In the Galway Silence (Jack Taylor, #14) by Ken Bruen

In the Galway Silence (Jack Taylor, #14)

Ken Bruen has been called "hard to resist, with his aching Irish heart, silvery tongue, and bleak noir sensibility" (New York Times Book Review). His prose is as characteristically sharp as his outlook in the latest Jack Taylor novel, In the Galway Silence. After much tragedy and violence, Jack Taylor has at long last landed at contentment. Of course, he still knocks back too much Jameson and dabbles in uppers, but he has a new woman in his life,...

Details In the Galway Silence (Jack Taylor, #14)

TitleIn the Galway Silence (Jack Taylor, #14)
Release DateNov 13th, 2018
PublisherMysterious Press
GenreMystery, Fiction, Cultural, Ireland, Crime

Reviews In the Galway Silence (Jack Taylor, #14)

  • Diane S ☔
    Jack is back! After his last outing this was much in doubt. This hard drinking, Xanax popping, ex-garda, attracts violence like no other. Here he actually saves a man from drowning, a man bent on killing himself. He actually did a good deed, but the old adage, no good deed goes unpunished, is so true here, as he finds out much to his dismay. He will take another personal hit, and this one is hard to get over. People who friend Jack, seem to have ...
  • Thomas
    3.5 stars rounded down to 3.Thanks to Grove Atlantic for sending me this eARC through NetGalley. This is my first book in this series, but I have watched several of the tv adaptations. I would have understood it better if I had read the previous books in the series, but it worked ok as a stand alone. Jack Taylor is an ex Garda(police) now working as a PI. He is approached by a man who wants him to find out who murdered his 2 sons. Jack is an alco...
  • Sandy
    After finishing The Emerald Lie, I wasn’t sure if Jack Taylor would be with us much longer. Yet here he is…bleary eyed & bushy tailed. But there’s something odd about him. It’s like he’s…*gasp*…happy. He’s cut down on drink & cigs, quit the PI biz & has a new woman in his life. Initially the only fly in the ointment is her pompous 9 year old son. But who are we kidding? This is Ken Bruen & he seems to revel in putting Jack through...
  • Literary Soirée
    Marilyn Stasio of the New York Times Book Review calls author Ken Bruen “hard to resist, with his aching Irish heart, silvery tongue, and bleak noir sensibility.” How right she is. And 13 turns out to be Ken’s lucky number. Because his baker’s dozen in the Jack Taylor crime fiction series — known as Ireland’s most distinctive — is an absolute winner. Riveting, hard-bitten and darkly funny, IN THE GALWAY SILENCE makes you feel anythi...
  • Tim
    I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley to read and review.IN THE GALWAY SILENCE by Ken Bruen is the 14th book in the Jack Taylor series, and opens with Jack doing well and in a relationship with a woman named Marion that is giving him much to be thankful for; with the sole exception being her nasty young son who goes out of his way to antagonize Jack and sabotage his relationship with the mother at every turn.Jack is ...
  • Randy
    Jack Taylor has to be one of the most fascinating characters ever written. I NEVER get tired of following Jack through the chaos that is his life. Ken Bruen has never failed to deliver anything less than stellar when it comes to the Jack Taylor series. THE GALWAY SILENCE is no exception.
  • Kasa Cotugno
    Ken Bruen deserves his own category. Rather, Jack Taylor, his angst ridden, retired P.I. who has seemingly found stasis in his beloved Galway, defies cliched norms. While let's hope the events of Bruen's life don't coincide with those of Jack, I can't help but surmise that he shares with his alter ego the disgust with which he perceives the world of 2017. Beginning with revulsion at the current occupant of the White House, he notes with horror th...
  • Rick
    I want to thank NetGalley and Grove Atlantic for providing me with a digital copy of this bookThis is my first read of a Ken Bruen novel (Jack Taylor series #13) so I must admit I am a bit of a neophyte when it comes to following Bruen’s style of storytelling. How it compares to other books within the series is for others to say, but for me it is a difficult novel to read. The discourse is rapid and choppy and at times difficult to follow.Jack ...
  • Andrew
    Excellent. Brief is on a long roll. Each book more terse, elliptical, and emotional than the last. Jack Taylor, Bruen’s series hero/anti- hero here faces his demons, internal and external set against the back drop of a decaying Ireland and world. Tense, well written, and thoughtful- crime novels don’t get any better.
  • Bill Berger
    Ken Bruen gets better and better with age. One learns what to hear, what to watch and what to read along with a great Jack Taylor storyline in each novel. A little recap of characters from the past is a nice touch along with a new nasty piece of work makes this one of Bruen’s best.
  • Marvin Minkler
    In The Galway Silence A Jack Taylor Novel As usual when a new Ken Bruen novel arrives I have to first hold it a bit. Take in the cover, roll it over. Read the back cover blurbs, anticipation building. Butterflies stirring a little in the belly. Begin now? Finish the one I'm plodding through first? Hell, no. Dive in. Preparing for the read. Turntable on. Stacked by it Johnny Duhan's Winter, Iris DeMent, Tom Russell/Gretchen Peters and of cours...
  • Chaya Nebel
    This is my first outing with Ken Bruen. I found the character bristly and surly in a hackneyed and tired (the "hard-boiled detective") style. The writing is brusque and stylishly choppy, also a bit passe. I did not like the habit of listing things in a sentence likethis.Too pretentious.I also didn't find it much of a story. I polished off the book in 1.5 hours; there just wasn't that much there. The anti/hero doesn't do much of anything; things r...
  • Lou Jacobs
