Princess (Private, #14) by James Patterson

Princess (Private, #14)

#1 BESTSELLING WRITER, #1 BESTSELLING SERIESJack Morgan receives an offer he cannot refuse...When the head of the world's foremost investigation agency receives at invitation to meet Princess Caroline, third in line to the British throne, he boards his Gulfstream jet and flies straight to London.The Princess needs Morgan's skills, and his discretion. Sophie Edwards, a close friend of the Princess, has gone missing. She needs to be found before th...

Details Princess (Private, #14)

TitlePrincess (Private, #14)
Release DateNov 27th, 2018
PublisherGrand Central Publishing
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller

Reviews Princess (Private, #14)

  • Matt
    James Patterson has returned for another collaborative effort with Rees Jones to add to the ever-expanding Private series. This novel, like many of the others, takes readers around the world and into a high-stakes game of sleuthing and action, with an international twist. Jack Morgan, head of Private, the international investigation service, is back in London. This trip is anything but a chance to sightsee or make one of his random check-ins with...
  • Suzanne
    3.5*This was an okay installment in the Private series but honestly I had high expectations coming into this one and it was only ok with some interesting parts. Not my favorite installment but not the worst. My quick and simple overall: not bad but not as good as I was hoping.
  • Mandy White
    Another great Private book.. I do love Morgan! Set in London again this one is full on action and emotions. Keep them coming James Patterson please... maybe time to return to Australia for an adventure??
  • Madhu N
    If the book had stopped at exactly 50% i think i would have liked it. After 50% the story goes on and on about his past enmity with Flex and takes away the focus.
  • Book Addict Shaun
    ‪The Private series is one of my favourites that James Patterson has written for him despite how fantastical and over the top they can be at times, as evidenced here in Private Princess. It’s no exaggeration when I say that every page of this book is all-action. Jack Morgan is seemingly invincible he survives that many attempts on his life in this story. ‬‪We see Jack returning to Private London for a meeting with Princess Caroline who wa...
  • Tj Barnaba
    Princess is a thriller forming part of James Patterson's Private novels. It is rather entertaining and could be done with in a sitting or two. I find the writing in there rather straight forward though and so wasn't impressed by much. The Security Firm, Private, Head Jack Morgan has a case to handle and as ussual it comes with costs for through the case Private faces ordeals that would deem their challenges of getting down to the answers low. Pri...
  • Lin
    Terrible and dullMr Patterson needs to stop writing about the UK, it was painful to read. The Royal family employing Americans to save their reputation is both embarrassing and laughable. Even the parts about Milwall and Fulham football fans was awkward, a quick Google would have been enough to write those scenes, no need to visit. How very British, having a football fan throw a pie at a copper, English (not British), football holligans take far ...
  • Gerri
    Actual rating is less that 2 stars but not a 1. Wish Mr. Patterson would go back to the good old days of putting more quality into his books instead of seeing how many books he can spit out and how fast. Over the past years I’ve pretty much given up on all his series but still found the Private and Jack Morgan series a fairly decent read. This novel was so disappointing, far-fetched, sloppy and at times laughable as Patterson tried to convince ...
  • Darren
    I bought this book at a book store. I enjoyed reading it. It had a good story to it. I like the style of writing in these private books that the author writes. I look forward to the next one.
  • Wonda
    2...So disappointed! Two books ago we had a missing a princess's friend is missing. Last book was a suspicious suicide...why are these storylines in THIS novel...I couldn't even get into this novel!!!!
  • Donna Lewis
    Well the Private books may not be memorable, but they are exciting, fast paced reading. Jack Morgan is a larger than life hero, and London is a great backdrop for the newest adventure. Good job.
  • Lorraine
    This is my first James Patterson book. James Patterson & Rees Jones’ Princess ( A PRIVATE Novel #14) is set in contemporary London with Jack Morgan responding to the third in the line to the Crown, Princess Caroline’s request to meet with him. Jack, American founder of Private, “ the best investigation unit in the world” has branches of Private all over the world. London Private plays a pivotal role in this case with the its head, Peter K...
  • Suzanne
    I was a bit disappointed in this book. I was expecting more for it. Private is a great series and this just did not seem to fit in. I hope the next one is better. I’m wondering if it makes a difference who he collaborates with when he writes.
  • Michelle
    Well I must say this was better than the last few Private novels I’ve read. Pretty typical though. I swear if that one guy used the word “bastard” one more time I was going to lose it!!
