Schadenfreude by Tiffany Watt Smith


An entertaining and insightful exploration of schadenfreude: the deliciously dark and complex joy we've all felt, from time to time, at news of others' misfortunes. You might feel schadenfreude when...the boss calls himself "Head of Pubic Services" on an important letter.a cool guy swings back on his chair, and it tips over.a Celebrity Vegan is caught in the cheese aggressive driver cuts you off - and then gets pulled over.your co-worker...

Details Schadenfreude

Release DateNov 20th, 2018
PublisherLittle, Brown Spark
GenreNonfiction, Psychology

Reviews Schadenfreude

  • Erikka
    A great little assessment of a curious psychological phenomenon. I appreciated how the author broke down the chapters into categories that seemed to flow nicely from one to the other. I also liked her afterword section that solidified her message succinctly. I will probably have trouble getting this for my library as it is British, but I will certainly look to order it!
  • Storyheart
    This year, Tiffany Watt Smith's The Book of Human Emotions: An Encyclopaedia of Feeling from Anger to Wanderlust will be making my Best of 2018 list. So I was overjoyed to get my hands on a copy of her new book Schadenfreude: The Joy of Another's Misfortune . Ah schadenfreude, how I love you. Love the sweet, somewhat taboo enjoyment of seeing others get their comeuppance. If you, dear reader, occasionally savour the joy of others' mistfortune, th...
  • Nathan
    Seeping with a welcome, wry sense of humor, Smith has given us a book that puts on glorious display the inner-workings of that feeling you get when someone (or maybe yourself, depending on the situation) gets their comeuppance. Reveling in that sweet, tasty goodness when someone's given a karma-induced what-for can sometimes be nothing short of the nectar of the gods; but seriously, what's going on in your head when you're experiencing this? Is i...
  • Kristi Betts
    I first heard the word Schadenfreude in the musical Avenue Q. I didn’t even know there was a word for that evil little feeling one has when hearing of someone’s misfortune. This book was an interesting look into this feeling we all have, whether we admit to it or not. I enjoyed the examples and even laughed out loud at some of them. I appreciated the “Helps” at the end of the book, especially for the realization that everyone fails and it...
  • Mike
    A mystical and almost taboo subject of sorts, schadenfreude has always interested me. This is a well written and informative guide to all things schadenfreude and many examples the author uses, from popular culture references to politician's getting egg on their chin, are funny and timely occurances we experience in every day life.
  • Matt
    An excellent fun read. I was lucky enough to see the Author give a short talk about her book and it intrigued me enough to read it.An wry look at that most un-English of feelings!(Not really and furthermore now I feel less guilty, hurrah)
  • Samantha
    An interesting book, explaining why humans so enjoy video loops of cat fails and Jackass. Although the book is well-written and researched, most of it comes off as stuff I already knew on a subconscious level but can now actually label.