My Butch Career by Esther Newton

My Butch Career

During her difficult childhood, Esther Newton recalls that she “became an anti-girl, a girl refusenik, caught between genders,” and that her “child body was a strong and capable instrument stuffed into the word ‘girl.’” Later, in early adulthood, as she was on her way to becoming a trailblazing figure in gay and lesbian studies, she “had already chosen higher education over the strongest passion in my life, my love for women, becaus...

Details My Butch Career

TitleMy Butch Career
Release DateNov 16th, 2018
PublisherDuke University Press Books
GenreAutobiography, Memoir, Lgbt, Nonfiction

Reviews My Butch Career

  • Emma
    In a world where we now see gender role transgressions as crimes that can banish us from womanhood (how other many butches have heard that they need to “just transition already”?), stories like this are incredibly important for young lesbians and other gender non-conforming women.
  • Ann
    Ten pages into this book, and Newton says:"Young people do not see being butch as 'transgressive,' but lesbians challenge the gender hierarchy just as much, or more, by staying women. I am opposed to pressure being put on masculine girls and women to 'go all the way' by transitioning."Automatic DNF. I don't need to read further to discover that she probably also has some f*cked up ideas about trans women, if she has the gall to suggest that anyon...