Saga #52 by Brian K. Vaughan

Saga #52

Danger approaches.

Details Saga #52

TitleSaga #52
Release DateMay 30th, 2018
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Science Fiction, Graphic Novels Comics, Fantasy

Reviews Saga #52

  • AleJandra
    Esa portada es tan engañosa.Con este Issue me vi confrontada con una realidad que había estado negando, Prince Android IV es un hijo de puta oportunista. Si ya lo dije, y no, no he dejado de amarlo, como personaje sigue siendo de mis favoritos, pero vaya que ahora si ya me queda claro lo egoísta que es. Aun recuerdo perfectamente la vez que Hazel dijo que salvar a The Will cuando casi muere, fue lo peor que pudieron haber hecho, y creo que po...
  • Maria
    “It’s tough for children to accept that their creators aren’t gods, just regular people. And regular people will always disappoint you.” The Will and Sir Robot finally meet again! Can they reach an agreement or someone’s gonna get killed?
  • Y.♡ˎ´
    WHY SO SHORT?! WHYYYYY?!(view spoiler)[I sure hope Squire doesn't get along with that mole b!tch.Ghüs getting in the "No-No" closet was a cute scene. :D And I sure hope Robot IV was just playing a trick on The Will. (hide spoiler)]WHY CAN'T THEY ALL JUST GET ALONG???!!! XD
  • Brandon St Mark
    Another great issue of course, but I really disagree with the "ex-'trans-woman'" in the letters page. I'm not going to discount their story, but I think that a) BKV's response was great, b) them choosing not to read BKV's work just because he includes trans characrters is very dumb, and c) their war on the "trans party line" or whatever bullshit they said smacks of alt-right propaganda. I hope they seek the help they so clearly need.
  • Saga Norén
    OMG, the last Issue have date!!! I can't wait to reach #52, I'm in #34 right now.Already read it!!! Waiting for the next issue
  • Kirra
    I’m not sure how to feel about this one. On one hand some good stuff did happen but we’ve not had anything actually concrete happen yet so I’m nervous for what will come in the next two issues.
  • Dimitris
    The artwork is SO damn good I can't do less than 4 stars.Story is pretty solid and can't wait for the Will to kill everyone. YAAAY \o/
  • Michel Avenali
    Yay, all caught up! Now all I have is the agonizing wait for each issue . . . .
  • Valéria.
    Perfect, as always.(Robot IV, it's superhard to like you. And you're not helping, really. But I'm trying to have confidence in you.)
  • Paula
    Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. (view spoiler)[ I don’t want the reporter dude to find out his partner was killed :((((( (hide spoiler)]
  • Tim Nowotny
    One of the many, many wonders of Saga is that it conveys the feeling of a really long running novel even when destilled in episode format. Things get a little more pace again and there is doom on the horizon
  • Amber
    Such a cute cover for another round of "which of my favorite characters (re: all of them) is possibly dying" (could be all of them)By the way, if you're not reading the letters pages, you're missing out on half of what's great about Saga.
  • Lola
    As usual, great issue filled with action and suspense :)
  • Tara
    Oh The Will!
  • Innasa
    OH MY GOODNESS! HOLY WOW!!! what i love the most us that Sir Robot concerned about Hazel tripped to water and actually care about her, ugh please do NOT kill Sir Robot!!!! or Petrichor! or Marco! or Alana! or Ghus!!! or princeling! UGH! please guys you've done enough! >:(
  • Samhain
    Petri, for the love of all that's holy, please find yourself a new partner. One worthy of your greatness and, more importantly, one who isn't such a disgusting being who will sell children out just to save his sorry ass. If this isn't done somewhere before issue #55, I too will raid the "no-no closet" Ghüs style. Thank you, love you.
  • Carolyn
    Every time I think I'm starting to like IV and think he's a good character be turns around and is a back stabbing, evil criminal again. So frustrating! Squire is now with Ianthe, The Will and IV are having a stand off and we still don't know the fate of Doff. Oi. This series is so good at making you chomp at the bit for the next issue.
  • Den
    The horror. Every violent action, no matter how seemingly insignificant, sends ripples throughout the cosmos, inevitably causing more of the same. Read this if you like: (very) graphic novels, cool art courtesy of Fiona Staples, diverse characters, lgbtqia, robots, space operas, banters, little nuggets of wisdom, interplanetary adventures, smuts that trigger revolutions, a peaceful day at the beach gone terribly wrong
  • Ria
    Adorable cover. Traumatic final page. I also love the letters page almost as much as the main story, BKV always makes me smile, and as the proud winner of £12.28 after about 1,000 games of HQ myself, it's nice to know I have something in common with such a genius!
  • Jessica Mercado
    You better not Sir RobotThis one didn’t give much away. I do want to see what happens with squire and I am anxiously awaiting to see if I should still hate Sir Robot.... why so long between chapters.... the wait is agonizing
  • Simeon Scott
    This issue was some pretty good set up for the obvious big clash tha's about to happen, much better then the last couple. Though I am finding myself hoping that clash will come sooner rather then later as the building tension is honestly getting a bit stale.
  • Roma A.
    I do hope The Will and Sir Robot die. Both of them are evil.
  • Ela
  • Adam
    “Every time I start to forget what a horrible person you are, you find a new way to become even shittier.” Well said, Alana.
  • Carol
    Every time you think he might not be all that bad, every time!
  • Tomas Bjornstad
    Saga is still one of my favorite comics but I think things need to get wrapped up a little, and then the characters can move on to a new storyline. It's just starting to feel a little stale. But I still look forward to the issue each month.
  • Macdiel
    Espero que sea un fucking plan que tenga el estúpido robot o me va a oír, ME VA A OÍR :'v
  • Derek Neveu
    Solid as always!
  • Norah
    Strašne ľúbim tie titulné obrázky ♥