His Hideous Heart by Dahlia Adler

His Hideous Heart

Thirteen of YA’s most celebrated names reimagine Edgar Allan Poe’s most surprising, unsettling, and popular tales for a new generation.Edgar Allan Poe may be a hundred and fifty years beyond this world, but the themes of his beloved works have much in common with modern young adult fiction. Whether the stories are familiar to readers or discovered for the first time, readers will revel in Edgar Allan Poe’s classic tales, and how they’ve b...

Details His Hideous Heart

TitleHis Hideous Heart
Release DateSep 10th, 2019
PublisherFlatiron Books
GenreShort Stories, Horror, Retellings, Anthologies, Young Adult

Reviews His Hideous Heart

  • Fran
    * I have a story in this collection *And I love it so. Each retelling transforms the way I look at the original, and makes me think.
  • Aly
    4.5/5 stars!To be honest, I sort of expected to be let down by this book...But I wasn't. I loved it. I enjoyed practically every story in here.So this book is split into 2 sections: The Tales Retold and The Original Tales. The order of the retelling and its respective inspiration are both in order, so it's fairy easy to find the story you're looking for. What I did for this was use colored page flags and mark each of the pairs together. I would r...
  • Stacy Fetters
    "Unnatural love kills, the whispers claimed, or spoils at least, and when sickness comes, a ruined girl has no defense against the cold winds of hell, nor the yearnings of heaven.”This was a bone chilling collection that will make you sleep with the lights on for awhile. Prepare yourself for horror like you have never witnessed before.Beware of The Judge. You'll be looking over your shoulder from now on!
  • Ninoshka
    *This ARC was given to me by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*I remember when I first got introduced to Poe's work, how much I absolutely loved everything I could get my hands on. They were all fantastic and just dark and I loved every single minute of them. When I heard about this book of short stories, I knew I had to get my hands on it. I loved the idea of authors creating their own spins to the classics and then having the classics ...
  • Sarah Yung
    I’m a big fan of Poe, so I was already excited about this going in. Took my time with it; it's an entertaining anthology and provides a versatile reading experience (personally, I reread Poe's original, then flipped back to read the reinterpretation). I also quite appreciate that this tome features marginalized authors across race, gender, sexuality, and disability, which was distinctive—and intentional, per Adler’s intro letter.
  • Sarah Perchikoff
    Full review to come.
  • JJ || This Dark Material
    There were a couple of stories that didn't work for me at all, but several more really shone. A printing error meant that Amanda Lovelace's contribution didn't appear properly, and I'm really, really curious to see what she's done in a later ARC/final copy! Regardless of which Poe stories or poems you most enjoy, this collection will assuredly have something for you. Full review TK.
  • Crowinator
    Actual rating: 3.5 stars
  • Yolanda
    **Will be posted on my blog http://pastmidnight.home.blog on August 20th, 2019, my blog tour spot date**When I heard about this anthology, I had to get my hands on it. One, because I love Edgar Allan Poe’s work. Two, because I saw some of my favorite authors contributing to this anthology and others I had never heard of. And third, it has a young adult twist to it which made me very curious to see how each story would play out.This will definit...
  • Bethany
    Actual Rating: 4.5 starsI love this as a project and in general, the execution is really fantastic! His Hideous Heart is a collection of 13 short stories by YA authors, each inspired by a story from Edgar Allen Poe. They take these timeless themes like fear, love, and revenge and reimagine them in interesting, thought-provoking ways. More often than not, writing from the margins and asking questions about how these stories change when they are th...
  • Samantha
    This is a fun compilation of reimagined Edgar Allan Poe stories penned by various contemporary YA authors. As is standard in short story volumes employing multiple authors, some of the stories are better than others, in some cases likely based on the author who wrote a particular reimagining, in other cases based on how well the original story lends itself to a retelling. Among the standouts: She Rode A Horse of Fire (Metzengerstein)A Drop of Sto...
  • Sydney
    Thank you to Netgalley and flatiron books for the opportunity to read this book early in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own :) This anthology had some amazing retellings in it and some I didn’t really care for but overall I really enjoyed it. I loved the creativity that was put into each of the stories to not only stay true to the original story but be able to hold its own. Some of my absolutely favorites were t...
  • Cody Roecker
    HIS HIDEOUS HEART is the perfect blend of horror and heart, seamlessly bringing the world of Poe's stories to a modern audience, and thrilling the reader from start to finish. I must commend Adler, Roehrig, Jackson, and Lloyd-Jones on their stories, as they are the stories I would have read again and again and again as a child, and will do so now. Each of these stories packs a powerful punch, and this anthology will surely bring more love to Poe ...
  • Lindsey
    I’m not an anthology reader, so maybe my review is unfair. But I was pretty bored for most of these, even knowing all the original stories they’re based off of. Some of them were really good. But most of them were just blah.
  • Sami
    A unique and haunting story collection that launches off Edgar Allen Poe's literary works but becomes far more. Standouts include Tiffany Jackson's truly terrifying take on The Cask of Amontillado and Tessa Gratton's stunning interpretation of Annabel Lee.
  • Anna
    Received an ARC from one of the authors in the anthology, but that has no bearing on the review. This is a really fun anthology. As always, there's stories that I liked less than others, but overall, this is an incredibly solid anthology.
  • Amanda
    What a wonderful collection of Poe adaptations! I love that the original stories are also included with the new ones. Lovers of EAP will thoroughly enjoy these re-tellings!
  • Alexis Stankewitz
    I really liked this. I'm not a huge Edgar Allen Poe fan, but I found a lot of the retelling enjoyable! This a great anthology, especially just in time for Halloween.