Batman, Volume 7 by Tom King

Batman, Volume 7

It's the marriage of Batman and Catwoman! The wedding of the century is here in BATMAN VOL. 7, written by the critically acclaimed Tom King!The day has finally arrived: the nuptials of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. But their road to wedded bliss won't be easy. With visitors from this time and beyond, the Bat and the Cat will have to undergo even more trials and tribulations before they walk down the aisle.Written by generational talent Tom King an...

Details Batman, Volume 7

TitleBatman, Volume 7
Release DateOct 30th, 2018
PublisherDC Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Superheroes, Dc Comics, Graphic Novels, Batman

Reviews Batman, Volume 7

  • Sam Quixote
    On page two of this book Green Lantern commits suicide by power ring and blows his own head off. Wow - top that for a wedding toast! I knew a Batman wedding was never going to be normal but I don’t think anybody expected that! As good as the lead-in books to Batman and Catwoman’s wedding have been, the actual event itself is… underwhelming. Like The War of Jokes and Riddles, this is unfortunately one of my least favourite books in Tom King...
  • Artemy
    Oh man. This is impossible to talk about without spoiling everything, so I won’t. But this was phenomenal and beautiful and so emotional and gut-wrenching, and I love these characters, I love Tom King and this was just... ahhh. So good.
  • Malum
    --You can't really talk about this book without SPOILERS, so I am going to be better than DC and actually warn you of the SPOILERS that are incoming.--Wow, what a clustertruck, DC. You write one of the biggest events (or non-events, as it turned out to be) of the year, and then you purposefully spoil it for everyone before it is released because of sales figures or some such nonsense. This volume is really hard to review. It had some fun moments ...
  • Eli Seibert
    The Gift storyline= 3.5 starsThe Best Man storyline= 4 starsAnd the “Wedding”… Made my heart hurt.I feel like the parent who tells their kids “I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed.” And it’s true, I’m not so much angry at the turnout for issue 50 (it was spoiled for me ahead of time) as I am wondering what the point of it all was. They had several guests artists, and all this promotional stuff, and like 2 years of build up to th...
  • Wing Kee
    A most beautiful and interesting end to comics longest courtship.World: The art for this series been fantastic, it sets the tone so well and the panels speak so much more than the dialog that accompany it, this creative team just knows how to compliment each other (like Capullo and Snyder). The characters are beautiful, full of character and personality and as I said, the silences speak louder than words because the art is so good. Then there is ...
  • Mitchell Kukulka
    "You are an engine that turns pain into hope."Ultimately, the payoff subverts the year-long build-up, which is going to (and already has) piss some people off, but for me the new developments are welcome, needed and exciting.Three different but equally enticing stories in this volume. The first, "The Gift," is a three-issue vignette of an alternate future in which, thanks to some meddling in the timestream by Booster Gold, Bruce Wayne's parents n...
  • Angela
    Read as single issues. Spoilery stuff to follow.Okay. So. Everyone obviously has their opinions about Issue 50 (and it being spoiled in advance). And, yeah, I have my opinions, too, and most of them aren't favorable. But, honestly, I really don't see how people didn't *know* that the wedding wouldn't happen. It's comics. They're not particularly known for happily ever after.Now, that being said, I would have really, really liked to have seen a pl...
  • Dan
    And with the wedding issue, my opinion that Tom King is an overhyped pretentious average creator is solidified.I wish him no ill. Every now and then he has a story that’s pretty solid.A lot of this wedding has been boring, chopped up, or long meaningless monologues to fill up the pages. The tie ins were boring too.The final wedding issue itself pretends to be a celebration of all of Batman and catwomans past complete with meaningless symmetry s...
  • Ian Darko
    Tom King continues to be one of the best Batman writers out there. While I love writers like Sean Murphy who play with the Batman mythos to tell an interesting Elseworlds story, I adore how well Tom King dissects Batman as a character and his relationship with the people around him. The Booster Gold storyline was a fun side adventure exploring a world where Bruce never donned the cowl, and the Joker arc is probably one of my favorite Joker storie...
  • Martin Králik
    Skoda, ze sa neda dat 4.5. Posledny zosit bol jeden z najlepsich, co som z komiksu cital - plny emocii, dobre napisany a genialne nakresleny. No prve zosity trochu pokrivkavali.
  • Gavin Abdollahi