  • Emma
    An OK read but Jack just did not feel like “Jack” in this book.
  • Carla Johnson-Hicks
    3.5 stars: I haven't read a James Patterson book in a long time, so when someone gave this one to me, I thought it would be perfect to read by the pool here in Florida and it was. The 14th book in James Patterson's Private series. In this one, Jack Morgan and his private investigators work for a princess. She needs their discretion to locate a missing friend. As well, there is someone trying to kill Jack for revenge. It was a quick read with Patt...
  • Mike Kennedy
    This was an ok installment in the Private series. A friend of the princess is Missing in London. The princess calls Jack Morgan to help her find her friend. In the meantime it looks like one of Jack’s no nemesis’ From previous Private London novels is back for revenge. This book reads a three star because as usual when Jack Morgan is involved it seems to be an OK read. Still not loving this series, but I will probably keep going.
  • Pat Lampe
    I respect James Patterson for his energy and generosity in giving writers a chance and not just using them as ghost writers. But this book was so badly written and boring. I couldn’t finish it.
  • Lisa Crump
    I have never read a bad James Patterson book until Private Princess. Title is totally misleading as it has very little to do with a princess. Just not a good read.
  • Martha C
    Just dreadful! Can not recommend this book at all. Couldn’t wait for it to be over!
  • Kathy Warren
    This book was awful. No more words.
  • Paula Phillips
    As a big reader, sometimes amidst the romance books I read I love to have a change and mystery novels are my go-to-reads. This one grabbed my attention as. First it was a Private novel featuring Jack Morgan and it had to do with the royal family. Private Princess takes us back to London where Jack and his team have been hired by the princess to find a missing person. As the team looks for her, the crew start coming up against danger as they are b...
  • Tiffany
    This was actually one of my best liked Patterson books in a long time. I felt like a lot of them were just repeating themselves there for awhile. Not necessarily in the details, but the structure of the book. Ex. There are two cases that need to be solved. We bounce back from one to the other, then one gets solved 60% into the book and we now focus on the other one until the end. Someone gets hurt or killed along the way, but not a major characte...
  • Donna
    Jack Morgan, owner of Private Investigations, is called to London by Princess Caroline. One of her close friends is missing and she needs this investigation to be under the police radar for some reason. Since Jack's head of investigations in London, Peter Knight, is working the suicide of a wealthy man, Jack and former army officer Jane Cook begin tracking the missing woman. One of Jack's arch enemies is determined to thwart their efforts and he ...
  • William Middleton
    For me this book was harder to get into thanost Patterson novels The characters and roles a bit confusing, but by the end I was ripping along and enjoying it.
  • Sandra Heinzman
    I liked this book and couldn’t put it down. A lot happened in this story; when I thought it was almost done, another plot emerged. I now want to read the other books in this Private series!
  • Joan
    When Princess Caroline, third in line to the British throne, requests help, Private founder Jack Morgan heads for England. But the Princess is less than forthcoming and his search for her missing friend, Sophie Edwards, jeopardizes Jack’s life. Can he overcome her reluctance to trust him with the secrets she insists on keeping private?Filled with familiar characters and the requisite plot twists and turns, this fast-paced tale keeps the pages t...
  • Barbara Schultz
    Disappointed. I have read many “Private” novels and especially like when the story is center on Jack.This audio was annoying. I typically listen to an audio in the car. I found I couldn’t hear the narrator most of the time however when I turned up the volume I found he was now shouting. I keep telling myself to stop with Patterson!!!!!!! He is my most read author and I really am getting tired of the foul language and the recent so so novels...
  • Marcia
    I really liked this book except for one detail, which was too unbelievable. This is a Private novel set in England. The action is fast, and the ending is open to be resolved in a later novel. The story begins with a disappearance of a friend of a Princess, but escalates into much more. Jack Morgan is forced to watch the brutal murder and beating by a man he hates. The part I could not accept was how Jack Morgan got a couple of pistols. England ha...
  • Michael crage
    This Private noel was a little different than most. The main detective involved was Jack Morgan, the leader of the Private Detctive Agency. But when the daughter of the Queen Elizabeth calls for help, I guess you don't send an underling. The Princess Caroline wants Morgan to find a friend of hers, Sophie Edwards. The Princess does not tell Morgan everything he needs to know but he eventually is able to help her.