Dirty Laundry (Get Dirty, #2) by Lauren Landish

Dirty Laundry (Get Dirty, #2)

I’m a reporter, and I’ve got the best assignment in the world–get dirt on the hottest country star on the charts, Keith Perkins. The sexy beast who rocks those tight jeans like nobody’s business. I’m supposed to learn all of his Dirty Laundry, his deepest and darkest secrets. Without sleeping with him. Easy enough, right? Wrong. I mean, just looking at him makes me wonder what those big, rough hands could do to me. With a voice that’s...

Details Dirty Laundry (Get Dirty, #2)

TitleDirty Laundry (Get Dirty, #2)
Release DateMar 7th, 2018
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Music

Reviews Dirty Laundry (Get Dirty, #2)

  • Hanne
    Dirty Laundry is the second book in the Get Dirty series. It’s a standalone. It’s another great book by Lauren Landish and it has a beautiful ending. Dirty Laundry tells us the love story between a journalist and a celebrity.Elise is a journalist and she works for a tabloid trash. Her next article will be about Keith Perkins. Keith Perkins is a famous country singer, but he has been hiding something for years. Elise follows Keith everywhere, ...
  • PointedlyBlunt
    Trashy tabloid reporter, Elise, has just been given the assignment of digging up dirt on the private country singer, Keith. After taking pictures of him buying feminine hygiene products at a grocery store, rumors about Keith’s love life skyrocket, and since Elise was the one who started the rumor, she’s now tasked with doing a multiple part interview with the man. Their chemistry is off the charts, but Keith is clearly hiding something, and t...
  • Hannah
    I was given a copy of this to review.I yet again find myself enjoying this series. I love Keith and Elise. Even if Keith was rough in the beginning. I get why but still. I loved their relationship and loved how open his family was to Elise. I knew things would come out but I didn't see it going the way that it did. However, things ended well and that was all I needed.
  • Armenia
    Big Country Star and the Tabloid Reporter Keith Perkins hates paparazzi. At 30, he’s finally hit it big as one of Country Music’s biggest star and songwriters. But while Keith’s big secret is known only to his tight-knit circle of friends, he’s tenacious about guarding the one precious and innocent thing he has from the public world. Keith tells it like it is, and he’s known to say that all he wants to do is:“Sing songs, play music, g...
  • Andi Isack
    *ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*This story has a very dirty soundtrack, because you'll not realize when the words are replaced by lyrics and viceversa. And that's because Keith Perkins knows perfectly how to play ( the guitar or Elise ). And Keith plays dirty very very dirty. But trust me you'll love every single of his skills. He gets the right cards and know how and when to use them on his vantage. Why is Keith so d...
    This was so amazing. Elise had sass, spunk and fire. Keith had muscles, music and a big heart. Together they had fun, conflict, troubles and finally happiness
  • Siobhan
    Lauren Landish is an author to have grabbed my attention on many occasions, and I have been meaning to pick up many of her books. It wasn’t until I grabbed Dirty Talk, however, that I finally received my introduction to the author’s work. Having read and enjoyed Dirty Talk I told myself I would be reading more of Lauren Landish’s books, but despite downloading a few to my Kindle the second Get Dirty book is the first chance I have had to di...
  • Mandie Foxylutely
    Dirty Laundry is the second book in the interconnecting standalone series, Get Dirty. This is my first read of this author. Elise Warner is a reporter on a local tabloid but is striving to be taken more seriously and aims for bigger things. However in the meantime she takes her job seriously even if it is just gossip mongering. Her latest assignment has her trailing hot county singer Keith Perkins. Keith Perkins has been a hot shot country star f...
  • Lisa Menor
    I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.Elise is a reporter tasked with the job of getting the goods on sexy, single, country star Keith Perkins. She doesn't want to seem obvious when spying on him, so she goes undercover. In doing so, she finds some pretty interesting things Keith does not want made public, but Elise posts them online. She needs her job, at the online tabloid The Daily Spot, and the trash she delivers will, h...
  • Christine Jalili
    Wow, this book was so great! I devoured it in hours. Elise works for a tabloid magazine, and needs a story about Keith ( he’s a famous country singer). Loved the chemistry between them. But he has a huge secret, will she find out and tell the world? There’s some twists that are so crazy and kept me on edge! You’ll have to get the book to find out more. I had some happy tears at the end. We get both POV, a very happy ever after and no cliffh...
  • Veronica LaRoche
    Elise is a reporter and Keith is a sexy country singer who has a secret. Elise was there for a job but found so much more. There chemistry was there and they fell fast. But when Keith’s secret is exposed will there time together be over before it really started? Great story and I really enjoyed Elise & Keith’s story especially there sexy sex scenes. An amazing read that you won’t want too put down. I voluntarily reviewed this Advanced Reade...
  • Sofia´s Beddable Reads
    WOW.... just WOW.Gotta love rock star romances... or country music star romance in this case.Either way, Keith Perkins sure rocked my work. *ba dum tsss*Sorry.He's just so... yummy!Sexy, hot, growly and in control at all times.I.can't.even.To quote Elise:"It’s just one of those accepted facts. Grass is green, water is wet, and Keith Perkins is sexy as fuck."Btw, read "Dirty Dream".You don't have to but you will be thanking me later.You're welco...
  • Sheri
    I received an ARC of this book from Give me Books Promotions for an honest review.Keith Perkins is the “Luke Bryan” of country music with one glaring exception – he is incredibly private. Kind of to the point of absurdity. But when you’re a celebrity, you can’t be too careful. And Keith has a huge secret he’s been keeping for several years – and he goes to great lengths to protect that secret.Elise Warner is a “reporter” for a g...
  • Jamie
