out of my chest, my face is still covered in tears...this novel was an emotional journey. Jodi Picoult has a talent. Not only for writing, but for looking at controversial items from all sides and making the reader think, question, and take a stand. A SPARK OF LIGHT (releasing 10/2/2018) is not a typical Picoult novel. It does not follow her formula of differing voices and a medical/legal drama. It does however address a...
  • Noeleen
    A Spark Of LightIt was great to get a read of the first chapter of Jodi Picoults new book A Spark of Light coming out in the next couple of months.  It has an explosive opening chapter and as always very well written. It promises to be an engaging plot with a controversial topic at it's core.  I was sad when the first chapter was over as I really wanted to keep reading on and to find out all the back stories to the characters and how they arriv...
  • Sue
    Jodi Picoult has done it again. She's written a wonderful book about a really tough subject that has been in our headlines for years. Hopefully, instead of negativity and censorship, people will use this book to start conversations and hopefully create understanding.The characters in this book are people that we can all identify with on some level. They are so well written that the reader feels like they're friends. Wren, 15 years old, goes to th...
  • Reading in Black & White
    “There were eleven women in front of him: seven black, two white, two brown. He paid attention to the race of those who came to the Center because for him, the politics of abortion had so much in common with the politics of racism. As an African American male, he could imagine quite easily what it was like to not have jurisdiction over your body. White men had once owned black men’s bodies. Now, white men wanted to own women’s bodies.”Thi...
  • Jessica Strawser
    Jodi Picoult drills down deep into the most heart-wrenching contradictions at the core of being human, and pulls to the surface A Spark of Light: A story that deserves to be read with an open, empathetic mind, and a willingness to attempt to better understand both sides of a never finished debate. I can't remember the last time I was so profoundly moved by a novel. My highest recommendation.
  • Leah DeCesare
    Going to be another one to talk about! Examining abortion from eight (if I'm counting right) points of view, Picoult takes on another difficult topic. It's a huge compliment that it taught me things and pushed me to look at angles I hadn't before considered. I wish that experience for everyone who reads it. While agreement is never likely -- discussion and open-mindedness is the first step toward compassion and civility on both--the many--sides o...
  • michelle
    This is the first chapter in Jodi Picoult new novel due out in October this year.The story set in the centre or more commonly known women’s reproductive health services clinic. Where women come for sexual health issues and abortions. It’s a normal day, there is patients in the clinic, there is protesters outside. When suddenly a gunman comes charging in, taking everyone hostage.Hugh McElroy Police hostage negotiator is called to the scene to ...
  • Karly
    Beautifully written with elegant symmetry and comparisons, Jodi’s writing is a work of art. I could hardly put this book down. She writes about a delicate topic with seeming ease and extensive research. I’m coming away from this read feeling empathetic and understanding of so many points of view on this topic. I don’t know how Jodi does it, but she makes each character unique and unforgettable. The storyline is told in a manner that is new ...
  • Chelsea
    The Center was the calm in the middle of a storm of ideology. It was the sun of a universe of women who had run out of time and had run out of choices, who needed a beacon to look up to. And like other things that shine so hot, it had a magnetic pull. Those in need found it the lodestone for their navigation. Those who despised it could not look away. Ignoring my one major flaw with this book, there is a lot to love. It is (mostly) well written, ...
  • Katbyrdie
    A classic Picoult book, which means I greatly enjoyed it. There were cliche moments, twists, and I was there for all of it. What disappointed me was the fact that the "main character" was a virgin in search of birth control pills. Why did there have to be a "pure" character for the reader to care? While I'm certain both sides of the issue were presented, I feel like fetuses were called babies more than products of conception. I read more about "k...