Origin by J.A. Konrath


"Konrath is one of the greatest thriller writers alive."--Blake Crouch, bestselling author of Wayward PinesIn 1906, a crew of workers at the Panama Canal unearthed something that could not be identified or explained. Something sinister. And very much alive . . .One hundred years later, a team of scientists gather at an underground facility in New Mexico to determine what this being is--the most amazing discovery in the history of mankind--and how...

Details Origin

Release DateNov 27th, 2018
PublisherPinnacle Books
GenreHorror, Thriller, Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Suspense

Reviews Origin

  • Stephen
    So...the Evil One Just looking at Cheney Satan you can tell that hes a mean, duplicitous, evil, soul-sucking prick who greedily wallows in his own vileness like a pig on a crap carpet. Still...theres no denying that the "Horned One" makes a great plot device and I am a big fan of is it really the Devil or isnt it stories. I especially enjoy the psychological, closed door mystery variety where maybe-satan is stuck in a specific location and the c...
  • Luvtoread
    This was a wonderful horror story. I was greatly surprised by this book since I read it without knowing anything about it. This author did his homework researching this book and I loved the combination of science and religion being the backbone of the story. No misunderstanding! This was true horror at it's best. At one point it made me very nervous and maybe even a little frightened, and that hardly ever happens any more and I love the feeling o...
  • Mort
    4.5 STARSWell, that was unexpected...This is a book that has been on my Kindle for months, but from the blurb I was getting this Jurassic Park meets The Thing vibe, and I was a bit reluctant to tackle this one. Now that I've read it, I can say this:What do you get when you mix Jurassic Park and The Thing? A big-ass budget for a big-ass movie with a different story line than this book.I am a big Konrath/Kilborn fan, but it is inevitable that I wil...
  • Tressa
    This is what I'm talking about! Just finished two mediocre books and was wanting so badly to pick up a can't-put-down story along the lines of Natural Selection and The Relic, and I chose this one on my Kindle. Great pick, if I do say so myself. Love books about ancient history and religion; throw a demon into the mix and I'm a happy camper. This book is all kinds of fun and it's taking my mind off my current troubles. ===========================...
  • Kimberly
    This was my second reading of ORIGIN--in order to prepare for its sequel HOLES IN THE GROUND! I absolutely loved the character interaction and the scenes that Konrath had in this book. Having read most of his other novellas/novellas, it was nice to see Frank again (who was recently in the novel HAUNTED HOUSE), and get re-aquainted with what brought him to where he was in THIS novel.A very fast-paced read, with plenty of horrific "miracles" to kee...
  • Dirk Grobbelaar
    [He] didnt like this at all.His curiosity was being overtaken by a creepy feeling.Pick up the "Abominog" album by Uriah Heep and stare at the front cover for at least five minutes. No, make that ten. Congratulations, you have now assimilated Origin.If that thing on the "Abominog" cover looks like it can take a nasty bite out of you its because it probably can, as this book also sets out to prove.[Its] lips creased back, revealing a huge valley of...
  • Bridget
    I'd give this one 3.5 stars especially since it's only .99 cents on Kindle. The author describes this in his afterward as Jurassic Park meets The Exorcist which I'd say is fairly accurate. It starts off with the workers building the Panama canal finding a capsule with a creature that may or may not be the devil hibernating within. Roosevelt has it shipped to the US and builds an underground facility to study and contain it. The real action starts...
  • WendyB
    Loved it. A strange, gory story with lots of action and a really nasty demon.The ending was a cliff hanger. Can't wait to read the sequel.
  • Olivia
    I was disappointed. This book could have been better.
  • Paul
    They don't know that we know they know we know.My title (from an episode of Friends) relates to a short passage in Origin on Page 78. Maybe it was intentional - maybe not - but this... "Besides, better to know what your enemy knows than to not know if he knows anything or not" made me laugh and reminded me of Friends. Damn you Konrath...it also made me think too hard and hurt my head!I think I had an inexplicable attack of shallowness or maybe I ...
  • Steven
    An awesome read!! This story pulled me in from the beginning and didn't let up. All the characters and scenes were vivid and memorable. Plus, it's one of those stories you can't help but tell your friends and family about. If your a fan of stories like Jurassic Park by Crichton or The Relic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child you will love this book.
  • Pat
    I wavered between 3 and 4 stars. It was a fun read though so Im sitting on the fence with 3.5. I wavered between 3 and 4 stars. It was a fun read though so I’m sitting on the fence with 3.5.
  • Mike (the Paladin)
    I see a lot of people liked this book, I didn't. I found the premise weak and even with his "what's really happening" take on things I had the "been there, done that, got the tee shirt" feeling from early on.The characters did little or nothing for me. They move through the story as they're directed by the writer and they're okay, but I couldn't get involved with them. I couldn't care.I've been reading another series by Mr. Konrath and I find tha...
  • Marvin
    What a roller-coaster ride. While building the Panama canal in 1906, A creature is discovered that looks suspiciously like the devil. President Theodore Roosevelt has it transported in a secret subterranean laboratory in New Mexico where it can be studied. One hundred years later it wakes up.This is the basis of a fun and scary novel that has you guessing what this thing really is all the way to the end. Konrath combined theology, physics, and ot...
