Flight or Fright by Stephen King

Flight or Fright

Fasten your seatbelts for an anthology of turbulent tales curated by Stephen King and Bev Vincent. This exciting new anthology, perfect for airport or airplane reading, includes an original introduction and story notes for each story by Stephen King, along with brand new stories from Stephen King and Joe Hill.About the Book:Stephen King hates to fly.Now he and co-editor Bev Vincent would like to share this fear of flying with you.Welcome to Fligh...

Details Flight or Fright

TitleFlight or Fright
Release DateSep 4th, 2018
PublisherCemetery Dance Publications
GenreHorror, Short Stories, Fiction, Thriller, Anthologies

Reviews Flight or Fright

  • Sadie Hartmann Mother Horror
    Stephen King is afraid of something that I’m not. He’s afraid of flying. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of funky little fears and phobias, it’s just that flying isn’t one of them. So I saw this new anthology, aptly titled, Flight or Fright and I saw it as a personal dare from the King himself! Could he and his co-editor, Bev Vincent, curate a collection of stories that would seep through the cracks and unsettle my nerves enough to mak...
  • Carol
    Welcome Aboard....or maybe not! It all begins with a scary as hell introduction from KING. Yikes! What a horrific flying experience he had. As for me, back in the olden days of 1969 on the way to Japan, we briefly stopped in Alaska and slid off the runway all the way to the fence. May not sound it, but it was indeed frightening. And, once on a flight from Los Angeles to Detroit, also in the late 60's, I experienced flying in a horrendous thunde...
  • Helga
    3.5Flight or Fright is a collection of horror/mystery short stories solely happening in midair.It is edited by Stephen King and also includes one of his short stories. My favorites were Two Minutes Forty-Five Seconds by Dan Simmons, You Are Released by Joe Hill and obviously The Turbulence Expert by Stephen King. Before each story there is also an introduction by the master himself.So, buckle up and fly high!
  • Tim
    Turns out I don't really care for short stories, especially when there's not much to them. 2 of 10 stars
  • Trudi
    I hate to fly (HATE). I am the textbook white-knuckle flyer who really believes gripping the seat rests and concentrating really hard is what keeps the plane from plummeting 40,000 feet straight into the ground or ocean (or into the side of a mountain). It hasn't gotten easier over the years, to the point where I have considered hypnotherapy -- but the woo-woo of hypnosis and the dreadful doors THAT could open also doesn't appeal to me. So becaus...
  • Obsidian
    Eh. Definitely not worth the $9.99 I paid for this. A new anthology edited by Stephen King though equals I have to read it though. There were some truly what the hell did I just read reactions to some of the short stories, and a few good grief this is boring. I only really enjoyed four stories out of this collection (gave them five stars), and one of them is a story I am already familiar with. I did give some four stars, but the majority are thre...
  • Kimberly
    FLIGHT OR FRIGHT, edited by Stephen King and Bev Vincent (who also each contributed a story of their own), is an anthology of plane-horror stories. While I would say that most of these stories were above average, the only thing that disappointed me was that I had already read the majority of them before--some of them several times.Here you'll find classic reprints from Richard Matheson and Ambrose Bierce, to newer tales from Joe Hill and Cody Goo...
  • Bark (Has Atrocious Taste)
    I listened to the unabridged audiobook. I have to thank my library and Overdrive for saving me some cash, especially since too many of the stories here were a little meh for my liking.This anthology features stories about the fear of flying and the terrible things the imagination and reality can cook up to speed up your demise. If you’re afraid of flying, this book isn’t going to help you out with that. There are coffins in the back and monst...
  • Dawn
    mmm, not sure what to say about this one.I just presumed I would love it, but as we all know, going in with high expectations is usually a death knell. Plus I've recently read a couple of great King short story collections so the bar was set very high.My reasons for having these high expectations were: I love SK in general, I relish unusual stories in particular and, I work in aviation - it seemed a foregone conclusion.But, nope.Well perhaps I am...
  • Сибин Майналовски
    Красота! Няма такава красота! Е, има и едно-две недоразумения (какво, в името на пресветата Дева, е „Летящата машина“ на Амброуз Биърс и кой дебил е решил да го включи в тази перла???? А за пишман-поемата в края не ми хрумва нищо, освен нецензурни думи...
  • Bill Lynas
    Stephen King has spent his life frightening his readers, but what scares the world's best selling horror writer ? Flying it seems. So here, appropriatley, is a collection of short stories set around the world of flight.It's a mixed bag of quality, but there are some real gems to be found here. Richard Matheson's Nightmare At 20,000 Feet has always been a favourite story of mine, as has the classic Twilight Zone episode it inspired. Arthur Conan D...
  • Marc-Antoine
    I enjoyed this a lot. As in other anthologies some of the stories were great, some not as much but overall a solid lineup. I was sold as soon as I knew that King and Hill and new stories in it. They did not disappoint.
  • Scott S.
    Flight or Fright is an assortment of flying-related horror / suspense / sci-fi short stories - and also one protracted poem - that never quite took off for me. < groan > Anyway, there were a few very good if not excellent selections that notably came from two different time periods -- the classics Nightmare at 20.000 Feet by Richard Matheson and The Flying Machine by Ray Bradbury (both masters at the short story format in the 50's and 60's) along...
  • Amanda NEVER MANDY
