Someone Like Me by M.R. Carey

Someone Like Me

From the author of the million-copy bestseller The Girl With All the Gifts comes a heart-stopping thriller with twists you won't see coming and a heroine you can't trust.Liz Kendall wouldn't hurt a fly. Even when times get tough, she's devoted to bringing up her two kids in a loving home.But there's another side to Liz - one that's dark and malicious. She will do anything to get her way, no matter how extreme.And when this other side of her takes...

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TitleSomeone Like Me
Release DateNov 6th, 2018
GenreHorror, Thriller, Fiction, Mystery, Fantasy

Reviews Someone Like Me

  • Emily May
    Sometimes you don't know what can hurt you until it's too late. 3 stars. Creepy. Creative. Reeeeaaaaallllllyy slow.In case you missed it, this is by the same author who wrote The Girl With All the Gifts - a fact that doesn't seem to have been part of the book's promotion. I almost just passed it by. Fortunately, I did read it, and Carey's vivid imagination works its magic once again. Too bad there's about a 300-page slog before we get to the go...
  • karen
    NOW AVAILABLE!! !!like a dopus, i read this way back in august and did that thing where you’re like, “oh, this doesn’t come out until november - i have ages to review it!” and then suddenly it’s a week before halloween and even though the book hasn’t been archived on netgalley, the “lending period” or whatever for the e-copy has expired, taking all of my virtual bookmarks with it.i’ve redownloaded it to make sure i get the basic...
  • James Tivendale
    I received an advanced review copy of Someone Like Me in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank M.R. Carey and Orbit Books. Minor spoilers may follow. This narrative opens with Liz's ex-husband Marc attacking her when she asks why her kids are back so late and refuses his request that they should be able go out for a meal that night with their father at this late hour. He throttles her, in an extremely violent fashion, and something...
  • sue
    Liz and Fran are formidable characters. Both as equally strong, but in different ways.This book blew my socks off, I kid you not.As the story builds so does the plot, the reader is slowly getting into this unique and mesmerising story until you can’t believe what you read without gasping.This author really has a way of whetting a readers appetite and keeping you thoroughly invested.I’m not sure if this is thriller alone, it verges on horror. ...
  • Dash fan
    5☆ Intoxicating! Page Turner! Wow oh wow what an opening.The first few pages of Someone Like Me had me gasping for breath. I knew from that point on it was going to be a special read and I wasn't wrong!The book opens with Liz literally being strangled to death by her Ex Husband Marc as he has a violent outburst, when bringing home the children.Luckily he has no plans to bring them home as he wants to keep them out on a school night, so they was...
  • Felicia
    It's incredibly difficult to write a review for a book where the publisher has offered so little information in the description. Honestly, I didn't care if it had a description at all, it's written by M.R. Carey and that's all I needed to know. Perhaps the reasoning behind the vague synopsis is that this story defies a simple summary, and really must be read if you want to understand what all the brouhaha is about. If you're reading this because ...
  • Liz Barnsley
    I don’t think anyone can be unaware that I’m a huge fan of this author – but Someone Like Me was an entirely incredible read and quite possibly his best yet.Entirely absorbing, with a huge emotional core and a tendency to make you crazy, Someone Like Me has so many levels I can’t even begin to describe them all – also I don’t really want to as to give anything much away would be a travesty. You just need to read it.Liz (yes I do love ...
  • Bill Kupersmith
    Weighing in at 500 pages, Someone Like Me presents the reader a considerable challenge. To decide if you’d like it, having enjoyed M. R. Carey’s previous The Girl with All the Gifts or Fellside is not a surefire indication. There is a blurb on the back cover from Lauren Beukes that’s a clue; the flavor of Someone Like Me is very much like The Shining Girls, including the setting in a run-down city in middle-America, time travel, serial kill...
  • Nils | nilsreviewsit
    4.5 stars ⭐ ‘It had been a memorable summer, and an eventful fall. But winter would be the same as it always was. In Pittsburg you just turned up your collar and went to sleep a little, inside, until the good weather came back again.’~Someone Like Me is the latest psychological thriller by M.R. Carey. The only novel I had previously read by this author was The Girl with All the Gifts, which was really enjoyable. So I was pretty happy to rec...
  • Pauline
    Someone Like Me by M.R. Carey is a story about violence and mental health issues.Liz Is a mother of two and trying to make ends meet. Her abusive ex husband is still around and making life very difficult.Fran is a teenager with a very traumatic past and trying to cope with school and life in general.It's was hard to discover what was going on in this book and I had a lot of theories about what was happening. It was scary in parts.I would like to ...
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Carey, whose name has been at the forefront of the horror fiction scene in recent years, is proving he’s still in the zone with his newest novel Someone Like Me, a spooky psychological thriller with supernatural undertones. It’s arguably more lowkey than his last few books, but no less disturbing as the author diverts his attention towards exploring the idea and te...
  • Jennifer
    “Sometimes you don't know what can hurt you until it's too late...” Liz Kendall has an alter ego. In response to a violent relationship, her more assertive and protective self has been rearing its head more and more. The thing is, it's absolutely involuntary. It's as if Liz is watching her physical form do some defensive maneuvering and she's no longer in the driver's seat, and it's getting less assertive and more aggressive. During a parti...
  • Bex (Beckie Bookworm)