  • Bill
    I really liked this book. It was a fast read, funny, scary and held my attention from page one. The premise was fantastic and "Bub" is truly a classic horror villain. I also liked the supporting characters and thought they were drawn out well unlike a few of the 2 star reviewers mentioned. I am a big fan of Konrath/Kilborn/Kimball and I highly recommend this book.
  • J.F. Penn
    Full video review here: http://mysterythriller.tv/origin-by-j...Im a sucker for anything remotely spiritual or related to gods or demons. With a beginning quote from revelation I was hooked!Plot Overview (no spoilers): When the Panama canal was being excavated a 12 foot long casket was found, marked with strange symbols. Inside was a creature of indescribable horror, alive but lying dormant which was transported back to the US and kept in a secre...
  • Maxine Marsh
    At least a 4.5 star read. I'd been wanting to read this for a long time, and finally got to it. I wasn't disappointed. Classic Konrath, good group of characters faces down evil complete with kickass female in the lead. Loved it.
  • Marc-Antoine
    Fun and fast read, also scary, actually gave me a nightmare. This is the first novel I have read by this author, there will hopefully be many more.
  • chucklesthescot
    Workers digging The Panama Canal in 1906 discover a buried capsule that seems to include a sleeping demon inside. President Theodore Roosevelt insists on it being moved to a secure facility for study and there it has stayed under guard. Now the demon has woken up and a linguist is summoned to join the team to try and communicate with it. But 'Bub' has his own agenda and is determined to escape not just his cell but the facility itself and unleash...
  • Miriam
    5 stars audio2.5 stars story. Things I loved: the gore, the suspense, the action and fast pace. Things I hated: the unnecessary scientific details and explanations and stupid stupid stupid eye rolling insta attraction romance development between the two main characters. I wanted pure horror I didn't get that in this book.
  • Karen B.
    This is the third book I have read in the Konrath/Killborn Collective. What I love about each one is that each is unique; totally different thrillers. I am so glad I decided to read the first five before getting into Haunted House which contains many of the characters from the first ones. Origin is about a mysterious discovery found while digging the Panama Canal. President Teddy Roosevelt decided to keep this discovery under the power of the...
  • J.D.
    In 1906, workers digging the Panama Canal discovered a capsule buried deep in the earth. They found it contained a sleeping demon. The U.S. government imprisoned the beast in a secret facility buried beneath the desert where it's been studied ever since. But because an assignment to Project Samhain is a one-way ticket, the facility ends up being staffed by misfits, oddballs, and people who have screwed up so badly that they're willing to take the...
  • Russell Brooks
    I finished reading this book yesterday. I was a bit let down because I felt that the story had the potential to be a lot better. I'm not trashing it however. The premise was great. But the first half of the story dragged on a bit too long. At one point I nearly lost interest. Then a major incident (don't want to give away the spoiler) got me hooked and it became a rollercoaster ride right until the very last page. Then something else happened on ...
  • Charn Singh
    Origin is one hell of an express ride. Brilliantly fast paced and scary. A completely satisfactory techno thriller, what it promised and intended to be. I read away last 180 pages in a single go, it was that hard to put down.Pros:- Decent characters, no unnecessary manuscripts about their pasts that is a major put-off sometimes.- Decent enough story with element of suspense and discovery- Brilliantly described ambiance and setting against story b...
  • Katie
    Fascinating! Absolutely loved the deft manipulation in the debate from the 3 sides (Judaism, Catholicism, and science)regarding what Bub is. To the point where all 3 feel justly represented. Of course being a science geek I found plot entirely plausible. Loved the characters Enjoyed the realistic dialog. Bub was the best villain ever. Those eating scenes are going to haunt my memory for awhile. Not only am I giving this book 5 out of 5 stars, but...
  • Brenda Seaberg
    Oh my, this book was great! Talk about a page turner (or a finger-flipper, if you're on a Kindle or other e-reader)!! It held my attention throughout, and the ending was priceless! This is just a great author, I gotta tell ya! Wow!
  • Scott Brook
    A good quick read of a discovery found during the building of the Panama Canal. The government believes it may be the unearthing of the Devil, but it turns out to be much worse. A great and unique story by Konrath. I recommend for a good rainy day read.
  • William
    I love the concept. What is this demon like creature found buried in the South American rain forest. Is it truly Satan... or just some other pissed off demon.Another overlooked winning selection by J.A. Konrath.
  • Natasa
    I loved this book so much! Just like all his books, no matter what pen name this author writtes under (haven't tried the scifi yet, but I'd love to as scifi is my long favorite genre).I just loved some of the characters here, Dr.Belgium with his speach disorder and revealing it at funny moments repeating evertything thrice...I laughed outloud at some parts in the book :)Sun was great too and Andy was just her match.Bub was the very bad villain, s...
  • Shelli
    3.5 stars! A very fun fast-paced read for October. Yes, it was over the top in the unbelievable category, but it was a fun ride anyway. I really ended up liking the characters who were a bunch of nonconformists thrown together by the government for a "special top secret program." Yep....these people needed a second chance or they wouldn't have taken the job. You get the picture... Anyway...the special top secret program involved a demon...named B...