    Once upon a time in a faraway decade there existed short story collections that would knock your socks off. If the book contained fourteen stories then at least eight of them would be considered decent and four of them would send you on a mission to find better fitting socks. Then one day the world got greedy and it was decided that everything was worth publishing and quantity became more valuable than quality. Readers found themselves beginning ...
  • Dez Nemec
    I am not a good flier. I flew to FL for spring break a few months after 9/11, and there were armed guardsman all over our tiny airport. Ever since then, I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach starting the night before we leave that doesn’t abate until after we land. Yes, I know it’s safer than driving. Yes, I know that there is an infinitesimal chance of something going wrong. No, I don’t care. I’m not unhappy in the least that I h...
  • Leo Robertson
    Yeugh—some good stories but they're the minority here.Did y'all know it was Stephen King's 71st birthday recently? I almost avoided finding out because I muted his name and @StephenKing on Twitter. (But not on Facebook! Damn you, gushing horror friends! Legend has it that if you say his name three times in quick succession... you're in the minority.) I'm an expert Twitter muter—though there is one conundrum I have not yet solved: I've muted "...
  • Michelle
    I had started this book previously but had to stop because I was not in the correct mind frame or Stephen King. I decided to use the audiobook the second time around and found it was much easier to understand, especially the older stories in this book. I tend to lose interest when trying to interpret the way things were written (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)Some of the stories I had read before but still enjoyed them this time around. I especially enjo...
  • Lou
    From passengers and cargo, to unexpected and unwanted visitors on a plane, to Zombies or a Gremlin, and a plane flying through something comparable to The Stand setting, all the mystery, terror, and the supernatural at 20000 feet to 34000 feet and decreasing.There is splendid reading awaiting, some tales thrilling and have you hooked in with great anticipation of what will happen next.Holidays over for most, all flying one needs to do could be ov...
  • Lars (theatretenor) Skaar
    Did love this one! Some of the stories were a little “eh” but a lot of them were really good. Especially in the second half of the book! No surprise but Joe Hill, Roald Dahl, Stephen King, and Bev Vincent were fantastic! With a special nod to Peter Tremayne who I had heard of before but loved his locked room murder mystery on a plane!
  • Димитър Цолов
    В началото на набързо стъкменото си ревю искам да изкажа адмирации за смелостта на Pleiad Publishers, които започнаха да ни радват с хорър сборници и скоро след "Сияние в мрака" бял свят на български видя нова читава жанрова селекция. При това с корица, коя...
  • Jason
    Fave stories:Cargo by E. Michael LewisNightmare at 20,000 Feet by Richard MathesonLucifer! by E.C. TubbYou Are Released by Joe HillZombies on a Plane by Bev VincentThe Turbulence Expert by Stephen KingParticular shout-out to Joe Hill for You Are Released - that story gave me genuine anxiety...
  • Alan
    After having been somewhat disappointed in recently read anthologies, I was pleased to find this one to be quite good. It's really been some time since I've read a collection like this where all but one or two were not just perfectly fitting of the theme, but were all pretty enjoyable. And Stephen King was correct when he said the most terrifying tale of all those in the book was by Joe Hill.
  • Elaine
    Reading a short story compilation always reminds me of the good ol' days when I used to buy old timey fun timey CDs from my favorite band. I disliked shelling out $15 bucks because there was a good chance I would only like 3 songs out of 12; if I was really lucky, I liked half.The same feelings apply to Flight or Fright. The stories were a mixed bag, the only ones I liked were from the King of Horror himself, his son and Richard Matheson's class...
  • Chris DiLeo
    A wonderful collection of creepy, thrilling, fascinating stories. If like me, you already find flying a precarious challenge, these stories are ready-made for you. They will get your heart racing, and you will be soon flipping pages rapidly, hoping for a smooth landing. The best pieces are "Cargo"; "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet"; "Two Minutes Forty-Five Seconds"; "You Are Released"; "The Turbulence Expert" and "Falling."
  • ashley c
    A short story collection curated by Stephen King and Bev Vincent with offerings from authors like Joe Hill, Ray Bradbury, Dan Simmons, and Richard Matheson. Some hits, some misses, some shrugs, although I would say more shrugs than anything else. Here are two I liked:You Are Released by Joe Hill - a moving and chilling story about a flight and its passengers' last moments when they found out in the air that a nuclear war has started on the ground...
  • Isaac Thorne
    I loved this collection of seventeen tales of flying horror. In addition to the voices of its editors (Stephen King and Bev Vincent), the compilation contains stories by Ambrose Bierce, Arthur Conan Doyle, Richard Matheson (with perhaps the most famous story in the book thanks to The Twilight Zone), Cody Goodfellow, Dan Simmons, and Joe Hill, among others. A themed collection from various authors can get tedious if the authors are writing specifi...
  • Andre
    An excellent and highly entertaining collection of short fiction revolving around airplanes. King's contribution doesn't quite live up to what we are expecting from him, but otherwise very good. Highly recommended.
  • Ciri
    My favorite part about starting anything with King's name on it is his introductions. It's impossible not to be sucked into his world and feel that he is talking to and reading with you. I was excited from the start, and the first story in this collection did not disappoint. I was especially impressed by Hill's short story You Are Released. This story had the feel of a full length novel and I was disappointed it wasnt. It was the first work by Jo...
  • Mike Duguid
    Hills was the stand out for me, classic short story