    This is a story that I recommend really highly: My only experience previously with this author was The Girl With All The Gifts: well this, in my opinion, blew that one out of the water.I loved both stories but this just had the wow factor for me.I am not going to go into the whole plotline here as with the blurb being so vague in nature I really think its best to just experience this in its whole entirety without any preconceptions.That is what I...
  • ʚϊɞ Shelley ʚϊɞ
    I am a huge Stephen King fan and as much as I loath to compare authors, this book is VERY Stephen King-ish, and I loved it! If she could bring the two halves of herself together, and hold them there, wouldn’t they just heal up again into one normal person? This isn't my usual type of read, as it has a paranormal vibe, but I absolutely devoured this book. I was sucked in from just the first few sentences. It has a certain creepiness to it and y...
  • LeAnne: GeezerMom
    Waaa. Yeah, I'm whining a bit over what seemed like a misfire for MR Carey, an attempted taser blast that for me just limply hit the floor. Zero electricity.That said, I'm an old gal pushing 60 with reading tastes a little different than the average reader (if there is such a beast). Young adults or those in their teens might view this novel about our better and worse selves more favorably. I'm always on the lookout for great YA as my 15 year old...
  • Dyrk Ashton
    Gotta watch that Mike Carey. He's a cagey fella. Grabs your attention with some shocking, life threatening domestic ultra-violence, then lulls you into a false sense of security with passages of everyday activities only to blow your mind with one completely insane multiversal time-loop morphing body-snatching doppel-ghost head slam after another until you feel you might be crazy or caught up in the shuddering shadow realm of schizophrenic madness...
  • David Staniforth
    Up until half way through this book, I thought of it as a psychological thriller, with all the strangeness it presents being in the character's imagination. Gradually it becomes obvious that it has a Stephen King style element of paranormal. Would I have preferred a straight-up thriller? Probably, though I did enjoy the tale none the less. Rather slow to get going, and I my mind kept wandering as I read, hence four stars rather than five.
  • Bandit
    I didn’t even read the plot summary for this one, didn’t need to, it sold me just by being Carey’s latest. What can I say…the guy knows how to tell a story. Even if it takes him over 500 pages to do so. Normally I stay away from such behemoths, but this was definitely a worthy exception. Sure, the plot is far fetched and wildly implausible in the way that it’s difficult to explain and probably would be insane to turn into a movie, but t...
  • The Captain
    Ahoy there me mateys!  I received this fantasy thriller eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  So here be me honest musings . . .I found out about the book from me matey, Paul @ paul'spicks and immediately had to read it.  I love this author's work.  Now I didn't read the blurb before readin' this one, but I have to admit that it is a bit misleading.  It suggests that the main focus of the story is a woman named Liz.  Aye, ...
  • The Tattooed Book Geek (Drew).
    As always this review can also be found on my blog The Tattooed Book Geek: https://thetattooedbookgeek.wordpress...My first foray into the work of Carey came last year thanks to The Boy on the Bridge which I thoroughly enjoyed. After finishing Someone Like Me all I can say is that it is on a whole other level to that book (which was great) and I absolutely loved it.If you are a fan of Carey’s previous work or just like atmospheric, intelligent ...
  • Zoé-lee O'farrell
    WOW! What a way to start a book! I will put my hand up and say this is my first book by Mr Carey, but I do have the Girl with all the gifts on my Kindle due to a recommendation from a friend. So when this came up I snapped it up straight away! I have not regretted a single word that I have read.There are two stories running through the book, Liz is a single mother of two amazing children, trying to move on from her abusive ex-husband. We then hav...
  • Kat Dietrich
    Someone Like Me by M.R. Carey is a psychological thriller/horror/supernatural marvel.First, let me thank NetGalley, the publisher Orbit Books, and of course the author, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.My Synopsis: 16-year old Fran Watts is the freaky girl at school. Everyone thinks she’s crazy. That’s okay, because she is. She has a right to be. When she was six years old, sh...
  • Lata
    This was my 2nd attempt to read this book, and I’m glad I chose the audiobook this time from the library.M.R. Carey tells a story of two families, and the violence within their lives, and how this ties them together. It’s not a fast-moving story; instead, he gives us great character moments with Fran (a childhood victim of a kidnapping and almost murder), Liz (a mother and longtime emotional and physical abuse sufferer because of her now ex-h...
  • Kate
    I am a huge fan of MR Carey's novels, I've loved every one of them, but, in my opinion Someone Like Me is the best of them all. It tells a chilling, fascinating story but there are also, alongside the horror, moments of pure tenderness. Loved it. Review to follow shortly on For Winter Nights.
  • Tracy Fenton
    If you've read any of M.R. Carey's previous books then I think you know what to expect - if you haven't read any - then prepare to have your mind blown!This is another difficult book to review without giving away any spoilers so I need to be careful of what I say here.  Liz Kendall is a devoted mother of 2 with a violent ex-husband who treated her like a human punchbag throughout their marriage.  One night when returning their children he attac...
  • Wendi Lee
    Wow!! Someone Like Me was my first introduction to M.R. Carey’s work, and I was completely blown away. It starts simply enough, with one of our main characters, Liz, feeling the presence of someone else lurking beneath her skin. The other being emerges during a traumatic assault, and Liz tries to explain it away. But it just won’t go away, and Liz starts to worry that it’s dangerous. Our other main character, teenage Fran, is just trying to...