    No... No...NOOOOOO!!!! Of all the Tom King Batman books... WHY THIS ONE?!!WHY DID IT GO DOWNHILL HERE OF ALL PLACES?!! WHY!!!! *ahem*Warning: The following section contains spoilers. And, also, several moments of ranting off. (view spoiler)[So, this is what we've been building up to; the halfway point of Tom King's enjoyable Batman run: the marriage of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, a life-changing event to forever alter the Dark Knight's universe,...
  • Norman Cook
    "The Gift" from issues #45-47, with art by Tony S. Daniel, sees Booster Gold at his usual inept self, going back in time to prevent Bruce Wayne's parents from being murdered. The butterfly effect is in full force, however, and the resulting dystopian nightmare is a sight to behold. Nevertheless, Bruce finds comfort and happiness in his 1% status and it takes some effort to right things. Booster should have just gotten Bruce a cheese tray."The Bes...
  • Alan
    If this collection had ignored the The Gift story, I think I would have rated it higher. The lead in to the wedding, the entire Cat and Joker face off, was pretty well executed. I enjoyed the back and forth between the characters. It worked, at least it worked for me. But now onto...Spoiler (yeah I know I could hit the hide review because of the spoiler button, but what if you want to read the spoiler).With the regular media coverage a lot of peo...
  • Alí Flores
    The gift: This arc takes place elsewhere, Dick Grayson plays Batman and Duke Thomas seems to be invalid, Booster Gold will try to help our BatmanThe wedding may be a little bit different than the expected, I was waiting for some crazy stuff but it is a lot different than that, basically is a card written by Bruce and Selina, it ain't bad but I thought different, it's pretty much an example of their love, at the end of the day she abandon Batman b...
  • Am Gill
    Tom King continues to be a writer that divides opinion. When he hit's the mark his writing is crisp and incisive. However, the risks he takes sometimes don't pay off. My first introduction to his Batman was the excellent Vol 5 (Rules of Engagement). This volume wilts in comparison. There are still some parts with wonderful, heart-warming and heart-breaking moments, but he reaches too far and the result feels messy and forced at times. I still ado...
  • Iris Nevers
    [Read in single issues]Although I didn't get the ending I would have preferred, this was still a very, very good story arc. I am excited about the prospects of what is going to happen moving forward and I do have high hopes to see a Bat and Cat wedding since Tom King kept reiterating that he has plans for a 100 issue run on Batman. So here's to the chance of the Bat and Cat wedding in issue #75!
  • Angelo
    "The Gift" was a pretty brilliant take on "What Do You Get For the Man Who Has Everything?", suitably fucked up by Tom King's standards. A lot of people are going to be annoyed at the conclusion of issue 50 and yes, it felt a bit flat to me too, but there's clearly so much more to tell. Kings run has been amazing, but he's crammed a metric fuckton of stuff in these 50 issues that could've been their own masterful stories if he'd let them breathe....
  • Sevia
    Mrzí mě to, ale tohle DC úplně nezvládlo. A myslím tím hlavně to poslední dlouho dopředu propagované svatební číslo. Nejde o to, že bych byla nespokojená s příběhem. Dopadlo to, jak jedině mohlo. Ale zkrátka kolem toho neměli vytvořit takový hype.The Gift: ***The Best Man: ****The Wedding: ***/*
  • robinnette
    2.5/5I still can't bring myself to enjoy King's run on Batman. I had many problems with how batfamily was presented in the issues with Booster Gold's story and this is what mostly led me to give this volume such low rating. And Batman #50 was so overhyped.
  • Dragon
    Fuck. "You are an engine that turns pain into hope""If we are happy, and we can be so happy. I kill that engine. I kill Batman. I kill the person who saves everyone."It. Hurt. I have no words. Just. Fury. Shit.
  • John Funderburg
    Booster Gold gives Batman a unique gift, the Joker is the "Best Man," and Batman and Catwoman... get married? This is some of the best written Batman in quite some time - Tom King (partnering with amazing artists) knows how to generate unexpected scenarios and seriously fun stories.
  • Astrid
    wtf tom king.all that beauty for that ending omg
  • Kirsi
    I really, really liked this until #50. Such a let-down. They had a good plot going, I liked the art. And then they ended the whole thing like that. W o w. No words, just disappointment.
  • Luan Ramalho
    ah, vai tomar no cu
  • Justin
    Between the Booster Gold story and the mess of a wedding issue, this one was pretty rough."Tom King is the Dave Grohl of comics. One of my favorite bands of all time is Grohl’s Foo Fighters, so that’s a compliment coming from me. Some of the best rock songs in past couple decades have been by them. None of the members are the absolute best at their instruments and their songs are not all that deep, but in those songs  that eventually become ...
  • Shibosan
    Начали за здравие, кончили за покой.