    I just had my Jack Taylor fix! I became acquainted with the artform of Ken Bruen when I stumbled upon the television version of "Jack Taylor" ... sadly it only lasted for 3 seasons. It was so satisfying to see the return of the ex-Garda officer turned reluctant private investigator. The actor Iain Glen was casted pitch perfect to Bruen's literary Taylor. Once again, he's requested to investigate a case that the police are reluctant to pursue. Wea...
  • Beej Jeffery
    I have never met Jack Taylor before and I know the guy has a big following so I am just going to go at it as if it's a first-timer. I loved the style but not so much the story and neither, I think, did Jack. Throughout the tale Jack spends most of his time in the bar and/or at the satisfying end of a bottle. He's up to his cojones in booze, trouble , more booze, murder and the nine year old son of his new girlfriend who hates him.So this is one b...
  • Jamma
    Jack is back. He’s bought an apartment. He has a new lady in his life and seems to be happy. The only little fly in the ointment is her obnoxious nine year old son Joffrey who gives Jack no end of trouble. But happiness and Jack don’t go together and he is still his old pill popping, drinking, ill humoured self. The book is full of dark humour and twists and turns with many characters out to get Jack. I like that Bruen puts in references to t...
  • Siobhan Sheeran
    A really good gritty book, kept me interested with the short sharp sentences, the account of factual current affairs as the story progressed and the real Irish humour from a "broken" man who doesn't give a shit about anything except those he wants to be close to except he messes it up before he's rejected. I'm not too sure I liked the ending though in that it finished up too quickly for me.#InTheGalwaySilence #NetGalley
  • Andrea Johnson
    3.5 stars. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC of this book coming out in November. I've not ready anything in this series before, so starting at #14 is probably not the best for me. I do like the gritty, darkly humorous Jack Taylor, but feel like I should go back to the beginning for some more background on what has happened in his life.
  • Lynn
    This is the first Jack Taylor book that I have read, although I have been watching the series on NetFlix. I am sorry to say that I prefer the tv version.I read this EARC courtesy of Net Galley and Grove Atlantic. pub date 11/1618
  • Barbara White
    In the Galway Silence did not disappoint. Jack Taylor is a great character. I found the book to be full of suspense, which I thoroughly enjoy. I look forward to the next tale of Jack. Thanks to Goodreads First Reads for a copy of In the Galway Silence.
  • Mysticpt
    the latest chapter in the Taylor saga is as good as all the recent entries. pretty much the same formula, but if it ain't broke...however now Jack has fewer and fewer "friends" to interact with as they keep dying off. Jack starts of relatively settled in this one, has a new girlfriend and things seem to be going well. ok, her kid doesn't like him much and when Jack gets stuck looking after him, things take a typically Jack turn. however he also g...
  • Edi
    It took a little practice to read the flow/flight of ideas dialog. I had seen the series on Amazon Prime and had to relate it back to the character as portrayed in the series. Once I had him pegged in my "minds eye" it was easy. This book will play easily with the series. Quick read once you get the flow. If you like that type of dialog, it's a great read. Thank you!
  • Tina
    Jack Taylor is a former policeman with an attitude and an alcohol problem. That doesn’t mean he’s not a likable guy but I guess that depends on how you are dealing with him. He was hired to investigate a very weird crime, a murder, where adult twins were tossed in the river to drown. That sounds heinous, doesn’t it? Frankly, I think the twins got what they deserved. They decided to pick on a guy in a wheelchair as he was an easy target. Whi...
  • Himanish Prabhakar
    My review is 3.7 stars.This is my first book by Ken. And I can't say I loved the book but yeah I did liked it. And this generally gave me a sense that I should try other books by Ken because I found after this one that this writer is good and I can see influence of Ireland in the writing, which is kind of catchy. Although there are many places in the book where I found myself a bit confused and I think that this book either belongs to some series...
  • Annarella
    A wonderful thriller! Even if I usually prefer to read lighter books I was hooked since the beginning and couldn't put it down.I loved the style of writing and how the main character was developed. The plot was fascinating and there was no slow moment.Highly recommended!Many thanks to Grove Atlantic and Netgalley for this ARC
  • Wytzia Raspe
    In this dark novel Jack Taylor an Irish former policeman has turned alcoholic and private investigator. He is hired to look into the death of heinous twins and finds out they are killed by a vigilante group lead by The Silence.It is a short, very fast paced novel. I liked that it is written as if we are reading the thoughts of Jack (mostly). What reminded me of the old American detective novels. He interspaced his adventures with the daily news. ...
  • Breakaway Reviewers
    Gritty novel sprinkled with humourJack Taylor, ex Garda, is contacted by Pierre Renaud and tasked with finding out who murdered his twin sons Jean and Claude.Thus begins a good thriller which had pace and plot aplenty from start to finish. It is not a book for the squeamish but Ken Bruen has spattered a liberal dose of Gaelic humour throughout which does help to lighten it somewhat.Jack Taylor is very much a down-to-earth ex-Garda and with a cons...
  • Maryann
    This book is suspenseful in so many ways. I enjoyed this novel mostly because of the way the writer incorporated well developed characters, background of Ireland and its landscape and lifestyles, and the idea behind the character that has a "Robin Hood" type persona. All this is, and much more, is seen in this novel. Galway Silence will make you think about your values regarding injustice, substance abuse, and family dynamics. The suspense in thi...