    I had a bit of trouble getting into this story initially, but I don't blame that on the writing. I read many things, but tabloids are not one of them. I can honestly say that I hate tabloids. I will stand in the checkout line in the grocery store and read the nutrition lable on a Snickers Bar for fun before I set my eyes on those covers. I find them offensive, and I'm generally not easy to offend. So, I sort of hated the heroine within the first ...
  • Jackie D
    The Secrets You Keep!Oooh! Now that is some ' Dirty Laundry' I am all for having around! Lauren Landish's newest book in the Get Dirty Series should come with a warning about it how it may cause internal combustion and a very heated couple of hours! Watching the country singing Keith and tabloid reporter Elsie fight their feelings, the sensual back and forth tug of war for control *squeals* and keeping all the secrets swirling around them under w...
  • Stefanie
    Oh my! This book was off the charts hot! Keith, a country star, and Elise, a tabloid reporter, have off the chart chemistry! But he has a secret she wants to expose. Will the secret come out and the word spread tearing lives apart? You have to get this book to find out. The banter between all these characters is awesome. You get a dual POV here with a HEA that will warm your heart! I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a fresh new st...
  • Eva
    Oh my what a story Lauren Landish has written a story about Elise and Keith it's well written great storyline and hot chemistry some twists really worth five stars loved this book I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book.
  • Rhonda
    Sexy smart romanceThis is the first book I've read by Lauren Landish and I absolutely loved it.I found the plot compelling and the characters realistic. Keith and Elise were great together and I loved the secondary characters. Definitely putting Lauren Landish's on my list of authors to look out for.I received an advance reader copy of this book.
  • Bookbytch5 janet
    Lauren you did it again with this story. Elise and Keith's story was awesome i couldn't put it down. Theres plenty of twist and turns. Want ot no more you just have to ONE-CLICK NOW because you get no more from me 😘😘I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy
  • Sara Oxton
    Dirty Laundry by Lauren Landish a five-star read that I couldn’t write a review good enough to describe how good this read is. This was a great read, I’m a huge fan of the author but this was the best example of her writing I’ve read so far. Keith Tiberius Perkins was a whole hunk of man I would climb like a tree, he was written in a such a manner that you couldn’t want a better man, to the outside world and to most he was just a boring m...
  • OpenBookSociety.com
    http://openbooksociety.com/article/di...Dirty LaundryGet Dirty, Book #2By Lauren LandishAuthor’s Website: http://www.laurenlandish.com/Brought to you by OBS reviewer HeidiTabloid reporter, Elise, has been following country star, Keith Perkins, trying to find out any big dark secrets he may have so she can expose them! She’s starting to think there is nothing to tell when she finds him buying feminine hygiene products! She writes an article, c...
  • Nova
    This is the second book in the Get Dirty series and this book does not disappoint…Elise is working for a sleazy tabloid its not the dream job that she wanted in journalism but for now its paying her bills. She has been following and investigating the hottest country star in the country looking for some dirt that she can expose, but so far has come up with nothing. Until she thinks she has finally unearthed a scandal which leads to a series of i...
  • Sue
    Keith is a country singing star. But he's alone and plans to stay that way, at least for the next 8 years or so. You see Keith has a secret, one he'll do almost anything to keep anyone from finding out. Elise is an investigative reporter. Although she is stuck working at a tabloid, she dreams of making it big. Elise has been following Keith for a while now, trying to figure out if he's hiding something. How can someone that hot and that famous be...
  • Karina
    I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book. I really loved this second book in the Get Dirty series. Elise and Keith were such a sexy couple and a little on the naughty side. Elise is a reporter for a gossip magazine with dreams of goals of becoming an investigative reporter. Keith is one of the top country singers who likes to keep his private life out of the spotlight. Elise has been following him around for a few day to try and find out whatev...
  • Raecharmed
    Elise is a reporter and she is getting sick of getting the bad stories. So she is hoping her latest assignment will get her into something bigger. She has been following country music singer Keith Perkins around to get something news worthy. Elise snaps a picture of him buying feminine hygiene products. It causes a big stir about if he has a new woman in his life. To say Keith Perkins is mad about the pictures is mildly true but since they are fa...
  • April Symes
    Dirty Laundry by Lauren Landish is book 2 in the "Dirty Laudry" series. This is the story of Keith and Elise. Keith Perkins hates paparazzi. At his age of 30, he’s finally hit it big as one of Country Music’s biggest star. But he has huge secret, ones only his super close friends know about. Elise is a reporter whose main job is to get the down low on sexy, single, country star Keith Perkins. She doesn't want to seem obvious when spying on hi...
  • Stacey Timmons
    Wow!! This book will set you on fire!!! I loved it and hated when I had to pause during reading it. I needed to find out how this story was going to play out. It's has a certain predictability but for me, I didn't care because I loved it. I love how a book tells a story. How it gets from point A to B to C, and all the tales in between.I loved Elise, Keith, Carsen and Sarah. But, I have to say, I loved Elise the most in this book. She was definite...
  • Faith89
    copy received for honest reviewHe has a secret. She wants to tell all his secrets. Keith is a famous country/western singer who keeps his private life private.He is sexy, talented and single. Elise is an internet tabloid gossip writer. She is a strong, confident, sassy woman. She wants to be an investigative reporter but for now this works. She has been following Keith for a while and when she spots him making an unusual stop and buying unusual i...