Kitten Trouble by Nick Bruel

Kitten Trouble

There's terrible news in the neighborhood next to Kitty's!A conflict there is growing worse and worse. It started as an argument and has now turned into a full-fledged fight. Worst of all: The cat shelter has been destroyed.Kitty's family decides it's time to do something to help. They have an idea to foster as many displaced kittens as possible.Kitty won't mind, right?Well . . . not exactly. Kitty does seem to mind.She minds A LOT.Will our favor...

Details Kitten Trouble

TitleKitten Trouble
Release DateDec 31st, 2018
PublisherRoaring Brook Press
GenreChildrens, Juvenile, Picture Books, 2nd Grade, Humor, Fiction

Reviews Kitten Trouble

  • Michele
    I would like to thank Roaring Book Press for my advanced e-copy.Well, Bad Kitty is at it again and is just as adorable as ever. In this short graphic novel, Bad Kitty must learn to get along with some kittens from a neighboring street. Uncle Murray comes along with some words of wisdom to explain why cats do not always get along with one another. In another section later in the book, he explains how to get cats to at least tolerate one another. F...
  • Jenn
    A good addition to the Bad Kitty collection. I liked the political undertones and real world applicability to caring for your neighbors, refugees, and how to solve long standing conflicts.Read aloud with X.
  • Yaritza
    Another hilarious story with Bad Kitty. This book teaches children to share and be happy with what you have. Others or not so fortunate. We should seek to help those in need. It also teaches forgiveness. The illustrations were great. I felt it was a little repetitive in some occasion, overall children will enjoy.