The Body Remembers by Melissa Jennings

The Body Remembers

In light of Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April, the short poetry collection will address sexual assault, drawing on the author's own experience by examining what happens to bodies and minds after being assaulted."One of the bravest works of poetry I’ve ever had the honour of reading." - Shelby Eileen, author of soft in the middle."The Body Remembers is raw and painful. It’s not pretty because it’s real. It is honest, giving truth to so...

Details The Body Remembers

TitleThe Body Remembers
Release DateApr 30th, 2018

Reviews The Body Remembers

  • Jo
    This is a rather short, yet hard-hitting collection of poetry, which is all based on sexual assault. I also believe that this collection was written for Sexual assault awareness month. Firstly, this is a bravely written collection, and I admire that, greatly. This was probably difficult to write and put into words, but Jennings did so beautifully, and in her own way. Sexual assault is still a subject that is flippantly swept under the carpet, and...
  • Isabelle
    I was excited to be given an early reading copy of this book. I am a big fan of Melissa's other poetry books and I was very much looking forward to what I knew would be both a painful and rewarding read.Melissa navigates that which their body cannot forget: the pain of feeling powerless and disconnected from one's own self, one's own body.A difficult but necessary read in which Melissa tells their story in their own way and no doubt, brings power...
  • Helen
    This is a difficult collection to review due to the deeply personal nature of the content, so with reference to the subject matter I'll say only this - I have the greatest respect for Melissa Jennings for sharing this collection with the world. It must have been incredibly difficult to write, and even more difficult to put into other people's hands.
  • M.F. Yasmin
    “The body remembers” was just wow, in every sense of the word, wow. The poems are strong from start to finish and utterly heart breaking. The amount of love I have for this poet is monumental, it took me quite a while to get over this collection, but its words still linger around me. In a word, haunting
  • Amanda Butler
    A small collection of raw poems about assault. A brave and courageous chapbook.
  • Flose Boursiquot
    The Body Remembers is a timely collection that has the difficult conversations about the traumas that our society perpetuates and many refuse to admit exist. Melissa brings us into their internal conversation and brooding while not falling short of creative writing and pieces that can be read in many ways. I am grateful for Melissa's voice and courage.
  • Shelby Eileen
    The Body Remembers is first and foremost one of the bravest works of poetry I’ve ever had the honour of reading. It is a vital and timely conversation asking frightening questions and giving dark, honest answers. It is chilling and impressive, how this collection is so heavy, and yet has the ability to make you feel so free. I cannot wait for this to be released because I feel that it’s going to bring so much comfort to a lot of readers who n...
  • McKayla DeBonis
    * I was given a digital copy for an honest review *The Body Remembers is raw and painful. It’s not pretty because it’s real. It is honest, giving truth to something many people shove into a dark closet. It is powerful and chilling wrapped into the same sentence. The Body Remembers gives you a voice so freeing and loud.I am in awe with this collection, the bravery this comes with is inspiring and so amazing. Thank you for giving a voice to the...
  • Chris Duffy
    This is an incredibly poignant and heavy hitting collection of poems dealing with issues of sexual assault and the treatment of victims. I hang on each line, almost afraid to read on, but compelled to continue by Jennings' complex and unblinking text. This piece uses its short length to intricately examine this incredibly important issue. It cannot be ignored, and it cannot be forgotten.